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==== ==== Take a Look at a Way to Make Your Money Grow With a Forex Managed Account ==== ==== We can offer new clients access to our Managed Account Programme (MAP). Our philosophy is based on protecting your assets while building your account month by month to help you attain your overall investment goals. It is the goal of the MAP to provide investors who seek above average returns the ability to participate in the largest financial market in the world and increase the overall diversification of their portfolios. It is designed for two types of investors: 1. Forex traders, who do not have the time, experience or desire to trade the daily intensity of the market. 2. Traditional investors, who have been disappointed in poor stock market performance and prefer to have part of their risk capital managed in an alternative investment. Many people invest in stocks and shares, property, pensions and understand how to buy and sell them. Some investors believed that investing in stocks alone would build a nice retirement in their pension, SIPP or investment account. This belief has been proven to be a false belief at a great cost to many investors. Recently the volatility in the stock markets all over the world due to the credit crunch has wiped billions from share values. At the time of writing shares values in the US and UK are at decade lows. We even saw a run on a British bank. Now the UK government has even nationalized a bank and part nationalise others, something unthinkable even a couple of years ago! Since March 2000, many of investors have yet to see new equity highs in their accounts. With increased stock market volatility, a credit crunch, property prices slipping around the world where can investors turn to for diversification? One answer is a Forex Managed Account. Transparency Our Forex Managed Account Programme provides investors with transparency that is virtually unheard of in most other investments. Investors are able to monitor their accounts in real time and can view current trading positions, account balances, profit/loss figures, and all other account activity including fees. Our clients can feel confident that we are providing them with up-to-date, accurate information. The sorry Bernard Madoff saga, and a number of smaller alleged frauds that have since emerged from the woodwork, have shone a light on the dangers of allowing assets to be managed in a

manner that cannot be verified by outside observers. With us you have total access to your account. Fees and Risks There is no management fee which you might find refreshing. The commission charged by us is 30% of new high equity. This means you have to make a profit for us to make a profit. The minimum investment is $3,000 USD although this will rise shortly. Minimum deposit:USD 3,000 Recommended minimum investing time:6 months Profit distribution period:Monthly Profit distribution rate Trader/Investor:30/70 % Brokerage name:Think Forex How to deposit fundsCredit card/bank wire Account set up in your name:Yes 24/7 online access to your account:Yes Regulated by:FSP. (FSP 52861) The Risks What about the risks? Yes there will be ups and downs, but the downs need to be manageable so the comebacks can be short and sweet. The risks of trading the forex market include, but are not limited to leverage, credit-worthiness and market volatility. With that in mind we have risk controls on the top of our list, even before profit potential. You must understand that past performance is no guarantee of future success (please read the risk disclosure at the bottom of this page) The trading style employed mainly trades 3 currency pairs namely EUR/USD, GBP/USD, & EUR/JPY. However, other pairs may be traded from time to time. The systems are discretionary and strict entry and exit rules are adhered to. All trades are entered manually and monitored throughout the trading day. Benefits of a Forex Managed Account The Forex Managed Account Programme offers investors the following benefits: * Asset diversification. Forex is not correlated to the stock market, providing true diversification to lower your overall investment portfolio risk. * Disciplined trading using a low leverage philosophy. * Potentially superior returns than the stock and bond markets. * An alternative to low-yielding instruments like bonds and savings accounts. * Profit potential in both rising and falling markets. - The ability to profit regardless of market direction (no Bear Market). * Real-time account management with daily and monthly reporting.

* Liquidity of assets account withdrawals can be made without fees or penalties. * 24 hour web access to your private individual account. * Safety of funds: Our trader never touches any of your money. Your money is held with fully regulated brokers. You grant the trader a limited power of attorney (LPOA) to make trades in the account on your behalf. * * Your money is working for you 24 hours a day. *You can rescind the LPOA at any time and withdraw all your funds with no penalty within 48 hours. If you rescind your LPOA while the system is in a losing trade you will take a loss of capital that the rest of the clients would not take if the trade ended up going to profit. The Forex Managed Account Programme uses discretionary trading systems based on low leverage to limit risk while still generating above average results. It is designed as a long-term investment plan. Some positions may be held for days, although most trades will last less than one day. You will receive all the benefits of our trading experience and trading systems without any of the trouble or time of undertaking the trades yourself. Each account position belongs to your portfolio alone. Unlike mutual funds or hedge funds which co-mingle your funds with other investors, your forex managed trading account is in your name and all or part of your funds can be redeemed within 48 hours. There is a Limited Power of Attorney for the trader to trade your account. You alone have deposit or withdrawal authorization. You also have read-only access to your account, which will enable you to track account equity and balance in real-time and create account statements online 24-hours a day. Risk Disclosure Past performance is not indicative of future results, as returns may vary according to market conditions. Trading foreign exchange carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. ==== ==== Take a Look at a Way to Make Your Money Grow With a Forex Managed Account ==== ====

How to Profit From a Forex Managed Account  

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