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ask mh I love onions, but I hate onion breath. Is there any trick to beating it? – LK What really happens when I get a second wind during a run? – NL Nobody knows. (Isn’t that great?) There are theories, however. One has to do with the ways we power our muscles. Ordinarily, fat and glucose fuel your muscles in a process that requires oxygen. If your energy demands outstrip your oxygen supply, your body falls back on a much less efficient anaerobic process. The second wind may happen when your oxygen intake catches up with demand. That shift to aerobic metabolism is like stomping on the accelerator.

Another theory suggests that a release of endorphins is behind your second wind. These opioid compounds are produced by your body to overcome the pain and shortness of breath that might otherwise slow you down. The endorphins theory, however, accounts for the euphoria, or “runner's high”, that accompanies the second wind, as well as the sensation of recovering your “wind”. In the long run, though, the cause may not matter: there’s no way to increase the effect.

This isn’t ordinary dragon breath. “Onions contain sulphur by-products that become absorbed into your blood,” says dentist Dr Vincent Mayher. “The sulphur smell gets into your lungs, which expel it as bad breath.” Start fighting food with food: whenever you have onions, snack on a side dish that has parsley, fennel or mustard seeds. Studies suggest that these foods may help dilute the sulphur by-products, while chewing stimulates saliva flow. “Saliva is the mouth’s detergent,” says Mayher – it contains natural bicarbonate to neutralise offending compounds. Drinking water can also help filter foul odours. If you’re still knocking people out, chew sugarless strawberry-flavoured gum. A study at Islamic Azad University in Iran found that strawberry gum boosts saliva production faster than other flavours.

you can’t compete with your neighbours’ horny hound humping the telegraph poll. Crystelle Talk to her, AW! Be honest and reassuring, and let her know that some days you’re just not up for it. If she loves you, she should understand.

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My girlfriend has a massive sex drive, but mine is waning in comparison. I love her, but I can’t keep up. What should I do? – AW Cassie Wow, so it does happen the other way round! This is not a bad problem to have, AW. Maybe she’s just worn you and your meat thermometer out? Why don’t you set a no-shag challenge for a couple of weeks, under the guise that you want both of you to get really horny and have corkpopping sex? That way you’ll get a break and she’ll be none the wiser. Alice Be fair by letting her use your equipment half of the time, but invest in some solo machinery so she can keep herself satisfied without straying. And then head for the GP to get your hormone levels checked – it might explain why


My fiancé eats in bed and I think it’s disgusting. Before I say something, am I being too anal? – TG Alice Not if you’re waking up with chorizo plastered to your chest, TG. Tell your lady-love to finish her foraging before launching herself into the sack. Because, let’s face it, grinding on a gherkin isn’t ideal, unless it’s your own. Crystelle Ha! You and I could never work, TG – I love nothing more than ice-cream in bed! Eating is such a sensual experience, I feel like it’s perfect for the boudoir. Why don’t you try hopping in bed with her and going from licking sauce to fingers to, well, licking and kissing each other. Cassie I love nothing more than drinking coffee in bed and watching Louis on Sunday mornings, so if that’s what you’re bitching about, then damn straight I reckon you’re too anal. But if she’s holding couples’ fondue nights on your 500 threadcount, you definitely need to shut that down. Or get a tarp.


I recently attended an interstate work conference where I partied with a bunch of colleagues – girls and guys. One of the guys sent me a FB friend request, which I accepted, but then one of the girls did, too. I have a girlfriend and no interest in this woman, but it seems rude to ignore her. What’s the etiquette? – NF


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Alice NF, accepting a friend request does not mean she wants to see your intimates. You only need to hit the panic button if she incessantly “pokes” you or starts commenting on photos circa ’07. Crystelle Just ignore it, NF. If she ever asks you about it (which I highly doubt) you can say you just don’t use FB much. Cassie If you’ll see her again, just leave her request hanging in FB purgatory forevermore, NF. That way, if she hits you up about it, you can play dumb and say you never saw it. Otherwise, hit that ignore button and move on.


I need to start doing yoga for knee rehab. There’s a studio near work, which is perfect for me to use, but a bunch of girls from my office building go there. I did one class and they looked at me as if I’d just kicked them off the slipperydip. I even overhead one of them saying I was just there to “creep” on them. I really want to persist, but it seems far more trouble than it’s worth. Please advise! – SC Cassie F them, SC! They can’t be too immersed in their own practice if they’re focusing on you. Just keep fronting up and ignore those nasty cows. Alice Persist with your practice, SC. Those girls need to namaste their way to a better attitude. You don’t fall into the creep category unless you’re positioning yourself at the back of the pack and sniffing their hair during savasana. Crystelle I’d suggest an overly loud conversation with your yoga teacher explaining your need to stretch out your knee. Hopefully, the girls will catch on. Also, try to stick to the front row and keep your eyes on the mat.

Ask The Girls in the Office, March 2014  
Ask The Girls in the Office, March 2014  

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