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Optional matters proposed and successfully supported in our school: “Let's play and learn English!” “Me and this big world” “Fun Math” “Nature Math” “Grammar through games” “Me and the others” “A (10) grade composition” “Elements of classical geometry” “Physics and the computer” “English and american culture and civilization” “World cities” “Sport games” “The school and us” “Health education”

School Olympics: Romanian Language Second Prize/county, 2007– 7th grade Third Prize/county, 2009- 8th grade Second Prize/county, 2010– 8th grade Third Prize/county, 2010 – 6th grade Chemistry Third Prize/county, 2004 – 7th grade First Prize/county, 2005 – 8th grade and qualification to national stage; Special Mention/national stage, 2005 – 8th grade Second Prize/county, 2007 and qualification to national stage – 7th grade Mention/ national stage, 2007 – 7th grade Third Prize/county, 2008– 8th grade Mention/ county, 2011 – 7th grade French Third Prize/county, 2005 – 5th grade History First Prize/county, 2010, and qualification to national stage – 8th grade Religion Third Prize/county, 2008 – 8th grade

Contact details: School Address : 13th Nuferilor street, Codlea, code:505100 Phone/Fax: 0268251267 , 0268254106 E-mail address:

No.2 School - our second home!

No.2 General School, Codlea

“Education must be done gently, caref ully, complimently and especially with personal exemple.” No.2 General School Team, Codlea

No.2 School - our second home! Human resource

Material bases -15 classrooms with modern equipment; -Chemistry Lab ; -Physics Lab ; -History cabinet ; -Biology Lab ; -The library with over 15.000 volumes; -IT cabinet; -Psychological and pedagogical practice; -Logopedic cabinet -School mediator office; -Gym;

- Qualified teachers, with performances in education; -Graduates of the postgraduate courses/master, or of specific trainings; -Teachers in primary education, university graduates, with a diploma who gives them that quality; -PhDs; -Trainers at county level; -Methodists ; -Responsible for the methodological circles; -Faculty members in research centers or school competitions evaluation committees at county/ national level; -Pedagogue; -Support teacher; -Speech therapist; -School mediator; -IT specialist; -Librarian;

Extracurricular activities Scientific Circles School Christmas Celebration Carnivals Volunteer with ecological character Francophone Day Celebration Additional preparation with the 8th grade students for National Assessment Attendance at scientific communication sessions Carol concert to celebrate Jesus Birth

Projects, educational programs and partnerships Alternative education program “A second chance”; Integration of SEN children Program; Comenius Partnership Program, - titled “Huge designers” 2009-2012 – partners: Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania; “Supporting the special needs educational system through dedicated educational portal”; “Education is the way to answer all your questions”; e-Twinning projects; „Genious journal” – half–yearly publication; “Recycle aluminum dose” – in collaboration with Alucro Association Bucharest; National Project “Hygiene at school and at home”; “Tour cities”; “Education through a different didactic approach – Complementary Therapy or Therapies” “Be independent, NOT dependent”; “Training students as conflicts mediators”; “Together for children's sake” – partnership with “Aurel Bordenache” Parents Association; “How wonderful is to be a parent, how great it is to make time for your child!”; ”Better parents, better children”; “Children in big men’s world”; “The book, treasure of wisdom”; “Skip to secondary”; “Art club”; "The past and present through trips”; “I invent, recycle and teaching literacy”; "Mountain hiking";

Our school  

“Education must be done gently, carefully, complimently and especially with personal exemple.” No.2 General School Team, Codlea Students Suc...

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