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Driving under the influence is one of the leading causes of accidents today. It has become very common to go out for a drink after work, also the partying culture can also be blamed partially for drunk driving. This has lead to increase in sales of breathalyzers and alcohol testers today. Breathalyzers are available nowadays at the click of a button nowadays online. I really suggest you should buy one, you can breathalyzers ranging from professional grade alcohol breathalyzers to one time use breathalyzers. A breathalyzers usually should set you back between 50$ to 1500 for professional one's. Its important to know and understand how they work before you purchase the right one. There are certain legal limits when it comes to driving under influence.When you blow into a breathalyzer it has a sensor which determines you're blood alcohol content. This when measured is know as BAC. You will be charged with driving under influence is the breathalyzer shows 0.8 BAC. This is applicable in all 50 states, but at 0.4 BAC you can also be charged with driving while impaired. Its also important that your breathalyzer is accurate, it often happens that readings are inaccurate, this is due to residue on the censor from frequent use. There are only two types of breathalyzers in the market today that will give you an accurate reading every time you use them, the alcomate premium and the alcomate prestige. These breathalyzers come with changeable sensors. There are two types of breathalyzers used, they are fuel cell sensors and semi conductor sensors. Fuel cell sensors are usually used when the driver has consumed a lot of alcohol as compared to semi conductor sensors. These sensors would need a service every six to eights months which would cost you between 20$ to 50$.The mouth piece intake is also very important on a breathalyzer, it also plays a big part in an accurate reading. A mouth piece intake blocks out all the dirt or pollution in the surrounding area. It's also important that u check that your breathalyzer is certified. A few approval you can look for should be from the NHTSA (national highway traffic safety administration ) or the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration). This ensures you that your breathalyzer has been tried and tested. A Breathalyzer is an item which always comes in handy, it ensures your safety as well others when you drive. It's always best to keep a check if you have had a few drinks, you don't want to be paying a huge fine do you? Worst of all get into an accident.

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==== ==== Get Approved Breathalyzer ==== ====

Types of Approved Breathalyzers  

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