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By Eric Salveggio

Dsasumo Review

On a gorgeous June evening, several very fortunate residents of Casper were treated to fine dining and drinks at Casper’s Thai and Sushi restaurant Dsasumo. Who would have thought that Casper would be host to such fine cuisine! Owned by Mo Hembree, she is not only the owner, but on this evening, a wonderful hostess. The décor is quietly subdued yet lively and modern enough to not be stuffy. The Sushi bar in the back kept us tantalized with all the exotic treats being served around the restaurant, and serverd to only wet our appetites for the treats in store. We were served with an expediency that

one would expect in such facilities as seen in New York or San Francisco, and Mo herself was the model of hospitality. While the appetizers were being served and throughout the meal, our glasses were kept filled with our beverage of choice by staff that seemed to materialize out of

nowhere. The appetizers themselves were something one can only describe as being astounding in taste and texture. The mixture of spices, seafood, poultry, and beef in the dishes were enough to cause ones taste buds to celebrate in almost ecclesiastical bliss. Once the appetizers had been whisked away (and, I might add, they were almost a meal unto themselves), the main dishes were served – and oh, the scents that assailed our senses could only be described as coming from heaven itself ! Curry and other spices tickled our

palates as we went through what seemed to be an endless line of dishes for us to try, and we could hardly finish the cornucopia of delectables set before us. I am probably safe to say that everyone in attendance would have liked a roll around chair by this time – the amount of food, which is the normal sized servings, we were told, was amazing, and we all were stuffed….and then true heaven arrived in the form of the desserts!

We had had a great time of socializing with each other, and everyone was looking for a comfy pillow on the couch to curl up with and spend the remainder of the evening in a blissful, food induced stupor! This restaurant has long been a favorite of Casper and rightly so. One would be missing out to not try everything on their menu at least once! continued...

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The Eastgate Influence July 2013  
The Eastgate Influence July 2013