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Different Types of Heavy Duty Caster Applications Perfect for the Automotive Industry Automotive manufacturing continues to become more high-tech with each passing year, and while many processes have become automated, there will always be a need for casters to move loads from one location to another. Here, you can learn more about how different heavy duty casters can add safety and efficiency in the automotive industry. Round Tread Wheels When you need reliable, solid casters to safely move lighter loads from one location to the next in an industrial setting, you’ll want polyurethane wheels that roll smoothly and safely on hard floors. Round tread wheels are a great choice for smaller car parts, general assembly facilities, and even line delivery. ErgoMaxx Caster Rigs The ErgoMaxx rigs are designed to make moving loads by hand even more efficient. The entire rig comes with the caster, wheel, and mounting plate, and it’s perfect for line delivery and general assembly, as well. Caster ShoX Caster ShoX are designed to help minimize bounce and vibration when transporting fragile materials. As such, these are particularly useful in settings where you need to transport windows and windshields. Their unique design absorbs the force of movement, which can protect glass during transport and make the workplace safer as well as more efficient than before. TWERGO TWERGO casters are designed to make physically moving heavy loads simpler and safer for materials handlers. These wheels can handle up to 5,000 pounds, and they are common in applications where you require the ability to move larger loads with less force. They’re ideal for carts that move frequently, including parts racks, axle and gear carts, and much, much more. TWERGO Lite

TWERGO Lite provides all of the same benefits as the original TWERGO casters, but they are designed for use with lighter loads. They’re a step up from traditional round tread wheels in that they reduce the amount of friction the wheel creates with the floor, making a smoother glide that requires far less force from the operator. SoS Rigs SoS, or Swivel on Swivel, is perfect for auto-guided vehicles you may use in your facility. This allows for a far greater range of movement than other types of casters, and it can reduce “hang-ups” which can cause problems or even slow your facility’s efficiency significantly. Drive Casters Drive casters are perfect for applications when you want to convert carts you already have into powered carts that require little or no exertion from operators. These can eliminate injuries related to moving loads from one location to another, and it can improve efficiency by reducing the number of people needed to move a load, too. One person can move a large load with a drive caster, which can allow other employees to focus on more efficient tasks. As you can see, there are several types of casters that can benefit automotive manufacturing facilities in several ways. Whether you want to add safety, improve efficiency, or even help automate the process of moving a load, any of these casters are great solutions.

Different Types of Heavy Duty Caster Applications Perfect for the Automotive Industry