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==== ==== Is there a single product that can reduce skin aging, moisturize, fight acne and even heal psoriasis? ==== ====

Moroccan argan oil (also known as nut oils) is a valuable natural oil, which is rich in vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids, argan oil can be used as beauty products, face massage, nails, hair and body, can also be used as food. Argan oil production process Moroccan argan tree (Agarnia spinosa) is unique species. Around of 28,000 hectares in southern Morocco, such trees are planted to form the second largest forest in Morocco. This tree can grow 150 to 200 years; it is very resistant to drought and high temperatures, suitable for planting in almost all types of soil. Grow in the wild; it is the massive growth in the arid and semi-arid southwest of Morocco. argan tree in the maintenance of ecological balance and conservation of biological diversity of population plays an extremely important role. With its strong roots, it helps to maintain the soil, and to help deal with most affected by water and wind erosion threat of desertification areas. Every year in June to August, is Moroccan argan fruit harvest season, the mature fruit naturally fall to the ground (argan fruit can not be knocked from the tree pole). After several weeks of insolation, the local women will placed the argan fruit between two special stones, the pulp will be removed and broken out from the nut - a nut is said to be harder than 16 times higher than hazelnut - Last amandons oil extracted. Of course, refining operation is not over yet, these amandons oil will be placed in clay vessels and heat for few minutes. After such continuous low-temperature roasting, then crush down it with crushed stone. These are just a small part of this very long process of manual work. These women will put it into a large pottery and then non-stop stirring for a few hours. In the mixing process, they will be adding a small amount of warm water within it, after such a long mixing process and eventually squeezing out the last drop of argan oil, residue also become dry. Manufacture of 1 liter of argan oil requirement of 100 kilograms of fresh fruit and 12 hours of hard work. Argan oil is edible and also can be used as skin care products. It contains essential fatty acids for human body and can be used to enhance the salad's taste, or used for cooking hot dishes, such as a local food called "Tagine". Beauty skin care oil production process is the same, but amandons oil do not roast.

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==== ==== Is there a single product that can reduce skin aging, moisturize, fight acne and even heal psoriasis? ==== ====

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