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such quality week after week under these time and technical constraints. Alan M. Decker is the FX Mixer and divulges that “The key for us is we don’t stop working.” Nello and Alan, who operate ICONS running Pro Tools 10 at Universal Studios Sound, have formed a workflow where they use the first half day of their three-day mix time to predub independently at the same time in the same room. They then tie on and begin to work off one another. By day three, they are ready for a final review by early afternoon. Both are incredibly adamant that the show’s sound is highly facilitated by the very open producing style of their highly skilled writing/producing/showrunning multi-talented producers. Executive producer Alex Gansa specifically fosters an atmosphere of open collaboration and creativity in the mix. Nello recalls him polling the room when stuck on a decision. “He wants to know what you think ... but you need to have a reason. He wants to know ‘why.’” When asked if any boundaries or mandates are set as to what they can and cannot do, Alan explains, “Alex’s only real caveat is that it must seem real. If it strikes you as false, then it is the wrong choice.” Alan credits Nello’s dialogue mix with allowing him to really

experiment with his FX tracks while Nello cites the marriage of FX with dialogue as a tool in maintaining the -24 dB LKFS standard while delivering a cinematic sound. “It allows me a wide band of frequencies to do different things with as opposed to having everything narrow and bright. It has to live together,” says Alan. Nello explains that sometimes you have to “cheat” the sound by lowering it a touch more than typical to allow for the louder elements to grab the audience. This also aids in maintaining dynamics while still remaining ATSC A/85 compliant. “-24 is an average,” he explains. Nello encapsulates their joint efforts in saying, “We go through great pains to make it as dynamic as possible.” With such a fresh, unique sound and vision, and a top-notch team all around, the CAS proudly congratulates the Sound Department for Homeland. Alan M. Decker wisely summarizes the energy expressed by the entire crew in saying, “You really invest in the process because you know you are going to be heard.” The team of Homeland would also like to give homage to their recently lost team member, Alfred Henry Bromell (September 19, 1947–March 18, 2013), who was an executive producer and writer for the series as well as other great works such as Chicago Hope, Carnivàle, and Rubicon. He will be greatly missed.

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Modern Family “Disneyland” by Devendra Cleary, CAS I recently had the absolute pleasure of visiting Stephen Tibbo, CAS, the Production Sound Mixer, and his crew on the set of Modern Family during a pretty typical day of production (it was almost lunch and they were almost wrapped). The show’s Re-recording Mixers are Dean Okrand and Brian Harman, CAS. I visited Smart Post Sound in Burbank and had a wonderful conversation with Dean in the very room where they mix the show. When I sat down with these gentlemen, I could tell right away that I was in the presence of people who are masters of their crafts. Their award accolades are too overwhelming to include here and keep the page count down. I wanted to learn about their work, specifically for the episode that won them the CAS Award, as well as their work on Modern Family in general, but I also wanted to learn about them. The episode “Disneyland” from Season 3 was definitely a challenging beast and deserves much mentioning. Stephen Tibbo and Boom Operator Dan Lipe delved right in and talked about the first things that came to mind while prepping the episode.

Stephen Tibbo (center) with Boom Ops Dan Lipe & Preston Conner

Stephen Tibbo: The first concern with “Disneyland” was that we were going to have the whole family together. So every scene was going to have 11 [cast members] and direct sun, and you know they were going to be all over the place. I read the script and I’d say half of it was with the whole family walking around together. That always poses a challenge. CAS QUARTERLY



2013 CAS Spring Quarterly  

CAS Awards, Meet the Winners, Dolby Atmos on the Stage

2013 CAS Spring Quarterly  

CAS Awards, Meet the Winners, Dolby Atmos on the Stage