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Prints and Paintings Guide 2016

Buying Art Welcome to our selection of some of the best original prints and paintings from the Castle Gallery for 2016. We hope that you will agree that these works of handmade, original art offer superb quality at a not unreasonable price. We are particularly proud to be able to present etchings and screenprints by some of the 21st century’s most iconic Scottish artists including Will Maclean, John Byrne and Victoria Crowe in our ‘Rare Collectable Prints’ section. Included in this catalogue is a taster for some of our solo shows in 2017, including the work of Edward Macmillan, Mychael Barratt and Ian McWhinnie. Also, looking even further ahead to 2019, the etchings of Karolina Larusdottir will form a major solo exhibition celebrating her 75th birthday. Karolina has now retired and so the extensive collection of prints that we hold will diminish and once they are gone, they are gone! Some of our savvy customers have discovered that if they purchase their prints and paintings using the Own Art scheme, that they can spread the cost of Christmas over 10 months, interest free. Please ask a member of the gallery staff for more information if you too would like to take advantage of this excellent scheme or check it out online at

Cover: Angie Lewin - Stopping by Woods, wood engraving, 7(h) X 10(w) cm £105 Opposite: Clare Curtis - Silent Night, linocut, 24(h) X 34(w) cm £170

Wintery Scenes

Karolina Larusdottir - New Years Eve, etching, 30(h) X 39(w) cm £345

Hilke MacIntyre - Snow on Firtrees, linocut, 38(h) X 25(w) cm £135 framed

From left to right: Linda Farquharson - January Blades, wood engraving, 7(h) X 7(w) cm £130 framed Angie Lewin - Cone, wood engraving, 5(h) X 5(w) cm £105 framed Linda Richardson - Winter Morning, etching, 12(h) X 7(w) cm £65 Linda Richardson - Robin linocut, 9(h) X 10(w) cm £45

Mychael Barratt

Mychael is a great raconteur and wit; he is full of stories and lots of fun. His exuberant personality shows through in his original etchings and paintings. His most famous series of works is based on his ideas of what dogs owned by famous artists might look like. Try testing your art history knowledge with this selection. Each of these etchings and screenprints is 22(h) X 22(w) cm ÂŁ170.

Mychael will be holding a solo show of paintings and prints at the Castle Gallery, Inverness from 28th April 2017 which will include a new, yet to be revealed etching featuring a certain local monster.

The Reader, etching, 30(h) X 40(w) cm ÂŁ220

Love is in the Air, etching, 41(h) X 22(w) cm ÂŁ210 framed

Robert Greenhalf - woodcuts, 39(h) X 17(w) cm £95 each or £195 framed

Winter Thrushes


Long-tailed Tits

Robert Greenhalf

High Tide, etching, 17(h) X 39(w) cm £115

Fiona Watson

Bear Witness, etching, 23(h) X 23(w) cm £200

A Lullaby of Longing, etching, 23(h) X 23(w) cm £200

Fiona Watson - Take My Word For It, etching and chine colle, 23(h) X 23(w) cm £270

Evelyn Pottie

Upper Findhorn, screenprint, 25(h) X 33(w) cm £90 or £160 framed

Evelyn Pottie - Snow Lying on Higher Ground, screenprint, 38(h) X 42(w) cm £165

Karolina Larusdottir

Reading, etching, 10(h) X 15(w) cm £195 The Procession, etching, 10(h) X 14.5(w) cm £115

Good Intentions, etching, 10(h) X 12(w) cm £195

Wild Flowers, etching, 10(h) X 15(w) cm £195

Karolina Larusdottir - The Good Gathering, etching, 40(h) X 50(w) cm ÂŁ440

Angie Lewin - Spanish Seedheads, wood engraving, 17.5(h) X 12.5(w) cm £275 framed

Veta Gorner

An Old Man’s Tale, etching, 25(h) X 25(w) cm £170

Apollo, etching, 25(h) X 25(w) cm £170

Rare Collectable Prints



Ship of Women

Will Maclean - Etchings from ‘A Night of Islands’ , a suite of ten images, in editions of only 40, printed by Peacock Printmakers in 1991 and published by Paragon Press, London. All the etchings above are £500 each and measure 75 (h) X 53.5 (w) cm.

John Byrne The Artist, screenprint, 37(h) X 28(w) cm £350 Masterpiece!, unique mono screenprint, 75(h) X 53.5(w) cm £1,100

John Bellany

Celtic Maiden, screenprint, 70(h) X 52(w) cm ÂŁ895 framed

A 21 colour screenprint on Somerset textured 300gsm, edition of 80, printed by Gresham Studios in 2000.

Victoria Crowe - Jenny and Feeding, etching & screenprint, 32.5(h) X 24(w) cm £250

Katy Spong Katy is drawn to the landscape and abundant wildlife around her studio on the Argyll coast. Her work is noticeable for its superb sense of colour and tonal qualities. She is continually experimenting with paint and printmaking techniques to find even more interesting mark-making combinations.

Heron, acrylic on canvas, 59(h) X 35(w) cm ÂŁ850

Monoprints From left to right: Whooper Swans, 20(h) X 20(w) cm £150 Oystercatcher Flock, 20(h) X 20(w) cm £150 Oystercatcher Study, 15(h) X 25(w) cm £150 Mute Swans, 20(h) X 20(w) cm £150

Jonathan Shearer

Mountains of Assynt Tripych, oil on board, 22(h) X 68(w) cm £330 Jonathan Shearer Studio Clear Out - Our lucky customers now have the chance to purchase some iconic ‘en plein air’ oil paintings by Jonathan Shearer. He has just had a massive clear out of his studio and is offering these unframed paintings from 2010-2016 for a fraction of their normal selling prices now with up to 40% off (discount applied).

Winter Birch Trees, Novar, oil on board, 25(h) X 39(w) cm £300

Sanna Bay, oil on board, 11(h) X 25(w) cm £160

Aberdeenshire Landscape from Bennachie, oil on board, 13(h) X 28(w) cm £190

Isle Ornsay, Skye, oil on board, 15(h) X 20(w) cm £160

Ben More, Winter Light, oil on canvas, 15(h) X 20(w) cm £160

Black Isle Sky, oil on board,13(h) X 18(w) cm £160

Black Isle Sky II, oil on board,13(h) X 18(w) cm £160

Ian McWhinnie

Reflections, oil on board, 21(h) X 18(w) cm £580

John Wetten Brown - Portsoy Harbour, gouache, 29.5(h) X 38.5(w) cm £550

Shazia Mahmood - Camusdarach Beach, oil and mixed media on canvas, 30(h) X 90(w) cm £890

Shazia Mahmood - Rum and Eigg, oil and mixed media on canvas, 30(h) X 90(w) cm £890

Shazia Mahmood

Shazia Mahmood - The Cuillins from Ord, oil and mixed media on canvas, 40(h) X 120(w) cm £1,720

Dorothy Stirling

White Tent, acrylic on board, 60(h) X 60(w) cm £1,950

Edward MacMillian

Tin Cottage, Scarista, Harris, watercolour, 24(h) X 25.5(w) cm £275

St. Clement’s, Rodel, Harris, watercolour, 19(h) X 31.5(w) cm £275

Jennifer MacKenzie

Wee Crocuses, oil on canvas, 18(h) X 24(w) cm £375

Wildflowers, oil on canvas, 30(h) X 24(w) cm £475

John Nicholson

Strawberries, Le Fournil, oil on linen, 19(h) X 19(w) cm ÂŁ275

Vernon Jones

Sea Study 21, oil on canvas, 50(h) X 50(w) cm £395


Verdant Pasture, oil on canvas, 30(h) X 30(w) cm £595

Evening Calm, oil on canvas, 40(h) X 40(w) cm £795

Mass Following, oil on canvas, 30(h) X 30(w) cm £595

Prints and Paintings Guide 2016 Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm Christmas Eve 9am - 3pm 43 Castle Street, Inverness, IV2 3DU 01463 729512 Visit our Facebook Page for latest updates All items are individually handmade and may differ slightly from images shown. Prices correct at time of publication.

Prints and Paintings Guide 2016  

A selection of handmade original prints and paintings from the Castle Gallery, Inverness.