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It is me again, The Fired Up Nutritionist! And wow am I fired up and ready to bring you another highly educational article on these bogus garbage fat loss diets that in my opinion are one of the leading causes for the Over Weight and Obese epidemic we are experiencing! AND of course I will provide you with a real solution to your fat loss needs after I am done my rant! Did you know that we are pretty handy to 60% of the population now being overweight! Holy Jumpins! Are You Kidding Me? How pathetic is that? With all of these fat loss diets on the market, how is this possible?? Well as you know I believe that these supposed weight loss programs are a big part of the problem!! I really do blame these type of programs for preying on the ignorance of people... They really do more harm then good! Yes I know you may have lost weight with one, two, three, possibly four, and maybe even five or more of these fat loss diets! See where I am going with this? If you lost weight more then once with these type of diets SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG!! What these diet companies know is that their programs are crap! But they also know they can take the weight off you in an unhealthy way, they actually plan it that way and then they simply sit back and wait about six months and have you come running back for more! WHY? Because their fat loss diets are designed to shed weight, NOT body fat, so the weight they shed consists mostly of fluid and healthy lean muscle mass. (bad & bad) They know that by losing the weight in an unhealthy manner when you finish your membership and go back to eating real food the weight comes back on faster then Paris Hilton's acting career ended! Ok since we are on the topic of anorexic movie stars, lets talk about the low calorie fat loss diet, the most dangerous of all the diets and the one Hollywood seems to die for (literally)! Horrible horrible program! But oh so popular, most of the fat loss diets on the market are based around lowering your calories to an unhealthy level.

I came across a lady just recently who was ALL excited about the new program she was on, and how she had lost 10 pounds in a week, bla bla bla! I asked her what does this fat loss diet consist of. What I heard made me sick! She was literally eating only 600 calories a day and to make sure she was getting her vitamins this program was giving her injections!!! INJECTIONS! 600 Calories! I could not believe! People this is beyond stupidity! It simply makes no sense! Very quickly here are the major negatives of the Low Calorie Diets: 1) These fat loss diets have been proven not to work and should only be done under the guidance of a medical doctor, as the side effects can be severe! 2) They are low in the essential fats that keep you healthy and actually help you burn fat. 3) Much to low in protein, which causes your lean muscle to breakdown, slowing your metabolism, which means your body burns less fat. And the best part..... When you return to eating a balanced diet, rapid fluid retention resulting in swelling and dramatic weight gain occur! Sound Like Fun To You? Low Calorie diets are definitely one of the worst on the market, stay clear!! So what is the solution?? Balanced eating gang! It is really that simple! At every meal try and eat a Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat source!! Example: Chicken Breast on Whole Wheat Rice With A Sprinkling of Almonds on Top! Also try and eat 5-6 times a day. 3 main meals (watch the portion size) with 2-3 healthy snacks in between. This will keep your metabolism cranking and burning the fat in a much healthier manner then the fat loss diets on the market!

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==== ==== There are many fat loss tips, diets and supplements ==== ====

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