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Riordan: Each artist has its distinctive instrumentation and sound. However, there is a consistency with the remixes that tie them all together as they are all playing on the same stage in the same hall.  How do you see the future in production, post, and distribution for this genre of programming? Riordan: I have been mixing music specials for more than 15 years now and they fortunately seem to keep coming. Television is such a powerful platform for music artists today. I feel good about the future of televised music productions.  Brian, as a facility owner/operator, how do you see the future of post?(I am seeing decentralization growing rapidly.) Riordan: Post production is definitely seeing a lot of changes with the times. Many of the larger post facilities have gone out of business in the past five years. It seems the trend is to grow your company and then sell it to someone or some firm that really doesn’t fully understand just how the core of the business works. Within two years, they are in financial trouble. Budgets have been getting smaller and smaller in the past five years, but expectations continue to be raised. We have to operate as lean as possible and work as quickly and efficiently as possible to stay whole. What do you guys do outside of work for fun? Riordan: I like to spend time with my children, my partner Noella, and my friends. I enjoy hiking, meditating and being outdoors. Ledner: Since I’ve been “semi-retired” these last few years, I’ve been enjoying a nice amount of road cycling and hiking in the hills around Malibu.

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Tell us a little about your family life? Riordan: I have the two most beautiful daughters a man could ever dream of. Reyanne is 7½ and Madeline is 3. I try to spend as much time with them outside of the studio as possible. They are my life! Ledner: As far as my personal life goes, I live in Malibu with my wife of 11 years, Wendy, who is about to graduate from Cal State University Channel Islands with a degree in art, and my dog Ranger. 

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Is there anything upcoming that you are excited about? Riordan: I am excited to continue growing the business, diversify and see where everything leads us. We have been very blessed so far. Here’s to many more years of fun mixing! Ledner: I’m looking forward to the next addition of the Rock Hall Induction, which I believe we’ll be starting some time this month. Also, in addition to all the award shows and specials that I work on, I’ve been enjoying working on more scripted shows recently. I’d like to thank Brian and Jamie for their time and look forward to what they will present for next year’s Hall of Fame Ceremony. Keep up the good work!•

2013 CAS Spring Quarterly  

CAS Awards, Meet the Winners, Dolby Atmos on the Stage

2013 CAS Spring Quarterly  

CAS Awards, Meet the Winners, Dolby Atmos on the Stage