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This year, the CAS Award has expanded to include one new category, Feature Film – Animated, while splitting the television series category into half-hour and hour categories. Additionally, we now include ADR/original dialogue mixer and Foley mixer alongside production mixer, re-recording mixers and, added last year, scoring mixer. Because of this, your spring Quarterly is a true “Meet the Winners” issue, as interviews from the award recipients fill up the bulk of the issue. One of the really enjoyable aspects of working on this magazine is the ability to conduct interviews with colleagues in your profession. We may work within one aspect of the field and, therefore, don’t frequently interact with other areas. These interviews are here to provide insight into processes you may not come across every day. Plus, it’s always fun to read how someone got to where they are in their profession along with some interesting occurrences that may have happened while working on their project. We hope you enjoy them. In addition to the “Meet the Winners” interviews, Karol Urban, CAS provides some great information on Dolby Atmos, compiled via research and interviews, while reelected CAS President David Fluhr provides his “President’s Letter.” Also, we have a review from the broadcast mixing seminar held at CBS Studios that was led by Ed Greene, CAS and G. John Garrett, CAS reports from NAB for his “Technically Speaking” column. As always, you’ll find submissions from your fellow members in the “Been There Done That” section and be able to check out some pictures in their “The Lighter Side” submissions. The CAS Quarterly is produced as a service to our members on a voluntary basis. We appreciate and encourage your feedback and suggestions—so send them in! We would like to thank our contributing writers, who helped us conduct the “Meet the Winners” interviews: David Bondelevitch, Devendra Cleary, April Tucker and Karol Urban. Remember, if you have something of interest, whether on the production or postproduction side, please feel free to contribute! Also, don’t forget that our sponsors are professionals like you who understand the business and needs of our industry. We encourage your commitment to them.


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2013 CAS Spring Quarterly  

CAS Awards, Meet the Winners, Dolby Atmos on the Stage

2013 CAS Spring Quarterly  

CAS Awards, Meet the Winners, Dolby Atmos on the Stage