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Keeping hospitals healthy

It starts with an idea


Dr. Michael Shannon, colleague Kelly Brown and Dr. Dick Zoutman test the efficiency of ozone in killing harmful bacteria.

Fuel cells for cleaner energy Kill C. difficile and E. coli

Make production greener

Working together at Innovation Park at Queen’s University, Dr. Dick Zoutman, an expert in microbiology and infectious diseases, and Dr. Michael Shannon of Medizone International are collaborating to develop and test AsepticSure, a technology that uses ozone to kill deadly bacteria such as C. difficile and E. Coli in hospitals and other public spaces. This important innovation, developed through collaboration in commercialization, has the potential impact of saving thousands of lives each year and significantly reducing health care costs.


Keep drinking water safe

And ends with an impact.

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Safe water runs deep

At Innovation Park, clean energy and production, eliminating water contamination and keeping hospitals healthy are just a few of things we’re working on every day.


R. Stephen Brown, David Dolphin, Eric Marcotte (seated), Tom Radcliffe (L to R)

Researchers from Queen's have partnered with Endetec, the global sensor platform of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies to commercialize Queen's water testing technology on a global scale. This groundbreaking technology – based on fibre optic sensors – is faster and more effective than traditional manual methods of water monitoring. It's important technology that’s already in place in cities around the world, ensuring drinking water is safe and protecting lives.


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