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Welcome Once again, it’s time to welcome you to the Castle Rock Quarter. I hope you agree that this in-house magazine continues to go from strength to strength, and that the effort we (and Liv in particular) put into it really does help you unlock the most from our pubs, our events and our beers. We certainly think it gives you the chance to get to know us better, and to see first-hand what makes us tick. I hope our passion for giving you the best possible pub and beer experience shines through. Reflecting on our Yard Party, we were amazed and delighted by both the support and the incredible feedback you gave us, for which I thank you. It was great to see how much fun you all had, and I can confirm that we’re now looking into throwing more events in the brewery. Watch out for details in the CRQ, on the website and on our social media feeds. But for now, I’m feeling really proud of everyone who made the Yard Party 2018 happen. In this edition, you’ll find out about our beers of summer (five of which are new creations), some top pick vegan dishes from our pubs, hear from the artist behind our Hoodwinked sculpture, and meet a couple of Castle Rockians in our new feature on page 13. Plus, we’ve got a new intergalactic toy, which you can read about on page 10, and we make a very special pledge to the bees on page 16. As always, let us know what you think of our beers and pubs – we really do pay attention! So, until next time, that’s enough from me. I hope you enjoy everything we do (responsibly of course) and thanks again for your custom. We never take it for granted and never stop working hard to give you the best possible pub and beer experience we can. Have a great summer. Here’s to beer garden season! Cheers

Colin Wilde Managing Director @SheriffTipple

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Castle Rock Beers

BEERS OF SUMMER This summer, we’ve got five new beers hitting bars, plus the return of two seasonal favourites. And there may be even more towards the end of the quarter, so keep an eye on our social media feeds for the latest drop.

HEMLOCK BITTER Available throughout July Our seasonal Hemlock is back on bars this summer. This full-flavoured traditional bitter pairs perfectly with a pork pie. Brewed with two UK hop varieties, Hemlock has a distinctive, traditional hop aroma and long, dry finish. A classic English bitter. Appearance: Mid-brown Aroma: Distinctive traditional hop Taste: Dry, bitter, long aftertaste ABV: 4.0%

SOUND & VISION Available throughout July The third in our tasty pale ale range of beers in 2018, and successor to Fool’s Gold and Songbird. Sound & Vision is a dry hopped pale ale, clocking in at 4.3%. We’re showcasing Citra alongside Chinook in the dry hop for a juicy charge of tropical fruit, pine and citrus, but expect a solid pale malt body too. A sessionable juicy pale and a bit of Bowie – what could be better this summer? Appearance: Pale golden Aroma: Tropical fruit, piney Taste: Citrus, fruity, resinous ABV: 4.3%

Commemoration Collection

FACTORY NO. 6 BRIAN CLOUGH Available July-September Once a Nottinghamian Celebration Ale, now a seasonal favourite, Brian Clough is here for a summer-long stint. This pilsner-style pale ale is brewed with Saaz, one of the original Noble hops, and German hop Tettnang, which brings a soft spiciness and a subtle floral and herbal aroma. Perfect in front of the big screen, ideally paired with a beef or veggie burger for optimum enjoyment. Appearance: Pale gold Aroma: Floral, herby Taste: Clean, grainy, vanilla ABV: 4.2%


Available July-September The Commemoration Collection continues with Factory No.6, marking 100 years since one of Britain’s worst wartime disasters: an explosion at Chilwell’s shelling factory, which killed 134 Nottingham workers. The site was kept top secret to avoid enemy attack, and so the disaster was barely reported by national papers. It remains a largely forgotten tragedy in British history. This July the local community has banded together to commemorate the disaster, which you can find the details of at This special one-off brew is a cloudy, citrus fruit beer brewed with fresh fruit on a wheat base, and is a sessionable 3.8%. Money from each pint sold is donated to those facing warfare today, so give it a try and bring the conversation of the Chilwell blast to your Castle Rock local. Appearance: Cloudy pale Aroma: Zesty, fresh citrus blend Taste: Juicy citrus fruit ABV: 3.8%




RASPBERRY RIPPLE Available throughout July –

Available July-September

in cask and keg

This summer, Nottinghamian Celebration Ale number 32 hits bars in celebration of local superbike manufacturer, motorcycle racer and showman, George Brough. Born in Basford in 1890, local boy George found worldwide fame with his motorcycle manufacturing company Brough Superior, and remained in Nottingham all his life. George followed in his father’s manufacturing footsteps and opened his Haydn Road factory in 1919. Throughout its existence, he prided himself on high quality custom-built bikes. There were rarely two bikes built to the same specification, and each one was certified to reach 100mph before it was sold. The company was even given the nickname ‘the Rolls Royce of motorcycles’ in The Motor Cycle newspaper, with the likes of George Bernard Shaw and Orson Welles among its customers. Production aside, George was a keen motorcycle racer himself. Recent efforts have been made to keep his memory alive. In 2013, the re-launched Brough Superior company unveiled plans to build a new luxury motorcycle as a 90th anniversary tribute to the company and, the following year, a plaque was unveiled at George’s birthplace. We want to continue to showcase and remember his achievements with our namesake beer, an English Session IPA. Keep your eye out for this one-off brew over the summer! Appearance: Pale golden Aroma: Citrusy, spicy, apricot Taste: Citrusy, refreshing bitterness, floral ABV: 4.2%

The next 2.0 beer has landed, and it pays homage to the raspberry ripple ice cream. 160kg of raspberry puree blends with natural vanilla and raspberry extract to form a refreshing, easy-drinking and fruity beer. Peach in colour, Raspberry Ripple balances sweetness with a subtle tartness, a wonderful summer drink. It’s limited in availability, so be sure to get your hands on it quickly! Appearance: Peach Aroma: Raspberry ripple ice cream, subtle fruity hop Taste: Balanced tart and sweet, raspberry and vanilla ABV: 4.6%

IPA v1 Available now, or until it’s gone Two 2.0 beers have come along at once! Every element of IPA v1 is geared towards supporting the juicy beating heart of mangoes, pineapples and peaches, pulled directly from the chest cavity of the biggest hops on the planet. There’s 24g/l dry hop, with a 25kg addition of Citra in the hopback before a double charge of 25kg each of Citra and Mosaic with our new toy. The soft water profile of IPA v1 has a high chloride to sulphate ratio, accentuating the juicy hop flavour. Brewed with Golden Promise malt and flaked oats for a deep and sweet malt character and silky-smooth body and mouthfeel, we also used Lallemand New England yeast, which allows hop flavours and aromas to remain prominent while providing fruity notes. Appearance: Pale and hazy Aroma: Tropical fruit, soft-stone fruit Taste: Juicy, soft, fruity, dank ABV: 6.0%


Castle Rock Food

VEG-OUT WITH OUR VEGAN MENUS Explore and enjoy our meat-free menus – vegans and carnivores are welcome! It’s no secret that veganism has taken off in the last few years and, as of this year, around 7% of the population identify as vegan. Whether you’re a committed vegan or simply enjoy the choice of meat-and-dairy-free options, you’ll be spoilt by the vegan dishes in our pubs. Meet Fakey McBacon Face Up first, the Horse and Plough’s new creation: Fakey McBacon Face, a meat-alternative burger! Launched in mid-May, the burger is proving that meatless doesn’t have to mean tasteless. A while back we told you about the inaugural vegan mixer at the Horse and Plough, where vegans from across Nottingham were invited to have a three-course meal from the team’s new vegan menu. Since then, their vegan clientele has grown massively, and vegan dishes now make up 30% of the pub’s food sales! The successful introduction of a Southern-fried ‘chicken’ burger inspired the chef to develop a beef alternative, and Fakey McBacon Face was born. We tried to prise the recipe from his hands, but we’re told it’ll remain top secret. As for the name, you have yourselves to thank…the job of naming the burger was opened to the vegan community on Facebook, and the rest is history. Dan, the manager, says the response to Fakey McBacon Face has been overwhelmingly positive. Diners are no longer just pre-booking tables, but pre-ordering their vegan burgers too, with customers calling it the best vegan burger they’ve ever had. The burger is an addition to their already extensive vegan menu which includes vegan cod, chips and mushy peas, an oriental mezze and a chocolate brownie and ice cream. To book a table at the Horse and Plough, call 01949 839 313 or email

The Full Roast Sunday Roasts at the Bread and Bitter have always been a popular affair, and now vegans can get in on the action. Lee, the manager, has been working with chef Adam to create an epic vegan roast: Rosemary, sage and onion Seitan, served with pan-fried vegetables, fresh mixed herb stuffing, rosemary roasted potatoes, boiled new potatoes, and a vegan Yorkie. “As a vegan myself, I know how difficult it can be to get a decent Sunday roast. Half the time you end up asking a million questions about how it’s made, and then remove all the bits that aren’t suitable. You’re left with half a meal. We wanted to create a full roast dinner where nothing was missing,” Lee says.


Lee and Adam are now working on the pub’s new food menu, which will include an extended range of vegan dishes. But first off, book that table for Sunday lunch. You won’t be disappointed. To book a table at the Bread, call 0115 960 7541 or email

The Specials Board Over at the Poppy and Pint in Lady Bay, Nottingham, chef Leah has been creating some mouth-watering vegan dishes for their specials board. She cooked up four sensational vegan dishes for us to try, but it’s the flavourful salad that enticed us on a warm Thursday lunchtime: Roasted cauliflower, carrots and bhaji bits, with cumin seeds, fennel seeds, and a homemade dressing. Fresh, light and crunchy with a little heat. “Our main menu has a lot dishes that we’ve created vegan versions of, which is fairly straight forward. Our specials board is where it gets really interesting. The dishes change every few days. We love having feedback and ideas to experiment with. Eating habits are changing, people are more mindful of where their food comes from. Often veggie customers will try vegan dishes to see if they like it, and more and more customers are coming in asking for vegan food,” Leah says. As if Leah had arranged it herself, a customer walks past while we’re talking and tells us she’s really “into” vegan food at the moment…point proven. Other vegan dishes on the specials board at the time included “dirty fries” – skinny fries with pulled jackfruit, gherkin, vegan coleslaw and cheese, a vegetable parmigiana – layers of aubergine, courgette and peppers in tomato sauce, baked with breadcrumbs and vegan cheese, and a “hoisin juck” (sticky, hoisin-duck-inspired jackfruit) pizza with spring onions and cucumber. To book a table at the Poppy, call 0115 981 9995 or email As we go to print, the Embankment is nearing the launch of new vegan dishes, and many of our pubs are working on improving their vegan food offerings. Be sure to keep an eye on their social media feeds and, as always, let us know if there’s a vegan dish you’d like concocting at your Castle Rock local.


YARD PARTY #2 Well, blimey. Our second Yard Party went down a storm! Over 1,000 of you graced us with your company, and over 2,000 pints of beer were consumed! We’d pulled together the best beery minds of the company to curate a beer list of dreams, with our very own Session IPA being one of the biggest sellers (a’thank you). Beers from Magic Rock, Brew by Numbers and Australian brewery Kaiju sold out within hours. Let us know what you loved or what we were missing, and we’ll keep it in mind next year! The bar was stocked up in our old cold store (which is available to hire, by the way), before party-goers spilled out into the brewery yard. We’d kitted it out with covered seating, a big truckin’ stage of live music, and street food from Smoqued and Big Melt. Smoqued cooked up a menu featuring maple-glazed pork belly, brisket chilli tacos, and charred cauliflower tacos, while Big Melt’s gourmet cheese toasties were a gooey crispy delight with fillings like four cheese and pesto, chilli jam, and caramelised red onion. On Saturday afternoon the Yard Party was family-friendly, with face-painting, a DJ, MAD inflatables and mascots. Special thanks go to Steph and Gaz from the Maze, who enlisted some of the best musical talents from Notts to play for us. Afternoon acoustic gave way to evenings of funk, soul and hip-hop. On Friday night, Space Dolphin were joined by Motormouf (local beatboxer and self-proclaimed hip-hop hippy), bringing the crowd up and setting the tone for an epic set from funk and soul fusion group Fat Digester. Musical highlights on Saturday included a rendition of Disney’s Robin Hood and Little John from Alexa Hawksworth, a set of jazz-psych from local boys Treads, and a classic end to the festival thanks to the Cartoon Beatles with Hey Jude. This year, even an atmospheric crescent moon popped out to say hello. Lovely. Overall, we were pretty chuffed with Yard Party #2. There are a few bits and bobs we’ll be sure to iron out for next year, but all in all it was an amazing weekend. As always, feel free to drop an email to with suggestions and ideas.

Thank you to all of you who came down, we’ll see you next year!





One of the best things about the Nottinghamian Celebration Ales is the chance it gives us to explore the fascinating history of Nottingham, as well as its present, and to meet new people who hold connections to our great city and county.

In May, we made first contact with an alien rocket-ship.

Our most recent Nottinghamian was one of the most popular ever, brewed to celebrate the life of local suffragette Helen Watts, in the centenary year of the Representation of the People Act. Some of Helen’s family made a trip to visit the brewery for an emotional get-together, sampled a drop of the beer, and shared stories about Helen and her life. Richard, Helen’s great nephew, said ‘We’re all very proud of what Helen Watts did for the cause of universal suffrage and the rights of women. And to have a beer made in her memory is just wonderful.’ It was an honour to celebrate Helen in our own beery way, and huge thanks goes to the Watts family for their positivity, openness and help in getting the recipe spot on for Helen. Pictured above: Richard and Christine Watts, Castle Rock’s Lewis and Louise, and Judith and Temoor Iqbal

AND THEY’RE OFF... A DAY AT THE RACES We sent our very own Graham Percy along to the Nottingham Racecourse, where we were holding an extra special beer festival. The Castle Rock Brewery Beer’d Festival took place in early May, featuring a charity race and plenty of great action on the track. Despite an unsuccessful afternoon betting on every horse containing ‘rock’ or ‘roc’ in the name, Graham (pictured) was embraced by the comfort of an old friend, a pint of Castle Rock beer. We only had one question for Mr Percy, would you go again? His response… ‘you bet’.


Conveniently, it landed palletised and shrink-wrapped, and its composition was familiar: mostly stainless steel. We knew exactly what to do and it was quickly assimilated into our brewery. It is now part of us, and experiments have begun. We will keep you updated with the results, or rather, you will us!

ROYAL HUSH ZONE The talk surrounding the marriage of Harry and Meghan got so intense that the Alexandra Hotel decided to do something about it. The pub became a ‘royal wedding free zone’ and anyone breaching the rules was forced to pay the fine! Thankfully, the fine was a donation into the Alex’s charity tin which raised over £400 for the Nightingale Macmillan Unit at the Royal Derby Hospital. The BBC was one of multiple newspapers to pick up on the story, and report on the pub as a place of solace from the nuptials.

A SUNNY GLASTONBUDGET Once again, the ultimate tribute festival took place in Leicestershire. Ranging from ‘Guns 2 Roses’ to ‘Who’s Who’, it was the showcase of the immortals… sort of. Festival goers were treated to Harvest Pale on the bar and we were delighted to be partners once again.

RACK ‘EM UP What started as a minor competition between friends has turned into a league, complete with its own trophy! As the only pub with a billiards table in the city of Nottingham, the Newhouse has played home to this tournament for the past few months. Matches are played at convenient times for both players and the table is available for those just looking for a friendly game as well. Get down to the Newshouse and rack ‘em up!

Real Cider • Discover World Beers

THE BRIGHT CIDER LIFE We worked to put on a fantastic offering of ciders at the Yard Party. Here our cider guru Rachel Hopwell picks her favourites from the weekend… Bad Boy Co. Original Cloudy Cider 5.9%

Kniveton Cider Co Wynnsum 6.1%

This is a deliberately cloudy, dry, craft cider which is produced at Pipewell Hall, Northamptonshire. It’s made with a single variety of Dabinett apples (to give it a golden colour), and naturally occurring yeast. I also sampled the strawberry and mango versions which were refreshing and fruity without being overly sweet. Both are good transitional choices if you want to move towards drinking real cider.

Wynnsum is brewed in Derbyshire and is made from unwanted fruit which has been collected from in and around the Derbyshire Dales. What a fantastic use of discarded apples, reducing wastage and producing something local and natural. This cider is medium, full-bodied and fruity, with a long complex aftertaste.

Thirsty Farmer Medium 5.5% Thirsty Farmer is based in Nottinghamshire, so nice and local for us, and again their medium recipe is a traditional longfermented cider. Still, slightly cloudy, with a rich amber colour. It smells satisfyingly of apples and tastes crisp with a sharp finish.

I should also mention Charnwood Cider, Blue Barrel Cider, Bottle Kicking Cider and Ashover Cider. They are all excellent cider producers who I highly rate, and we’ll be making sure some of their ciders are available on the Cider Saunter. Flip to the What’s On page to find out more, and to hear about the Vat’s upcoming cider festival. Until next time! Rach x

BEER BUYER PICKS FOR SUMMER Wayne Harvey, Castle Rock’s beer buyer and manager of craft haven the Canalhouse, picks his top three beers for the long summer days. Liquid Light Pink Moon 4.0% Liquid Light is still fairly new on the Nottingham brewing scene, but brewers Thom and Grace have already started to make waves. Pink Moon is a raspberry wheat beer, brewed with a generous dose of raspberry puree, and pours a vibrant red-pink colour. The raspberry is really dominant, and there is a slight sharpness from the fruit also which will please fans of sour beer. It is incredibly refreshing, with a soft carbonation and a relatively low ABV, making it a perfect choice for when you’re chilling out in a beer garden this summer.

Northern Monk Faith 5.4% Faith is Northern Monk’s ‘Modern Pale Ale’ – this iteration has become a staple in their core range, and also in many of our pubs fridges. It has quickly become a favourite among the staff and it’s easy to see why. It’s a

hazy, hop forward pale ale that has a really soft mouthfeel. Lots of tropical fruits dominate the aroma and flavour, a touch of herbal bitterness helps to balance sweet mango juicy orange. Occasionally seen on keg and even more occasionally on cask. If you see it then grab one because it never sticks around for long.

Tiny Rebel Dutty 4.2% Last on my list for summer is a hazy, murky, “dutty” IPA from South Wales. Billed as a ‘Vermont-style Session IPA’, it pours a murky gold with prominent tropical fruit aromas. For those that aren’t familiar with ‘Vermont style’ or ‘New England style’ IPAs, they are commonly hazy/murky with heavy doses of fruity aroma and flavour hops but comparatively little bitterness. They often mimic the look and smell of fruit juice and Tiny Rebel has hit the style on the nose with this one. Another perfect summer beverage.


Pub In Focus

SWAN IN THE RUSHES In the heart of Loughborough lies the longest standing Castle Rock managed pub (even our very own managing director Colin Wilde pulled his first pints there) – with community right at the heart of it. Part of the Castle Rock family for 30 years, the Swan is a two-floor pub with bags of character, a traditional feel and a great range of beers on the bar. We caught up with manager Phil Dawson to see what’s been happening since we featured the pub in the CRQ, back in 2015. It has been 13 issues and over three years since the Swan was last featured as our ‘pub in focus’, what’s changed? Everything and nothing. We’ve spent a lot of time refurbishing the place and improving our offering. Our back bar was recently refurbished and now features a 5-line craft beer barrel. We’ve also stocked our fridges full of exciting new cans that change on a regular basis. It’s certainly a different experience now for craft beer fans. Our ten lines of cask are serving better beer than ever too. We also increased our range of traditional cider to ten. So, you and the team host plenty of regular events? Every Monday from 9pm is the Lounge vs Bar Quiz, which is written by a different local each week. It’s legendary and gets VERY competitive. It’s important for us to be part of the community here in Loughborough; it’s a small town and we want to be known as the “go-to” place. Our Festival in the Rushes [see page 18] is on its third year and continues to get bigger thanks to our lovely customers. Our functions also continue to grow and become more varied. We now have a local salsa club, theatre performances scheduled for later in the year, and the Hop Loft [their big airy function room] is booked every weekend. Tell us about yourself and your staff? I’ve been manager for nearly five years, having been in the industry since I was 18. The Swan and Castle Rock offered me an opportunity to get into my real ale, assume managerial roles, and get a change of scenery. I’ve never looked back. My staff are the best. My assistant manager Edith has even started on some of the artwork you’ll see


on the walls. They’re just so welcoming here. You’re always welcome, whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor. You’ve mentioned your regulars a lot. Tell us about the people who frequent the Swan? We love our regulars. You can’t come in here and not have a conversation with one of them. Even the shyest people leave with a sore jaw from talking and laughing all night. They’re a great group who’ll welcome you as much as we do, especially if you join their quiz team. What can people expect when they come to the Swan? The beer is always in top condition, if I do say so myself, and we’ve got a fantastic range as well. You’ll get a warm welcome and a friendly environment. Whether you’re coming in for a quick pint or a sit-down meal, we have something for everyone. We also just launched a new food menu, including our ‘2 for £7’ deal on our freshly-made pizzas, and our new menu of light bites available throughout the day. What’s next for the Swan? We’ll be continuing to grow our craft beer offering. But that said, we’re an ale pub through and through, and we don’t want to overcomplicate things. We want to provide the best service possible, in the best environment possible. It’s all about being place we’d all like to drink in.


MEET (SOME OF) THE TEAM NAME: VANESSA ROLE: HEAD OF FOOD Years at Castle Rock: 11 in total. I had a break when I ran my own restaurant. Likes: Family, food, music, my cat. And hot weather. And any body of water. And my garden. Dislikes: Rudeness, ignorance, dark nights. What’s the most exciting thing about this industry? Trends. There’s always something exciting going on; new products, ways of being creative, new things to learn. And sampling the food. Favourite quote or saying: Nobody gets out of here alive. Drink of choice: I like a nice gin and tonic. It’s Bombay or Hendricks for me. Food/meal of choice: Pasta, in any form. You can always fall back on a nice plate of pasta. What’s your background? I was brought up in Bulwell, in a family where food was always important. My mum was keen for us to learn to cook at an early age. I lied for my first job. I said I could cook professionally, which I couldn’t. But I just went with it, and I learnt a lot. It was great. The big turning point in my life was running a restaurant with my mum for ten years. I gave it up to spend more time with my daughter. What do you love to do outside of work? Gardening. Holidays, which are rare, but I love them. Who’s your idol? I have many, from my mother, to my grandmother, to my music heroes. There are too many to choose from. Where’s your favourite place? Dartmouth, Devon. What’s your biggest fear? Losing my sense of smell and taste. And heights. I can’t stand on a chair without going wobbly. What’s your favourite book, magazine or podcast? I have three: Of Mice and Men, Lord of the Flies, and KES. What qualities do you value most in others? Honesty, compassion, kindness. Any nicknames? V. Nessa. Ness. Nessiebobbles – that’s what my Dad calls me.

Tell us one thing left on your bucket list: To conquer my fear of heights. What would your superhero power be? Invisibility. Give us one word to describe you: Playful. NAME: DREW ROLE: DEPUTY MANAGER, THE CANALHOUSE Years at Castle Rock: 7 Likes: Video games, reading, my guitars and playing instruments generally. Dislikes: Slow walkers, the sun. I’m also not a fan of eggs. What’s the most exciting thing about this industry? It’s ever-evolving. It’s constantly changing so you’re constantly learning. Favourite quote or saying: Everything can be fixed. Drink of choice: Augustina Helles. Food/meal of choice: I’m very partial to a curry. What’s your background? I’m born and bred Nottingham. I grew up in the pub trade. My grandfather was the longest serving landlord in a single premises. I didn’t so much start working in a pub, I was just born into it. Who’s your idol? Growing up it was Jimmy Hendrix, for challenging the norm. Where’s your favourite place? Bed. Or just at home. I’m very docile. What’s your biggest fear? I don’t know. I’ve not found it yet. What’s your favourite book, magazine or podcast? The Sin City graphic novels. Or anything by Frank Miller. What qualities do you value most in others? Honesty, compassion. Any nicknames? My name rhymes with a lot of words… so yes. I’m Michael Angelou on our work chat group, after the Ninja Turtle. Tell us one thing left on your bucket list: I really want to go to Japan. What would your superhero power be? Superspeed, like The Flash. Give us one word to describe you: Resilient.



HOODWINKED 2018 From 7th July to 30th September 2018, a world-class sculpture trail will transform the city of Nottingham into the ‘playground of Robin Hood’. Hoodwinked 2018 will see around thirty sculptures of robins, hand-painted by local and regional artists, located across the city. There’s a special art map to follow, helping you to explore the trail, appreciate the art, and discover parts of the city. We’re sponsors of the trail, with our very own Hoodwinked statue located on Carrington Street by the train station, and created by a local mosaic artist Julie Vernon. Downloading the Hoodwinked app will also mean trail-followers can unlock discounts and offers, for various venues across the city. A visit to our own sculpture, using the app, will give you a group/family-friendly discount to use in our pubs. Our friends and colleagues over at Nottingham Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall – home of our beloved Yarn – are also sponsors, so be sure to check our their sculpture, too! Hoodwinked has been created to raise money for the Nottinghamshire Hospice, with all of our sponsorship money going straight to the work of the hospice. The robin was chosen not only as he captures the playful spirit of Robin Hood, but because it symbolises hope after the passing of a loved one. The robins will all be sold at auction to raise further funds, once the trail is complete. Share your trail discoveries and photos with us on social media, enjoy your rewards and, more than anything, have a great time exploring our marvellous city!


How Hoodwinked works: 1) Download the Hoodwinked app 2) Search for the sculptures throughout the city centre 3) Once you’ve found a sculpture, scan it and receive a code 4) Follow the instructions and use the code to unlock the offer

Download a pdf. of the Hoodwinked Art Trail Map from


MEET JULIE VERNON In the run-up to Hoodwinked 2018, I got the pleasure of visiting our artist, Julie Vernon, at her studio in Edwalton. Julie was entering her eighth week working on our mosaic robin and was gearing up to take on the mammoth task of grouting the sculpture, which she says creates a rich, stained glass feel. She had already dedicated an outstanding 200 hours to the sculpture, with all pieces of the mosaic cut by hand. Words by Lee Halmarack Hi Julie, thanks for having me. Can you tell us how you got into working with mosaic? I started my creative practice in 2010, following a career in marketing and product development, and taking time out to raise a family. I’ve always been creative and love all aspects of art and design. I’m largely self-taught, and I’ve spent many years mastering my craft, building up a body of work and a style of my own. There are many different techniques with mosaic, and I’m always working to further my skills. One of my highlights was studying mosaic flooring at the International School of Mosaic in Ravenna, Italy. Later this year I’m attending a sculpture course at the London School of Mosaic. How else do you pursue your love of mosaic in the modern world? It’s varied. I work on many different public and private commissions, get involved in community arts projects, and run workshops from my studio. My next project is working as Artist in Residence at Carnarvon primary school in Bingham. Every child in the school will be producing mosaics to celebrate the school’s 50th year. I also have a private commission to produce some mosaic wall art and pavement mosaics for Anstey Parish Council. My biggest project to date was producing the public art for a David Wilson Homes development in Leicestershire. I created a millstone wheel sculpture and a series of stone boulders carved with mosaic, which ran through the development. The project took three years to come into fruition from the initial time they approached me, and six months to physically make. What excited you about Hoodwinked? I’ve created two sculptures in the past for Aardman Animations and the Grand Appeal Charity in Bristol: Golden Gromit in 2013 and Shaun the Sheep in 2015. I

Pictured above: Castle Rock’s Lee Halmarack meets artist, Julie Vernon always said that I’d get involved if a similar project came up in my home town of Nottingham. I was really excited to hear about Hoodwinked, especially about the chance to work with such an iconic Nottingham brand - Castle Rock. We love a night out at the Poppy or the Embankment and my husband is a big fan of Harvest Pale. Plus, it’s a charity and goodwill driven project, which always appeals. It’s going to be a great summer and I can’t wait to see my sculpture in the public domain. Can you explain your inspiration behind the Hoodwinked design? It was inspired by the heritage of royalty at Nottingham Castle. I wanted to create a rich regal feel with golden wings, a jewelled hat – a bit like a crown – and a quiver of golden arrows. Every robin has an individual red breast, so I wanted a lot of the detail to go into this area of the design. I work entirely freehand, guided by the shape of the sculpture, and I love having the freedom of seeing the design unfold. I haven’t counted but there must be around 10,000 pieces of mosaic on this sculpture. Thank you, Julie. We can’t wait to see our bird hit the streets!




A feasting bee, captured at the Poppy & Pint


It’s time for a vitamin D hit! Beer garden season is upon us, and there’s nothing quite like it: pub, pint, sun. We love our outside spaces, and see how much you enjoy them too, so we work to make them as welcoming as possible. As an IIE green accredited brewery, we think it’s important to reduce our ecological footprint, and that includes reducing our consumption of the earth’s resources. A lot of our outdoor spaces have been created with the environment in mind: the slate from snooker tables forms benches in the Embankment’s garden, old casks have become tables, while repurposed pallets form flower beds and bench seating in many of our pub gardens. Broken or unloved items are done up, taken to a new home, and serve a purpose for their extended lifespan. Some of our pubs are blessed with big gardens, like the Canalhouse, the Embankment, and the Golden Eagle. These spaces take the most work, with hours of weeding, potting, and sanding and re-painting taking place each year. That means they’re also some of the best places to while away a warm Saturday, as you all know! There’s plenty going on in our luscious gardens over the summer months. The Golden Eagle is hosting a ‘So Long Summer Beer Festival’ over the last weekend in August, there’s Bank Holiday weekend BBQs at the Lincolnshire Poacher, while the Embankment team are launching their weekly summer BBQ evening on July 2nd. The Waterfront Festival is back once again at the Canalhouse on 18th August, and, for all the cricket fans reading this, the Strat will be firing up the BBQ during the summer ODI and Test Matches. Plenty to sink your teeth into.


While you’re there, remember to bee kind. These little insects are not only fascinating but essential to our survival as a species, so we should all be doing our bit to help them out! There have been some big strides in saving bees and butterflies recently, with the EU banning three bee-harming neonicotinoids, and the UK working to support farming without the aid of harmful pesticides. Efforts continue to focus on ecological farming, and what everyday folk can do to save the bees and butterflies. So, as everyday folk, we’ve decided to make a pledge to help save the bees. Bees need three key things to thrive – food, shelter, and water – so planting nectar-rich flowers (and doing so year-round) is a vital part of protecting the declining species of bee and butterfly. If you haven’t got green fingers, or are pushed for time, using seed paper is the easiest way to make your garden flourish. Simply place the small fragments of paper on top of the earth (when you’re walking your dog for example) to assist the spread of wildflowers, or plant them in a pot for your own garden. We got ours from the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust – thanks guys! We’re also hoping to introduce bee houses for solitary bees, organic and peat-free compost, and drinking pools. This means, all being well, that you may be joined by some bees and butterflies for your afternoon session in the sun, and that can only be a good thing. With pesticide-free, better planned outdoor spaces, we can all enjoy our beer gardens even more.

Nottingham Craft Beer Week

FEM.ALE PANEL This year’s Nottingham Craft Beer Week kicked off with the Fem.Ale festival and an all-female panel talk from industry leaders. Castle Rock’s Grace Copley covers the evening of debates and beer… Fem.Ale is a festival that showcases ‘beer brewed by women and enjoyed by everyone’. Surprisingly, it’s also the first dedicated brewster fest in the UK, created to provide a platform to celebrate women in the brewing industry. All the beers at Fem.Ale are designed, developed and brewed by women. Nottingham was lucky enough to be one of three cities hosting a Fem.Ale festival this year, alongside Brighton and Norwich. As a Nottingham brewster myself, it was amazing to hear this event was coming to our city. The Fem.Ale panel discussion at Bunkers Hill was empowering, inspirational and aired the views of women who work day in, day out, within the beer industry. The talk was lead by Erica Horton, founder of the Fem.Ale festival, who was joined by Jaeger Wise (head brewer at Wild Card Brewery), Claire Roe (head brewer at Welbeck Abbey) and Natalie Bullin (Nottingham CAMRA Young Members Co-ordinator). They discussed the pros and cons of being a woman in the industry, and how preferable it would be to just be a person in the industry. Being a woman in a male dominated industry is something which should absolutely be celebrated, however Claire made the point that judging beer, or deciding which beer you want to drink, must be based on the beer itself and not the person who brews it. Regardless of age, gender, race, or background, good beer should be celebrated.

A large topic of conversation for the panel was also the number of women who are not only in the industry, but out drinking beer. The pub, beer festivals and any other drinking establishment, should be places where women feel safe and free from discriminatory remarks when ordering a pint. As Natalie commented, there are endless times she has been asked whether she was sure she ‘just wants a taster’ or ‘would just prefer a half’. So, how do we get more women drinking beer? And how do we work to remove the remarks often experienced by women simply ordering a beer? Jaeger and Natalie both agreed that encouragement and education is the way forward. As a woman, if someone questions the drink you want to order, call it out. Change never happens with silence. A question asked by an audience member: Where do you stand on the sexist imagery and branding in the industry? Jaeger highlighted that this kind of imagery is unfortunately all too common, pointing out that there is no UK legislation to prevent this kind of branding being used. She asserted that as well as backing larger campaigns, boycotting and being vocal can also make a positive stand. The Fem.Ale panel discussion raised important issues and was a wonderful opportunity to hear from those working to change perceptions and speak out against discrimination in the industry, as well as celebrating excellent beer brewed by some very inspirational women. As this goes to print, we’re setting up for the inaugural Nottingham Craft Beer Festival at Sneinton Market, and I can’t wait to see what Nottingham brewsters and brewers bring to the bars for a festival of inclusivity.


Upcoming Events

WHAT’S ON FOR SUMMER Check out what’s happening in our pubs from July to September and fill up your summer calendar with shenanigans. Full listings can be found at

July CIDER SAUNTER All month Nottingham CAMRA’s Cider Saunter is back and your Castle Rock locals are getting fully involved. 13 pubs are taking part in the event and if you love your cider make sure you visit them all. If you do you’ll receive a certificate and be entered in a prize draw to win a box of traditional cider. Visit to get all the info.

CIDER FESTIVAL Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July @ Vat and Fiddle To celebrate the cider saunter, the Vat and Fiddle will be putting on something extra special. Held in the Old Cold Store of our brewery, this two-date cider festival will showcase 20 ciders and perries from across the East Midlands (including real and fruit ciders), ten local ales, live music, and a hog roast. And to make the first sip even sweeter, entrance is free! What more could you want?

SCOTCH WHISKY DAY Friday 27th July @ Bread and Bitter | Canalhouse Cricketers Rest | The Embankment Fox & Grapes | Golden Eagle | Kean’s Head | Lincolnshire Poacher | Swan in the Rushes | Willowbrook | Yarn Whether you like a luxurious whisky from the Highlands or something a little more delicate from the Lowlands, there is something for everyone on Scotch Whisky Day. Enjoy a deal on whisky tasters at the Fox & Grapes, and a whisky of your choice with an accompanying cheeseboard for £7 at The Embankment.The rest of these lovely pubs are offering generous discounts and/or double-up deals.

August IPA DAY Thursday 2nd August 10pm-midnight


@ Bread and Bitter | Canalhouse Cricketers Rest | Fox and Crown Fox & Grapes | Horse and Plough Lincolnshire Poacher | Stratford Haven Vat and Fiddle | Willowbrook To celebrate IPA Day, your local CRB pub is the place to be. There are discounts on IPAs at the Horse and Plough, Yarn and the Willowbrook. The rest of the pubs will be stocking their bars to the brim with IPAs. The Bread will have at least two available, and the Strat, the Canalhouse, the Fox & Grapes and the Vat will all have IPAs galore taking over their taps. Finally, the legendary Roger Protz will be making his way to Newark to the Fox and Crown, to chat all things IPA.

INTERNATIONAL BEER DAY Friday 3rd August @ Canalhouse | Cricketers Rest Horse and Plough | Yarn A worldwide celebration of beer! The Horse and Plough has £1 off all imported beers, available in keg, bottle or can. The Cricketers offers 10% off all draught and cask, and Yarn has 50p off any real ale. The Canalhouse is offering 10% off all imported beer, and with three fridges full of cans and bottles to choose from, you’ll need some friends to help you out.

VINYL RECORD DAY Sunday 12th August @ Bread and Bitter | Fox and Crown Horse and Plough Brush off your first pressed vinyls or your modern classics and head down to your Castle Rock local to enjoy a night of great music. You can bring and play your favourites at the Horse and Plough and the Fox, and the Bread will be celebrating with another of its beloved vinyl nights. Check out its Spotify playlist to hear some of the music played so far (search “The Bread and Bitter’s Vinyl Night”).

WATERFRONT FESTIVAL Saturday 18th August @ Canalhouse The legendary Waterfront Festival is back once again, showcasing incredible live music in one of

the best venues in the city (if we do say so ourselves), curated by the amazing I’m Not From London. Check out the Waterfront Festival Facebook page to keep up-to-date with all the announcements and pick up your tickets quickly.

FESTIVAL IN THE RUSHES Saturday 18th August @ The Swan in the Rushes Back for its third year, the Festival in the Rushes is bigger and better than ever. A day of live music, barbecue food, family friendly entertainment and an outside bar, all neatly packaged for a perfect summer afternoon for the whole family! Don’t miss this!

CRICKETERS REST’S 2nd BIRTHDAY Saturday 18th August @ Cricketers Rest To celebrate the pub’s second birthday, the Cricketers Rest team is throwing the ultimate party. Live music, drinks offers and a big buffet for you to all enjoy. Don’t forget to bring the team a card and your best singing voice for a questionable rendition of Happy Birthday…

September LADY BAY FESTIVAL Saturday 1st September @ Poppy and Pint We always look forward to the Lady Bay Festival at the Poppy and Pint. A day for all the family, including live music, stalls, plenty of delicious food and a great range of beer as well.

GIN TASTING WITH MASONS GIN Monday 24th September @ Yarn Yarn and quality gin are becoming synonymous with each other. This gin tasting includes a drink on arrival, accompanying food to complement the gin and of course, incredible G&Ts. Tickets are £29 and can be purchased from the bar at Yarn.

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