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Olt river

The principal stream that circulates trough Brasov County is the Olt River. For this converges all the rivers that spring from the mountains: Black river and Tarlung, Barsa and Ghimbasel, Big Homorod, Sercaia and Vistea, only to remember the biggest streams which forms the Oltului basin.

• Ghimbasel river

Tarlung river

Barsa river gives the name to the Brasovului area called Barsa County, while Olt river gives the second name of Fagaras County, that of Oltului County.

• Olt river & Fagaras fortress

In plain Barsa depression, Olt has numerous meanders and abandoned arms and a considerable holm. Bed was rarely exceeds ten feet in width and depth varies between 0.5 and 4 meters. Barsa territory is crossed by a series of fast mountain rivers that flow into the Olt River. Because the river's mouth is close to the springs, the flow of this mountain river is low. However, the slopes are increased, especially in mountainous area, resulting in a power given the erosion and transport.

Olt River Rafting and kayaking Brasov- Romania A very famous rafting and kayaking destination in the world, the Olt River is a waterway located in Romania. The river rises in the Hasmasu Mare Mountains, which is a part of the eastern Carpathian Mountains. The river runs along many Romanian provinces such as Harghita, Sibiu, Covasna, Brasov, Vâlcea and Olt. The beautiful river flows through several important cities as well.  The Olt River, apart from being a prominent river in Romania, is, as mentioned before, a major tourist spot in Europe as well. Renowned for its whitewater rafting expeditions, the river allows ample opportunities to all enthusiastic rafters to surf along the waters. If you are interested in the whirling waters and in adventurous water sports, then the whitewaters in Olt River has it all for you. As you navigate through the wild waters and zigzag your way through the huge boulders, you can feel your adrenalin level soaring!  

• Codlea team wait to rafting

and kayaking on Olt river, or just for taking amazing pictures!!!   

2. Amazing nature -Olt river=5buc  

Olt riverOltriver riverGhimbaselriver Tarlung riverTarlungriver fortressOltriver&Fagarasfortress Barsa river gives the name to the Braso...

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