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John & Biddy Nicholson To mark his 70th birthday John Nicholson will be exhibiting a selection of new works. In a variety of media, they consist mainly of landscapes and still life paintings inspired by visits to France and parts of Scotland, especially the West Coast. John prefers to work directly from nature. He is meticulous in his approach and the weather in France allows him to spend seven or more hours a day working on one small painting. The still lifes are reserved for rainy days! Even in the smallest paintings John combines subject matter and the abstract elements in a search for aesthetic, intellectual and emotional significance. This is the second time John has shared an exhibition with his daughter Biddy. Biddy Nicholson attended school in Inverness followed by Edinburgh College of Art where she gained a BA Hons in Art and Design in 1991. She won a travelling scholarship to France and the Andrew Grant Bequest for a work of merit in the degree show. In her latest body of work she continues to explore Scotland’s varied landscapes and ever changing seascapes. She lives on the Fife coast and does a lot of drawing and painting locally, but the West Coast is still a major inspiration and in particular the area around Arisaig. Biddy sketches and paints on the spot, in all weathers, laying the foundations for larger scale works produced in her studio. Prices range from £175 to £2500.

The entire exhibition can be viewed on the Castle Gallery’s website at: Cover: John Nicholson Sanna Revisited, oil on canvas, 76(h) X 101(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson Dark Skies, Morar, oil on canvas, 61(h) X 61(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson Silent Sea, mixed media, 36(h) X 40(w) cm

John Nicholson Sunset over the Small Isles, mixed media, 37(h) X 46(w) cm

John Nicholson Roadside Flowers, La Maleyrie, oil on board, 28(h) X 18(w) cm

John Nicholson Edinbane Jug and Sweet Peas, oil on linen, 20(h) X 20(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson Ebb and Flow, oil on linen, 25.5(h) X 25.5(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson Island Dream, oil on linen, 25.5(h) X 25.5(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson Study, Dark Island, oil on linen, 25.5(h) X 25.5(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson West Bay, oil on linen, 25.5(h) X 25.5(w) cm

John Nicholson Cromarty oil on canvas 41(h) X 56(w) cm

John Nicholson Quiet Retreat, Sanna, mixed media, 34(h) X 30(w) cm

John Nicholson The Old Man’s Garden, oil on board, 24(h) X 24(w) cm

John Nicholson Sun and Shade, Lac de Pontcharal, oil on canvas, 24(h) X 18(w) cm

John Nicholson Autumn Shadows, Voutezac, oil on board, 20(h) X 13.5(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson After the Rain, watercolour, 28.5(h) X 35(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson Dark Sands, mixed media, 37.5(h) X 44(w) cm

John Nicholson Champignons, oil on canvas, 25(h) X 30(w) cm

John Nicholson Mackerel, oil on board, 24(h) X 25(w) cm

John Nicholson Road End, La Maleyrie, oil on canvas, 25(h) X 35(w) cm

John Nicholson La Maleyrie, oil on canvas, 30(h) X 30(w) cm

John Nicholson The Apple Tree, La Maleyrie, oil on canvas, 30(h) X 30(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson Munlochy Day, watercolour, 27(h) X 36(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson Study, Coldingham Bay, watercolour, 23(h) X 23.5(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson Pale Rocks, Outer Hebrides, oil on board, 26.5(h) X 26.5(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson Coldingham Bay oil on canvas 61(h) X 61(w) cm

John Nicholson Wild Flowers, Le Claux, oil on canvas panel, 20(h) X 20(w) cm

John Nicholson Fields from Le Claux, oil on canvas, 13(h) X 18(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson Dark Island oil on linen 81(h) X 91.5(w) cm

Back Page: John Nicholson View from Le Claux oil on linen 20(h) X 24(w) cm

Biddy Nicholson Secret Shore, oil on canvas, 63.5(h) X 76(w) cm

John & Biddy Nicholson 3rd May - 24th May 2014 Castle Gallery, 43 Castle St, Inverness, IV2 3DU 01463 729512

John & Biddy Nicholson Catalogue 2014  
John & Biddy Nicholson Catalogue 2014  

Landscape and Still Life Paintings at the Castle Gallery Inverness