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Aluminum castings foundry creating castings for

US Aluminum Castings is a Full-Service Aluminum Foundry. We produce commercial castings for the aerospace industry, heavy trucking industry, military defense systems, marine and more.

Aluminum Casting Manufacturing - US Aluminum Castings is proud to operate a fully LEAN foundry. What does that mean to you? We can deliver a competitive, quality casting on time, every time. We buy certified, 1,200 lb aluminum “T”s in railcar loads avoiding the wasteful handling and higher cost of the 40 lb. ingot. 1. We melt & process using the lowest cost electricity in the US. 2. We melt, pour, heat treat, machine, inspect & powder coat under one roof avoiding the cost, delays and freight of outsourcing. 3. We receive process and invoice by EDI, web or e-mail eliminating the delays and cost of handling paper. Aluminum casting for aerospace - We pride ourselves on providing high quality, high tolerance aluminum castings for the aerospace, and truck and OEM companies throughout the world. We cast using four processes, certify to any of six quality systems, heat treat, machine and powder coat. US Castings is a one-stop shop for finished, precision cast aluminum parts. US Aluminum Castings is an aluminum foundry; some of our capabilities include high tolerance aluminum castings, lost foam castings, green sand castings, permanent mold castings and no-bake castings.

US Aluminum Castings Foundry Metals - US Aluminum Castings purchases only railcar loads of factory-certified aluminum alloy in 1,200 # “T”s from state-of-the-art smelters saving you the cost of repeated handling of 40# ingots. We do not buy recycled metal from re-melt shops. We recycle our own gates and risers, nothing else, insuring you receive consistent chemistry with each and every part. Markets Served - Aerospace (commercial and private), Heavy Trucking, Fluid Filtration, Military Ground Equipment, Military Aerospace, Fluid Movement, Commercial Equipment, Medical Equipment, Instrumentation & Measuring Devices, Metrology Equipment, and Marine Applications.

US Aluminum Castings News - Truck manufacturer PACCAR, Bellevue, Wash., has recognized US Castings LLC, Entiat, Wash., for meeting the supplier's expectation that parts. AFS Safety Award Winners Announced - The management at US Aluminum Castings is proud to announce the receipt of the 2012 AFS Metalcasting Safe Year Award. This honor is given to the AFS member that has completed 365 days without a lost time accident. US Aluminum Castings Receives Customer Award Modern Casting - The management at U.S. Aluminum Castings, Entiat, Wash., announced the company has received a 2008 Letter of Recognition from PACCAR, Bellevue, Wash., for its performance at or below 50 PPM quality.

US Aluminum Castings - Employee Well-Being US Aluminum Castings is dedicated to the WELL-BEING of its employees. On-the-job safety, wellness contests and company events highlight our commitment to maintaining a healthy mind, body and family. On-the-job safety is priority one with the regular safety training seminars, yearly hearing tests and a weekly safety scratch card contest to reward continuing safe practices in and around our plant. The scratch cards can be exchanged for valuable gifts like toaster ovens and tool kits. US Aluminum Casting Careers – US Aluminum Castings, LLC is the global leader in precision aluminum cast parts for aviation, ground transport, military and marine applications. Our customers demand and we deliver quality parts on time, every time. Our success can be traced to our employees. We look for the best and brightest to join our team. Usable skills include molding, pouring & grinding as well as design, sales, machining and engineering.

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Aluminum Castings is a precision aluminum castings foundry creating castings for wide range of industries. Our castings have been used for u...