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Joe Reegan added to 2 New Shows: NBC’s “Chicago PD” and “Taxi: Brooklyn South”

The busy season for actor Joe Reegan seem to have started before the end of the 2013. The actor has signed up to recur on two major TV shows, “Taxi: Brooklyn South” and NBC’s “Chicago PD”. “Chicago PD”, the all new police drama gets its inspiration from the well known series “Chicago Fire”. In this series, Joe Reegan will play an intricate character as the storyline of the show develops. The series is executive produced by Dick Wolf creator of the “Law and Order” franchises.. The cast of the show includes, Sophia Bush, the ever charismatic, Patrick Flueger, and Jason Beghe. Shooting for the series has already begun in Chicago and will likely continue till the end of this year. The “Taxi: Brooklyn South” series comes from the “Taxi” films which were directed by Luc Besson and proved to be a huge hit in French cinema. Luc Besson has been part of several Hollywood blockbusters over the years, our favorite being “The Fifth Element”, starring Bruce Willis. Stephen Tolkin, producer of “Brothers and Sisters” TV show will be writing and producing the first twelve episodes of the TV series “Taxi: Brooklyn South”. In “Taxi: Brooklyn South” Joe Reegan will recur opposite Jennifer Esposito and Chyler Leigh, from the immensely popular TV series, Grey’s Anatomy. Gary Scott Thompson is this seasons showrunner. Gary apart from being the executive producer of the hit series from NBC, “Las Vegas” has also worked as a writer for the super film franchise, “The Fast and the Furious”. The series is currently filming in Brooklyn, New York. Joe Reegan recently wrapped shooting Altitude Entertainment’s much anticipated indie sci-fi film, “Outpost 37”. The film revolves around a group of elite Marines who have been assigned the task to protect mankind from an unknown new specicies. “Outpost 37” was directed by Emmy winner, Jabbar Rasaini, who’s credits include several hit productions like “Machete”, “Predator” and “Game of Thrones”. Joe Reegan stars opposite Reiley McClendon and Rick Ravanelo. “Outpost 37” will be released In the summer of 2014. For more information about Grey’s Anatomy visit our website.

Joe reegan added to 2 new shows