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Cassie Keck - 2012

For lighting, I made sure in both of the photos, the light sorce was very apparent. Its a basic interpretation of lighting.



Framing is looking at ordinary things in a new way. For these, I used macro mode to get close to detail, while still being able to tell what the object is.

Contrast, to me, is when the subject of the photo stands out from the background drastically. That’s why both of these are dark backgrounds& bright lights as the subject.




For timing, I took photos of things that constantly move or change. I took a picture of my dog, who never sits still, and my sister decorating a tree, and captured both moments.


Perspective is looking at things from odd angles and making something ordinatry look new.


If a photo is ‘deep’, it shows space in the photo. It shows the layers or three-dimensional aspect of an object.

Film Still painting recreation

& film still

<-- For the film still, I focused more on the subject being similar, that the photo aspects. --> for my painting recreating, I focused on getting lighting and stance corect, which was a challenege.

elements of beauty_cassiekeck  

element of beauty