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GREAT BRITIAN’S GAMBLING PORTAL The web site is much more than just about online poker. It is a great beginner’s guide for all the new online casino players; it is an online casino portal with a lot of reviews of all kinds of poker sites. Casinoportalen is proud to say that we are the leading online gambling portal in Great Britain. And Casinoportalen is really more than just a website about games. It is a full grown gaming portal with lots of features and lots of offers to both the seasoned player as well as the rookie. Casinoportalen was established back in 2001. A re-launch with a new design earlier this year has just made the site even more user friendly and among one of the most user friendly gambling sites at all. A comprehensive guide Casinoportalen is first of all a guide to the sometimes chaotic online poker and casino world. On the site there are reviews of more than 100 online casinos and poker rooms. They are reviewed with respect to user friendliness and the amount of gaming features available. You can find both a review made by Casinoportalen and a rating that the users have given to sites. There are of course a lot of sites that says that they are the best in the world. Casinoportalen’s collection of reviews is however a very good place to start, if you are looking for a great place to play online casino or poker. Casinoportalen also features a thorough beginner’s guide. In this guide new players can learn to navigate at CasinoPortalen and it gives a full introduction to the games played at an online casino. Free tournaments with great prizes The users of Casinoportalen are offered the opportunity to take part in a free weekly poker tournament where play money is used, which means that the tournament is absolutely free for everyone. Nobody has to use their credit card to join the fun – the only thing we ask of you is to sign up at Casinoportalen. In return you will have a chance of becoming one of the weekly winners that qualifies for the monthly final. The prize pool in the monthly final is €1000,

Casinoportalen is a great place to start when discovering the world of online gambling.

where €500 is reserved for the winner and the rest for the runner ups. This is however not just play money but real money! The tournament has a lot of players and the tournament is always a sure drama and fun way to test you friend’s poker skills. Monthly casino competitions Every month the partners of Casinoportalen give away 10 x $100 to the users of Casinoportalen – just for being users at Casinoportalen. The winners will be drawn in the beginning of the month and all the nice money will be credited automatically to the player’s accounts. There a plenty of reviews to choose from on Casinoportalen

Here is an example of one of the many reviews you can find on Casinoportalen

Britains Casino Portal  

The web site is much more than just about online poker. It is a great beginner’s guide for all the new online casino play...

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