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Culture Shock In 2005, Hurricane Katrina came crashing through the Southern part of the United States destroying homes and families in New Orleans and surrounding areas. I was lucky enough to go on a mission trip to help rebuild people’s lives. Before going down there, I was very naive to the different world that was a head of me. I am used to suburbia, but this environment was much different. This was an awesome trip.

LESSONS LEARNED... This trip was inspiring and really showed me how people from different cultures and backgrounds can work together. On this trip, we met people from all over the world willing to help out the people of New Orleans. We were able to talk to some of the children in this area. I have never been around a disaster like this, but it really showed that children cannot learn unless their physical needs are met. I never really put this idea together until then.

MOSAIC. We slept in a huge tent with volunteer workers from all over. We were able to see the good in everyone and work together to help the people of New Orleans.

New Orleans Missions This trip showed me how much different cultures can change even in our our country. It was an eyeopener to seeing all different sides to the disaster. We worked at a school for two days - the school was not really a school at the moment, instead, it was a holding ground for supplies. But, we were able to talk

TEAMWORK. We worked long hard days, but it was the experiences and getting to know different people from different backgrounds all coming together to form one goal that made this trip memorable.

to some of the teachers that used to work there. They were able to tell us about the students and how they were effected mentally and physically. School was much different after the disaster and they had to approach subjects in a brand new way so the students would pay attention.

INSPIRE. We saw tons of children’s toys just placed about. We were able to talked to kids that had this tragedy happen to them first hand. We were inspired by their perseverance to want to accomplish goals.

Teaching Across Cultures  
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