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Welcome Welcome to the spring edition of our in-house magazine. This Castle Rock Quarter is jam-packed with news about what’s lined up for the brewery and Castle Rock pubs as the nights get lighter and the days warm up (well, hopefully). This is a very special spring and summer for us as we begin to properly mark our 40th anniversary year. From Wednesday 31st May to Saturday 3rd June, our birthday beer festival takes place in the brewery yard and cold store, and will no doubt be the highlight of our festivities. It’s also the most ambitious event we have ever put together! So, roll up and buy your tickets now (via or in Castle Rock pubs) for our spectacular event which promises a beer festival, bands, stalls, street food and a family day. Plenty of fun is guaranteed and we do hope that you will be able to join us. Find out more about our 40th celebrations on pages 4 & 5. Nottingham’s Henry Normal, a multi-award-winning writer, poet, comedian, as well as television and film producer, is celebrated this spring in our Nottinghamian Celebration Ales range. Henry was kind enough to give us an interview, so Castle Rock Quarter readers can find out more about this astounding talent. Flip to page 6 to find out why there’s ‘Nothing Normal about Henry’. Our splendid pubs are of course showcased in this edition, with a focus on the Stratford Haven in West Bridgford as the team there celebrate turning 18 this May. Plus, we bring you our event guide for what’s on in Castle Rock pubs during April, May and June. This spring you’ll have the chance to try the new addition to our beer range. Our recently launched Session IPA has bags of character – and even more bags of hops – and shows that Castle Rock is still innovating after all these years! We love what our brewers have created. With a pilsner style brew and a wheat beer to follow later in the summer, these are great times to be a Castle Rock beer drinker. So, I won’t hold you back from the getting stuck into the carefully selected content in this fabulous issue any longer. Thanks for your continued support and we hope to see lots of you in the coming months! Cheers

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40 years of Castle Rock – a celebration of beer

CASTLE ROCK’S 40th BIRTHDAY BASH Wednesday 31st May – Saturday 3rd June 2017 This year we celebrate 40 years since Castle Rock (then Tynemill) began, when Chris Holmes opened the doors to the Old King’s Arms in Newark. Chris created a pub that he wanted to drink in; an adamant response to poor quality, mass produced beers and an ideal firmly rooted in CAMRA’s principles. While the industry has shifted and morphed around us, a constant remit has remained the same at Castle Rock: we want to create pubs that showcase the best of real ale, sourced locally and from afar, and make spaces that are comfortable, warm and welcoming. To celebrate, we are inviting you to our 40th birthday bash, which takes place in our brewery yard, cold store and the Vat & Fiddle (our brewery tap). We are bringing the best of all worlds of beer together in a euphoric celebration of great beer. We really want you to enjoy what wonderful beers are available in 2017. During this festival, Castle Rock brews along with new, old, exciting, and great quality beers will be showcased from breweries in both the UK and beyond. We’ve even got a couple of extremely rare beers thanks to the Kean’s Head’s Dave James. Expect up to 40 cask beers, 40 keg beers (20 at a time) and 40 bottled and canned beers. Everything available at the festival has been carefully chosen by our pub managers, our brewers, the many beer geeks in the company, and you. In addition to this, our very own brewery tap will be showcasing the full range of Castle Rock beers, as well as running three separate tap takeovers in the Visitors’ Centre, featuring some of our favourite local breweries. We’re extremely proud of the beer diversity in our pubs –


and this festival is essentially an amplified version of what we already do: a celebration of not just our own beer but other people’s too. While you’re enjoying full beery immersion, you’ll be able to sample some excellent street food and listen to a handpicked bill of live music curated by the Maze – Nottingham’s best independent live music venue (in our humble opinion). We will also be joined by the lovely folk from WeCan who will be bringing their mobile canning unit so you can take some of your favourite keg beer home in a can. They will be running canning demonstrations throughout the festival. We’re also holding a family fun day on Saturday 3rd June between 11am-4pm, so you can bring the sprogs with you. Depending on when you’ve picked up this edition, there may still be tickets available in your Castle Rock local or via Here’s a roundup of festival timings : WEDNESDAY 31st MAY – 5pm-11pm (trade session) THURSDAY 1st JUNE – 3pm-5pm (trade session and Castle Rock Beer of the Year awards) 5pm-11pm (public session) FRIDAY 2nd JUNE – 2pm-11pm (public session) SATURDAY 3rd JUNE: 11am-11pm (family fun day between 11am-4pm)


Nottinghamian Celebration Ales

NOTHING NORMAL ABOUT HENRY This spring we are honoured to celebrate Henry Normal, a multi-awardwinning writer, poet, comedian and television and film producer. Nottingham’s own Henry Normal has been instrumental in the shaping of British comedy, with 400 television shows, thirty films and seven poetry collections to his name. In 1999, Henry teamed up with Steve Coogan to launch production company Baby Cow Productions, and went on to produce award-winning shows including Gavin & Stacey and the Mighty Boosh.


Other astounding notches in Henry’s belt include touring with Pulp, co-writing The Royle Family and The Parole Officer, helping form the Live Poets Society, and starring in Channel 4’s Packet of Three alongside Frank Skinner and Jenny Éclair. Henry now lives in Brighton, but remains passionately involved in Nottingham’s literary scene. The Nottingham City of Literature patron recently launched the Nottingham Poetry Festival, and in 2016 received an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters from Nottingham Trent University, for his significant contribution to the arts, particularly poetry, television and film. Hi Henry! What do you think to joining our beery hall of fame? I’m very honoured. I know you have chosen some revered names in the past including such great Nottingham writers as Alan Sillitoe. I notice Brian Clough’s beer follows mine in June so I like to think I’m John the Baptist to his Jesus. I produced a film about Brian and his team recently, called ‘I Believe in Miracles’, and it was lovely to meet the Forest players involved. Your work has been nominated for and won so many awards. Is there a creation you’re especially proud of? Co-creating the Royle Family was special, as was producing many popular TV shows and Films with Baby Cow. I’m always interested in the next thing though. I helped start the Nottingham Poetry Festival recently and it’s due a second year April 21-30 featuring over thirty events with national and local poets. Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, Dr John Cooper Clarke, Simon Armitage, Wendy Cope, Nottingham playwright and poet Stephen Lowe and many others will take part. Was there a seminal moment in your youth that sparked your career? I was quite gregarious until the age of eleven growing up in Bilborough, then when my mum died I became a little withdrawn and started to read books. If she’d have lived I’d probably be a greengrocer and a lot more cheerful. I did my first ever live performance at the Black Boy in town as part of a Christmas celebration for a writers group based at Long Row Library. The Thurland Arms, Spotz cabaret, The Playhouse bar, the Midland group and many more Nottingham pubs gave me a start. I’m hoping the Poetry Festival will help a new generation get a platform. What are you reading right now? The Faber book of Science. It is full of short essays by the most famous scientists of the last few hundred years. Thoroughly recommended. A nice change from the bombardment of fake news from whatever source. It goes well with a pale ale.

Everybody wants to know, what’s Steve Coogan really like? Not a big drinker. Very serious in his intent but he has a charm and great intelligence. I knew he would be a film star the first time I met him when he was around twenty. I was very lucky to connect with him and Caroline Aherne in Manchester. All being working class from Irish descent, we seemed to share a sense of humour. During my thirties I wrote TV shows with them both often having to work nights and weekends to fit in the hours. I always say my house is built on nob gags. What are you working on at the moment? Any plans in the pipeline that you’d like to share? I’m writing a book about autism as my eighteen-year-old son is autistic and we’ve had an interesting journey. I’ve a BBC Radio 4 radio show on the 2nd April called ‘a normal life’, I’m writing a new poetry collection following the success of ‘Staring Directly at the Eclipse’ and during the Nottingham Poetry Festival I’m doing a tour of eight local Nottingham libraries with a free show called Poetry Hour. Each performance will be different and I will have a different special guest at each. If you want to bring a poem along you could get to read. It will be a celebration of Nottingham poetry and as advertised it only lasts an hour so plenty of time to adjourn to the local bar. Lastly, what does Nottingham mean to you? My wife insists we live in Brighton until Nottingham develops a coast. If you speak to me though it’s unmistakable that I’m from Nottingham. My mum is buried in Bulwell and my dad’s ashes are at Hucknall Crematorium. I’ve still got family and good friends in Nottingham and I try to get up as much as I can. Here’s a poem [see page 8] that might explain better. I often wondered what happened to all the arrows that were stolen from the Robin Hood statue outside the Castle. Hence the title.


Nottinghamian Celebration Ales


My welcome is unassuming instilled from first smack There is no need for ceremony amongst kin as if to say I will see your face again  This is where we are, this is who we are This is who we will be when next we meet

Sponsored by Castle Rock Nottingham Poetry Festival builds on an international reputation as a city of words, thanks to poetic ancestors like Byron, D.H. Lawrence and Alan Silitoe. For two weeks over ten venues, poets from across the country and the city will take centre stage in Nottingham, as the curtain rises on a new national festival of poetry. The stellar assembly includes renowned names like John Agard, Grace Nichols, Brian Patten, Lemn Sissay MBE, Atilla The Stockbroker and Luke Wright; together with a whole host of fantastic East Midlands based poets. Nottingham Poetry Festival has been planned with the help of Henry Normal and Notts TV, together with the overwhelming support of the Nottingham literature community. Henry says submissions are welcome, and for enquiries or more information email him or Tommy Rosley on:

Nottingham Poetry Festival Friday 21st – Sunday 30th April 2017 Facebook: @NottinghamPoetryFestival

Nottinghamian Celebration Ales We’ve been brewing the Nottinghamian Celebration Ales since 2010, and have relished the process of exploring Nottingham’s past, present, and future. The range celebrates those who have made a positive contribution to the city and county, from heroes long passed to those making history today.

HENRY NORMAL April-June 4.2% ABV Golden mild brewed with two beautiful English hop varieties. See: Golden Smell: Dark fruit, subtle citrus Taste: Balanced, delicately spicy Hops: Bramling Cross (UK), CF127 (UK – experimental hop variety) Bitterness 2 | Sweetness 2 Pair with: a cheeseboard | a ploughman’s platter | a Korma


There is matter-of-factness to this heritage borne from the legacy of human industry The early morning bus to Raleigh Island The truth of hard work done well Openness unbowed and easy civility Warmth in the most cutting of winds

Slab Square is where I celebrate Centred yet embracing change I breathe to the pace of a northern boulevard My veins run Forest red I carry Nottingham in my bones It will outlast this temporary flesh

I have a hand-crafted sense of self Individual yet part of something solid From red brick terrace to green estate From Bread and Lard Island to the Park I have lived this old city in all its seasons Loved and ached and mourned at every curb

My accent is in the architecture in the unsung history of its pavements in the immediacy of a Saturday night in the friendliness to strangers My soles have worn on these streets My dreams taken flight under this sky

In the eyes of the grande I may have little but what I have is mine Assured with a quiet defiance I carry Nottingham in my bones Nothing under heaven can take it away

Henry Normal


BEERS OF SPRING Spring is in the air! The days are longer, the light is brighter, the sky is bluer, and there’s a new lease of liveliness in the air. Summertime can make us all a bit giddy, but it’s springtime when “grown-ups” like us can really relax: the moderate temperature is easier to work in, our gas bills all but disappear, most of us finish the working day in sunny and crisp weather* and we’re all getting a nice au-naturel rush of serotonin. That means we’re all generally happier, perkier, and even more joyous about brewing up some excellent beer for you. Grab a pint, settle down in the beer garden, and read on to see what’s on the beer line this April, May and June… *some folk don’t have this luxury whatever the season, like those working hard in pubs! Don’t forget to be especially nice to them when the sun is out and everyone else is having a jolly good time.

Commemoration Collection The Commemoration Collection honours the centenary of the Great War, with 10p from every pint sold being donated to charity. This brew is named after the British Army’s spring offensive of 1917, where New Zealand engineers built a vast underground network of tunnels. The British Army also installed an underground hospital known as Thompson’s Cave, complete with electric lighting, waiting rooms, an operating theatre, and signposts, with capabilities of treating 700 wounded. The twelve miles of tunnel allowed troops to pass directly to the front line, and housed more than 24,000 soldiers on the eve of Arras.

THOMPSON’S CAVE: BATTLE OF ARRAS February-April 4.0% ABV Fruity amber ale with a robust malt body. See: Amber Smell: Tropical fruit, citrus Taste: Resinous, spicy, fruity, malty Hops: Topaz (AUS), Mosaic (US) Bitterness 3 | Sweetness 2 Pair with: a medium curry or a hunk of Red Leicester

2.0v1.7 We kicked off 2017 with the news of a new beer range: 2.0v1.7. The range will shift and change as the years go by, but for now we’ve got the coming months filled with exciting brewing plans. You can read more about the first beer in the range, Session IPA, on pages 18 & 19.

WHEAT 4.5% ABV Naturally cloudy wheat beer; the combination of orange peel, coriander and cloves along with the wonderful Sorachi Ace hop make this a unique beer with lots of lemon and ester character. See: Yellow haze Smell: Lemon, coriander, fruity esters Taste: Refreshing, lemongrass, subtle coconut Hops: Sorachi Ace (JP) Bitterness 3 | Sweetness 3 Pair with: fresh veg dishes like stir-fry

Seasonal Spring means the arrival of seasonal brews. In May Hemlock Bitter hits bars, brewed originally for the Hemlock Happening to be supped in the shadow of the Hemlock stone.

HEMLOCK BITTER May-July 4.0% ABV Full flavoured traditional session bitter. See: Mid-brown Smell: Distinctive traditional hop Taste: Dry, bitter, long aftertaste Hops: Fuggles (UK), Goldings (UK) Bitterness 4 | Sweetness 2 Pair with: traditional pub snacks like pork pies


The Goings On


On Tuesday 3rd January, Castle Rock closed all managed pubs and threw a company-wide party in the brewery. We’d like to say a huge thanks to our amazing customers, for their understanding that we were much in need of some fun. Hundreds of Castle Rock staff – from glass collectors to brewers to bar staff – gathered in the brewery yard for a jolly old knees up. 2017 marks Castle Rock’s 40th birthday, so it seemed only fitting to bring everyone together to reflect on 2016, set our focus for 2017, and have a really, really, really good time. ‘Employee of the Year’ awards were presented to a staff member from each pub and/or departments, voted for by their peers. MD’s Merits were awarded to Adrian Redgrove, who has been brewing at Castle Rock for over thirteen years, and Poppy & Pint manager James Halfpenny. Halfpenny also took home the ‘Chris Holmes Award’ for best manager, as voted by his fellow pub managers (see picture above). Once any formalities were out of the way, the party goers spilled into the brewery yard for a lunch of pulled pork cobs, human foosball, and to try their hand at the ‘bucking bottle’. Here is to 2017, may it be filled with even more frivolities!

NOTTINGHAM PUB OF THE YEAR 2017 The day CRQ went to print, we received the incredible news that our very own Poppy & Pint in Lady Bay has won Nottingham CAMRA’s Pub of the Year 2017. We’re still waiting for official confirmation at this moment, but wanted to say huge congratulations to James Halfpenny and his team at the Poppy. This is a well-deserved win, and a we’re glowing with pride for you!


Ben Smith Wayne Harvey Michael Simpson Keegan Gorewoda Drew Evans Dawn Furniss Mark Fisher Darren Mafucci Siobhan Harris Sheldon Stones Emily Morton Edith Perry Elaine Stromberg Samantha Davis Mathew Cooper Corinne Harwood Bob Patching

The MD’s Merit Adrian Redgrove James Halfpenny

EMBANKMENT WEDDINGS The Embankment holds its first wedding ceremony. Couples are now able to formally tie the knot on the premises of the beautiful Embankment – the only pub in Nottingham to have a licence to formalise marriages and civil partnerships. On Saturday 4th March, Jez Sullivan and Carolyn Morris became the first couple to exchange vows. If you’d like to find out more about holding your big day at the Embankment, email Pictured right: Jez and Carolyn become Mr and Mrs Sullivan, the first wedding couple at The Embankment



Research predicts that 1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed with cancer during our lifetime. Castle Rock is proud to support the work of the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre, and this year launched the Ultimate Raffle for 1 in 2 Day to help Crack the Cancer Code!

Nottingham City Council’s plans to regenerate the Broadmarsh area of Nottingham are underway, and we've got a sweet tooth...


The Canalhouse and Newshouse are in the midst of the developments (both are located on Canal Street), and the brewery and Vat & Fiddle are on the edge, so we’ve been sure to stay clued up on the proposals. With the pedestrianisation of [upper] Carrington Street in the pipeline, we caught sight of a charming space at number 91: former sweet shop the Barley Twist confectioners.

In the last edition of the Castle Rock Quarter, we interviewed Horse & Plough manager Dan Brown. Having won Belvoir CAMRA’s Cider Pub of the Year, Dan explained his team's big goal for the coming months was to win Belvoir CAMRA's Pub of the Year award. Just before we went to print, they went and won it! Congrats to Dan and his team for a well-deserved win.

STOCKLIST SUCCESS We are delighted to hear that Glynn Naden at the Jolly Sailor, Macclesfield has won Punch Partners’ special recognition award for the region. It was awarded for his approach and attitude to continually changing the pub and creating a unique offer within the region with an “old curiosity shop” feel to the pub.

We’re hoping to turn the sweet shop into a pub and retail space with a little something for everyone: there will be cask ale and craft beer, fridges filled with cans and bottles from here, there and everywhere, and a great range of Castle Rock merchandise, gift packs and growlers. The two-floor pub would be great stop for commuters to relax with a drink, and a proper Nottingham pub for tourists, visitors, and locals. At time of writing, we’re still in talks with the property owner and the council, but things are looking good. Fingers crossed folks, we’ll update you as and when we can!


The Goings On CELEBRATING 15 YEARS WORKING WITH NWT The link between the Castle Rock Brewery and the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust began in 2001, when communications manager at the Trust Erin McDaid sat down with Castle Rock’s owner-chairman Chris Holmes at one of Castle Rock’s pubs. From these embryonic conversations, McDaid says he never thought the partnership would be so successful: “I could never have guessed that the simple idea would grow into a 15-year partnership with Castle Rock Brewery. It has generated over £130,000 in funding for our work and continues to help keep us in the public eye,” he comments. To date, Castle Rock have brewed over 150 unique beers in support of the Trust. One particular highlight is Screech Owl, which was brewed in 2008. This IPA became so popular with beer-lovers across the country that the brewery decided to make it a permanently available beer. We are looking forward to working together for many years to come!

ENERGY FROM WASTE We believe this is a first in UK brewing and only the seventh such scheme in any industry in the world. The scheme, called H2AD Micro AD, consists of a selfcontained digester and its ancillary plumbing and by-product handling. It is intended to reduce the brewery’s energy bills by up to 70 per cent. The methane biogas produced will be returned to the brewery to help in the energy-intensive start to the beer making process or converted into electricity.

EMA CASK ALE BOOST Nigel and the team at East Midlands Airport have recently had a new beer engine installed on the bar. Before you fly off on your jolly hols, you can now enjoy an increased range of cask ales.

CONGRATULATIONS! Congratulations are in order for the Alexandra Hotel. The Derby Campaign for Real Ale have selected the pub as a finalist for City Pub of the Year 2017.

CHILDREN’S CHAMPION TASTES HER ALE Jenny Farr, the children’s welfare champion, has poured and enjoyed the first pint of the Castle Rock beer brewed to honour her lifetime’s work for the NSPCC (see picture right). Jenny found the beer from our Nottinghamian Celebration series to be delightful, adding: “I am seriously surprised how much I enjoyed it. It’s really quite special and I’m sure I could really get to like this a lot.” ‘Jenny Farr’, the ale, is a 4.2 per cent ABV chocolate orange porter - a donation will be made to the NSPCC for every pint sold.


Managed Pub In Focus Introducing


The Fox and Crown has been a Castle Rock pub for two decades. Situated in Newark where we opened our very first pub – the Old King’s Arm – in the seventies, it holds a special place in our hearts. But things have changed over the years, and with young sprite Alex McKenzie as manager, we decided it was time to shake off some cobwebs and look to the future. Alex explains the process behind bidding farewell to ‘The Fox and Crown’ and welcoming ‘The Fox Pub & Bottle Shop’… Newark is a great little town with a fantastic historic pub culture and tradition. We wanted to add another string to our bow at the Fox to complement our excellent selection of cask ale and drag Newark kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Considering our staff’s wild and varied tastes when it comes to beer, and a market largely unexplored here, it made sense to bring craft and world beer to the fore. From Gooseberry Sours to Imperial Stouts, we make sure that all bases are covered when it comes to beer variety. While there’s nothing like enjoying a finely crafted beer by some of the world’s finest brewers down your local with your mates, having such variety can make simply selecting a beer a very daunting proposition. We decided to offer reduced “bottle shop” prices for those opting to

take a couple of bottles home with them to savour at their leisure. This way, if you don’t have time to hang around in the pub, you can still enjoy the experience of trying new beers. Moving forward we want to consolidate and expand our range, whilst making sure we are the top of the list for visitors of Newark. We’re also planning to have a regular stall at Newark market [held on Wednesdays and Saturdays] to give world and craft beer its deserving place on the local stage. On Sundays, we’re still holding our all-day quiz, where you can pop in at any time with the chance to win £25. In terms of the Fox itself, it will remain the pub we know and love in every other way. Follow The Fox Pub & Bottle Shop to see the changes unfold! Facebook: The Fox Pub & Bottle Shop Twitter: @TheFoxandCrown Instagram: @foxandcrown


It wasn’t that long ago that now “household name” craft beers like Brooklyn Lager, Goose Island and Sierra Nevada were only available in the UK’s beer-forward bars. Where once American craft was relatively underground here, these beers are now staple products in every pub and bar (and supermarket) across the country. With the Brewers Association reporting in November 2016 that the number of US breweries is now over 5,000, the invasion of Stateside craft has continued to contribute hugely to the worldwide beer scene. Created by the US Brewers Association, American Craft Beer Week is back for a 12th year. Over in the states, it’s a weeklong tribute to American craft beer, and a celebration of diversity, creativity and passion, with events from exclusive brewery tours to special beer releases. Despite being on a very tiny island 4,000+ miles across the Atlantic, every year Castle Rock pubs celebrate American Craft Beer Week. Here’s what’s on for the week. Now close your eyes and pretend you’re stateside… The Canalhouse brings you daily discounts with 10% off any of the beers from the ‘Brewery of the Day’. 15th – Crazy Mountain 16th – Firestone Walker 17th – Rogue Brewery 18th – Goose Island 19th – Brooklyn Brewery 20th – Sierra Nevada 21st – Flying Dog The Cricketers Rest discounts all American craft by 10%. The Embankment showcases one of the biggest names in the US craft beer scene: Sierra Nevada, with beers old and new from the famous Californian brewery. The Fox Pub & Bottle Shop has three American craft beers available on keg all week long, plus daily deals and discounts on bottles and cans.


The Kean’s Head team goes on the hunt to bring you single hopped beers made with American hop varieties, plus there will be USA inspired dishes on the specials board all week. The Lincolnshire Poacher’s American craft beer range gets bigger and better, with daily discounts on bottles of US craft, plus some all-American dishes on the menu. The Poppy & Pint goes all-American with a wider range of US craft, paired with American food specials and daily discounts (keep an eye on their social media feeds), plus live music from American singer-songwriter Dean Friedman on Thursday 18th. At The Swan in the Rushes, pints of American craft are discounted by £1 throughout the week.

Discover World Beers

DWB TOP PICKS @DiscoverWBeers Follow us to stay in the loop with offers, events and news Discover World Beers buyer Wayne Harvey shares his top picks of beers available in Castle Rock pubs this spring. Moor Beer Company – So–Hop 4.1% So-Hop is a golden ale from Bristol’s Moor Beer. This beer is pretty simple – best quality floor-malted British barley and hops from Australia and New Zealand. It has a couple of counterparts in Union Hop and Nor-Hop, the difference being the origin of hops (Britain and Northern Hemisphere respectively). So-Hop sits alongside Neck Oil or All Day IPA in terms of style. It’s hop forward without being overpowering. It’s big on citrus and tropical fruit - sessionable, easygoing and downright tasty. Moor beers are also CAMRA accredited ‘Real Ale in Can’ as they are can conditioned and unfiltered. Pirate Life Brewing Co. – IPA 6.8% Pirate Life is based in Adelaide, Australia, and the beers are brand new to our pubs. Two of the founders spent time at BrewDog and they’ve certainly taken that experience with them back to Oz. The IPA is full of New Zealand and American hops so, as you would expect, there are big aromas of pine resin and citrus. The flavours are much the same, with a dry note that imitates orange pith. Coupled with a balanced malt bill, this all creates a highly quaffable beer.

Brouwerij Oud Beersel – Oude Geuze 6% Oud Beersel is a traditional Lambic producer located in the Senne valley just South of Brussels. Founded in 1882, the brewery has real heritage.

Lambic and Geuze are acquired tastes but for the initiated there is not a lot better than this traditional Belgian style. Geuze is a blend of young and old lambic; wort that has been spontaneously fermented by wild yeast. The Oude Geuze has aromas of lemon, green apple and the distinctive funky aromas that come from the wild yeast and bacteria that have inoculated the beer. The taste is tart (think gooseberries and green grapes) but balanced, the sourness interplays with some hop bitterness and residual sweetness from the newer lambic in the blend. The carbonation sparkles on the tongue and it finishes dry leaving you wanting another sip! Verdant Brewing Co. – Pulp! 8% Verdant have not been brewing long, but have been brewing very quickly. Tucked away in Falmouth, Cornwall, they are far away from the craft beer metropolises of London and Manchester but the beer has still found an enthusiastic audience across the country. Pulp is a modern IPA that takes influence from both the West Coast of the US and the fruit led IPAs from East Coast brewers. As the name suggests it’s intensely fruity – mango and sweet oranges dominate. The finish is surprisingly dry with a good dose of bitterness. Seek it out at our pubs in can and occasionally on draught.



GIVE GLUTEN FREE A GO Anyone in the food biz will tell you that the demand for gluten-free grub is on the rise. From sufferers of celiac disease to coeliac disease, migraines to fatigue, a gluten-free diet is gaining more and more momentum for all kinds of reasons.

If you picked up the last edition of the Quarter, you’ll know that our chefs are working hard to give everyone the best food offering they can. We’ve always had a flexible approach to our food – our pubs are happy to tweak dishes wherever they can to suit your requirements – but now things have stepped up to another level. While customers on a ‘regular’ diet can browse with pleasure through menus, those with gluten-free requirements often find themselves hunting through tens of dishes to find the little GF icons. We’re delighted that’s no longer the case for our customers at the Bread and Bitter, the Poppy and Pint, the Willowbrook, the Embankment, and the Horse and Plough. We’ve been creating special gluten-free menus, our chefs and managers working tirelessly to bring you the best range they can, and we decided to bring you a little taster of what to expect.


Horse & Plough Gluten Free Menu l Lighter dishes (like a chicken and applewood smoked cheddar sandwich and three-egg omelette) l Starters and Mains (garlic mushrooms, personalised burgers, fillet of salmon, cassoulet stew and more) l From the Grill (a choice of 8oz bistro rump, 8oz sirloin or grilled chicken breast with all the best sides)

Poppy & Pint Gluten Free Menu l Breakfast (from beans on toast to Croque Monsieur!) l Mains (like sirloin steak, a farmer’s platter or chilli con carne) l Salads (house, nicoise or Greek for a lighter bite)

Willowbrook Gluten Free Menu

l Mains (packed with flavour like mediterranean penne, 8oz rump steak and 12� stone-baked pizzas) l Burgers (veggie, beef and chicken topped with all kinds of delicious bits and bobs) l Desserts (from indulgent chocolate fudge cake to waffles with ice-cream, bananas and toffee sauce) l Children’s Menu (a mini version of the grown up gluten free menu)

The Embankment Gluten Free Menu

l Breakfast (proper breakfast food like Eggs Florentine and butties) l Tapas (hummus and flatbread, barbecue ribs, Gambas Pil Pil and fried halloumi to name a few) l Stone-baked pizza (with house tomato sauce, mozzarella, rocket and then some) l Chef Specials (including Lebanese casserole, Lamb Tagine, Beef and Reef and more mouth-watering meals) l Desserts to die for (like sugar-glazed apple tart and fresh berry Cranachan) l Beer (thirsty for a jam mango pale or an Irish craft lager?)

Bread & Bitter Gluten Free Menu

l Breakfast (pub classics like a Full English to feta and truffle scrambled eggs with avocado) l Lunch (like Caribbean chicken wrap and a farmhouse sandwich packed with double-smoked ham and grilled chicken breast) l Dinner (from homemade multi-grain tortilla nachos to ham, egg and chips, to a mezze of grilled halloumi, hummus, semi-dried tomato, chargrilled aubergine and flatbread)



SESSION IPA AND THE OPEN BETA DEBUG At the time of writing we’ve sold about half of our stocks of Open Beta 1, a trial brew designed to test some new hopping methods in the brewery. The idea behind Open Beta was to challenge what our brewing kit is capable of in terms of producing big flavours and aromas, so that we can begin to explore new territory. Open Beta 1 was about being honest with ourselves. We are extremely proud of our heritage and renowned for producing great quality, consistent and balanced ales – and long may it continue – but we also wanted the challenge of producing something more modern, something more in-line with the proliferating craft beer scene. This wasn’t a hasty “we need to brew craft beer” board meeting. This was an agreement to take the evolving beer market seriously. We were never going to just throw together half-thought-out beer, call it craft, chuck a ton of money at a designer, and twiddle our thumbs while the sales poured in. We respect the beer industry, we respect the beer drinker, and more than anything we respect the brewing process. Everything from the initial discussions, to the recipe for Open Beta 1, to the 2.0v1.7 artwork, is from the minds, hearts, and hands of Castle Rock folk. We had lots of feedback, and that’s what a beta test is for. Luckily, your thoughts were aligned with ours. We didn’t quite achieve the aromatic heights we wanted to, and our use of darker malts meant that some of the less subtle hop flavours couldn’t quite make it to the fore. We still loved the beer though and have learned a lot from brewing it.


So, onto Session IPA. The first beer in our 2.0v1.7 range; a rotating yearly range of three beers designed to push the boundaries of our brewing kit and explore new beery territory. We’ve used Columbus, Simcoe and Ahtanum hops for the beer, all classic US varieties revered across the world for their fruity characteristics; perfect for a session IPA. We’ve used a couple of revised hopping techniques to make this beer a juicy, hop forward pale. The first being a post hopback chill recirculation; this basically means chilling the wort down slightly to allow for better aroma extraction from the hops (when hops are boiled, they isomerise and aroma compounds are often lost). The second is a three-stage dry hop process with Simcoe and Ahtanum: one addition at cooling on, one addition at end of cooling, and a final addition in rack tank before transferring to cask. We can’t wait for you to try Session IPA. We’ve put a lot of hard work and consideration into producing this beer and hopefully it shows. It’s a juicy, fruity pale ale nicely balanced with a good bitterness and plenty of hop character (1kg a barrel). The beer is available in cask and keg, and we are also planning to put it in can. Following on from Session IPA, we’re brewing a wheat beer in May; dry hopped with the wonderfully unique Sorachi Ace hop and brewed with a special strain of wheat beer yeast. We’re aiming for authenticity with a twist – and to top it off we reckon wheat beers are perfect for summer.

BEER PROFILE Hops: Columbus, Simcoe (Boil) Simcoe, Columbus, Ahtanum (Aroma) Simcoe, Ahtanum (Dry) Malt: Maris Otter, Caramalt Yeast: US-05 IBUs: 40 ABV: 4.0%


8 1 s n r u t t a r t S e h T L A G E L Y FINALL y -Sunday 21st Ma

ay urgers Thursday 1Bir8thtdahy beMer just £2 a pint | Free birthdizayes cake | BBQ & Strat B

s| of pr by our customer nt with all kinds hu er g en av Sc Beers voted for | 90s music

REGULAR EVENTS LUNCHTIME MEAL DEAL Monday-Friday | Midday-2pm Sandwich and a drink for £6.50. Includes a pint of Castle Rock beer, a pint of Carling, 175ml glass of Coreto or a pint of draught soft drink. CURRY NIGHT Every Monday 5pm-9pm Curry and a pint £7.95 – served until 9pm. PIE NIGHT Every Tuesday from 5pm Pie and a pint for £9.95 – served until 9pm. STEAK AND BLUES NIGHT Every Wednesday 5pm-9pm We have a varying steak menu each week (veggie option always available) plus live Blues music. BURGER NIGHT Every Thursday 5pm-9pm Burger and a pint for £9.95 – Served until 9pm. Choose from beef, chicken or vegetarian burger with any two toppings from the menu. QUIZ NIGHT Every Sunday from 8pm. SUNDAY ROAST – SERVED FROM MIDDAY 1 course £9 2 course £12 3 course £13


Managed Pub In Focus

STRATFORD HAVEN The Stratford Haven, lovingly known as ‘the Strat’, is a charming traditional pub in the leafy suburb of West Bridgford. The Strat is very much the place for real ale in the area – reputed for the quality and variety of its cask offering – with twelve lines featuring some Castle Rock permanents alongside rotating guests. Over the years, the Strat’s craft and world beer offering has expanded and evolved to be the largest in West Bridgford, with ten world beer lines and 20+ bottles and cans sourced through our Discover World Beers initiative. This May the Strat turns 18, and will be celebrating with all kinds of goodies, including a scavenger hunt down Central Avenue, and live 90s music to kick things back to the opening year of 1999. We thought you’d all like to meet the man who’s been behind the scenes at the Strat for over a decade… long-serving Castle Rockian Tom Eccles (below). Howdy-do Tom. How long has it been? [Exhaling with a pained look] Twelve and a half years. I had just turned 17 when I became a glass collector here. I became deputy in 2011 and was ‘acting manager’ quite a few times, but I’ve only technically been manager for a couple of years. The Strat recently won our chef “cook-off” with a spectacular peppercorn tofu steak. Can you tell our lovely readers about your excellent grub? Oh, the food is great. Our Sunday roast in particular is very, very good. I don’t know why but since the start of this year they’ve been even more popular. We’re doing about fifty a week which is massive for our size. You can struggle to get a seat on a Sunday so book in advance!

Can you describe the Strat for people who have never visited before? It’s a proper pub, very much a drinking pub. We sell the most real ale out of all of Castle Rock’s sites, which says a lot given the Strat is fairly small and in the suburbs. Tell us about your beer selection. It’s pretty excellent. We keep a selection of reliable favourites but there’s always something interesting. On the craft side, things started out fairly safe – the kind of staple beers you can find almost anywhere now. But over time our range has become more and more exciting. Thank you, Tom! OPENING TIMES Monday - Wednesday: 11am-11pm Thursday - Friday: 11am-12am Saturday: 10am-12am Sunday: 10am to 11pm Find out more at


Real Cider

MEET OUR NEW CIDER GURU* Rachel Hopwell gives her top cider picks this spring…

*Guru (Sanskrit: गुरु. IAST: guru) is a Sanskrit term that connotes someone who is a ‘teacher, guide, expert, or master’ of certain knowledge or field. So, no pressure then ... I have been drinking cider for over half my life, which is no easy task when married to someone who works for a brewery and drinks quite a lot of BEER. It’s the drink which has stuck with me. I even enjoy the strong ones, though I must admit I don’t always have the clearest recollection of them the next day. But for me, sitting in a beer garden with nice pint of cider is as good as it gets. Here are three I tried earlier and recommend for April, May and June…

bittersweet cider apples and culinary apples. It’s said to be medium, but has a sweeter taste to it. Plus, what a great name. Hogan’s Cider: PANKING POLE 6.2% A slightly cloudy English cider, fermented from only 100% fresh pressed English cider apples. It is a dry cider which gets its name from the long pole used in the orchard to shake the cider apple harvest from the trees. A cider for those in the know. Authentic, traditional, strong, complex and dry as a bone. Just how I like it.

Aston Manor: FRIELS VINTAGE 7.4% This is a well-balanced first vintage cider, crafted with juice from traditional English eating apple varieties, made in a limited batch from the first press of the harvest. It is a refreshingly crisp, fruity, full-flavoured medium dry cider, with a smooth, clean finish. Made with 100% pressed juice, would this count as one of your 5 a day? (answers on a postcard . . .)

Don’t forget May is CAMRA Cider and Perry month. Our already cider-supporting pubs will be celebrating with deals on taster trays and dishes cooked with apples and pears.

Cockeyed Cider Co: DEVON JASPER 5.0% Devon-based Cock Eyed Cider Co bridge the gap as both a traditional and a contemporary cider maker. Cockeyed is a crisp, craft cider made with a blend of traditional

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates of what is going on in the world of cider in and around the Castle Rock Pubs. @CiderGuruCRB


Hogan’s declare their tasty beverages as ‘inviting curious folk to taste proper cider’.

Beers overview



Summer is finally around the corner. In addition to our wheat beer – which you can read about on pages 18 and 19 – we’ve got three special brews coming your way when the sunshine hits…

2017 brought a few changes to our beer selection, including the introduction of the 2.0v1.7 range, which you can read about on pages 18 and 19. Here’s a reminder of our classic range, comprising of the Castle Rock brews our customers know and love.



4.2% ABV July - September Session pale; big on citrus aroma and a perfect summer refresher, with donations to The Broad Appeal. See: Pale Smell: Citrus fruit, pine needles Taste: Fresh citrus hop, refreshing bitterness Hops: Motueka (NZ), Waimea (NZ) Bitterness 4 | Sweetness 2

A refreshing multi award winning champion blonde beer with a delicate citrus character. See: Pale, polished blonde Smell: Fresh citrus Taste: Delicate citrus, subtle, sweet Hops: Cascade (US), Centennial (US), Chinook (US) Bitterness 4 | Sweetness 3 Also available in bottle

RACE TO THE SEA Western Front 4.2% ABV July - September French-style blanc beer. The Race to the Sea comprised of what was the last mobile phase of the war on the Western Front until March 1918. See: Yellow haze Smell: Fruity, lemon, cloves Taste: Citrus, spicy Hops: Triskel (FR) Bitterness 3 | Sweetness 3


3.8% ABV

4.7% ABV

Known for its delicate floral character, Elsie Mo is a single malt golden ale with a refreshing citrus taste. See: Pale, golden glow Smell: Floral, citrus, hoppy Taste: Soft, mellow, smooth Hops: Aurora (SL), Bobek (SL), First Gold (UK) Bitterness 2 | Sweetness 4 Also available in bottle


5.5% ABV

Juicy but balanced IPA with a fresh citrus aroma and delicate sweetness. See: Pale golden Smell: Fresh distinctive rich hop Taste: Fresh upfront bitterness, smooth citrus, long hop finish Hops: Cascade (US), Centennial (US) Bitterness 4 | Sweetness 4



4.2% ABV July - September Pilsner-style pale ale. See: Plain gold Smell: Floral, herbal Taste: Clean, grainy, vanilla Hops: Tettnang (GER), Saaz (CZE) Bitterness 3 | Sweetness 2

Classic red ale brewed with five malts as well as UK and German hops. The combination of subtle sweetness and resinous hop character make this a complex and moreish beer. See: Reddish-brown Smell: Hoppy, sweet Taste: Fresh hop, malty, sweet Hops: Hallertau Northern Brewer (GER), Sovereign (UK) Bitterness 3 | Sweetness 3

4.4% ABV


Customer Feature

Recommend a Nottinghamian In 2010 we launched Nottinghamian Celebration Ales; a series of beers to celebrate Nottinghamshire’s heroes, heroines, leaders, and celebrities. Each ale is different in character and taste and bears the name of the individual, highlighting the significance of the work they have done and the benefits they have brought.

We know Nottingham more than pulls its weight in the world of celebrity ranking, so we thought why not open the series to your suggestions. If you know anyone from Nottingham who has had an impact, get in contact, and let us know their story. Email

It’s a doggy dog world We’re big fans of wo/man’s best friend. Castle Rock pubs are dog-friendly, with at least one area of most venues welcoming our four-legged pals. (All we ask is that dogs are clean and well behaved, and that their leads are kept safely out of the way.) We love that our customers bring their dogs to the pub – it always brightens the day – and we want to showcase the joy of dog-friendly pubs in the next edition of the Castle Rock Quarter. We’re planning a Lady and the Tramp style photoshoot, along with a feature on Castle Rock customers and their dogs. Think your pooch is a charismatic tramp or a real lady? Send us a picture and they might be photographed for the magazine! Love spending time in your Castle Rock local with your furry friend? Drop us an email and we might feature you both in our special feature! Email by Wednesday 31st May 2017.

Meet Harvey Pale and Elsie Mo We know what you’re thinking but sadly, no, we haven’t been allowed a brewery cat. This little fella – named after Harvest Pale – belongs to one of our wonderful stockists, Karen from the Hop Pole in Beeston. We have also been introduced to Elsie Mo the chinchilla (pictured far right)! Have you named your pet after one of our beers? If so, we would love to hear more, Email


Below: Elsie Mo and namesake - “I prefer mine chinchilled...”

Customer Feature




Upcoming Events WHAT’S ON FOR SPRING Check out what’s happening in our pubs from April-June and get into the flow of 2017. Full listings can be found at -

April FOOLS EAT FREE Saturday 1st April @ The Swan in the Rushes Have your camera at the ready! Showcase your best prank and share it with @SwanRushes to win a free roast dinner. You could be in with a chance to win another complementary meal if your video reaches the most likes/shares/views.

CHRIS DIFFORD OF SQUEEZE AT THE POPPY AND PINT Friday 7th April @ Poppy and Pint | 7:30pm Tickets £19.25 As a member of one of Britain’s best-loved bands, Squeeze co-founder has made a lasting contribution to English music with hits such as ‘Cool For Cats’ and ‘Up The Junction’. Chris Difford’s 2015 shows sold out so get your tickets early! Support is the wonderful Arcelia.

EASTER SUNDAY Sunday 16th April @ Swan in the Rushes | Canalhouse Stratford Haven | Golden Eagle The Embankment Celebrate this Easter Sunday at one of our pubs. We have two for one Sunday Roasts at the Swan in the Rushes, acoustic music, a BBQ, an outside bar and lots more at the Canalhouse. At the Stratford Haven, they are treating you to a Sunday Roast special and at the Golden Eagle it’s time to explore the pubs best hiding spots, with multiple prizes on offer. All you have to do is find a picture of an egg and present it at the bar! If just a day of celebrations isn’t enough, join the Easter Weekend Beer Festival at The Embankment, celebrating the best of the best with beer from local breweries, which takes place on Sunday 16th & Monday 17th April.

dinner and giant Yorkshire puddings, washed down with offers on real ale and G&Ts. In true English style The Swan in the Rushes has Pimms and lemonade for just £2.60 and the Golden Eagle showcases English-themed beers on the bar all day. Celebrate the great pub roast with two fabulous homemade roasts and two pints of Castle Rock ale (or two soft drinks) for £22 at the Bread and Bitter. You can also enjoy scrumptious homemade roasts and delicious puddings at the Poppy and Pint or pop along to the Stratford Haven to enjoy a selection of English cask ales.

May NATIONAL VEGETARIAN WEEK Monday 15th May – Sunday 21 May @ Bread and Bitter | The Swan in the Rushes | Canalhouse | The Embankment | Vat and Fiddle | Poppy and Pint | Stratford Haven Enjoy daily special vegetarian and vegan dishes all week at the Bread and Bitter. Pop along to The Swan in the Rushes to try delicious new vegetarian dishes with £1 off all week alongside vegan beers on the bar. At the Canalhouse make sure to check out their special boards for three veggie dishes and one vegan dish, on offer throughout the week. The Embankment’s and the Vat and Fiddle’s daily menus are extended with brand new vegan and vegetarian dishes to try out. Taste a wide range of vegetarian and vegan homecooked specials complemented by vegan beers and wines at the Poppy and Pint and the Stratford Haven.

AMERICAN CRAFT BEER WEEK Monday 15th May – Sunday 21st May @ Fox and Crown | The Embankment The Swan in the Rushes | Cricketers Rest | Lincolnshire Poacher Poppy and Pint Flip to page 14 to find out more!

ST. GEORGE’S DAY Sunday 23rd April @ The Embankment | The Swan in the Rushes | Golden Eagle | Bread and Bitter | Poppy and Pint | Stratford Haven Enjoy all things quintessentially English at The Embankment, from afternoon tea to roast


POPPY AND PINT 6TH BIRTHDAY Wednesday 17th May @ Poppy and Pint Celebrate the Poppy’s 6th birthday with discounted drinks, delicious food specials on the menu, live music plus lots of free birthday cake.

THE STRAT IS FINALLY LEGAL Thursday 18th May – Sunday 21st May @ Stratford Haven Four-day celebrations for the Stratford Haven’s 18th ‘Finally Legal’ 1999 themed birthday party. Kicking off on Thursday with a scavenger hunt for birthday ‘stars’ hidden down Central Avenue: bring your star back to the Strat to claim 1 of 18 prizes. Request your favourite beer and the Strat will do their best to stock it, with a beer range chosen by their customers available throughout the festivities. Plus, there will be live 90’s music, a BBQ, free birthday cake and a birthday beer at just £2 a pint!

RAIL ALE FESTIVAL Thursday 18th May – Saturday 20th May | 12noon-11:00pm @ Barrow Hill Roundhouse, Derbyshire Over 350 real ales, ciders, perries, craft and world beer. Alongside tasting your favourite beers your ticket also gets you free commemorative glass and festival programme, free train rides on Friday and Saturday plus live music from brass and jazz through to rock. Sponsored by Castle Rock!

SPRING BANK HOLIDAY Friday 26th May – Monday 29th May @ Cricketers Rest The Cricketers celebrates spring with a beer festival, showcasing some of their most popular beers from the last nine months, plus a BBQ on the Sunday.

CELEBRATE OUR 40TH YEAR AND JOIN US AT OUR YARD PARTY AND BEER FESTIVAL Wednesday 31st May – Saturday 3rd June @ Castle Rock’s Brewery Yard and Cold Store. 2017 marks 40 years of striving to do what we do, the best we can. We will be celebrating this milestone with a beer festival in the brewery yard. Tied in with our annual Beer of the Year awards, the festival will include live music, street food and much, much more. Turn to page 4 to find out all the information, and order your tickets from


June WORLD GIN DAY Saturday 3rd June – Saturday 10th June @ The Embankment | Poppy and Pint | Fox and Crown | The Swan in the Rushes | Lincolnshire Poacher Canalhouse | Stratford Haven Vat and Fiddle World Gin Day turns into “World Gin Week” at The Embankment and the Poppy and Pint with any gin and mixer for £4 all week. Enjoy a complementary tonic when you buy a large measure of gin at the Fox and Crown, The Swan in the Rushes, and the Lincolnshire Poacher. The Canalhouse offers 10% off all gins for one day only, celebrate with gin and mixer offers all day at the Stratford Haven, and keep an eye out for gin cocktails at the Vat and Fiddle.

GIN TASTING DAY Sunday 11th June @ Golden Eagle The Golden Eagle hosts a gin tasting day in their lovely beer garden. Sample five different artisan gins and enjoy homemade English tea. Tickets £25, available from the bar.

MONDAY: KEANS HEAD: Pie and Pint Night. Pie and a pint of harvest pale for £10.95, 5pm-9pm. THE EMBANKMENT: Craft & Tapas Night. Two tapas dishes and a half of craft beer for just £10. STRATFORD HAVEN Curry & Pint Night, just £7.95, 5-9pm.

TUESDAY: BREAD & BITTER: 2 for 1 pizzas, all homemade, 6pm-9pm. CRICKETERS REST: Quiz Night with cash and beer prizes to be won. Followed by game of lucky letters. 8pm-late. THE SWAN IN THE RUSHES: Two meals for the price of one, all day.

WEDNESDAY: POPPY & PINT: Burger Night. A burger and drink for just £9.95, 5pm-9pm. GOLDEN EAGLE: Open mic night every other Thursday – visit the website for info. LINCOLNSHIRE POACHER: Pie Night. A pie and drink for £8.95 (5pm-9pm) followed by live music.

THURSDAY: CANALHOUSE: Acoustic Sessions, 6.30pm, free. STRATFORD HAVEN: Burger Night. Burger and any two toppings for £9.95, 5pm-9pm.. THE WILLOWBROOK: Curry Night. Curry and a drink for £10, 5pm-9pm.

FATHER’S DAY Sunday 18th June @ Stratford Haven | Bread and Bitter The Embankment | Vat and Fiddle | The Swan in the Rushes Pre-book and bring dad for a Sunday Roast and they will be treated to a complementary pint of Castle Rock ale at the Stratford Haven and Bread and Bitter. Enjoy Father’s Day at The Embankment with a three-course set menu and a bottle of wine to share for £19.95. Purchase your Father’s Day present at the Vat and Fiddle, where Castle Rock merchandise and beer take-outs are available. Or, pop along on the day and enjoy a Sunday roast, with a pint for all dads dining. At The Swan in the Rushes, dads can tuck in to a Sunday roast for free, when dining with their family (minimum of four people).

FRIDAY NIGHT DISCO Friday 30th June @ The Embankment | 6:00pm Foot tappin’, disco dancin’ Friday night party! The theme for June is Reggae Classics. Happy hour* from 6pm-8pm, 10% off* beer wine and cider, with a live DJ playing all the classics – make sure you don’t forget your dancing shoes. *T&Cs apply.

CASTLE ROCK SPONSORS THE UKSSD For some time, Castle Rock has been working with Investors of the Environment to become environmentally sustainable, and in July 2016 received green accreditation. With brilliant developments taking place at the brewery and in Castle Rock pubs, it seems only right we continue to look outward and reach out to other like-minded businesses. UKSSD is multi-stakeholder, representing organisations from the UK that span the business, civil society, academic and public spheres, irrespective of their interests, size or location. Castle Rock was thrilled to sponsor their exciting conference, with an event programme that looked at how organisations can translate the ambitions of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (and their 169 targets) into transformational action for the UK. Speakers included Amanda McKenzie OBE, Professor Kate Pickett, Lord Bates and Mike Barry. Attendees enjoyed refreshing bottles of our Traffic Street Special Rat Race, and Alternate Universe – a collaborative brew with the University of Nottingham.


Castle Rock pubs Alexandra Hotel T

203 Siddals Road, Derby DE1 2QE • Tel: 01332 293993

e-mail: F: Alexandra Hotel T: @Alex_Pub_Derby

Horse & Plough

Beer Consortium

25 Long Acre, Bingham, Notts NG13 8AF • Tel: 01949 839313

e-mail: F: Horse and Plough T: @HorseandPlough

Bread and Bitter

Kean’s Head

e-mail: F: Bread Bitter @breadandbitter I: breadandbitter

e-mail: F: Kean’s Head T: @keanshead

46 St. Mary’s Gate, Nottingham NG1 1QA Tel: 0115 947 4052

153-155 Woodthorpe Dr, Mapperley, NG3 5JL Tel: 0115 960 7541



Castle Rock Tap Room & Kitchen

First Floor Departure Lounge, East Midlands Airport Operated by Autogrill

Cricketers Rest

Beer Consortium

161-163 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FR Tel: 0115 941 1584

e-mail: F: Lincolnshire Poacher T: @lincpoacher lincolnshirepoacher

New Barrack Tavern T

601 Penistone Road, Sheffield S6 2GA • Tel: 0114 232 4225

e-mail: F: New Barrack Tavern T: @NewBarrack new_barrack_tavern

4 Chapel Street, Kimberley, Notts NG16 2NP Tel: 0115 938 3105

Newshouse T

Derby Tup T

Poppy and Pint

e-mail: F: The Derby Tup T: @TheDerbyTup

e-mail: F: Poppy & Pint T: @PoppyandPint

e-mail: F: Cricketers Rest T: @cricketersrest Cricketersrest

387 Sheffield Rd, Chesterfield S41 8LS Tel: 01246 269835

144 West Street, Boston PE21 8RE • Tel: 01205 361116

e-mail: F: The Eagle T: @TheEagleBoston

Beer Consortium

embankment pub

Forest Tavern/Maze T

e-mail: • web: F: The Maze T: @themazenotts themazenotts

The Fox Pub & Bottle Shop

4-6 Appletongate, Newark, Notts NG24 1JY Tel: 01636 605820


Golden Eagle

21 High Street, Lincoln LN5 8BD • Tel: 01522 521058

e-mail: The Golden Eagle Free House T: @goldeneagle001

Lady Bay Inns


Rook and Gaskill T

12 Lawrence Street, York YO10 3WP • Tel: 01904 655450

e-mail: F: The Rook and Gaskill T: @RookGaskillYork

2 Stratford Rd, West Bridgford, Nott’m NG2 6BA Tel: 0115 982 5981

e-mail: F: Stratford Haven T: @stratfordhaven


The Swan in the Rushes

257 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FT Tel: 0115 947 5650

e-mail: F: The Fox Pub & Bottle Shop T @TheFoxandCrown

e-mail: F: The Newshouse T: @NewshouseNotts

Stratford Haven

282-284 Arkwright St, Nottingham NG2 2GR Tel: 0115 986 4502

e-mail: F: Embankment Pub & Kitchen @EmbankmentNottm

123 Canal Street, Nottingham NG1 7HB • Tel: 0115 952 3061

Pierrepont Road, Lady Bay, Notts NG2 5DX Tel: 0115 981 9995

Eagle T

The Embankment


Lincolnshire Poacher

Breakthroughpoint Ltd

48-52 Canal Street, Nottingham NG1 7EH Tel: 0115 955 5060

e-mail: F: Canal House T: @canalhousebar



21 The Rushes, Loughborough LE11 5BE • Tel: 01509 217014

e-mail: F: Swan InThe Rushes T: @SwanRushes swanintherushes

Vat and Fiddle (The Brewery Tap)

12-14 Queensbridge Rd, Nottingham NG2 1NB Tel: 0115 985 0611

e-mail: F: Vat and Fiddle T: @VatandFiddle



13 Main Rd, Gedling, Nottingham NG4 3HQ Tel: 0115 987 8596

e-mail: F: The Willowbrook T: @WillowbrookCRB

All of our pubs follow the latest allergen legislation. Further details are available in each establishment.


T Tenanted pub

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