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No:12 Winter 2017


Welcome Firstly, I’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all our customers. We hope 2017 brings you health, wealth and happiness. For us, the new year brings with it Castle Rock’s Ruby Anniversary, and we’ll be marking the milestone with many events and offers in our pubs (and at the brewery) at various times throughout the year. The pub scene is a vastly different place to what it was 40 years ago, when Chris Holmes opened the doors to the company’s first pub in Newark. We’ve seen plenty of changes over the years, some that we didn’t expect to see. Who would have thought that our big local breweries would have been bought by bigger ones and then closed? And to then have dozens of local microbreweries instead? Who would have thought we’d now have nearly 1800 breweries across the country to source beers from? I shudder to think how many different beers we have sold throughout our pubs since 1977! The growth in CAMRA membership has been exponential, and it really goes to show that the desire for a decent pint in a good pub is stronger today than it has ever been. People care more than ever before about the quality of the beers they drink and the pubs they frequent, whether they are CAMRA members or not. While lots has changed over the years, it is also true to say that plenty hasn’t; our passion for purveying high quality beer to our discerning customers in cosy, welcoming, friendly and safe surroundings is unwavering. This remains at the core of everything we do. We know plenty more great beers lie ahead of us and we look forward to sharing them with you! In this issue, you’ll find out about three brand new brews, this year’s Nottinghamian Celebration Ales, our beer buyer’s top picks for the season, and take a nostalgic look at the Traffic Street Specials so far. On the pub front, there’s a packed three months of events and offers, and we bring you an interview with Dan from the Horse & Plough in Bingham. Plus, our in-house team throw in their two cents on going dry this January, and our chefs’ cook-up their best veggie/vegan dishes. So, while things continue to evolve as the years pass, we’re still keeping busy bringing you the best beer and pubs we can. We look forward to what the next 40 years may entail and, as we set off on this journey with a spring in our step, be rest assured: While some things will change, I can promise you that other things won’t!

Colin Wilde Managing Director @SheriffTipple colin.wilde@castlerockbrewery.co.uk

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2.0v1.7 We live in interesting times when it comes to beer. Over the years, the power centre has shifted from the big brewer, to the pub group and to the pub. In many ways, we can now say that the customer has never had it so good in terms of choice. Small breweries are still opening at a rapid rate; pubs are overwhelmed with choice and giant breweries are feeling a little self-conscious and giving themselves makeovers. Complacency is a thing of the past. The ill-defined term “craft” has ravaged the industry like a cartoon tornado, leaving some people without their underwear. The problem is, no-one really knows what craft beer is, and yet nearly every brewery is claiming that they brew it. So, where do we go from here? We certainly don’t have all the answers, but in these turbulent and exciting times, we at Castle Rock think the best thing is to keep doing what we’re doing. However, some tastes are changing and we’re mindful of that. We’re not planning to sit in the Winchester with a pint and hope it all blows over. We have been brewing in cask for nearly twenty years now. There’s something incredibly special about cask beer; its flavour potential is huge and it’s a historically British concept that is still thriving today. We’re so proud to be among several breweries keeping this alive. In 2017 we’ve got a core range of beers that a lot of people love, and it is thanks to you that they are still going strong today. This year we’ve also got the usual eclectic mix of special and seasonal beers, and we’ve managed to source some interesting hops to use with them.

INTRODUCING 2.0v1.7 We’re excited to be launching THREE brand new beers this year. The 2.0v1.7 range is just about the beer. No gimmicks, no forced brand story, just interesting and well-thought out beer that dips our toes into the unknown. We are Castle Rock, and we know that, so don’t worry! We’re not about to turn our cap backwards and start dad dancing, but these beers hopefully show that we’re not about to ignore the changes in the market, backed up by a classic range of regular and seasonal beers that prove we’re not turning our backs on anyone. Named after their styles, the new beers will rotate in terms of recipe and process. Featured opposite is a look at what we’re doing this year... All our new beers are in cask, and we’ll be kegging them too. Both dispense methods have something to offer and we’re looking forward to you joining us on the journey to find out which works best, or whether there isn’t a right answer to that question. Going forward, is there a particular style you fancy us brewing? We’ll take all suggestions, even if you want to suggest spontaneously fermented lacto-beers in wood. We do brew for you, after all.

WHEAT 4.5% ABV For a long time now, we’ve been brewing wheat beers for the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, and we are really proud of our process. Coriander, cloves and lemon peel with a wheat base give this beer a complex, fruity character supported by the wonderfully unique Sorachi Ace hops, which have been described as almost having a Piña Colada quality. See: Yellow haze Smell: Lemon, coriander, fruity esters Taste: Refreshing, lemongrass, subtle coconut Hops: Sorachi Ace (JP) Bitterness 3 | Sweetness 3 Pair with: Seafood such as crab or mussels | spring vegetables light cheeses | Greek salad

SESSION IPA 4.0% ABV Huge in popularity and we hope to do this style justice with a big juicy hop forward aroma and lots of citrus and tropical fruit character. A combo of Simcoe, Ahtanum and Columbus hops from the USA bring lots of upfront bitterness and lemon sherbet bite. See: Pale golden Smell: Citrus fruit, passionfruit Taste: Assertive bitterness, lemon sherbet Hops: Simcoe (USA), Ahtanum (USA), Columbus (USA) Bitterness 4 | Sweetness 2 Pair with: Thai green curry | salmon | burgers

PILSNER-STYLE PALE 4.9% ABV We’re using a classic combo of German pilsner hops and a special strain of yeast to give an authentic pilsner character. Clean, gentle and a little bit floral. And very drinkable! See: Pale Smell: Floral, herbal Taste: Spicy, cedar, grainy Hops: Perle (GER), Hersbrucker (GER) Bitterness 3 | Sweetness 3 Pair with: Burritos | curries | tandoori spiced fish or meat



SHERWOOD RESERVE CASTLE ROCK’S PERMANENT STOUT Castle Rock has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust since 2001, generating funds and increasing awareness for the Trust’s tireless efforts to preserve and enhance Nottinghamshire’s wildlife havens. We have decided to concentrate our range of Wildlife beers down to one: Sherwood Reserve, to support Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s valuable work at Sherwood Forest, one of Nottinghamshire’s most iconic spaces. We’re extremely proud of the recipe for Sherwood Reserve, which is based on two of our most popular stouts: Sherwood Oak and Harold Larwood. We plan to make some minor tweaks to the recipe and then the beer will be re-launched into cask, as well as keg and bottle. The coffee and chocolate notes of this classic stout would work well in a hearty stew or chili.

SHERWOOD RESERVE 4.5% ABV Opulent stout brewed with Colombian coffee beans and UK hops. Sherwood Reserve is smooth and balanced, with coffee, chocolate and roasted malt notes See: Black Smell: Coffee, chocolate Taste: Smooth, rich, roast malt Hops: WGV (UK), Northdown (UK) Bitterness 4 | Sweetness 2

CLASSICS / OCCASIONALS Available occasionally throughout the year are two beers that have been with Castle Rock for some time now: classic session bitter Sheriff’s Tipple, and dark mild Black Gold.

SHERIFF’S TIPPLE 3.4% ABV High quality low ABV session bitter with a distinctive hop character derived from Goldings. See: Tawny brown Smell: Fresh hop Taste: Moreish Bitterness 3 | Sweetness 2 T: @SheriffTipple


BLACK GOLD 3.8% ABV A well balanced dark mild ale with some bitterness, full bodied, but not overly sweet. An award winning mild that delivers a light fresh taste to one of the more traditional of beer styles. See: Black Smell: Subtle hop, caramel Taste: Smooth, mellow, sweet Bitterness 2 | Sweetness 4


NOTTINGHAMIAN CELEBRATION ALES We’ve been brewing up the Nottinghamian Celebration Ales since 2010, and have relished the opportunity to explore Nottingham’s past, present, and future. The range is all about celebrating those who have made a positive contribution to Nottinghamshire and its people, and brewing great beer while we’re at it. 2017 kicks off with a chocolate orange porter to honour and celebrate Jenny Farr, an inspirational woman who spent 54 years tirelessly helping change the lives of abused youngsters through her work with the NSPCC. Her amazing achievements include her leading role in setting up the charity’s centre on Cranmer Street in the 80s, chairing the NSPCC’s ‘Full Stop’ appeal in the late 90s, and becoming president of the Child’s Voice appeal in the East Midlands in 2006. The Nottingham centre, now named Jenny Farr House, focuses on helping children in care, families with young children, and young people at risk of sexual exploitation. We’re always going to brew beer – it’s who we are – and we strive to use that platform to spread important messages. So, while you enjoy a drink of this delicious wintery brew, maybe browse the web and learn more about this Nottingham lifeline.

JENNY FARR January - March 4.2% ABV Chocolate orange porter brewed with UK hops. See: Very dark ruby Smell: Roast malt, orange peel, chocolate Taste: Rich, chocolate orange, balanced bitterness Hops: East Kent Goldings (UK), First Gold (UK) Bitterness 4 Sweetness 2 Pair with: Chocolate Cake | Pecan Pie (or use in a marinade!)


Poet, writer, comic, film and TV producer

April - June 4.2% ABV Golden mild brewed with two beautiful English hop varieties. See: Golden Smell: Dark fruit, subtle citrus Taste: Balanced, delicately spicy Hops: Bramling Cross (UK), CF127 (UK - experimental variety) Bitterness 2 | Sweetness 2


Nottinghamshire & England cricketer

July - September 4.2% ABV Session pale; big on citrus aroma and a perfect summer refresher. Donations to The Broad Appeal. See: Pale Smell: Citrus fruit, pine needles Taste: Fresh citrus hop, refreshing bitterness Hops: Motueka (NZ), Waimea (NZ) Bitterness 4 | Sweetness 2 for a better city HILARY SILVESTER Campaigner landscape for Nottingham

October - December 4.2% ABV Deliciously moreish red ale with hints of citrus which gives way to flavours of peach and apricot. See: Deep red Smell: Roasted malt, citrus zest Taste: Malty, soft stone fruit Hops: Wai-iti (NZ), First Gold (UK) Bitterness 4 | Sweetness 3


Photo taken by Em Murphy

January… what if life didn’t dry up? What if January wasn’t a month hinged on messages that we aren’t good enough? The messages plastered across the media every New Year tell us that we aren’t good enough, that our authentic selves aren’t up to par, and that life is a tick list of things we must accomplish to find happiness and self-worth. These messages tell us that the year we just lived wasn’t memorable, and that - if we don’t set and meet new goals - this year will be more of the same. But what if we ignored all that and stopped burdening ourselves with unrealistic goals? Let’s say this January we don’t try to become shiny pod people, but instead bask in our individuality. Instead of quivering with guilt over what we consumed at Christmas, why don’t we fondly remember a month where we threw caution to the wind and had a bloody good time? And instead of hibernating at home and cutting ourselves off from socialising, maybe we could just continue to live our lives like it’s any other month of the year… In the pub industry, January is infamous for being the toughest time of year. The aftermath of Christmas and the onslaught of the New Year resolutions means footfall drops considerably. The British pub continues to be under serious threat, we all know of closures taking place at the old boozer down the road, or the new pub in our village that opened and closed within a year. As Alcohol Concern’s ‘Dry January’ campaign puts pubs at risk, at Castle Rock we are celebrating the great British


pub with #TryJanuary, #Canuary, and #Ginuary. Use it, or lose it!

#TryJanuary Have a month of experimenting with food and drink, and turn the dreariness of Jan into something fun. We’re creatures of habit, by nature, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have an adventure occasionally. Let’s branch out a bit, try something new and challenge our taste buds. Look out for special products and promotions in our pubs.

#Canuary We suppose there are two meanings to take from the hashtag #Canuary. Firstly, a slightly corny ‘yes you can!’ carpe diem concept. Secondly, canned beer! Discover World Beers has brought an amazing selection of canned beer to Castle Rock bars, from favourites like Beavertown’s Gamma Ray, to Oskar Blues’ Ten FIDY. Yes, you Canuary! Keep an eye on our social media feeds and follow @DiscoverWBeers for updates.

#Ginuary From the refreshing G&T to a Bees Knees (gin, honey and lemon – the cure for the common cold?), there are plenty of ways to enjoy Ginuary. For us, it’s a Sloe on the rocks please. Head over to the Kean’s Head to enjoy a selection of over 50 gins…


NON-DRINKERS CAN BE REGULAR PUB VISITORS Last January Castle Rock’s Liv Auckland wrote about how non-drinkers can also be regular pub visitors, while millions went dry for January and stopped frequenting their local. We decided to share it again, in the hopes of inspiring those who have ‘gone dry’ to gather their friends and hit their local. Here we are again. January has rolled on round while we were busy looking the other way. I was talking to some friends last night about the ‘New Year, new you’ mentality. We agreed there is something magical in the idea that millions of people across the world stop for a moment and decide to make a change in their lives. Some of us begin the year with truly heartfelt goals; of being kinder, more generous, braver. Most of us begin the year with goals of eating better, exercising more, learning something new. And many of us start the year by deciding to ‘go dry’. Alcohol Concern’s annual Dry January campaign jumps right on the superior bandwagon, with their website spouting ‘take the challenge, banish the booze and feel like a new you!’ With over two million people signing up the campaign last year, and when former customers decide to avoid pubs altogether, those of us in the industry look on aghast. It is in fact possible to frequent and enjoy pubs, whether you drink alcohol or not. (Although let’s be realistic here: if one feels they need to make changes to their drinking habits, these changes should have longevity. It’s no surprise that the end of Dry January means a successful night for pubs and bars – making up for lost time, I suppose…) I don’t really drink alcohol. I used to, especially as a teenager and a student. One day drinking simply wasn’t something I wanted to do. On paper, it’s strange to say ‘I work for a brewery and I don’t drink’. But I can also say that every day I learn something new. I also enjoy tasting our beers more now than ever before, and continue to enjoy exploring the aroma, the taste and the feel of a beer. It helps that my other half is Castle Rock’s world beer buyer, meaning there’s a passionate beer geek at hand to offer insight and wisdom. And despite not drinking, I love pubs. Yes, I kind of should, for the sake of my job, but that’s not why I do. My childhood memories are peppered with the happiness of

sitting in a sunny beer garden with my family, drinking lemonade and lime, and tucking into a bowl of chips. I remember grown-up spaces filled with cigarette smoke. I remember the forbidden land of our village local, where my dad spent an evening once a week with his friends, and lapping up the moment I stepped up over the threshold with my shiny ID at eighteen. The summer before starting university I got a job in a pub. It was a lovely little place, nestled away in the West Sussex countryside with a river on one side and a camp site on the other. The couple who ran it were like cartoon characters. I adored them. My first shift, I walked up to the front door to find them howling with laughter as they tried to vacuum up a spider. I remember how excited I was to pull my first pint. Evenings were filled with laughter and music from the jukebox, before heading to bed with aching feet. During the day, the pub closed for a couple of hours. While my bosses headed to their apartment on the first floor, I would eat lunch and watch the telly. On the sunnier days, I’d read in the beer garden and soak up some rays. Once I bumped into a regular, who took me on a tour of the riverbank and showed me around his colourful little houseboat. On my last shift, a group of customers overheard me talking about heading off to uni, and handed me an envelope filled with notes and coins. I returned to work at the pub the next summer, but my former bosses had moved up North, and the new managers were abrasive. People do make a pub. After visiting Nottingham Trent’s Clifton Campus, my mum and I took a drive into the city. We were in search of food, and came across the Canalhouse. It turns out that first day in Nottingham eventually led to me staying here instead of returning South, to working at Castle Rock, and to meeting my partner and friends. As a group of English students new to West Bridgford, my friends and I selected the Stratford Haven as our local for continued overleaf


TryJanuary NON-DRINKERS CAN BE REGULAR PUB VISITORS continued from Page 9 the coming academic year. It was chosen immediately on spotting the Shakespearian logo. When living in the Lace Market, the Kean’s Head was always the best choice. It’s an ideal place to hide away; to be near everything but away from the bustle…a true sanctuary. Now, the Poppy and Pint is suited to my more conservative waking hours, and my love of cake. The Canalhouse was and always will be my firm favourite. As a student, I’d gather the troops and we’d sit for whole afternoons, drinking coffee and workshopping screenplays. Nearing the end of my degree, I got a job there. It was intense. It’s no exaggeration that you must possess, or very quickly develop, certain characteristics to work in a busy pub. If you’ve been to the Canalhouse at Waterfront festival or mid-heatwave, you’ll know what I mean. Skill, speed, loyalty, and a good sense of humour are essential. At the end of the night we’d collapse on the sofas for a drink before heading home, and on those sofas we talked about every subject you can imagine. You see, this is what pubs are: hubs. A good public house is a home. Great pubs sit at the heart of communities. Strangers build friendships in pubs. Pubs house communication and debate. People fall in love in pubs. The

coffee is cheaper and just as good (if not better) than coffee from a chain, and pubs are generally quieter than Starbucks on a weekday afternoon. The Wi-Fi is just as free. The food is cooked by people with passion, who look after you by feeding you. If there’s music, it’s being selected for you by the bar staff, or being played live by a local musician. You can spend an hour drinking a glass of soda and nobody will hurry you along. And the people who work so hard, who work such long hours, who often dedicate their lives to creating a great pub, need us to appreciate these great things. While Dry January dries up socialising, so do hours for staff. Many kitchen and bar staff find themselves trying to negotiate with their closest friends, deciding who will get the most hours that week. People go in search of full-time jobs, handing in their notice when the clock strikes a New Year. Those with the potential to have a career in the industry disperse into the reliability of national corporations. I stuck out January and I’m glad I did, because it passed and eventually I ended up here: A non-drinker who loves pubs and works for a brewery. You can do both. And if you love your local, you should do both.

DRINKS FOR NON-DRINKERS I love a good pint of pop as much as the next person, but it can get pretty dull always ordering draught cola at your local. If you’re going dry for January, or you’re simply “not much of a drinker” then fear no more! There are plenty of tasty, alcohol-free beverages to enjoy in Castle Rock pubs. Bitburger Drive 0.05% If you miss kicking back with a beer at the end of the day, Bitburger Drive is a must-try. Brewed exactly the same way as the full strength Bitburger Pilsner, the alcohol is removed only when the beer has matured completely, allowing it to retain all the qualities of the real deal. Technically at 0.05% alcohol, Bitburger Drive is considered to be alkoholfrei. Cornish Orchards Juices and Sparkling Soft Drinks These well-loved cider makers also produce pure, fresh pressed juices and sparkling soft drinks made with fresh Cornish water from their own spring (fancy!). My favourite is the ‘Orange and Lemon Sparkle’ which basically tastes like a far better, far more refreshing, far more grown-up bottle of Fanta.


Fentimans Botanically Brewed Beverages It’s virtually impossible to pick a top choice from the Fentimans range of soft drinks. Their extensive range includes boldly-flavoured favourites like Ginger Beer alongside more delicate combinations like Lime & Jasmine. For me, what I go for depends on the weather, what I’m eating, and my mood. All however, feel like a proper treat. Last but by no means least A really good coffee shouldn’t be seen as fuel for the working day, but as an opportunity to take a time out and relax. The majority of Castle Rock pubs stock Stewarts Coffee, roasted just around the corner from us at Trent Bridge, and it’s super tasty, sustainable stuff. Plus, I no longer have qualms about ordering a cuppa when I’m at a party or event, and sip away happily despite the confused glances.

Discover World Beers

DWB Top Picks @DiscoverWBeers Follow us to stay in the loop with offers, events and news Discover World Beers buyer Wayne Harvey shares his top picks of beers available in Castle Rock pubs this winter. Alphabet – Flat White 7.8% Established in 2014, Manchester-based Alphabet are still in their infancy, but have shown plenty of promise with some great beer already produced. Flat White is described as a ‘white breakfast stout’. It is, in fact, a rich amber colour but with all the flavours and aromas you’d expect of a much darker brew. Lactose, coffee and oats are added to create a sweet, full bodied beer. Flavours of caramel, lightly roasted coffee and toffee dominate – certainly a beer to watch out for. Brouwerij van Eecke - Poperings Hommel Bier 7.5% Poperinge is a hop growing region in Flanders and this beer is designed to celebrate and showcase the local hops. It is often described as a ‘Belgian IPA’ – although most Belgians wouldn’t recognise it as such (the beer existed before that term was invented). It pours a hazy gold colour, relatively effervescent with a

typical Belgian fluffy head. There is an aroma of Belgian yeast esters and fruity, herbaceous hops. Initial flavours of honeyed malt lead onto dry, grassy, earthiness. A classic beer that is sometimes overlooked; seek it out at our pubs! Evil Twin – Modern IPA 6% Evil Twin is a brewing company based in Brooklyn, New York. Set up by Jeppe Bjergso (brother of Mikkel Borg Bjergso, founder of Mikkeller), they cuckoo brew at US based breweries. Similar to Mikkeller, the concept is centred around flavour, with an emphasis on experimentation and exploration into food matching. Modern IPA is an attempt at showcasing quintessential flavours of what we would call a US style IPA. Expect it to be relatively pale, with aromas of grapefruit and pine, flavours of tropical fruit with a pronounced bitterness. If you find yourself enjoying modern style IPAs then this beer is for you!


Managed Pub In Focus

HORSE & PLOUGH Back in 2015, the Horse & Plough came under the wing of Castle Rock. This charming pub sits in the heart of Bingham, is well-reputed for its excellent food and beer selection, and last year was awarded Belvoir CAMRA’s Cider Pub of the Year. Bingham is a lovely little town, quietly bustling with people, and serves as the perfect backdrop for this characterful pub. We caught up with Dan Brown, manager of the Horse & Plough… Greetings Dan. Can you describe the Horse & Plough for our readers who have never visited your fine establishment? I would describe the Horse & Plough as a ‘modern traditional English pub’. We have the aesthetics of an oldy worldy village boozer, but offer far more ‘now’ services and products. We have an ever-changing food menu sourcing quality, local produce as well as having our finger on the pulse in the evolving beer market. l You guys are known for serving amazing food. What are your favourite dishes on the menu? I’m a sucker for the burger with smoked cheddar and crispy Parma ham. I firmly believe that we offer one of the best burgers in Notts, and we have guests who support that; just look at our Trip Advisor reviews. If I was coming here for a family meal however (or dining on a Wednesday when we have a 2 for 1 menu), I’d have to go for the blade of beef. It just falls apart in your mouth. The 2017 new year menu is looking very exciting though, and the Monkfish may blow the blade of beef out of the water.

l Cider Pub of the Year is a fantastic accolade. Are there any others you’re after? Cider Pub of the year is something that we are proud of but I have to say that last year we were disappointed not to come away with ‘Vale of Belvoir Pub of the Year’. That is something we not only want to win this year but are absolutely gunning for. We were also awarded the prize for the ‘mild trail’ this year. We didn’t have just one mild in the running but five by all accounts. l “Gunning for” it sounds pretty good to us. Tell us about the craft beer at the Horse & Plough… Well...where to start? When I arrived here just over a year ago we had one craft keg line and not much else. We now have 3 craft beer lines and over 40 different bottles, which for a pub our size is certainly some doing. This is an area that we monitor very, very carefully. Thanks to the Discover World Beers scheme we can ensure we get the most exciting new beers in, as and when they become available. We are the only place going this big on craft in Bingham and one of only a handful this side of Nottingham. l What are your plans for 2017? In 2017 you can expect to see us going BIG on the food side of things, with menus changing more frequently and exciting new dishes appearing regularly. There will be plenty of special food themed evenings and some special food/wine/ beer pairing events also. I’d also expect our new Thursday 2 for £12 pizza night to be a major string to our bow as it becomes established. When it comes to our drinks offering, you can expect our range of beers to continue growing and evolving. You’ll also need to keep your eyes peeled for our next big beer festival. Thank you, Dan, we hope it’s another great year for you and the team! The Horse & Plough is open 11am-11:30pm Sunday to Thursday, and 11am-Midnight on Friday and Saturday. Food is served between Midday-3pm and 5pm-9pm Monday to Friday, Midday-9pm on Saturdays, and Midday-3pm on Sundays.


Call the Horse & Plough to book a table on 01949 839313


The Goings On BEER FANS HONOUR OUR CHESTERFIELD PUB The district branch of CAMRA gave the Derby Tup the latest pub of the season award. In a ceremony attended by pub regulars, members of the local campaign group and brewers from Castle Rock and the Pigeon Fishers Craft Brewery, pub landlord, Ade Cole (on left), was presented with a certificate which takes pride of place in the bar. Well done to Ade and the team!

BROVEMBER For us at Castle Rock, November is known as BROvember – a month of fundraising for the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre. Our autumnal beer Walrus is a charity brew with 20p per pint donated to the centre. We are still totting up the numbers for this year, but would like to thank Castle Rock customers in helping the centre to Crack the Cancer Code.

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS November was also a great month for pub birthdays! The Canalhouse hit the milestone of ten years as a Castle Rock pub – we’re immensely proud of this bar and what it continues to offer Nottingham, and their beer range has been unrivalled for years! The Embankment also celebrated its first birthday, and we are beaming with pride at this wonderful and lively community pub, bar, restaurant and function space, sure to only get better.


For some it was a long day out, others a first chance to sample Nottingham ale since their teens, and for all it was an opportunity for a singsong. This was the day that a group of veterans from Britain's Second World War armed forces met our tour guide Robin Hood (Tim Pollard). They lustily – and word perfectly – sang his TV theme song, before going on to meet the brewers and have a taste of Nottingham hospitality. The day trip from the capital was arranged by The London Taxi Association for War Disabled, a charity set up in 1948 to help those whose movement was handicapped by war injuries.


Nowadays, help is at hand for all ex-servicemen and women in need of a lift - both spiritual and practical. The trip sees the start of a new relationship between this hard-working group and Castle Rock. Castle Rock Brewery chairman Geoff Newton says he was thrilled and honoured to welcome so many veterans to Nottingham. “I’m sure they had a great day out marking the start of our close relationship with the London Taxi charity. Early next year, we'll be bottling a beer called ‘Back to the Beaches’ to coincide with a veterans’ return to Normandy next summer.”

FLORENCE BOOT REMEMBERED The Florence Boot Garden at the Embankment was created to reflect plants and herbs that are historically important in the treatment of ailments.

CASTLE ROCK A FINALIST IN NATIONAL INNOVATION IN TRAINING AWARDS Thanks to the hard work of Sarah Halpin, our business development & training manager, Castle Rock has been shortlisted in its category in the BII National Innovation in Training Awards. The project has two major functions: Ensure our own pub staff have an excellent training and induction programme upon joining the company (as well as training those who are already part of Castle Rock); and to offer a variety of BII (British Institute of Innkeeping) courses to the public. For more information about the Castle Rock training centre, contact Sarah (pictured below) at sarah.halpin@castlerockbrewery.co.uk

The garden launched in October and toasted in ‘Florence Boot’, a 4.2% amber ale, the fourth and final Castle Rock Nottinghamian Celebration ale of 2016. If you’re reading this in January, you may be lucky enough to find a pint waiting for you at the Embankment! Pictured above left are (from left): Embankment general manager James Johnson, BBC Radio Nottingham’s resident gardener John Stirland, and Castle Rock’s Vicki Saxby, with one of the displays.

IPA HOP SUCCESS Three Castle Rock pubs picked up accolades during the Nottingham CAMRA IPA Hop – with the Kean’s Head taking “Best IPA Drink” and the Poppy and Pint taking “Best IPA Display” (with the Vat and Fiddle the runner up). Well done to the staff and thanks for supporting this great initiative to celebrate one of the fastest growing beer styles.

TWO AWARDS AT SIBA COMPETITION We picked up two awards at the SIBA Midlands Independent Beer Awards 2016 in Birmingham: A Gold for Traffic Street #8 Guns of Navarone and a Bronze for Sherwood Reserve (just weeks after a Gold at the Hinckley and Bosworth Beer Festival!) Guns of Navarone is a double mashed and (more than) double hopped DIPA. To go alongside cask, we are trialling Sherwood Reserve in keg from 2017 onwards, and your feedback will be most welcome! See page 4 to find out more…



40 YEARS YOUNG This year marks 40 years since the story of Castle Rock began. 1977 was a year of challenges for Britain: a bomb exploded in a London pub and injured 14 people, Clough lost out to Ron Greenwood, Glam Rock leader and T-Rex front man Marc Bolan died in a car accident, a huge firefighter strike put the public on green alert, and the Yorkshire Ripper was at large. But, it was also the year that Fleetwood Mac released Rumours, the Sex Pistols released Never Mind the Bollocks (and were ditched by EMI), Star Wars was screened in the UK for the first time, the Queen celebrated her Silver Jubilee and gained a grandchild, and British television had its biggest ever viewing with The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show. So, it was a mixed bag, and in the midst of it a flarewearing entrepreneur set up a company called ‘Tynemill’ and opened The Old King’s Arms in Newark. His aim was a simple one: create a pub that he would like to drink in. Chris Holmes was already well-established as Chairman of CAMRA, and Tynemill went from strength-to-strength, with the acquisition of more pubs. It’s easy for today’s drinkers and pub-goers to forget the central role CAMRA played in creating the Great British pub. While modern-day brewers claim they are revolutionising craft beer, they often disregard that cask ale was once revolutionised too. Though the beer

industry has changed time and time again, and Tynemill became Castle Rock before growing bigger and bigger, we remain a small company at heart. Even our MD, Colin Wilde, started out as Chris’s PA. So, the folk who sowed the seeds are still very much present, And for those who sadly aren’t, their legacy lives on in every pint of great beer we brew. For us youngsters, we love sifting through old photographs from bygone years. They are comforting, captivating tokens of humble beginnings, and remind us of our values at Castle Rock. We always have, and always will, strive to make great beer and run great pubs. 2017 marks 40 years of striving to do what we do, the best we can. Our official anniversary falls on Thursday 10th August, and we’ll be celebrating this milestone with a beer festival in the brewery yard. Tied in with our annual Beer of the Year awards, the festival will include live music, street food and much, much more. Keep your ears open for more information as we have it, and in the meantime: Cheers, to the next 40...

The Goings On (continued) ROBIN HOOD BEER & CIDER FESTIVAL 2016 Nottingham CAMRA’s 41st beer festival took place at the castle. Thousands of bundled up punters joined us to celebrate beer, cider, great food and great company, with the Castle Rock Tavern selling out of beer in record time. The Traffic Street trailer was back for a second year, bringing eight TSS brews with it, and our Meadows Cider Project was served in the top marquee. Another amazing festival, well done and thank you to all who worked so hard to make it happen. Pictured from left are: the Hoff; Beth James from the Poppy & Pint; head of marketing, Lewis Townsend; and former Castle Rock hopmeister extraordinaire, Al Smith.




WINTER TRAFFIC NEWS Lewis Townsend writes…

A few things have floated, drifted, shifted, and changed since the last update. I finally started playing Skies of Arcadia after years of nagging from Dan, and Dan wore his fancy “petrol patina” trainers into the office for what I think is the first time. His beard has grown a couple of inches as well which, as we all know, directly correlates to his craft credentials. In all honesty, right now is a very formative stage in the Traffic Street journey. So, in the spirit of renewal and reflection, let’s take a look back at how we got here. In the beginning Castle Rock’s MD approaches head brewer Adrian Redgrove in 2013 and tells him we should start looking at making a range of weird and wonderful beers. Adrian pulls his hair out, and why wouldn’t he? He’s a brewer of fine quality, traditional, balanced beers. Dan, from the side-lines, pipes up: “Give it me!” It seemed to be the right solution. With my fair knowledge of the boring stuff like marketing, we were paired together like a 90s pop group. Things picked up quickly: Dan brewed #1 Stereotype (West coast IPA), #2 Concrete Jungle (Herbal pale) and #3 Double Barrel (dandelion and burdock red ale), and we started to make a bit of a mark. Back then, the Traffic Streets could only ever be a side-project, with Dan a crucial cog in Castle Rock’s main beer production. We had some great feedback, peppered with “why is Castle Rock jumping on the bandwagon” comments, but overall, things got off to a great start. Little Bitch, the problem of We knew we wanted to brew an imperial stout, but how? We couldn’t take the risk on Castle Rock’s 40bbl kit, but we needed to achieve a high ABV using the kit we had (at the time a 5bbl fermenter). After rooting around upstairs Dan repurposed an old Grundy tank into a copper, and made a rudimentary cooling system. He decided that cunningly syphoning the high strength wort from a big brew of Sherwood Reserve was the answer! We pinched some super-sweet wort, directed it into the copper, moved it to the other side of the brewery and spent way too long getting it to the boil. Nugget and Liberty hops were added, along with 1kg of beans from Stewarts Coffee, and we fermented it out to a delicious


10% ABV stout. #4 Little Bitch was boozy and thick with berry and coffee notes. This 18-hour brew day was totally worth it. Moving swiftly on… We took a breather and calmed ourselves down with #5 Maggie’s Farm, an apricot and ginger saison and then #6 Rat Race, a Cascadian red ale with five malts and loads of complexity. The former sold out extremely quickly – setting a record for us. Rat Race became a great crossover drink for the new wave and the traditionalists, having the biscuit malt complexity of a decent best bitter and the spiky dry hop character you want from Cascade hops. By this point we were getting itchy feet and Dan had done a lot of reading, and started floating the idea around of doing a beer/wine hybrid. A New Era Inspired initially by Dogfish Head, and then Brew #100 by Hand Drawn Monkey, Dan was really excited about marrying wine and beer together: the language, the process and the ingredients. To then put it in cask got the adrenaline going a bit as well – we think it was the first true beer/wine hybrid in cask. How did we do it? Dan took a citrusy pale ale and fermented it out to attenuation. He then added 200L of Italian pinot grigio grape juice, along with extra Centennial hops and then kicked off a second fermentation with champagne yeast. The result wasn’t fully a wine, nor fully a beer, but something that shifted between the two. We launched #7 New Era at the Canalhouse, and followed it with a few tap takeovers throughout Nottingham. We didn’t have it ready for the 2015 Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival, but we did in 2016, and it went down a treat.

“What’s the highest ABV we can achieve on Castle Rock’s kit without significant losses?” Was the question Dan pitched to head brewer Adrian Redgrove when he was drawing up plans for Guns of Navarone, #8 in the range. Adrian replied “6%”, and Dan (perhaps not sure how far a man can be pushed) said “Right. I want to double it”. Some people say that bigger breweries don’t take risks in the name of experimentation. Well, folks, letting us loose on a 40bbl commercial plant with plans to brew a 10.3% reiterated mash DIPA is about as risky as it gets. We don’t have the luxury of pilot kits, so it had to work first time. It was another long brew day at 15 hours. We used the reiterated mash method (mashing in twice, once to collect the wort to mash back in with, which gave the super sweet double concentrated wort). Dan pushed that kit to its absolute limit, doggedly dodging the threat of a stuck mash, boiler issues and slow transfers due to the sheer volume of hops in the hopback. Guns of Navarone was born and we put this thick, chewy, sweet but boozy and fruity DIPA in cask again! We’re really proud of this one, and we’re planning to keg it as we think it’ll benefit from the chill and carbonation. We were also delighted that Guns of Navarone won gold at the SIBA Independent Beer Awards 2016 – for the Midlands. Let’s just settle down for a bit We’re almost at now, now! For us, Traffic Street isn’t just about pushing Castle Rock’s brewing kit to the limit, but about trying to combine real blends of fruit, flavours

and beer. So the next two beers, #9 Enjoy Yourself and #10 Simmer Down went down that lovely route. Both of these beers were hugely popular, so much so that we brewed #9 Enjoy Yourself again. #9 is a grapefruit pale, brewed with the zest and pulp of 300 grapefruits. #10 was a seasonal treat, 5.5kg of fresh elderflower heads combined with the zest and pulp of 100 lemons. So that’s where we are. Throughout this whole journey, Dan has been a bit like a rambunctious child, kicking at the heels of Adrian. I’m thankful for this side of him; it’s because of this that we’re not just another craft brewer. We are now at a very exciting stage, but at the time of writing I can’t say more. We hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve done so far, we’ve got loads of plans.

Follow us on Twitter (@Traffic_Street and @TSSDroid) and WATCH.THIS.SPACE!



Castle Rock chefs unite for a vegetarian and vegan cook-off! With veggies and vegans often feeling their food options in pubs can be a tad mundane compared to the meat dishes on the menu, our business development manager and all-round food expert Sarah Halpin hosted a vegetarian and vegan cook-off at the Embankment, Trent Bridge. Chefs were invited to prepare their favourite dishes from their pub’s menu in the Embankment’s kitchen, before submitting them to a panel of judges, including Evening Post columnist and nutritionist coach Susan Hart and Alice Hewkin of ‘Alice’s Garden’. The food was judged on appearance, nutritional value and flavour.

A range of exciting and tasty dishes were created. The winner on the day was Tom Smeed, head chef at Stratford Haven in West Bridgford, with Vanessa McGuire from the Poppy and Pint and Darren Maffucci from the Kean’s Head as joint runners up. Tom produced a veggie sirloin steak made from tofu and halloumi with veggie peppercorn sauce and stilton, Vanessa a roasted root vegetable Bourguignon, and Darren a courgetti dish with roasted halloumi, confit baby plum tomatoes and pesto. “The Strat’s peppercorn steak was outstanding,” says Susan Hart. “It looked lovely and just like any other everyday meal with no clue to its vegetarian origins. It was surrounded by the right amount of ‘things on the side’ and the peppercorn sauce and mushrooms were perfect. We both liked the texture of the tofu and chickpea flower base to the ‘steak’.” Susan was keen to point out the vital need for balance in vegetarian and vegan dishes. “Too often restaurants opt for the simple and straightforward. None of these could be described as that, and I’m delighted that all the chefs were able to take on board the need to maintain the need for a high nutritional value as well as the obvious needs of taste and appearance in what they create.” The day was a success with our chefs learning from one another and discussing new, exciting ideas. Pop down to your local Castle Rock pub to try some of these delicious dishes! Check out Susan’s page facebook.com/Nutritioncoach1 and Alice’s by searching for ‘Alice’s Garden’ on Facebook. Not too many chefs! Winner Tom Smeed (left) with Dave James, manager of the Kean’s Head (opposite), doing some prep for the Kean’s chef Darren Maffucci



Upcoming Events January Blues? The partying and excesses of the festive season are over and for many it’s back to work, spending the evenings at home and trying to achieve those new year resolutions. If you’ve made it this far, you’ll know we’re proposing an alternative start to the new year. After all, where is the fun in all that pressure? Check out what’s happening in our pubs from January-March and get into the flow of 2017. Full listings can be found at - www.castlerockbrewery.co.uk/event

January Taste the (beer) rainbow Pop along to the Vat & Fiddle to try something new! Colour themed beers are available throughout the whole of January. Buy one of each colour to complete your stamp card, to be entered into a prize draw with prizes including beer to take home!


Australia Day 26th January Aussie beers and kangaroo burgers are on offer to celebrate our friends down under! At the Lincolnshire Poacher and Canalhouse.

February Yorkshire Pudding Day 5th February

Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire 2017 23rd – 25th February An increasingly popular Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire returns to the Canalhouse for the fifth year. A collaboration with Nottingham CAMRA, the competition and festival is a celebration of local breweries with the winner being crowned Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire 2017.

Yorkshire puddings are loved by us Brits, so much so we dedicate a day to those light, fluffy delights. The Vat & Fiddle have dedicated a whole menu to Yorkshire puddings to celebrate the day. Or maybe you fancy a Sunday Roast in a giant Yorkshire at the Kean’s Head…

Shrove Tuesday

18th January

Valentine’s Day

A beer and cheese pairing session hosted by the Kean’s Head and John Leape from Duvel Mortgaat. The evening features beer from Duvel, Chouffe, Leifmans, and Boulevard. The Kean’s have one of the last ever kegs of Boulevard’s famous Tank 7 – it’s a night that can’t be missed! All drinks to be paired with cheeses from Delilahs. Please contact the Kean’s Head for tickets.

14th February


The Canalhouse are celebrating gin this January! 10% off all gins from 5pm-7pm every day throughout the month, with 12 different gins available.

Beer and Cheese Night with Duvel

A foot tappin’, disco dancin’ Friday night MOTOWN themed disco at the Embankment. Happy Hour for the night is between 6pm-8pm with 10% off all beer, wine and cider.

Cupid is back in town! To celebrate Valentine’s day, spoil your loved one with half price bottles of prosecco (we won’t tell if you don’t) at the Fox & Crown, a special Valentine’s dinner at the Willowbrook, a romantic meal and half price prosecco at the Bread & Bitter, or a 2 or 3 course meal with a bottle of wine/pitcher of beer (cask or keg)/2 bottles of craft beer for £40pp at the Horse & Plough. Not the romantic type? If you buy the Kean’s Head a Valentine’s card you can receive discount on beers, cask and keg products, or why not test your mind instead of your aptitude for romance with a quiz at the Cricketer’s or the Poppy & Pint?

Burns’ Night

Chip Week

25th January

16th-22nd February

Enjoy a taste of Scotland with classic Burns’ Night suppers, special dishes of haggis, neeps and tatties, and offers on selected Scottish beers and whiskies. Lincolnshire Poacher, Vat & Fiddle, Fox & Crown, Swan in the Rushes, Poppy & Pint, Willowbrook, Golden Eagle, Cricketers Rest, Stratford Haven, Bread & Bitter, and the Kean’s Head.

The Stratford Haven celebrate chip week, with a menu dedicated to chips and a variety of toppings and dips to try.

Friday Disco 20th January


Craft Beer Rising Weekend 23rd-25th February The Embankment celebrate what’s new and fresh in the wonderful world of craft beer. Pop along to try something new.

28th February We’re going flipping crazy (sorry, we couldn’t resist) for sweet and savoury pancakes at the Kean’s Head, Poppy & Pint, Bread & Bitter and the Willowbrook.

British Pie Week 6th March – 13th March Our favourite awareness week is back again... seven whole days of pie heaven! All pies to be enjoyed alongside a pint at the Lincolnshire Poacher, Poppy & Pint, Bread & Bitter, Stratford Haven, Kean’s Head, Horse & Plough, Swan in the Rushes, Willowbrook, and the Canalhouse.

Tourism Week 6th – 12th March Celebrating the best of British. At the Bread & Bitter tuck into a ‘Best of British’ menu including afternoon tea, traditional pub grub and real ales, plus enjoy a fresh baked scone with jam and cream with a glass of prosecco for £6. The Vat & Fiddle have taster trays available and brewery tours between 12pm3pm (call the Vat to find out more). The best of Lincolnshire beers will be showcased across the bar at the Golden Eagle, as well as local historians and artists displaying their talents and divulging information on the hidden gems about the city.


St Patrick’s Day 17th March May your day be touched with a bit of Irish luck! Celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day with Ireland inspired food specials, and discounts on Irish beers and Irish whiskies, at the Bread & Bitter, Willowbrook, Lincolnshire Poacher, Cricketers Rest, Stratford Haven, Kean’s Head, The Golden Eagle, Fox & Crown, Poppy & Pint, and the Horse & Plough,

Vat & Fiddle’s Birthday 23rd March Our brewery tap turns 20 years old! Pop along to celebrate with us. There will be live music, discounts on drinks and of course lots of cake.

Mother’s Day 26th March It’s time to celebrate the most special lady of all: mum. Our Castle Rock pubs have lots on including delicious homecooked menus, offers on prosecco, mums eat free offers and much more, so come along and enjoy at the Bread & Bitter, Fox & Crown, Willowbrook, Poppy & Pint, Stratford Haven, and the Horse & Plough

MONDAY: BREAD & BITTER: Curry & Quiz Night. Curry, rice, naan and a drink for just £8.95, from 5pm. EMBANKMENT: Craft & Tapas Night. Enjoy two tapas dishes and a half of craft beer for just £10. STRATFORD HAVEN: Curry and Pint Night, £7.95 served until 9pm. KEAN’S HEAD: Homemade pizza and a pint of harvest pale £10.95. Our homemade pizza is made using beer pizza dough! Available every from 5pm-9pm.

TUESDAY: STRATFORD HAVEN: Pie & Pint Night, £9.95 served until 9pm SWAN IN THE RUSHES: Two meals for one and get the cheapest free. VAT & FIDDLE: 12pm-8pm every tuesday at the Vat enjoy a curry and drink from just £7.95.

WEDNESDAY: POPPY & PINT: Burger Night! Join us for a burger and drink for just £9.95, between 5-9pm LINCOLNSHIRE POACHER: A Pie and a pint for £8.95 until 9pm followed by live music. HORSE & PLOUGH: Two meals for the price of one, available on all main bar meals too, from 5pm until 9pm.

THURSDAY: CANALHOUSE: Join us from 6.30pm for some of the best live acoustic performances around! STRATFORD HAVEN: Burger and a pint for £9.95, from 5pm until 9pm. Choose from beef, chicken or vegetarian burger with any two toppings from the menu. WILLOWBROOK: Choose any curry and get any pint of Castle Rock beer, a pint of Carlsberg or a 175ml glass of house wine all for £10.


Castle Rock pubs Alexandra Hotel T

203 Siddals Road, Derby DE1 2QE • Tel: 01332 293993

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Beer Consortium

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Castle Rock Tap Room & Kitchen

First Floor Departure Lounge, East Midlands Airport Operated by Autogrill

Cricketers Rest

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embankment pub

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Fox and Crown

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Golden Eagle

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Lady Bay Inns


Rook and Gaskill T

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Swan in the Rushes

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Lincolnshire Poacher

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Vat and Fiddle (The Brewery Tap)

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13 Main Rd, Gedling, Nottingham NG4 3HQ Tel: 0115 987 8596

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All of our pubs follow the latest allergen legislation. Further details are available in each establishment.


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