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The Most Sought iPod Though there are quite a few models of iPods available today packed with features, there is little doubt that the hottest selling ones among them are the swanky iPod Nano. The combination of both audio video playback along with high storage capacities and a light weight chic design make them the most sought after iPods. The Nano is being sold every where- through dedicated dealers, shopping malls and even online. In fact, the convenience of online shopping is attracting more and more customers everyday. The official Apple website is also a good one stop shop for purchasing everything concerning your Nano online. Before the Nano, only iPod Classic was capable of both audio and video playback. However it was cumbersome to use due to its heavy weight and large make. The Shuffle was capable of only audio playback and its low storage capacity combined made it absolutely no competition for the Classic. Then came the Nano. It was stylish, it was swanky and had both audio and video playback capacities with a decently high storage. No wonder it was an instant hit in the market and immediately captured everybody's attention. The first iPod Nano was released in September 2005 with 1GB, 2GB or 4GB capacity. It was smaller than the iPod Mini and came in black or white colors. The first Nano like all the other subsequent models had a large click wheel for controls and a display screen. The photo and music sync was only possible through a USB though. The second generation Nano was even smaller in size, came in a variety of five eye catching metallic colors and had increased capacity of up to 8GB. The 2nd generation Nano was released on September 2006 and also allowed you to upload and display photographs. The third generation Nano was even smaller and slimmer and was released in September 2007. Apart from the regular Nano features it has a wider screen, a hold switch located at the bottom and even the ability to play videos. The latest of this iconic model of the iPods is the 4th generation iPod that is available in two storage capacities- 8GB or 16GB. It comes in nine fun colors to choose from and is distinct in appearance due to its longer screen, curved surface and an oval outline if viewed from top or bottom. The 4th generation Nano is also equipped with an accelerometer that enables it to shuffle the songs by just a shake of the device.

The Nano surely is a well balanced iPod and has the good points of all the rest of the iPod models. It has the light weight of Shuffle and the audio + video playback capacities of the Classic. From the iPod Touch it has taken the accelerometer and playing of all the other cool applications, games etc. It comes in a super cool design and has great storage capacities too. So when you go to lay your hands on your first iPod or even if you want to change the old one, you might want to try this wonder device...and yes, don't forget to try shopping for it online first as you might just crack a deal that makes you pay much less for the same thing!

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