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Rikvin Provides Permanent Resident Scheme Assistance In Singapore Singapore permanent residence can be bought if you are willing to invest a small fortune in the country and support your funds with proven entrepreneurial skills. This particular scheme officially known as Global Investor Programme (GIP Scheme) is often referred to as Investor Scheme and requires you to invest at lease 2.5 million dollars in order to qualify under the scheme. Singapore is evolving into an entrepreneurs Mecca, proximately located to the emerging Asia, ever expanding free trade area, converging ASEAN, efficient infrastructure are not the only reasons but the governmental policies that favor the entrepreneurs and investors alike. Global Investors Programme administered by the Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB) is one such one which attempts to ease the entry and of relocation investors, to enable them to setup and develop their business. After its launch this programme has attracted thousands of investors into Singapore. Rikvin elaborates on four Main Singapore Permanent Resident Schemes for foreign professionals and investors who are keen to immigrate to Singapore. For individuals working in Singapore 1. Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Worker Scheme (PTS Scheme) The most popular scheme for permanent residence in Singapore is the Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Worker scheme (PTS Scheme). The scheme enables foreign professionals working in Singapore under an Employment Pass, Entrepreneur Pass or EntrePass and Skilled Worker Pass or S Pass to apply for permanent residence. For Capital Investors 2. Global Investor Program Scheme (GIP Scheme) The Global Investor Program is an initiative launched by Singapore Economic Development Board and Ministry of Manpower. It is a program for foreign individuals and entrepreneurs who are keen to invest in or initiate new business activities in Singapore, and in the process, obtain Singapore permanent residence. Spouses and children of these investors are also eligible for Singapore permanent residence. 3. Financial Investor Scheme (FIS Scheme) FIS is suited for the Ultra High Net worth Individuals. The Financial Investor Scheme, launched by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) enables and encourages UHNWI's and their families to become Permanent Residents of Singapore, so that they can benefit from Singapore’s array of financial services, as well as its high standard of living. 4. Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (FA Scheme) The Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme is an initiative launched by the National Arts Council and Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore to attract foreign artists with exceptional talents to immigrate to Singapore. These artists should have had formal training and a well established reputation for their crafts.

These crafts include fine art, photography, dance, music, theatre, literature and film. The successful applicants will enjoy the same benefits such as NAC grants and awards as Singaporean artists.

About the Publisher: Rikvin offers business solutions for both local and foreign investors or entrepreneurs. One of its specialities is Singapore company registration. The company has successfully help hundreds of foreign individuals form a Singapore company. Rikvin has effectively facilitated both non-resident and resident financiers build business firms in Singapore. Incoming calls in our phones are answered by live persons and not by an answering machine. We recognize the importance of your time and we are aware that technology cannot replace a person most especially, when we need to make vital business moves. Rikvin PTE LTD 20 Cecil Street, #14-01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705 Main Lines : (65) 6438 8887 Fax : (65) 6438 2436 Email : Website:

Rikvin Provides Permanent Resident Scheme Assistance In Singapore  

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