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Teeny tiny sushi pendant


little craft project for a tiny issue. This pendant can be made using the little white buttons that always seem to come with sewing kits, the kind that go missing from the cuffs of white shirts. Add a strip of black felt and some colourful beads and you’ll have a tiny sushi roll that makes a big fashion statement.

You will need: 2 white buttons A scrap of black felt 2cm x 12cm 6-8 seed beads in bright colours A metal chain or leather cord

1. Roll up the strip of felt as you

2. Next add your rice. Place a

3. Repeat, and as you do so

4. Finally sew your chain or

would a sheet of nori. Secure

button on either end of the roll

thread one or two seed beads

leather cord into place using

by sewing the open edge

and sew into place with white

at a time to your needle. Pull

black thread.

to the side of the roll with a

thread by passing your needle

the thread tightly and tie off.

blanket stitch in black thread.

down the length of the roll and through the other side.



Cassiopeia Magazine Issue 2  

Creative arts, reviews and practical inspiration for the home and garden. The theme of issue 2 is 'Small'.

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