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Music Technology Anita Pincas January 2012 Functional List Most applications are hyperlinked to the internet All keywords in this table are hyperlinked within the text. [DT] = digital tools [DA] = digital automation

Learning 1. Input


1.1 Listening [DT] 1.2 Literacy: Note-processing with automatic music recognition [DA] 1.3 Independent learning [DT] 1.4 Search::Identification of (finding) melodies etc. [DT]

2. Activation

2.1 Imitating/playing-singing along with [DT] PERFORMING 2.2 Intelligent accompaniment Generating music Play/Sing/Conduct automatically [DA] 2.3 Electronic instruments [DT] 2.4 Virtual Instruments [DT] 2.5 SHARING/Group playing online

3. Feedback

Automated Error Correction [DT]

Beyond Learning 4. CREATIING


4.1 Sampling [DT] 4.2 Mixing [DT] 4.3 Composing/Improvising [DT] 4.4 Innovations 4.4.1 Hyperinstruments [DT] 4.4.2 BjĂśrk Biophilia 4.4.3 Linsey Pollak Collaboration, co-creation online [DT]


6.1 Media merge – sound, moving images, etc. [DT] 6.2 Visible Sound [DA]


7.1 Producing [DT] 7.2 Broadcasting [DA] and [DT]

8. iPhone

Ways to Make Music on an iPhone Music Futures Non-music technology of relevance to musicians Small selection

9. OTHER 10 Literature

Learning input 1. KNOWING


Listening [DT]

Concert Vault Get free access to the world’s largest collection of live recordings right on your iPhone. With Concert Vault, you can listen to live concerts from the 1960s to today, from rock to jazz to country and everything in between. Learn more Directional audio loudspeaker technology Directs the output sound to a specific person or limited space, so that others cannot hear it. GuitarToolkit Download GuitarToolkit and play 500,000 chord variation. Simply touch the notes on the fretboard that make up a chord, and GuitarToolkit tells you what that chord is. It also includes an accurate tuner and metronome.

I-Doser aims to simulate specific mental states through the use of binaural beats, and much of it is named after prohibited recreational drugs.[1] The I-Doser player has been downloaded more than a million times[2] and is based on the audio technology of a GPL-licensed binaural beat generator, SBaGen.[3] The player can be downloaded for free, but the audio content has to be purchased. Karajan Music & Ear Trainer for practicing theory/aural skills.

Spotify Over 13 million tracks and counting; available for PC, Mac, home audio system and mobile phone. And because the music plays live, there’s no need to wait for downloads and no big dent in your hard drive. Share music- tracks, playlists, the lot. Connect Spotify to Facebook and you'll be sharing your favourites with friends in seconds. Just send them a link to a track or playlist and they can listen instantly. If you like, you can also collaborate on shared playlists. 1.2

Literacy: Note-processing with automatic music recognition [DA] Product reviews/comparisons 2011: In order of best features: Sibelius First Finale PrintMusic MagicScore Maestro MusicTime Deluxe QuickScore Elite Forte Standard Notation Composer NoteWorthy Composer Play Music Music MasterWorks


records tracks as fast as you create them, and captures changes as fast as you make them. Watch your music-making in real-time notation on a dynamic score. Notation, Sequencing., Transpose by Instrument, MIDI In & Out, Drag & Drop Edit, Quantize, Copy, Nudge, Piano roll; Punch Record (In/ Out), Loop Record & Playback. Professional sound for plug-ins, instruments,effects. Import /Export Music XML. Export scores or selected tracks to JPEG, BMP, TGA, TIFF, EPS (PostScript), Wave and MP3

IntelliScore Adds Drum to MIDI Capability to Automatic Music. It is the world's only multi-instrument, multi-drum MP3 to MID converter. Now includes Score Builder and Lead Sheet Creator. IntelliScore Ensemble is the only product in the world that helps you create music notation by converting multiple-instrument CD audio, WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, and AIFF files to multi-track MIDI (.mid) files containing the notes and drums played, broken down by instrument. Noteflight Music notation for a connected world. an online music writing application that lets you transcribe from sound, create, view, print and hear music notation with professional quality, share with others, or embed into your own pages. free account, or purchase a Noteflight Crescendo subscription to next level. With the built-in Noteflight Composition Studio, student compositions can be shared, printed, or saved for use in collaborative projects and performances.

Composition Studio Notes! - Learn To Read Music This app will help beginners learn the letter names for notes on the bass and treble clef ("F" on bass through to "G" on treble). Key letters can be set to any of these options:1) C D E F G A B; 2) C D E F G A H 3) Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si. For intermediate learners "Piano Notes!." Music Notation Training is a simple website on which students can practice recognizing music notes for both bass and treble clefs. To use the site just type the letters of the notes you see displayed before you. Each time you type a letter you can instantly see if you were right or wrong.

Scorch is the free software which lets you view, play, customize and print Sibelius scores on the Internet.. Scorch makes scores interactive . Top print quality . Scores download in moments. With Scorch on my iPad it is a cinch to go from looking at the full score to looking at any specific part and only that part. It is way easier than trying to play along with the students and turning pages on a score! Plus when I am in sectionals it is so nice to be able to just focus on one part and not see the whole score if I don’t want to! Solo Explorer is a wav to midi conversion, automatic music transcription (recognition), and music notation software for Windows. Open audio files or directly record your own performances. It returns a music score in a standard notation that can be played, edited, and saved. It has straight-forward and easy-to-use. It achieves high accuracy. interface. WIDI Recognition System has enhanced features for automated music recognition and transcription, converting MP3 to MIDI format, WAVE to MIDI, MP3 to MIDI, CD to MID, recorded music or your own voice into score! both monophonic and polyphonic conversion. Maybe you have a particular sound file(wave or mp3 files) that you wish to transfer into your 7650 or other mobile telephone through infrared, because the file size is too larger. Now you can use WIDI to reduce the size of .wav .mp3 files before transferring! Just try it! WIDI is designed to automate transcribing of music. Then you can change it in any way, print, reassign instruments, cut off some notes, add new, etc. with your favorite MIDI Editor (such as CakeWalk ).


Independent learning [DT]

Adventus Piano Suite Premier - course offers a complete piano course which takes you right from the basics A comprehensive interactive piano course for all ages. Learn to play over 500 graded pieces with detailed feedback.

ButtonBeats Play the piano with either your mouse or your computer keyboard. Above the piano there is a drop down menu with a long list of songs for you to play on the piano using your computer keyboard. Just choose the song you want and click the "activate keyboard control" button on the piano. Then type out the letters listed next to the song name.

Cleartune is a chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that allows you to quickly and accurately tune up using the built-in mic in your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch ... GarageBand Your own recording studio.. Flex Time and Groove Matching You can fix the timing of a note. Tighten the groove of your tracks. Keep perfect rhythm. Flex Time fixes simple timing mistakes in your recordings. New Guitar Amps and Stompbox Effects — from clean sounds to heavy distortion and everything in between. You can also reproduce the sound of classic foot pedals with five new stompbox effects, making 15 to choose from. Mix amps with stompboxes and find thousands of ways to rock. And with the Apogee GiO (sold separately), you can control GarageBand hands-free, so you don’t ever have to stop playing. The GiO lets you control stompbox effects, recording and transport controls with your feet. Plug an electric guitar into your Mac, crank it up and let it rip. Guitar Tools

combines a top-quality Guitar Tuner, Metronome and Chords Library, giving you the ultimate set of guitar tools right on your iPhone.

Humanbeatbox Structured beatboxing video lessons. iRealBook has now become iRealb A professional tool for musicians and music students of all levels. Search for whatever jazz piece you want to play and you get the backing band playing it. There are 24 different styles available (12 Jazz Styles and 7 Latin Styles and 5 Pop Styles). Each song can be played in any style, in any key, at any tempo, in different times signatures

and Create, edit, print, share and collect chord charts or your favourite songs for reference while practicing or performing. Practice with realistic sounding piano, bass and drums accompaniments for any chord chart.

iNudge • • • •

Select 1 of 8 different Sound Patterns from the small Matrixes icons on the right. Use your mouse to draw notes on each 16 Step Matrix. Adjust the volume of the iNudge. Click MORE for advanced adjustment abilities. Make the nudge longer for more interesting patterns with the PLUS button.

• Jam Studio is a music creator that not only lets you create music beats but also can help you write songs online. Also, you can learn how to download your music. You can create demo songs with just a few clicks, or backing tracks and karaoke songs. In addition, you can download your music in a simple way. or review at

Music Drawing Notation by Virtual Sheet Music has been specifically designed to write basic music melodies by putting notes on a music staff the easiest way. A typical use is, for any musician, to easily put down melodies "on the go".

Online Music Composition Curriculum includes Noteflight® Crescendo as part of Inside Music. Has three proficiency levels—Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each proficiency level includes seven comprehensive lessons that teach students how to compose: Instructional Videos/Assessment and Review /Composition Studio PianoAngel

* Swipe on chords and tap melody to play beautiful piano chord & melody with ease. * Editable Chord preset settings. * Key and transpose can be adjusted for composing needs – as convenient as keyboards & guitars. * Intensity controls furthermore vary your playing style. * Use the notation style you are familiar with: Lettered / Solfege / Roman / Numbered. * Auto chord playing mode with tempo modification & tap tempo. * Song settings can be saved as presets.

* Pixel-perfect UI design & graphics. * Intuitive help screen & settings window. * iPad is supported – Enjoy playing on larger screen! PitchPipe SoundJunction is the award-winning site for listening to, exploring, discovering and creating music. Listen and explore: rock, classical, jazz, African, drum 'n' bass, pop, fusion and much more... Musical instruments: professional musicians on video -- the violin to the udu, bassoon to drums. Discover how music works by taking it apart and making it yourself. Being a musician in a musical career: over 40 musicians talk on film about their experiences. Create and compose your own music online with free software. Discover how composers and remix artists make their music. Learn about music's background and history. Find music teaching resources and materials for exams in music. Browse freely around the site or use the Learning trail forum to explore particular subjects and issues.

Tonara is a new app just released today for reading music on your iPad. This one will turn the pages for you though! It listens to you playing, even if you speed up or slow down, and will turn the pages according to what it is hearing though you have to buy the music from their music store. Violin nTune:Violin Free By Cocoada This application was written by a violinist that needed an accurate application for tuning. It uses ACTUAL recorded violin notes and not generated sound effects. Included playback options of Arco (bowing) or Pizzicato (plucking). Contains the basic tuning of G, D, A and E. Just push the button for the corresponding note. There are settings for playing one note with each click or a continuous loop with silence between to allow you to tune. Cocoada Web SitenTune:Violin Free Support

YouTube Too many videos to list. Search within Youtube, or in Google for what you need. 1.4

Search::Identification of (finding) melodies etc. [DT]

Gracenote Music similarity identification, audio thumbnailing., automatic chord recognition, identify music files. So called metadata such as artist, title, and genre are accessed from the Gracenote Media Database and displayed in Nero Burning ROM. The identified metadata is written to the music file and is then available. Identification is possible for single audio files as well as complete original Audio CDs. If the metadata of the Audio CD is not yet included in the database then you can enter it and make it available. The metadata is sent to Gracenote and added into the database.. In this way your music collection is correctly tagged with all information. Gracenote is the industry standard in music recognition technology and related content delivery. Midomi - If you have a tune that's stuck in your head, just grab a microphone, hum that tune yourself and Midomi will be able tell you what that song is.

Shazam Name that tune.

If you hear a song you like, point your iPhone at the speaker and Shazam tells you the name of the song and who sings it. It also lets you download the song from iTunes, tag it, and watch the video. A service designed to

connect people with music they heard but didn’t know, as well as to discover new music, search for a specific interest, buy a range of music products, marking a track to buy it later, or just to create a collection and even pass it on to friends and family through our Shazam Friends feature. In selected areas, Shazam for TV enables customers to tag their favorite shows or commercials to access exclusive content, contests and other information.

SoundHound Free Voice-directed music search Fast music identification Sing & Hum recognition Soundmouse technology was engineered specifically for automated recognition of music in difficult audio environments such as music buried within television broadcasts. It can accurately recognise very short durations of music in distorted environments where layers of additional sound such as voiceover, atmosphere and effects are mixed in with the music. Its systems have been engineered to handle the large scale reporting demands of the broadcast industry so that recognition is accurate and complete, and processing is genuinely scalable. SoundTracking, a mobile application for telling your friends about the music you’re listening to, has been downloaded more than 100,000 in the two weeks since it launched, according to co-founder and chief executive Steve Jang. 2. ACTIVATION

2.1 PERFORMING - Play/Sing/Conduct

Glee Snag the solo. Get private singing lessons from the coolest geeks in school. The Glee app perfects your pitch and harmonizes your vocals so you can record your greatest hits and share them with the world. Learn more

Singer's Vocal Warmup This App is for singers and musicians who need to quickly warm up or work out their voice. These mp3s were designed and recorded by a professional music teacher and take male and female voices through their full vocal ranges using the most common scales and arpeggio exercises.Great for singers that need a vocal workout and looking to increase their singing range. Hit higher notes and improve vocal tone! Singing these tested exercises will improve your singing ability!!

VocaLive VocaLive tames your vocals provides singers and vocalists with a suite of 12 real-time professional vocal effects along with a capable recorder for studio quality sound in a portable package. The effects can be combined into a chain of 3 processors and saved as presets. A collection of up to 50 presets is included to get you up and running immediately.

VocaLive includes 5 Vocal Effects – Pitch Fix (for tuning correction or stylized quantization FX), Choir (a 3-part harmonizer), Morph (a formant shifter to change the tonal quality of the voice from subtle deepening to radical gender bending) and Double (by registering) – along with 7 Studio Effects – De-Esser, Reverb, Delay, Parametric EQ, Compressor, Chorus, Phazer and Envelope Filter – that together create the perfect vocal processing solution.


Imitating/playing-singing along with [DT]

Karaoke Vocal Remover Software Start with a song you've downloaded from the Internet, music services, or extract a song from any music CD. Using the Karaoke Vocal Remover Software, your computer will reduce or remove vocals from the music. Using sophisticated waveform sound inversion software technology, centered vocals without echo will be stripped away, and centered vocals with echo or reverb will be reduced automatically. Any remaining vocals provide a pleasing backup vocal effect. Your original recording must be in stereo and vocals need to be in the center of the stereo track; vocals on the left and right sides are not removed. After reduction or elimination of the centered vocals, you can write the music to a new CD, and use it in any karaoke machine, stereo, or portable player. Now you can be the lead singer over the new backing track music, which may already have a pleasing backup vocal effect, or you can add additional backup singers. A built-in multi-track editor allows you to change the length of the song, cut portions out of the song, and even record voice with the music. Play piano along with a virtuoso violinist. Helpful hints provided so you can keep up with the music. Follow exactly as the violin part or make up your own accompaniments. Learn to play some of the most beautiful classical pieces. Included are 6 solo violin songs to play along with. APP FEATURES:- Fully functional 85-key piano keyboard- 3 piano types: Grand Piano, Bright Piano, & Dark Piano- Draggable piano keyboard - High quality violin recordings- Clean and clear representation of music melodiesSONG LIST:- The Blue Danube by Strauss- Cradle Song by Brahms- Fur Elise by Beethoven- My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice by Saint-Saens- Gymnopedies by Satie- Winter by VivaldiMore songs are available for download within the app.VIDEO DEMO:


Intelligent accompaniment [DA] See also 2.1.7 Hyperinstruments [DT]

2.3 Electronic instruments [DT] Keyboards [free standing] List at

Octonic A revolutionary new musical instrument has been designed by University of Glamorgan Product Design student, Josh Ford. June 23, 2009 The Octonic is an intuitive instrument that works with sensors which are activated when a hand is waved over them.

The original concept for the Octonic was conceived by Dr Ben Challis whose initial prototype was called the Benemin and focussed upon inclusivity for users with learning or physical disabilities. Josh answered a different brief that proposed using the Benemin technology to create a product that was aimed at the more mainstream electronic music market. Originally from Wokingham Josh has had a passion for music and design since childhood, so this project was the perfect opportunity to combine both. He said, “I was very keen to take the project on as I’m a big fan of electronic music. My approach to this task was to make using the technology as intuitive as possible but also to create a forum that was different to what has been done before.”

The double cantilever design allows the instrument to be played in different modes to suit the individual user and it also physically splits the controls from the sensors making it easier to operate. The cantilevers emanate from a central cylindrical body which houses the speaker and circuitry it also houses the tactile feedback element although this aspect of the design was not fully realized through this prototype. Josh who is due to graduate next month has already had some interest in the added, “My supervisor at the University of Glamorgan, Dr Richard Randall has been a big support. With his help and that of the University’s Commercial Services Office, we were able to put a business case together for the Octonic and have already had some commercial interest.” See Josh’s website for more information and a video of the design processes of the Octonic alongside other examples of his work. 2.4 Virtual Instruments [DT] Hang

Avacata Get busy on our version of the infamous steel instrument. Start it up, bang away, even record your own loop to play along with.

iTick metronome

Magic Piano

“Play timeless pieces on spiral and circular keyboards, or follow beams of light – mastery requires only imagination. Play alone, or travel through a warp hole and play Piano Roulette with other performers across the world. Create your own music or enjoy the app’s 45 free classic and popular tunes. No practice or patience required!” Free By Cocoada This application was written by a violinist that needed an accurate application for tuning. It uses ACTUAL recorded violin notes and not generated sound effects. Included playback options of Arco (bowing) or Pizzicato (plucking). Contains the basic tuning of G, D, A and E. Just push the button for the corresponding note. There are settings for playing one note with each click or a continuous loop with silence between to allow you to tune. Cocoada Web SitenTune:Violin Free Support

Pianist Pro a virtual piano designed specifically for the iPad, - Full recording and overdub facility. - Live MIDI control of external synths via CoreMidi USB, MIDI Mobilizer interface, Network MIDI, OSC or DSMI. - Standard MIDI File import and export. - Audio (WAV) file export. - 16 professionally recorded instruments (pianos, organs, guitars, synths). - Built-in effects, arpeggiator and drum machine. - Soft and Sustain pedals, and velocity based on key strike position. - A full 88 key Single or dual keyboard layout with configurable key size. - Onscreen pitch bend, modulation and swell pedal controls. - Vibrato and Low-Pass Filter. It features full MIDI import and export capability, allowing you to record song ideas while on the road and export them via MIDI to your Digital Audio Workstation back at the studio. You can also use Pianist Pro as

a great master MIDI keyboard, either with USB, the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer interface, or via Wi-Fi. Drive your soft or hard synths wirelessly from the sofa, or from another room. Pianist Pro can even be used as a MIDI sound source, driven by an external hardware keyboard. A built-in arpeggiator allows the user to create perfectly timed runs just by holding down a few keys, and complex patterns of notes and chords can be programmed into the arpeggiator and played back live. Pianist Pro makes it easy to play shuffle-beat blues piano, complete with walking bassline and overlayed jazz chords - all by simply holding down a single chord. Changing the chord changes the melody but maintains the tight rhythm provided by the arpeggiator. A drum machine offers an elegantly simple interface for adding rhythm, with a choice of drum kits to suit a range of musical styles. While a delay effect can be used to bring energy and interest to a synth bassline, or guitar or piano riff.The 'Scale Piano' interface allows the user to select a musical scale from a large choice of presets (eg. Natural Minor or Pentatonic Blues) or define their own scales from scratch. Notes and runs on that scale can then be played back in any key, simply by sliding a finger up and down a virtual touch-pad on-screen.

Piano using PC’s keyboard Each key becomes a different note.

PocketGuitar by Shinya Kasatani

gives you the option to hear sounds from six different popular stringed instruments. Acoustic-electric guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, muted guitar, ukulele and bass; turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a virtual guitar. You can press and strum strings, just like a real guitar. Strings Session Strings Pro is the new gold standard for contemporary studio strings. Take control of an 11-piece ensemble, recorded with the utmost precision in four different settings for maximum flexibility and realism. With its immaculate, intimate quality, unique musical workflow and a vivid, modern edge, Session Strings Pro is the premium choice for pop, RnB and more. Taking the intuitive approach of Session Strings Pro to new heights of quality and detail, Session Strings Pro is20 times bigger with refined workflows, separate instrument groups, a choice of instrument placements, 29 articulations and precise control. Session Strings Pro is far more than just a string library. Creating natural, expressive string tracks in the highest possible quality has never been more immediate, or more rewarding.

Thumb Piano This app comes with only a single tuning. That said, the experience of playing this African kalimba is more accurately replicable on the iPhone than with any other app, since it's meant to be played with your thumbs.


Tingalin is a virtual lute application based on the Albanian musical instrument called Çifteli (pair of strings). Melodies are played by shaking your iPhone or iPod. Touch as if you were strumming the real instrument. The two-stringed instrument has 14 two-note chords. You pre-record the sequence and then play by shaking your phone to strum. It comes with pre-arranged melodies to shake along to.

Ukulele on the App Store. Download Ukulele and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Chords4Ukes Chords4Ukes quickly and easily displays the most common chords for Ukuleles. - Select the chord, select the scale and you will see the fingering for that chord - The name of the note appears in the circle for each finger - To play the chord, if you have the sound turned on, swipe across the screen to the right, or play notes individually by touching each circle - Tune your Ukulele by touching the GCEA at the top of the fret board, either C or D tuning - To see/hear a chord further up the neck simply swipe up/down on the fret board. The fret number will appear on the left hand side. Violin For iPad: Violin For iPad is one of the easiest and most comprehensive music application for your iPad that comes with amazing HD graphics, excellent sound & intuitive controls. It also comes with variety of options which have bow. Whenever you'll tap on string, the bow will follow your each & every move. The default violin option is a simple & easy to use violin. You can play different style then the default option with "Violin" option. The "Zoom" option offers simple and easy way to play the violin on your iPad. You'll be presented in full view of a violin in the "Full" option. Move the bow using your finger and as the bow touches the string it will release sound through the "Strumming"


Generating music automatically [DA]

Bloom a mesmerizing app from ambient music pioneer Brian Eno, turns your iPhone into a 21st-century music box. Touch the screen to layer and loop sounds. Then sit back and enjoy the elaborate patterns and relaxing soundscapes.

Mini-Composer A 16 step music sequencer which is free, simple and fun. - Multi-touch note input

- Random notes

- Clear notes

- 32 polyphonic tones +

1 drum track

- Drums on/off

Myna online track mixer

Powerful clip editing Trim, loop, stretch and reverse your audio clips. Add sound effects or record your own voice. Spend less time worrying about your software and more time making your music. Automation Easily add fade-ins, fade-outs, pan from left to right, and modify gain over time with editable control points. Effects Pitch change, reverb, delay, and parametric EQ are just a few examples of the effects you can use to customize your sound.

RjDj Create a soundtrack. Turn the world around you into a song with RjDj. This music-making app picks up ambient sounds, then bounces them back through your headphones. Record as you go and enjoy your creative compositions again later.

Trope Part instrument, part composition and part artwork, Bloom’s innovative controls allow anyone to create elaborate patterns and unique melodies by simply tapping the screen. A generative music player takes over when Bloom is left idle, creating an infinite selection of compositions and their accompanying visualisations. 3. SHARING Group playing online [DT] eJamming introduced eJamming AUDiiO, a new Internet service and software for musicians that lets you make music and collaborate with others in real-time over the Internet. ninjam

Open source (GPL) software to make music together via the Internet. Every participant can hear every other. Each can also tweak their personal mix to his or her liking. NINJAM is cross-platform, with clients available for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. REAPER (our digital audio workstation software for Windows and OS X) also includes NINJAM support (ReaNINJAM plug-in).

Skype Online Band Practice [with electric instruments] SoundCloud - Share Your Sounds Create, record and share the sounds you create anywhere to friends, family and the world with, the world's largest community of sound creators. Spotify - you can also collaborate on shared playlists. Social music made simple.

3. Feedback Automated Error Correction of [DT] Celemony Melodyne DNA pitch correction music Vocal polishing of the highest quality, the removal of wrong notes from piano recordings, incredible harmonic and rhythmic freedom. using powerful "plug-in" software like Melodyne, tone-deaf, no-talent howlers can have their pain-inducing vocals corrected with a couple of clicks and drags of the old mouse. 10 years ago the standard way to correct pitch in vocals was Autotune. To correct bits manually, you’d have to use graphical mode. It was very fiddly, you’d have to load in a few seconds of vocal and then nip in to an inch square box and move the audio up or down to correct the pitch then bounce down. It didn’t sound great either. Then came Celemony’s Melodyne; the quality of its central pitch/time manipulation engine generated a real sense of excitement amongst because of the new possibilities and user friendliness. Then in 2009 came Melodyne DNA (Direct Note Access). It promised what some called impossible: the selective manipulation of individual notes within a polyphonic audio file. I loaded in a stereo mix of All Saints’ ‘Never Ever’. I found it easy to nip in and change the individual notes in the piano chords throughout the song. And change the pitch of all the instruments without affecting anything else playing at the same point. Even instruments which were relatively close to each other in pitch. So undoubtedly the most incredible software I’ve every come across and great fun to play with. But, I can’t for the life of me think where it would be useful to me! The old Melodyne is fine for me to tune monophonic vocal tracks. GarageBand “How Did I Play?” GarageBand listens in real time and tells you how you’re doing. You’ll see how well you played with coloured notes, a progress bar and a performance meter. You can check your rhythm and note accuracy, keep track of your progress and beat your best score Learn from the pros. Video demonstrations, synchronised notation and instrument animations make lessons fun and easy to follow. And you can learn at your own pace.. The new built-in glossary is a great

reference for tuning your guitar, changing strings, reading music, finding basic chords and scales, and more. With the Chord Trainer, you’ll master the most important guitar chords by shape, which makes it easier to keep them straight. HarmonyBuilder (Educational) is a music theory software that enables composers of 4-part harmony to check for errors in harmony and counterpoint. Color-coding is used to indicate harmony errors as well as signal the presence of chords derived from the major or harmonic minor scales. Furthermore, this is the first program available on the market that automatically recognizes chords and accurately names them in both modern and baroque notation. The Educational version is designed for: • Students of theory, harmony, counterpoint, or tonal composition; • Teachers who are looking for a higher standard of course work from their students; • Teachers who are looking for a system that enables online score sharing and collaborative composition projects for their students.

Beyond Learning 4. CREATIVITY and MULTIMEDIA 4.1 Sampling [DT] Footage Firm [] To celebrate the addition of production music and sound effects to, they are giving you 7 days of complimentary downloads to over 6,000 audio clips: Simply choose a username and password, you can immediately begin downloading anything on

Samplers 10,000 sounds and 90 GB of samples cover a lot of sonic territory - from hip-hop to film scores, from pop to techno to classical and beyond. KOMPLETE 7 includes everything from the dirtiest synths to heavenly choirs, pounding drums and mesmerizing effects. With 12 newly included products, previously only available individually, plus five all-new Instruments and Effects, this adds up to the most powerful collection ever covering nearly every instruments category

4.2 Mixing [DT] Mixcloud is re-thinking radio. Listen to great radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mix sets on-demand. Upload and promote your own Cloudcast Remix it with Shapemix Remix, Create and Share A revolutionary and intuitive way to interact with music you love. Mix in space – See your audio as you hear it. * Multi-touch – Move and manipulate several audio channels at once. * Visual feedback – Understand how effects change sounds in real time. * Simply drag and drop complete songs or tracks stored in your Shapemix Collection to create an original music mix. * Import a vocal track, lower the drum beat, and extend the guitar solo all with the touch of your finger.

4.3 Composing/Improvising [DT] AudioTool is a free web based music creator. Just open the website on your web browser and you will be able to create music in no time. After the website loads, you can click on the ‘Launch App’ to go ahead and create your own music. The interface of AudioTool is pretty intuitive, and should be easy for anyone to understand. It will provide you with different music instruments and effect boxes together with a mixer to create music. Band is a collection of virtual instruments that allows anyone, regardless of musical ability, to go beyond just listening to other people's music on the iPhone or iPod Touch, and actually create music themselves from scratch. A number of instruments are provided (drums, piano, bass guitar, blues guitar, and crowd) that make full use of the multi-touch abilities of the iPhone to allow you to play complex chords in real time. As well as hearing the note, you will be able to see the screen react instantly to your touch: piano keys really depress and bass guitar strings really strum. BeatMaker

Your iPhone becomes a fully loaded music studio with the BeatMaker mobile music creation app. Compose professional-sounding beats, record audio samples, and arrange patterns to create songs. Then export your compositions and share them with friends.

BeatStudio to make a multi-layered percussion backing track for your guitar songs, we’ve got you covered. 30 Professionally sampled percussive instruments

Beatwave Hit the beat. With the free Beatwave app, you'll be turning out amazing beats and tracks in no time at all. Choose from a huge range of instrument samples and mix them together using just your finger. Learn more

Guitar Free App Store iTM MidiLab MasterWriter 2.0 - Lyrics

Why struggle to find the right word or phrase, when you can have all the possibilities in an instant. MasterWriter 2.0 is the most remarkable software program ever developed for the songwriter. Its unique features, together with an amazing array of searchable reference dictionaries, provide the songwriter with everything he or she needs in one easy to use program. In a competitive world where good is rarely good enough, use MasterWriter to consistently create the exceptional.

Noteflight Inside Music Composition Studio Online Music Composition Curriculum includes three proficiency levels —Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each proficiency level includes seven comprehensive lessons that teach students how to compose: Instructional Videos/Assessment and Review /Composition Studio SoundCloud - Share Your Sounds Create, record and share the sounds you create anywhere to friends, family and the world with, the world's largest community of sound creators. Tone Pad - a resource for d.i.y. music projects Provides layouts, schematics and components for effects and amplifier projects for the do-it-yourself music community.


Handdrawn interface is loads of fun; emulates a sequencer and a sampler, access typical keyboard sound samples.. The tunes that emerge from this one are more or less catchy. But the interface is so much fun that time will fly by on this when you’re bored. If you want to record it you have to become a member. 4.4 Innovations [DT] 4.4.1 Hyperinstruments Tod Machover -Professor of Music and Media - MIT Media Lab

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This field has undergone a revolution in the past several years through the huge public success of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band videogames that demonstrate the public’s willingness to dive in and immerse themselves in music-making, given the right environment. How could we embed such a new type of activity in a more integrated musical ecology, where the current exaggerated distinctions between celebrities and amateurs would be diminished and the level of musical sophistication, excellence and, hence, enjoyment would be raised for all? We started by developing Hyperinstruments for some of the world’s greatest performers, including Yo-Yo Ma and Prince, as well as orchestras, chamber music ensembles and rock bands. All kinds of sensors are built into the Hyperinstrument so it knows how it is being played. By changing the interpretation and feeling during performance, a cello – for instance – can be morphed into a voice or a whole orchestra or something that nobody has heard before.

As the virtuosic Hyperinstruments developed, we started imagining that we could use similar technologies and interpretation strategies to produce instruments and interfaces for music-lovers who weren’t highly trained virtuosi. We have designed a series of such instruments and interfaces. One of the largest collections was the Brain Opera that launched at the first Lincoln Center Festival in New York in 1996, toured the world and is now permanently installed at the Haus der Musik in Vienna. All the projects suggest a new model for the interrelationship between experts and amateurs in musical listening, performance and creation. Some of the boundaries to active engagement in music have eroded, but there is still much to be done to create a truly vibrant musical culture. Technology can take advantage of our skills and compensate for our limitations. Even more importantly, we need to establish a fundamentally new partnership between all of the potential participants in our musical culture, including individual artists, all parts of the music business, technology, lifestyle, health and social organisations, music presenting and broadcasting entities, research institutions, artists-as-mentors and – last but not least – the music-loving public. Systems such as Drum-Boy and Joystick Music allow non-musicians to shape and create complex and interesting musical pieces by using gestures or word descriptions to influence the real-time interactive environment. Current hyperinstrument research is designing high-level professional systems that measure the most subtle and sophisticated human performance (such as interactive music games, music learning systems, and Internet-oriented group performance and creation). The research focus of all this work is on designing computer systems (sensors, signal processing, and software) that measure and interpret human expression and feeling.. We have also expanded the hyperinstrument environment to include gestural and intuitive control of visual media (Laser Rangefinder, Meteorite Museum, Stretchables, etc.).. We designed the Brain Opera for adult concert-goers, but found that everywhere we went it was most easily understood and most creatively manipulated by the youngest (under 8) and oldest (over 70) visitors. This was perhaps due to lack of inhibition and desire for social play and creativity among those ages. We created a large orchestra of specially designed fantasy instruments (including Rhythm Trees, Harmonic Driving, Gesture Walls and Melody Easels) so that anybody could play them using natural skill. You can play a video game, drive through a piece of music, use gestures to control huge masses of sound, touch a special surface to make melodies and use your voice to make a whole aura. The Toy Symphony project (2002–2005) designed a set of new Music Toys, including the soft, squeezable Music Shapers that manipulate intensity and tone colour; Beatbugs, which capture rhythms that can be manipulated and shared with friends; and a software-composing environment called Hyperscore that lets anyone compose original music by shaping lines and colours. Another goal of Toy Symphony was to develop a project model – learning musical skills, creating new music and then rehearsing and performing a concert – that would bring children and orchestras together. This new area has led to research in using music for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease, for social and emotional adaptation for autistics, for aiding physical and mental rehabilitation and for a growing number of other areas such as Hyperscore that resulted in a series of public concerts featuring music by patients.. A new category of interfaces Personal Instruments takes account of [individual] style and detail, and compensates for [individual] physical limitations. Death and the Powers is [an opera] about what we can share, what we can pass on to others and what we can’t. It features a large Musical Chandelier – a robotic music instrument with gigantic piano-like strings. These are remotely controlled mechanical and electroacoustic elements that tickle, vibrate, stroke and punch out unusual music. The interchange between human expressive behaviour and ‘system’ response is invisible to the public. This means that, rather than being an explicit control-and-result relationship, we must measure subtler and more fundamental aspects of the performance, such as breathing, muscle tension and heartbeat, in addition to more musical measurements. We are also developing a version that will allow

anyone to pour their own memories, images and sounds into a similar System to create a Personal Opera of/for oneself, friends or family – a kind of next generation Hyperscore. The opera Skellig premiered in November 2008 at the Sage Gateshead in Newcastle, is an extension of the Toy Symphony model. For both music and choreography, we had to invent systems that would allow young people to both learn and memorise almost two hours of performance details, and to absorb all of this so they could enact the opera with ease, freedom and expressive power. 4.4.2 Björk Biophilia - music, technology and nature

Biophilia is the musical project and overall eighth full-length studio album by Icelandic recording artist Björk.[3][4] The album was released on 10 October 2011,[5] over four years after her previous studio album, Volta (2007).[6] The album is "partly recorded" on an iPad and, as well as a standard CD release,[7] will be released in the form of a series of apps.[8] Biophilia is the world's "first app album" in collaboration with Apple.[9] Björk has described the project as a multimedia collection "encompassing music, apps, internet, installations, and live shows".[10] Material from the album debuted during a concert series which was held in the summer of 2011 at the Manchester International Festival.[3] Björk, along with long-time collaborative partner, Michel Gondry, were originally announced to collaborate on a 3-D "scientific musical". Gondry states that it will be a 40-minute IMAX museum project.[40] On 3 December 2010, in an interview with Pitchfork, Björk was asked if she was "working on anything at the moment", and replied "Yes, it will be ready in [a] few months."[41] On 17 February 2011, Pitchfork reported that Björk would release a collaboration with Syrian musician Omar Souleyman. The project will be available "on limited 12-inch, CD, and digital download sometime this year". [42] On 17 March 2011, Björk confirmed details about her next project, Biophilia. The new project will combine music with technological innovation and themes of science and nature, including an "app album", educational collaborations with children and specialized live performance, kicking off in Manchester, United Kingdom at the Manchester International Festival on 30 June. She will perform at the event for six nights. It is expected that the special project Biophilia will see her tour a select number of cities with extended residencies.[43] Björk performed at Bestival on 11 September. The press release stated that this would be her only outdoor concert of the year.[44] She is also scheduled to perform six shows, among which two during the Iceland Airwaves Festival, at Harpa in Iceland from 12 October to 7 November.[45] In June 2011, the first single off Biophilia, "Crystalline", was released.[46] The song was composed using complex breakbeats along with only one of several specialized instruments custom built for the project, the "gameleste", a celesta modified with elements of gamelan. Other instruments used on the album and in Bjork's live performances harness lightning to create sound. A central part of Biophilia is a series of interactive iPad apps made by leading programmers and designers, one app for each of the 10 songs on the new album. Bjork discussed how the apps would represent the scientific and natural ideas within the songs and enable people to play and understand the songs and ideas in different ways, such as "Virus", a love song between a virus and a cell, in which the "Virus" app will stop playing the song if you are successful in stopping the destructive relationship. Two of the apps, "Crystalline" and "Cosmogony", were released on 19 July 2011, along with a music video for "Crystalline", directed by Michel Gondry. However, the album was released in usual form as a series of 10 music tracks as well, including a CD release, on 10 October 2011, and Bjork said it is designed to work as music just as any of her other albums are. In a June 2011 interview with Stereogum, Björk stated that her contract with One Little Indian has ended since all promotions for Volta concluded and that she has signed with both National Geographic and Nonesuch for Biophilia.[47][48] 4.4.3 Linsey Pollak exemplar musician of the global digital age.

Linsey Pollak shows us some of the unique instruments he makes and talks about what makes a good world music instrument. 5. SHARING

Collaboration, co-creation online [DT] Musician-songwriter community with open or private music projects. Songs can be developed and enhanced in an evolutionary process by giving anybody from all over the world the possibility to join or create an open music project and that way bring in his individual talent to this process. At you make music as part of a virtual online band by participating on an open music project. Hobby musicians and professionals can exchange their ideas, talents and skills. is the highest rated and largest musicians wanted and musician classifieds online! With thousands of musicians in your area, you have thousands of opportunities to connect with the right local musician!

6. MULTIMEDIA 6.1 Media merge – sound, moving images, etc. [DT] 6.2 Visible Sound [DA] Visible Sound HD Visible Sound provides a 3-dimensional, colorful, visual representation of the sounds heard by the iPad’s microphone or an attached audio headset. Unlike other audio visualizers, which all too often consist of pre-programmed, mostly meaningless graphics that only loosely correspond to the music being played, Visible Sound creates all graphics completely on-the-fly from the sound itself. This means you can see every drum beat, every vocal solo, every musical feature represented on the screen. The Visible Sound visualization is so detailed, you could theoretically use it to reproduce the original sound being displayed. Visible Sound is also great for playing and experimenting with – see the frequency content of your voice, your dog’s bark, your doorbell, or a coin rattling as it falls to the ground. You can continue to play music from the iPod app, Pandora, etc. while Visible Sound is running, or use it with any other source of audio. Several color schemes may be selected for a different appearance, and to highlight different parts of the spectrum. The color schemes have been specifically chosen for visual appeal, clarity and visibility on the iPad screen. Visible Sound uses the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to isolate the individual frequency components (essentially, the individual musical notes) in sound, and displays the intensity of each frequency using both color and 3-dimensional position. Visible Sound works on both the iPad 1 and iPad 2. Despite the graphical complexity of the visualization, performance on the iPad 1 is just fine, and performance on the iPad 2 is even better.

7. PUBLISHING 7.1 Producing [DT] Editors Keys' Vocal Booth Pro is an all-in-one voice recording solution aimed at both the broadcast and music-making markets. You get a microphone and shock mount, a pop-shield (for removing annoying pops from the beginning of plosive 'p'

and 'b' sounds), a mic stand and the Vocal Booth Pro itself, a 'soundproof' shield designed to stop your voice reflecting around the room and thus colouring the sound. Koushion takes control

Koushion merges the best of the iPad technology and professional music production tools to create a world class product. It allows you to wirelessly control your music production software on your Mac or PC over a network. The tone matrix and variety of settings available in Koushion make it the perfect tool for creating your [...] READ MORE

Mosuquite generates "mosquito sound" studio i

PreSonus SL Remote

Here’s another of the growing number of remote app for those lucky enough to own one of the compatible mixers. SL Remote™ for iPad® provides remote control of nearly all of the mixing functions of PreSonus StudioLive-series mixers. SL Remote connects wirelessly to Virtual StudioLive™ (VSL) for Mac® and Windows®, freeing the sound person to [...] PocketLoops

Create your own beats and melodies by playing the keys to drop a beat, melody or effects. This application requires a compatible Pocket Loops keyboard, available through major retailers or online at

Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec Plug-In is designed for the real-time auditioning, encoding and decoding of audio signals using Fraunhofer codecs. In the past it has not been possible to critically audition and then encode multiple formats in real time within a host DAW environment. The revolutionary Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec now makes this possible, and includes extensive monitoring tools and built-in encoding/decoding features. Using this plug-in mix engineers may produce mixes optimised towards specific target codecs, thereby ensuring maximum fidelity. Similarly, Mastering engineers may audition in the final format and produce compensated masters for final encoding and distribution. SoundPrism Pro

a professional composition tool and midi controller * an interactive generator for harmonic sound textures and epic cinema tracks * a completely new way to control existing VSTis, synthesizers and sound modules * an intuitive way to visualize and internalize musical relationships * an innovative way to interact musically with geometric pitch

space visualizations Sound rhythm pads studio i iTR-909 LE

This App is '909 of the house music orders who thought only about the hitting. I reduced a function daringly to make a response better. 7.2 Broadcasting [DA] and [DT] Broadcast Live Online • You can drive the slides and chat with your attendees. Everyone can chat. • You can invite people to a Present Live session by giving them the meeting room URL via IM, email, Facebook, or Twitter. • You can meet with one person or 5000. Your choice! • Attendee login optional on authorSTREAM to attend a meeting. Editors Keys' Vocal Booth Pro is an all-in-one voice recording solution aimed at both the broadcast and music-making markets. You get a microphone and shock mount, a pop-shield (for removing annoying pops from the beginning of plosive 'p' and 'b' sounds), a mic stand and the Vocal Booth Pro itself, a 'soundproof' shield designed to stop your voice reflecting around the room and thus colouring the sound. offers USB Microphone, Dynamic Microphone, Studio Headphones, Shortcut Keyboard, 8. Ways to Make Music on an iPhone Apr 15, 2011 by Isaac Garfinkle The following collection of apps are simply those which I found to be the greatest combination of fun and function, but in no way is this a finite list. In addition to the untold numbers of apps out there that I will never find, there are also all those apps available only for the Droid OS, updates that are released for the hardware or software, or the continuous introduction of new technologies will continuously bring changes in what our smart phones and tablets can do. The purpose here is to shine a light on some programs the excel at creating music while not putting the user in a typical setting like that of a DAW or regular VST. Creativity is king, and these apps are a great reminder of why! I’d love to hear any other suggestions for fun apps, as well as any requests for full-length reviews or other app categories you would like to see laid out. 1 – Argon: Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer (by IceGear) “It may be just a monophonic synth with a GUI that’s prejudiced against fat fingers, but Argon has won our hearts. From wispy, nostalgic leads drowned in noise and delay, to formant wobbles, croaking basslines and the soft pulses of thirds and fifths, Argon can – and frequently does – sound awesome. It’s not a broad palette, trapped somewhere between 1972 and 1984, but it’s a sound full of character, complexity and fun.” – Review Opener @ 2 – Filtatron (by Moog Music Inc.) “The Filtatron is much more than your average sound app. It’s a phenominal real-time audio effects suite and powerful studio tool for your iPhome or iPod touch*. The heart of the Filtatron is the Moog Ladder Filter; digitally modeled to approximate the warmth and character of our famous analog hardware. Warp samples, live audio or the build in oscillator, sweeten with overdrive and delay, record your creations anywhere, save your presets, and share them with friends. Life is a rough mix… filter it.” — Product Introduction @ 3 – Jasuto Pro Modular Synthesizer (by Chris Wolfe) “Jasuto Pro is worlds first (and most powerful) modular synthesizer for the iDevices. The Pro version includes everything that’s in the cheaper Classic version and much more! Jasuto Pro allows you to visually construct your own synths/effects, and use them to make sequences all on your device! With the addition of a fully-featured sampler you can now record/resample/edit, and even

create entirely new samples by drawing right in the app. Jasuto Pro uses the relative position of nodes and their connections to control the sound. So the scene not only represents the synthesis structure, but also a custom multi-touch control surface. Motion can be recorded per node giving you rich, flexible automation. Connections can be created automatically by simply dragging nodes around, or manually. Each wire can be double tapped to allow even more control of each connections. Jasuto Pro comes installed with more than 45 modules. Each of the modules have been hand-optimized for your device’s CPU, allowing you to create extremely complex scenes.” — Product description @ Jasuto Pro App Store Page 4 – TechnoBox 2 (by AudioRealism) “TechnoBox2 is the next version of our hugely popular technoBox adding many asked for features such as dual 303s and drum machines, export recordings of songs and SoundCloud integration. A performance page has been added which allows access to the most commonly used controls on one page. The drum machines now allow you to load your own samples (via iTunes documents). technoBox2 runs on iPad and retina displays with crisp native resolution.” – TechnoBox 2 @ 5 – Grüvtron (by Sound Trends LLC) “Want to create a thumping bass line to fill the dance floor or a heart-wrenching lead line? Want to jam along with your friends – any time, any place and sound superb? grüvtron lets you jam and create in a multitude of styles and in any key all on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad – whether you’re a trained musician or not!” – Grüvtron Features @ 6 – “Before proceeding to the Feature List – we would like to underline that is a completely new kind of a musical instrument. does not reflect of copy any existing synth structure, design or principles. We’ve designed to become the true 21st century synth. So you won’t find any “VCO” or “VCF”-like abbreviations. There are no knobs! (“omg! synth with no knobs?! how can that be?!” ) We’ve tried to simplify everything down, in order to let the musicians create, instead of reading manuals. And – thanks to the iPhone excellent features – we’ve designed several new interface elements, which are through all the’s Editor.” – Features Overview @ 7 – iSyn: Virtual Music Studio “ and VirSyn proudly present iSyn, a virtual music studio for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch that puts an unbelievable number of features including two studio-quality, fullyprogrammable monophonic virtual analog synthesizers and a drum machine in the palm of your hand! Play iSyn live with the onscreen keyboard or eight drum pads for fun live jam sessions or let iSyn do the playing for you with its grid sequencer for pattern-based music creation. iSyn can even play a beat and synth track while you jam over sequence tracks for a one-man iPhone band!” — Product Intro @ 8 – SoundGrid (by Mifki) “SoundGrid is powerful yet easy to use matrix sequencer for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, allowing to create stunning audio-visual performances in a moment and wherever you are. It was inspired by famous Tenori-on by Yamaha and popular ToneMatrix web app.” – Product Description @ 9 - iGog: Massive Drums (by WaveMachine Labs) “iGOG is a massive multisampled drum machine unlike anything else available. iGOG sounds better than other drum machines because it uses Drumagog technology. (Drumagog is our award winning drum replacer, used by recording engineers worldwide for over 10 years). iGOG features up to 384 multisampled drum hits per pad. It combines dynamic, random and positional samples to form a drum sound so realistic, you’d swear it was the real thing.” — Product Description @ 10 - SoundPrism (by Audanika)

“Using an array of rectangles arranged in a harmonically useful way, and color coding for pitch, SoundPrism is a glimpse of a more graphical future for music software design.” Easily create harmonies. Build loops graphically Peter Kirn @

11 – iDrum (all versions) 12

–Voice Memos (comes as standard with the iPod touch) for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store 13 –Virtuoso Piano Free, a new iPod touch, iPhone and iPad instrument. Learn and play the piano anytime and anywhere

smule products MadPad Turn everyday sights and sounds like your car, an empty soda can, or your friends into the ultimate percussive instrument. Through the beauty of video and sound, transform your world into an amazing visual music experience. Simply tap on interactive video clips to play the sights and sounds of your world. Anything can be music MadPad for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Magic Piano™ is available on the iPhone and FREE! Play the hottest songs from Bruno Mars to Mozart - new songs are added every week! Share your performances with other Magic Piano players all over the world on the Smule Globe Magic Piano FREE for iPhone and iPod touch. Magic Fiddle™ Learn Easily, Play Beautifully, Compete Passionately, Share Globally Smoke swirls and mist twirls as you embark on your Magic Fiddle journey – uncover your musical talents and learn new techniques effortlessly as your friendly fiddle leads the way. Compete for global high scores. Show off your newly discovered musical aptitude with friends, family or even broadcast it to the world. Learn more about Magic Fiddle exclusively for iPad Glee With Glee Karaoke, you're part of the club. Perform your favorite Glee showstoppers to complete missions and earn fame and fortune. With a little magic right in the app, you’ll sound great, so sing your heart out, and then check the daily charts to see how high you've climbed. The more you play, the more you achieve! Learn more about Glee for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Magic Piano HD™ Play timeless pieces on the spiral keyboard, or follow the beams of light- mastery requires only imagination. Perfect for beginners, yet satisfying for accomplished musicians, you can play alone, or travel through a warp hole and duet with other Magic Pianists across the globe Learn more about Magic Piano HD exclusively for iPad

I Am™ T-Pain Voice tuning in the palm of your hand, scrolling lyrics and T-Pain's best beats including Buy You a Drank, I'm on a Boat and Blame It!. I Am T-Pain for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

9. OTHER Metropolis Ensemble Loops and rhythms composed by Jakub Ciupinski. Music "waiters" (composer Jakub Ciupinksi and conductor Andrew Cyr) will greet you with iPhones that serve as a real-time composition system, networking wirelessly to Metropolis Ensemble musicians on laptops. Via intuitive graphics on the touch screens, audience members control and manipulate the musical notation while the musicians perform live, creating an always unique composition and musical soundscape.

Musical Futures Innovative initiative that supports new approaches to the teaching and learning of music in and out of the classroom. Refs on that site: Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra’s Music for Iphones concert (retrieved February 19, 2010).

Non-music technology of relevance to musicians Second life, VLEs, PLEs, Wikis Etc Papers from

Digital Creativity online journal

Real-time tracking of the creative music composition process Collins, David Pages: 239

Creative collaboration between audiences and musicians in Flock Freeman, Jason - Godfrey, Mark 2010 - 21 – 2 Pages: 85

Using music and motion analysis to construct 3D animations and visualisations Pages: 91 Chen, Kuen-Meau - Shen, Siu-Tsen - Prior, Stephen

The effects of the sound-image relationship within sound education for interactive media designYantaç, Asim Evren - Özcan, Oguzhan 2006 - 17 - 2 - 91Pages91

This paper discusses outcomes from a longitudinal single-case-study where immediately retrospective verbal reporting was combined with real-time digital data collection procedures. By triangulating data from computer 'save-as' files, transcription of the verbal protocol, semistructured interviews and verification sessions with the composer, it was possible to examine aspects of creative problem-solving and moments of insight in such activity. Mapping of the emerging structure was also possible and this, combined with analysis of procedures and strategies outlines in the verbal protocol, allowed a view into the compositional 'flow', and a resultant hypothetical model of composition process to be presented. Practical issues around the use of verbal protocol methodology are discussed.

For this research, we examined projects and the related sound designs of the students taking the Sound Design course in the Interactive Media Design Program of Yildiz Technical University and studied the effects of the way the sound-image relationship has been handled. In respect to the findings of the research, the article reveals the criteria by which students can produce projects with more creative solutions regarding sound.

The Picturing Sound multisensory environment: an overview as entity of phenomenon Williams, Ceri - Petersson, Eva - Brooks, Tony Pages: 106

This paper presents three case studies selected from a sample of teenage children (n = 11) having severe disabilities. Personalised audiovisual environments are created with a targeted goal to encourage interaction, creativity and artistic expression from the teenagers. The feedback stimuli is directly linked to the child's gesticulations for a sense of associated control to be available for recognition. Non-intrusive sourcing of gesture is through camera data mapped to computer vision algorithms. Intervention strategies from staff and helpers within such user-centred environments are questioned. Results point to the positive benefits for these children such as increased eye-to-hand coordination, concentration duration, andimproved communication. These findings corroborate with other research in being indicative of the potentials in utilising such interactive multisensory environments in special schools and institutes as a supplemental tool for traditional methods.

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Real-time composition of image and sound in the (re)habilitation of children with special needs: a case study of a child with cerebral palsy Azeredo, Maria Pages: 115 Controlling musical emotionality: an affective computational architecture for influencing musical emotions Livingstone, Steven - Mühlberger, Ralf - Brown, Andrew - Loch, Andrew Pages: 43

Extending previous work on the modification of perceived emotions in music, our system architecture aims to provide reliable control of both perceived and induced musical emotions: its emotionality. A rule-based system is used to modify a subset of musical features at two processing levels, namely score and performance. The interactive model leverages sensed listener affect by adapting the emotionality of the music modifications in realtime to assist the listener in reaching a desired emotional state. ……The dynamic MIDI scheduling, emotion

agent, rule engine and audio generation unit have all been written in Impromptu, a dynamic programming music environment for MacOS X

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The Beatbug - evolution of a musical controller Pages: 3 Weinberg, Gil MusiCam: an instrument to demonstrate chromaphonic synesthesia Yau, Derek - Mccrindle, Rachel Pages: 121

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A comprehensive overview of music apps for teachers and learners.