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Easy Video Suite: The Only Video Marketing Tool You’ll Ever Need There was a time when online marketing was just a quaint idea, but today it has become an accepted facet of any modern marketing strategy. Having said that, if you are serious about marketing on the Internet, then you really need videos on your website. And that’s where Easy Video Suite comes in. The Marketing Effect of Online Videos & EVS Have you ever wondered why TV shows still run countless commercials? There’s just one reason that accounts for it: people to this day are still enamored by videos. People want to see with their own eyes, and they want to see things in action. That’s also the reason why sites like YouTube are insanely popular. Further on we'll show you how EVS can help your video marketing efforts For an Internet marketer, the effect that an online video can have on your bottomline is not an illusion. Of all the people who watch your marketing videos: • 1 in 5 will ask for more information from you. • 1 in 4 will visit your brick and mortar store or office. • 1 in 5 will actually buy something from you online. For all these reasons, more than two-thirds of the top 50 online retailers include videos on their websites. And if you want to join their ranks, you need videos too. After you’ve made your videos, putting them online is actually a snap with Easy Video Suite. The “easy” in Easy Video Suite is literally true, as proven by just about every Easy Video Suite review you can read online What Can Easy Video Suite Do for Marketers? There’s a good reason—several, in fact—why just about every Easy Video Suite review portray a well justified hype about EVS. • It offers you a very easy way to record videos, and you can even do some basic editing. It’s so easy you don’t need a technical background to be able to use it. • Conversion to various formats is virtually automated within 1.1 of Easy video suite, so it can be viewed by users of PCs and mobile devices alike. This means your videos have the potential to reach everyone, without being hampered by incompatibility problems. • It can customize the viewing experience. For example, the video can roll or even fly in on the page when it loads, and the player can look like an iPhone or an iPad. Text and images can appear and disappear while the video plays, and the rest of the page can even darken to help the viewer focus on the video. Easy Video Suite can also customize your web page, or even create a new web page for you. • With EVS, you can set up buttons to make it easier for the viewers to comply with your CTA (call to action). For example, if you are selling products on your site, these buttons can be set up for purchases.

• The analytics feature with Josh Barlett Easy Video Suite is actually quite helpful. It shows you how many times the video has been played, including the number of times it has been played from start to finish. You need to remember that Easy Video Suite is just a tool. It’s a very fine tool, but you still need to create really good videos in order to sell your product. In fact, you should make sure you have a great product to start with and a solid marketing strategy in order to boost your sales. So if you are bent on using videos for your marketing campaigns (as you should be!), then there’s no other software which must be part of your arsenal than Easy Video Suite. There’s no other compilation of video applications and tools out there that’s as useful and and easy to use as Easy Video Suite.

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There was a time when online marketing was just a quaint idea, but today it has become an accepted facet of any modern marketing strategy.

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