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Discover World Beers Wayne Harvey, world beer buyer and craft connoisseur, shares his favourites from the ‘Discover World Beer’ range. Discover World Beers focuses on sourcing and offering you the best beers from around the globe. The most prestigious bottles and craft keg beers are fleeting, so hop on down to your DWB local and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date. You can currently discover impressive and imaginative world beers at the Hop Loft, the Lincolnshire Poacher, the Kean’s Head and the Canalhouse. More Castle Rock Brewery pubs to follow soon! Stone Brewing Co. – Sublimely Self Righteous Ale, 8.7% This beer was at the forefront of the ‘Black IPA’ trend. For those not familiar, a ‘Black IPA’ is essentially an IPA with a touch of dark malt. Yes the ‘Black IPA’ moniker is a bit of an oxymoron but let’s roll with it. S.S.R is intensely hoppy, a mix of fresh pine and tropical fruit dominate the aroma. The black malt adds a little roast flavour into the mix; the hops and malt come together in complete harmony to create this delicious ale. Bear Republic – Racer 5 IPA, 7.0% Racer 5 is a fine example of an American IPA – there’s loads of big citrus fruit and floral aromas from Chinook, Cascade, Centennial

and Columbus hops. The grain bill includes crystal malt so there is a sweet, malty backbone to balance out all those pungent American hops. STOP PRESS – Due to California’s water crisis, production of Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA has been suspended for six months. Availability is limited! Augustiner – Helles, 5.2% Don’t think you like lager? Augustiner is the oldest brewery in Munich, tracing their history all the way back to 1328. This fresh, crisp beer has a bit of a cult following in Germany, popular with students and partygoers. Nevertheless the floral aroma and sparkling carbonation will make you reconsider your preconceptions of this classic beer style. Duvel – Tripel Hop, 9.5% Duvel’s annual hop-forward release is genuinely brilliant. 2012’s Citra variant was full of gooseberry and tropical fruit flavours whilst 2013’s Sorachi Ace tasted herbal with loads of fresh lemon. This year’s version has been made with Mosaic hops – look out for it in our bars, it promises to be excellent!

THURSDAY 17TH APRIL Beer Tasting: by Palm Brewery Group Pre-booking recommended Hop Loft, 7.30pm, £10 per person Email hoploft@castlerockbrewery.co.uk MONDAY 12TH- SUNDAY 18TH MAY American Craft Beer Week Celebrated in many of our pubs, with the best of best US beers and all-American dishes to match Follow/contact your favourite Castle Rock pub to find out more THURSDAY 15TH MAY Beer Tasting: Wheat Style Beer by Discover World Beers Pre-booking recommended Hop Loft, 7.30pm, £10 per person Email hoploft@castlerockbrewery.co.uk SUNDAY 1ST- SATURDAY 8TH JUNE Hudd Week Celebrating Huddersfield, the brewing Capital of Yorkshire. Hudd beers Cask and Tap takeover, paired with Yorkshire inspired dishes! Kean’s Head. THURSDAY 19TH JUNE Beer Tasting: Pale Ale Style by Discover World Beers Pre-booking recommended Hop Loft, 7.30pm, £10 per person Email hoploft@castlerockbrewery.co.uk

Cider The resurgence of interest in real cider has been a great boon over the last few years and 2013’s hot weather and sunshine was perfect for both growing apples and for sitting in a pub garden and enjoying them; but only once they have been fermented of course! Castle Rock has sold real cider since we opened our first pub but it is only in recent years that we have been able to ‘press’ forwards and bring you a wide choice. The resurgence stems back to the ‘Magner’s Summer of 2006’ when cold cider on ice whet the thirsts of the masses. In response the whole cider industry reinvented itself, including smaller producers. Apple trees were planted across the land in their thousands and continue to be so today.

This is great news when compared to the prevalence of the scrubbing of orchards in the 80s and 90s. Back then French, Spanish and Chinese apple concentrates were deemed cost-effective substitutes to growing our own apples in the UK. The mass market ciders may be criticised by some for not being the Real McCoy but their existence has provided a bridge for more and more people to try real cider. Castle Rock has supported the CAMRA Cider & Perry month of October for the last two years and has sold over 100 different real ciders through our pub network during that month alone. We are seeking to further develop this in the years to come but we will also look to extend availability during all of the summer months.

Watch out for these ciders in our pubs, especially those from some of the fabulous local cider makers that are on our doorstep; they use only local apples and adhere strictly to the published CAMRA cider-making guidelines. So here’s to another long hot summer and, on those balmy nights, why not add a glass of cider or two to your repertoire. Don’t forget to tell us which ones are your favourites; we’ll be adding a cider category to the next annual Castle Rock Beer of the Year Awards. If you’d like to learn more about real cider the CAMRA website gives plenty more information, try www.camra.org.uk/CIDER


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