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STRATEGY The creative thinking

The process of the creative thinking behind my whole concept was generated by a thorough research into cities modernisation and radical change. Changing the ‘facade’ of a city is not in the slightest a new idea, though in my honest opinion, in the past, the context and execution were not innovative enough.

Lighting a quality flame as a student seems like an easy task, but it really is not. Thus, after thinking of several concepts, when I finally relaxed myself and went outside, it struck me, and it struck me good.

Going for a walk in the city centre has got me thinking, why can’t all the shop fronts be well designed, so that the city would look brighter and have more character, and more importantly, HOW can we make the ideal city a reality with a low-cost solution?


Art Gene is a research facility founded by 2 artists named Stuart Bastik and Maddi Nicholson, in Barrow-in-Furness. The project Barrow-by-Design focused on producing low cost shop floor upgrades through a grant scheme for small traders. Most of the awarded individual grants were for around £2000.

Over 30 small businesses had their looks upgraded by the artists of Art Gene, working on the concept side by side with the business owners. The financial means for this project were granted by the Borough of Barrow-in-Furness.


This is an example of Maddie Nicholson’s process. She took the old front of store and re-branded it revolving around the same colour palette, but only improved.


At the end of 2015, beginning of 2016, students at City of Oxford were engaged by the Skanska, one of the UK's leading contractors in construction. The timeframe was 12-weeks long and the students were asked to design a new roundabout in Harwell. They used the context of providing work experience for students as a mean to upgrade the city’s infrastructure, on a relatively low budget.

The students were organised in groups, therefore they learned how to use teamwork on their path towards the ďŹ nalisation of the roundabout. Not only that, but they also gained some relevant knowledge of the process of a real project, as well as a solid asset for their CVs.


CLIENTS Morrow will target people that are small business owners that run shops or stores on major streets of the city.

ADVANTAGES The clients will have a word in the design process, as well as the final outcomes. The clients will benefit of ‘free’ mass media promotion, as a result of the scale of the project. The clients will only pay the fraction of the price of a proper rebranding service/package.

CHALLENGES The clients will have to pay a small entry fee. The clients will be asked to make a donation to a charity foundation.


STUDENTS Morrow will target people that are studying a degree in the arts field and are currently in their final year.

ADVANTAGES The students will gain valuable knowledge of how to finish a real project with real clients. The students will benefit of a feeling of accomplishment while gaining valuable work experience. The students will benefit of free housing, food & drinks throughout the event & camp. The students will get to showcase their work at the end of the event.

CHALLENGES Branding is something serious and has to be taken very seriously under the supervision of a professional

FUNDING & SPONSORSHIP The project will be started in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK, and will be funded by Kirkless Council, and the University of Huddersfield. Kirklees Council is the local authority of the district of Kirklees in West Yorkshire, England, and will be required to fund the project in order to modernise the facade of the city. The University of Huddersfield will be asked to arrange meetings and lectures with our representatives in order to engage students to join us in our mission of upgrading the looks of the city.


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The Creative Bootcamp - Booklet 4  

This booklet details the strategy implemented in the Creative Bootcamp project.

The Creative Bootcamp - Booklet 4  

This booklet details the strategy implemented in the Creative Bootcamp project.