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Amit Chakma, University of Western Ontario Research and Development Park, London, Ontario

“It’s important to understand what is beneath the ocean. It is the biosphere of our planet; it takes up 70% of the earth’s surface and contains 99% of all life forms. The ocean also gives us 15% of the protein we consume and new life forms are being discovered every day. Within the ocean is a river that begins in the coldest, deepest part of the North Atlantic and travels south around the world, ending up in the North Pacific. This river helps moderate the temperature of the world while the waters absorb the extra heat

generated by greenhouse gases, helping to mitigate climate change. From tectonic activity of the plates of the ocean floor to the movement of the waves at the top, the ocean has much to tell us about what is happening and what is to come. We need to know more about the sea beneath the surface to help us make decisions about managing greenhouse gases, assessing changes to marine life, creating better models to predict the impact of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis and much, much more.” Kate Moran, Executive Director, Neptune Canada

U nderstanding our O ceans


Canada NOW 2012  

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