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table of contents about the artist can we talk? (2011) grads of 2014 homecoming bisou, bisou (2012) shh cheerleading squad make me a mix tape, baby (2012) how to mend a broken heart (2012) bitches in stitches (2012) prom eat your heart out (2012) cootie catchers (2012) untitled (2013) Vivian about the work messages

cassandra marsillo is a multi-disciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, fibres and performance. usually working with themes of nostalgia, memory and relationships, her pieces are often self-referential yet open to interpretation and personal exploration. she is currently completing her bfa at concordia university, majoring in studio arts. her love for art started with a constant need to draw the sailor scouts, sakura the cardcaptor and princess yum yum from the thief and the cobbler when she was younger.

can we talk? (2011) plexiglass, tissues and silk silk tissues printed with messages, quotes and letters from relationships past. things we wish to throw away, to discard but we can’t.

bisou, bisou (2012) plaster, magnets and acrylic paint a swarm of kisses.

make me a mix tape, baby (2012) embroidery thread, wool and cassette cases woven cassettes encoded with song titles, a timeline of boyfriends the audience decode the messages.

past, the soundtrack of relationships. a legend is provided to help

how to mend a broken heart (2012) felt, rope, needles, thread and scissors in this interactive piece, the audience is invited to find two halves of a heart to sew together. some might spend time searching for the perfect match, others may take two mismatched pieces and attempt to make them fit together. the outcome of this piece depends compltely on the community putting it together.

bitches in stitches (2012) performance, uniform, book Vivian flips through her book of bitches in stitches, making them friendship bracelets, which then hang as nooses from the doll house balcony.

eat your heart out (2012) performance, heart shaped cake, dress and decorations some say the greatest form of revenge is happiness, well happy birthday to me.

cootie catcher (2012) origami paper and stickers as a child, I believed that cootie catchers held the secrets to my future. who I would marry, what job I would have... in this piece hundreds of cootie catchers were made, then unfolded, their secrets revealed in a woven structure. these cootie catchers tell the story of my fate according to some.

untitled (2013) wool, cake forms and foam a felted cake.

Vivian (2012, ongoing) performance Vivian is a character I have been work working on since fall of 2012. she is a 16-year old high school senior with a mean streak and 12 bffs she likes to call her bitches. inspired by mean girls, heathers, pretty little liars, and the every day high school experience, Vivian embodies your typical queen b, but with an even worse attitude.

follow her v-logs on youtube: Vivian B

the body of work I have been creating revolves around the life of Vivian, a 16 year old high school senior, inspired by heathers and mean girls. various pieces come together to create the whole, including: performance, video and fibres. the purpose of the project is to create Vivian’s senior year: from homecoming, to prom, from catfights, to boyfriends and break-ups. I am looking to create a life for this character based on extreme versions of the high school experience. Vivian could be a real girl, and this body of work aims to make her as real as possible. also compiled in this yearbook are pictures of pieces I have created over the last two years. these pieces all share similar themes and feelings.

N.B. although the photos throughout this project are of acutal people, the characters they represent are imaginary and do not reflect in any way, at all, the person they are posing as. that said, I would like to thank all the people who have posed for these pictures and helped me out throughout the completion of this project: erica marsillo, jessica attardo, tanya ludovico, claudia ludovico, althea thompson, christina maniatis, anna viegas, veronica della foresta, samantha morielli, sabrina basso, sara lakhdar, teresa prioriello, chelsea serino, amanda d’andrea, pamela d’andrea, amanda racky, elisa arcaro, bart marsillo, bruno bianchi and adamo borzoni. thank you to the professors who have encouraged me to pursue the performance of Vivian: monique moumblow and barbara laine. finally, many thanks to my advisor and mentor, not only for this project, but throughout the discovery of my artistic practice as well, danica jojich.

concordia univerity, scul 450 independent study, summer 2013

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SHH Yearbook + Artist's Book  
SHH Yearbook + Artist's Book  

A publication by Cassandra Marsillo, part Artist's Book, part yearbook for Vivian, SHH senior. Part of an ongoing series of performance, in...