Fiona Watson

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An exhibition of new original prints.

Fiona was born in 1952 in Newfoundland, Canada. She has always been fascinated by the patterns, rhythms and colours of nature. This initially led to a degree in Biological Sciences at Leicester University (1971-74) but after several years of working in this field she changed the direction of her career. Printmaking at the Glasgow Print Studio opened up a whole new world; etching copper and steel plates with acid turned out to be the perfect blend of art and science. Since then her work has developed to include digital imaging, screen printing, photography, collage, painting, video and land art. Fiona has exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally and is a regular exhibitor in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.

The exhibition can be viewed on the Castle Gallery’s website: W: T: 01463 729512 E:

Cover: Take My Word For It, etching with chine colle, 23(h) X 23(w) cm

Morning Murmuration, screenprint, 61(h) X 80(w) cm

Echo from a Silent Piano, etching with gold leaf, 48(h) X 40(w) cm

The Singer and the Song, etching with gold leaf, 30(h) X 36(w) cm

Parrots by Night, original digital print, 56(h) X 72(w) cm

Natural Curiosity,

original digital print, 68(h) X 51(w) cm

The Living Mountain, etching, 23(h) X 23(w) cm The title of this etching was taken from Nan Shepherd’s 1940s book on the joys of aimlessly wandering in the Cairngorm mountains. She was recently selected to appear on the new Royal Bank of Scotland five pound note.

And Then Songs Filled the Air, etching, 36(h) X 55(w) cm

Bear Witness,

etching, 23(h) X 23(w) cm

A Lullaby of Longing,

etching, 23(h) X 23(w) cm

The Waggle Dance,

etching, 23(h) X 23(w) cm

Star of Starlings,

etching, 23(h) X 23(w) cm


etching, 38(h) X 34(w) cm

The Good of Small Things, etching with chine colle, 31(h) X 31(w) cm

The Slippery Slope, original digital print, 16(h) X 16(w) cm

I’d Take You Home If I Knew The Way, Flying in the Face of Fashion, original digital print, 16(h) X 16(w) cm

original digital print, 16(h) X 16(w) cm

I Love You... Stop Laughing, original digital print, 16(h) X 16(w) cm

You’re Not Lost - You’re Here, original digital print, 16(h) X 16(w) cm

I Care More Than I Care To, original digital print, 16(h) X 16(w) cm

Music of the Spheres, original digital print, 35(h) X 46(w) cm

Between You and Me, original digital print, 26(h) X 52(w) cm

The Puddle Bathers, etching, 23(h) X 23(w) cm

Arctic Circle via Glen Lednock, original digital print, 61(h) X 80(w) cm

Something Almost Said, etching with gold leaf, 42(h) X 42(w) cm

Back Page: Buffering Stream, etching, 41(h) X 41(w) cm

The Crystal Collective, etching, 46(h) X 46(w) cm

New Original Prints 3 - 25 June 2016 Castle Gallery, 43 Castle St, Inverness, IV2 3DU 01463 729512