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In today's society, technology is constantly evolving. The Apple iPod series is no different. The iPod Nano was released in September 2005, and since then, it has undergone six generations of changes. The Nano was created after the huge success of the iPod Shuffle. Consumers were happy that they could save money by buying an mp3 player that only has one function: to play music. Many people, however, were unsatisfied with the basic device that was the Shuffle. They wanted all the functions of an iPod, but in a smaller size. The iPod Mini was currently on the market, but it had some flaws, mainly the diminishing battery capacity. As a solution, Apple decided to revamp the Mini to create a functioning resolution to the demand for smaller, fully functional iPods. Thus, the iPod Nano was created. The Apple Shuffle has seen some generation shifts, but they are very minor. Slight variations of shape, color, and minor memory space additions are the only notable changes in the Shuffle. The Nano, however, has seen multiple changes through the years. One of the major advancements was the battery life upgrade in the second generations. The first generation only had an approximate battery life of 14 hours, whereas the second generation, and generations from there on, comes with an approximate of 24 hours of battery life. The size and shape of the iPod Nano has fluctuated over time, such as with the third and sixth generations taking on a square shape, as opposed to the usual rectangular shape of the other generations. The features offered in the Nano have increased throughout generations, as well. The third generation iPod Nano was the first of its kind to come equipped with video-playing capabilities. Generation four came with the easy ability to shake the Nano in order to shuffle the songs. Following the fourth generation, the next year, generation five offered a larger screen and a video camera. Finally, the sixth generation Nano was released, and it was the most notably different from all the other models. First off, it was built without the traditional click wheel, and instead came with a multi-touch interface. It lost the camera and video playback capabilities of previous generations. It was, however, the most compact of all generations of iPod Nano. Of all the changes, the Nanos also saw an increase in capacity, with the first generation offering 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB and the sixth generation offering as much as 16GB. It is clear to see how much time and new advancements in technology have affected the iPod. Currently, the Apple iPod Nano 8GB is the most widely used mp3 player in the world, for it fits all the demands of the average iPod user: compact, costeffective, fully functional, and plenty of song space. It's only a matter of time until the next generation offers even more.

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The Apple iPod Nano Through the Ages  

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