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Faci Application Form Regional Winter Conferences 2011 AIESEC Germany Are you curious about Regional Winter Conferences in AIESEC Germany? Do you want to participate in one or more Regional Winter Conferences in AIESEC Germany? Are you ready to facilitate on one or more of the upcoming Regional Winter Conferences in AIESEC Germany? Great! Please read through this application form carefully, as it contains basic information about dates, location and contact data as well as the content of the workshops. Please note that all our conferences are open to international facilitators from all over the world! Just like last year, the regional coordinators and conference managers decided to provide ONE APPLICATION FORM for ALL CONFERENCES. Application deadline is 7th November, 23.59 (GMT+1).

If you have any questions, please feel free to approach us! We are looking forward to your application and to rock the regional winter conferences with you! We trust in your ability and motivation as a facilitator to create a wonderful conference experience for our delegates! Please fill out the application at until November 7th, 23.59 (GMT+1) Regarding the results you will be notified by the according Conference Manager between November 11th and November 14th.

AIESEC in Germany

Contact Data Cassandra Karsch

Conference Manager Frubaria (Bavaria & Fruits)

Maximilian Frei

Conference Manager Sunlights (Northern Lights & Sunrise)

Saman Azizi

Conference Manager WildFire (Dragons & Wild West) +49 (0) 173 / 8607 811 skype: cassie-berlin +49 (0) 176 / 7080 7832 skype: maxi.frei +49 (0) 176 / 3413 2090 skype: saman.azizi

Requirements: In order to make the regional conferences a wonderful experience for all our delegates we have some expectations towards the facilitators. Please read through them before applying for a conference. We rely on your ability to fulfill those requirements if we select you! •

Attending Pre-meeting – Post- meeting

Experience in facilitation and Passion for developing individuals

Time dedication before the conference for session development and preparation

Be active on the conference fun team

Be a Role Model

Having TtT is required

Key Learning Points: All regional conferences follow one goal: Expanding the knowledge, experience and motivation of all participants! As a facilitator, you have the chance to grow on several levels: • • • • •

Expand your facilitator experience in preparation of a workshop, coordination with your Co-Faci and preparation of several special Faci-tasks Experience on a regional level: dive into the unique regional spirit of at least one region of AIESEC Germany! Experience the work within a big conference team, which requires good communication in advance and on site Opportunity to reflect upon your personal facilitator-experience during meetings on site, post-meeting and wrap-up of the conference Expand your personal network and learn from other facilitators

AIESEC in Germany

Conferences: AIESEC Germany's LCs are part of six different regions. Each conference is for the EBs and members of two of these regions. The expected number of participants is around 100-150 delegates for each conference. Region

Contact Person



Cassandra Karsch

13.-15.1.2012 (Premeeting 12.1.)

Somewhere beautiful down south

Bavaria / Fruits (Frubaria)

Bavaria means Augsburg, Bamberg, Bayreuth, München, Nürnberg, Passau, Regensburg, Ulm and Würzburg. They‘re known for secret rituals, traditional clothing (hot Dirndl and Lederhosen) and their high willingness to participate in everything. The Fruits with Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Konstanz, Mannheim, Stuttgart-Hohenheim and Tübingen-Reutlingen will add more than just a „little“ flavor to our conference. Their solidarity and passion for everything AIESEC is known all across the country. That makes 16 local committees, more than 100 delegates and a recipe for an amazing time. Dragons / Wild West

Saman Azizi

6.-8.1.2012 (Premeeting 5.1.)


(WildFire) Wild West and Dragons are consist of 15 LCs. The LCs Aachen, Bonn, Cologne, Darmstadt,

Frankfurt, Gießen and Koblenz are in WW and Bielefeld, Bochum, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, DuisburgEssen, Münster, Paderborn and Wuppertal are known as Dragons. Both regions have unique culture of conference and they appear with large number of inspired delegates . Their common shout is : WW: “Wild Wild West – we are the best – W W – huh huh huh” Dragons: “Dragons aiming higher – we set you on fire”. Northern Lights / Sunrise

Maximilian Frei

9.-11.12.2011 (Premeting 8.12.)


(Sunlights) Northern Lights and Sunrise consist of the Northern (Braunschweig, Bremen, Hannover, Hamburg, Kiel, Lüneburg, Oldenburg, Rostock) and Eastern German LCs (Berlin TU, Berlin HUFU, Dresden, Halle, Jena, Leipzig, Magdeburg). Both regions have a strong spirit that they like to show on conferences. Some of the LCs are famous for having a very large number of delegates attending conferences, so expect this conference to be HUGE :)

AIESEC in Germany

Workshops offered Conference Frubaria

EB Tracks

Other Workshops


• We’re going to offer three combined


functional member workshops


• ICX for Members 2) Sunlights


• OGX for Members 3)


• Sales for Members 4) • Middle Management 5)



• Project Management 6) • Team Management 7) • Leadership 8)

* Please note that LCP tracks will be delivered by the according regional coordinators. 1) Delegates of the combined functional member workshops shall have the opportunity to work on resort specific processes. The knowledge their gaining together with Softskill sessions on Saturday is aiming to make them more confident members who want to take more responsibility in their LCs. Applicants for those tracks need to be up to date with the national direction or need to have the time to bring themselves up to date with it. 2) ICX for members will teach members about efficient work in ICX. Applicants for this track need to have operative working experience in ICX. 3) OGX for members will cover especially topics of EP Recruitment and Matching. Applicants for this track are expected to have OGX experience. 4) Sales for members aims to provide practical support primarily for ER members working in Sales. Applicants for this track need to have experience with AIESEC-related Sales. 5) Middle Management will support both sub-team leaders and OCPs to manage their teams more effciently. You should have worked as either OCP or in a middle management position before. 6) The project management aims to enable delegates for working on or leading AIESEC related projects and aid them to justify their skills for being a multi-task person. Applicants for this track need to have previous experience of working on projects 7) Team management workshop aims to gives insight on the techniques, processes and tools for organizing and coordinating a group of individuals working towards common goals. Applicants for this tracks need to have previous EB experience. 8) The goal of the leadership track is on the one hand to get members excited about the topic of leadership itself, and on the other hand motivate delegates to get a step further and take LR roles in their LCs. Applicants for this track need to have previous or current LR experience

AIESEC in Germany

Additional Information: •

Please note that every facilitator has to pay the Fee II (5,-/day) to cover costs for snacks / drinks during the evening. Accommodation and meals will be covered. The deposit (10,-), payable during check-in, will be hand back to you during check-out.

Travel Costs: We will be able to support you up to 60 €. If you have higher travel costs, you have to cover anything above the 60 €!

Please note that the deadline for your application is November 7, 23.59 (GMT+1) sharp. If you hand in your application too late, you will be waitlisted, but we can’t guarantee to consider your application then.

Please be assured that we as RegioCos and Conference Managers do our best to make the application and selection process and the preparation of our conferences as smooth as possible. If you have feedback / additional remarks, please feel free to contact us any time.

We will try to consider every preference you express, but we also count on your understanding and flexibility if we face difficulties to meet our demand. If the facilitating opportunities differ from your preferences we will contact you directly.

AIESEC in Germany

AIESEC - RegioConf 11/12 - Application Info Kit  

All information concerning your application for this semesters regional conferences.

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