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Picardo 518 Adams Notes: 1. There are no names on any of the bells at all. 2. There are 4 bells, two at the outside of the main glass door to the right leading up to the two “apartments” above the accounting firm and there are two just outside the gate on the left side entrance to the ally and back house(s). 3. Picardo has a mailbox at the base of the accounting firm which is a slot. As I said to you earlier…the mailman has left the mail on the front door in the hand rail slot and brought it inside. Today, the mailman pushed the mail through the slot at the base of the door of the accounting firm. 4. I was not able to get pics of the inside mailboxes which are new and silver in color as a result of the reflection from across the street. Plus, I could not get inside the hall being the door was locked!

Here is the side ally gate entrance…there are 2 locks that need keys to get in to the area. Notice to the left there are two bells attached to a voice intercom system and notice the one door to the inside left of the gate about 15’ inside. That leads to the accounting firm.

The outside bells and intercom system for the rear apartments and side door to inside the accounting firm can be seen here in this picture. Notice the door in the far rear?

Much better picture of the side rear bells and intercom as well as side door to the firm!

Notice the two rear doors, one straight back that has a double lock and one to the back left which I think are two apartment rental entrances. Also you can see a potted plant outside the rear door which I saw a woman water on at least two occasions. There are also two AC window units.

Outside bells to the rear apartments numbered #1 & 2 without any names at all????

If you look very close you can barely see the four silver mailboxes inside the lobby of 518!

Outside bells for the two apartments upstairs in the building with intercom system. There are no names on these bells either!

Notice that Picardo has a small gold mail slot at the base of the front of his business!

Mail slot in front of Picardo’s business for the firm which eliminates any of the inside mailboxes for the business!

Here you can see two fire escapes for the upstairs apartments and if you look close above the back rear left side door you can see a balcony.

The next piece of the puzzle is his astounding property tax assessment. All building and improvements on this piece of property? $30,000. Never mind the point that he is only suppose to have 2 apartments and 1 commercial. Not 4 apartments and 1 commercial. Year: Owner: Land Assessment: Improvement: Total: Address:

2009 PICARDO, LOUIS P $125,000 (Land Desc: 25 X 100) $30,000 (3F-2U-1C-G) $155,000 518 ADAMS ST HOBOKEN, N J 07030 155000

Full record can be found here: I believe: 3F – Three floors 2U – Two residential Units 1C- One Commercial Unit G – Garage (which is looks he has converted to an apartment)

Louis Picardo's (Ex-Hoboken Tax Collector) 518 Adams Street Building  

Louis Picardo's (Ex-Hoboken Tax Collector) 518 Adams Street Building

Louis Picardo's (Ex-Hoboken Tax Collector) 518 Adams Street Building  

Louis Picardo's (Ex-Hoboken Tax Collector) 518 Adams Street Building