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My goal was to create a strong brand for myself. I create a resume, a business card, website, logo and a portfolio that abide by my brand guidelines.

I started by designing my logo. This is was a challenge, after several iterations and edits I found an interesting way to interlock one of the logos and create a pattern. Once I established this intriguing pattern, I incorporated this throughout my brand.

The biggest obstacle while creating my personal brand was getting out my head. My normal creative ways of thinking weren’t there. Typically when I design my first draft, it is somewhere close to my final draft. With this project, it didn’t even resemble my starting point. To overcome this I embraced my first drafting not being my best design, and was willing to dedicate the effort to make multiple edits.


Logo, Resume, Business cards, Website, and a Portfolio

Personal Brand


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD

A Representation Of Me

This is an analytic dashboard created for a business owner or shop owner, looking to know a little more about whose visiting their site. The dashboard features visitors, order, time spent on a site, bounce rate, demographic, and visited pages.

While designing the dashboard it is extremely important to consider readability. It needed to be able to be scanned over and comprehend what was going on without to much text. To ensure a successful dashboard, I wanted to create a design that is simple and clean. I used a limited color palette, minimal text, and embraced negative space.

Although this dashboard came out very similar to my mock-ups, I did run into a few challenges. I wanted to make sure the dash board was none scrollable on a desktop. This becomes a large issue when it came to differing device screen sizes. Initially, the design looked really good on my computer, but as soon as I switched over to a smaller screen, sections started to get cut off. To overcome this problem I had to eliminate all unnecessary space so it displays correctly on smaller screens. I also included media queries for mobile screens.


Single Page Dashboard


Sublime, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD

Analytic Dashboard
A Website Visitor Dashboard

For this project, I created a 26 typographic card deck. This wasn’t an ordinary card deck. The goal was to create a card for each letter of the alphabet that displays a different font on each. It was important that each card utilize the same visual format, regardless of the font.

I started by selecting 26 fonts, then sketched out possible layouts for the front of the card. After landing on the best layout I refined it to perfection. After applying the format to each card, I moved on to creating the custom back patterns. I started by using mirror to create a reflection of the letter, this created an abstract design without the letter being obvious.

Along the way, I struggled to keep cohesion between the patterns. Since there was a variety of fonts, there were many unique patterns, some geometric and others not. I ensured cohesion by keeping the color and pattern size similar.


27 Cards, and a Belly Band


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Font Cards
A Typographic Card Deck

Infinite is a high-end e-commerce shop that sells products to help the environment. They offer products that are plastic-free, eco-friendly, and zero waste.

Understanding the products and the target audience was necessary to get a feel and thorough understanding of the brand. After my research, I started sketching and designing a simplistic logo, while steering away from the stereotypical infinity sign. After establishing the overall brand assets for the site, I hopped into Shopify and applied all of the elements, utilizing apps to achieve the look of the brand.

I encountered a few obstacles. After creating the first draft, the logo didn’t match the brand and website. I went back to some digital sketches, this time starting out with the infinity sign. I use this symbol to create something that is unique and almost flower-like. This elevated the brand and matched the eco-friendly look they were looking for.


Logo, and a Website


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Shopify

An Eco-Friendly Shop

Linked is a fictional resort, in three locations: the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. This resort is focused on couples and romance, featuring a variety of amenities.

I started off by getting a full feel for the brand, sketching the pages, and logo, and creating a style scape. Once establishing the logo and colors set. I created the main slides, and the between slides: add to cart, confirmation, etc, all while maintaining brand consistency.

Being this was my first time creating an interactive app, the biggest challenge was thinking a bit differently. I had to remember all the things someone might click on when using an app. Another challenge was making sure everything that is supposed to be clickable was. I found the best way to overcome these problems was to test the entire process from start to finish, several times.


Logo, Website, and an Interactive App Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD

A Romantic Couples Resort

Target ® is a massive brand, with rigid guidelines that must be followed. My goal was to create a brochure that abided by these guidelines. I decided on designing a Black Friday bi-fold mailer.

Although Target is a well-known brand, researching Target’s ® brand standards and existing collateral was still extremely important. From there I had to figure how I would display the information in a unique way. After sketching, I plugged all images into the InDesign document and formatted it to the specifications of Target’s® Aesthetic.

Although I didn’t run into any immense problems during this project, I worried that the design was too simple. I recognized that minimalism is Target’s® brand and I needed to embrace it.


Bi-Fold Advertisement


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD

A Brochure Design

D’avena is a high-end, fictitious company that produces plant-based, dairy-free products, focusing on milk, butter, creamer, and yogurt.

After going through each one of its competitors, and creating an audit, I started logo development, going through many design iterations before landing on a successful design. Cohesion was key. I began with the milk package, then adjusted the design to create visual coding that would work for each package design.

Along the way, visual coding became an issue when switching structures. The color variation and contrast were not enough. I had to add something to further identify these products. I found a solution and created a pattern with the identifier and the original nut.


Logo, Website, and Package Design Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD

D’avena Farms

A Plant-based Dairy Brand

Balanced is a wellness app that helps individuals achieve their fitness goals by providing resources for yoga and meditation practices. It is tailored to a specific target audience consisting of users who need support in consistently working out and staying motivated.

For this project, I interviewed with a fellow student who expressed her need for a fitness-related app to help her stay on track with her workouts. She also mentioned her passion for yoga and some pain points, such as the need to pause music during a workout. I used her feedback to design an app that would address these issues. Starting with wire flows, I mapped out how the user would interact with the app and then moved on to branding and designing the necessary screens.

Although the project progressed smoothly, I found ways to improve throughout the design process, especially since there are numerous screens where something could go wrong. To address this issue, I conducted multiple rounds of usability testing and implemented several rounds of edits to ensure consistency across each screen. This approach helped me identify and address potential problems in the app’s functionality, resulting in a seamless user experience.


Branding, and a Functional Prototype Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD

A Fitness and Meditation App

Paradigm is an IT and cyber-security company that caters to small businesses. They were seeking new branding for their company name and an improved website.

After meeting with the client, my team and I researched and created new logos. The client envisioned a black and white logo that evoked trust and had a technological feel, without being overly flashy. As a team, we developed a total of 5 logos for the client to choose from. After presenting the options, the client was drawn to the motion in one logo, the key in another, and the hidden P and S in my logo. To create a solution, I incorporated keys in my logo and combined two keys at an angle while keeping the hidden P and S. After presenting the options again, the client decided to go with my logo.

As part of the project, I took the lead in designing the website. I started by sketching and creating a mock-up that aligned with the brand identity. From there, I refined the design, ensuring it was user-friendly, easy to navigate, and matched the overall brand.


Branding, and Website Design


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD

An IT & Security Company

This design is a program for a fictitious design conference. My goal was to create a layout that displays the information in a dynamic way.

From the start, I wanted to do a geometric design with an intriguing title to draw attention to the conference. I started by sketching out a layout for each section and creating the final graphics. I moved on to the content, adjusted spacing to incorporate it into the layout, and create a clean look.

My biggest issue was creating a unique title. I wanted it to be more interesting than just plain text. After experimenting with it a lot, I landed on a lock-up. In the end, I created a simple lock-up, with a pop of color and graphic elements.


Double-sided Program, and Merchandise Tools Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD

Design Program

A Design Conference Post Card

Tamed is a fictitious cat enthusiast magazine. This magazine’s target audience is cat enthusiasts who love to see and read about cats. My goal was to create a mini 8 page magazine with all original content, that was cohesive.

I started by sketching layouts and mastheads. After digitizing the masthead, I applied it to the cover and worked on the layout. After sketching out a few more layouts, I found a layout that worked well for the magazine. I created a unique layout for each spread to create an eye-catching magazine.

Along the way, I ran into some design issues. One was writing an original informative article, and two, figuring out how to organize the layout while making it readable and interesting. Too much information be overwhelming, cluttered, and unoriginal. I experimented with different layouts and highlighted pull quotes.


Masthead, and an Eight Page Magazine


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign Adobe XD

A Cat Enthusiast Magazine

Blue Water is a hypothetical financial group that helps everyone with their finical needs from credit cards, to saving accounts and investing.

Although I didn’t have a logo or the name developed right away, I started with a plan for the overall aesthetic. I knew I wanted to treat the logo mark as a full bleed. I started out with the name Lotus and created a logo similar to Blue Waters. After struggling with the name and the brand. I realized the name sounded too much like a spa or yoga-like versus a professional bank. I then developed Blue Water.

The creation of the Blue Water brand went relatively smoothly, although staying consistent became a bit of a struggle. In order to maintain cohesion, I developed brand standards and a logo system to abide by.


Brand Identity Package, Mobile site, and Credit Card

Blue Water


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD

A Financial Group

Night Life is a weather app designed specifically for those going out in Providence. This app allows you to see local up-to-date weather-based, featuring elements specific to going out late at night.

Creating this app was a little bit out of my element. I didn’t fall within the target audience being I don’t go out on a weekly basis, or even monthly. I had to adjust to the mindset of a party goer. Mood boarding helped me jump into the element and my goal was to portray this across the app. I also wanted it to stand out from other weather apps.

Along the way, I encountered a few design challenges. I coded the website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Although working with CSS and HTML comes naturally, working with CSS to align items to the grid was a bit difficult. One issue I ran into was aligning the temperature, and high and low to the center of the row. I used a three-row grid with auto 1FR auto and tried everything to align it. After looking over my code I found an error the height of the grid was on the temperature section, versus on the entire grid. Finding this error allowed me to get the results I planned in my original mock-ups.


Functional Weather App Tools

Sublime, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD

Weather App
A Going Out Forecast App

Giggle is a unique movie database that specializes in comedy movies. My main objective was to create a platform that was both functional and user-friendly.

To get started, I worked on developing the branding for the site, choosing a name that reflected its focus on humor. To give it a distinctive touch, I incorporated eyes into the double G’s of the logo, which created the impression that someone is watching. The site design had specific requirements, such as featuring a movie as the hero image, including a featured section, an upcoming movie section, and a sidebar. I expanded the content to include other movie genres and designed each section to stand out in a unique way. While working on the branding was enjoyable, designing the site using HTML and CSS was relatively straightforward, despite it being my first time creating a website primarily made from JavaScript. To ensure that the site was flawless, I took my time and made sure that I understood every part of the code.


Branding, and Website Design Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Sublime

Giggle Comedy Movies

A Movie Data Base

Roots is a food truck that emphasizes fresh, all-natural food and caters to those who appreciate the taste of farm-fresh ingredients. They can often be found at farmers’ markets.

The project involved developing a complete brand identity for a mock restaurant in collaboration with a culinary team. Our first step was to create a strong branding that would set the foundation for the rest of the deliverables. The culinary team provided input on the color scheme, which they envisioned as fall-like farm stand look but remaining modern. I began my process of mood boarding and sketching. In total, we presented four logos to the culinary team. They chose my logo, I then expanded on it by creating a complementary pattern to further enhance the brand identity. From there, I created various deliverables to match the brand identity.

Although creating the branding for this project came easily, I did encounter some difficulties when it came to branding the invitation and table tents. For the invitation, I used the pattern to create a flow of leaves that gave it a unique look. However, branding the table tents required me to keep the branding consistent while also making sure that each tent looked different enough to be distinguishable. Despite these challenges, I was able to successfully deliver a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity for Roots.


Branding, Table Tent, Invitation, and Coasters


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

A organic farm stand

Simply Green is an eco-friendly shop that specializes in kitchenware made from wheat, designed for longterm use and durability. With a target audience of environmentally conscious individuals aged 20 to 40, their products also appeal to those who value quality and longevity, which is why they target a slightly older age.

The scope of this project was to buy items from the dollar store within a ten-dollar budget, and transform them into something high-end that aligns with the Simply Green brand. After conducting research, I created a logo, pattern, and other supporting elements such as fonts and colors, before moving onto website mockup, functionality, and coding.

Although setting up the basic HTML and CSS was easy, refining the website proved to be a bit more challenging. I coded the basic elements before moving onto the scroll bar and FAQ section, which required more attention. I had to adjust the CSS to ensure that all content could fit in the boxes without disappearing behind the overflow, as well as making sure that the section was not too long. Although it was difficult to figure out at first, I was eventually able to get it right, and the process moved much more smoothly afterwards.


Branding, Website, and Photography Tools

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Sublime

An eco-friendly kitchen shop

Simply Green

AIGA is a professional organization that provides support and resources to designers. Its subsidiary, AIGA DEC, focuses on helping educators. The project we worked on aimed to create a more consistent brand across all media and revise their brand language and messaging to convey trustworthiness, friendliness, inclusivity, accessibility, and collaboration.

As a member of the team, I collaborated on creating a brand language that aligned with the client’s desired perception. After meeting with the client, we researched the brand and utilized shapes and patterns that matched the new messaging. In the first round, the client chose my teammate’s overall design but requested my strategic approach to branding, which involved changing the colors through each element of their brand. After making edits, we combined concepts to create our final design. Our end product was the result of a collaborative effort, which included a brand style guide, graphics, and strategic re-branding.

Designing for a critical target audience such as design educators presented challenges, but it also allowed me to gain confidence in my designs and learn to handle strong critiques constructively. This experience has helped me refine my design skills and use feedback to improve my work.


Brand Language, and Brand Guide Lines Tools

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

A New Brand Language

Crave Coffee Co is a quick-bite restaurant chain that caters to sit-down diners, targeting a young audience while remaining accessible to all. My primary goal was to create a user-friendly interface for easy and hassle-free ordering, catering to both modern and older generations.

To achieve this, I researched the common issues that users and workers face with kiosks and identified areas for improvement. By sketching and creating workflows, I was able to anticipate user experience and identify potential issues early on, allowing me to start thinking through the user experience from start to finish.

Throughout the process, I continued to refine the interface. Through usability testing, I identified areas that needed improvement. Although most of the process went smoothly, I discovered a few points where users were getting stuck. For instance, in the “Thanks for signing up” section, there was text at the bottom that was slightly bigger, and users clicked on it thinking it was clickable. Changing the hierarchy helped eliminate this confusion. By addressing common issues and refining the user experience, I was able to create a hassle-free ordering system that enhances the dining experience for customers of all ages.


Branding, and Functional Prototype Tools

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

Crave Coffee Co
A Coffee Shop Kiosk
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