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Meet the Cofficionado, he knows great coffee and is giving customers the chance to‌

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ONE CL CK VAPING Change pod with 1 click

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Driving demand for meat free

United Wholesale, Scotland’s biggest cash and carry operator, is playing its part in driving the growth of Quorn®, the UK’s No.1 meat free brand.*1

A recent trade day gave Quorn the chance to highlight the opportunity for retailers to embrace the role that meat free can play in attracting shoppers to their store, boosted by the fact that meat free shoppers spend up to five times as much in-store as non-meat free shoppers.*2 United Wholesale’s Trading Director Sean Scrimger commented: “It’s a fantastic time to get involved in meat free. We’re working with Quorn to educate convenience retailers about the rising demand for meat free products and that includes making them aware of just how big the opportunity is.” Gary Routledge, Quorn National Account Manager, reiterated the size of the prize for the convenience channel.

products are not only healthy, they are less harsh on the planet. It’s a great way for everyone to eat their favourite meals and reflects our approach to sustainable nutrition.” The message seems to be resonating loud and clear with shoppers, resulting in demand for frozen meat free products outperforming other leading frozen categories such as meat, fish and potatoes. United Wholesale is intent on growing its frozen and chilled business, including meat free, by allocating more space, particularly at its Maxwell Road site in Glasgow where new upright glass door freezers have increased product visibility and chilled space has been doubled.

“We couldn’t ask for more support,” adds Gary. “United Wholesale has recognised that there’s never been a better time for the cash and carry/wholesale channel to offer their customers meat free products. It’s a win, win for everyone involved.” Quorn has developed a core frozen range specifically for the convenience channel. It comprises family favourites such as Quorn Crispy Nuggets, Quorn Burgers and Quorn Sausages (each price-marked at £2.29) plus two ready meals, Quorn Cottage Pie and Quorn Lasagne (both price-marked at £1.79).

“The simple fact is that more shoppers are buying frozen meat free than ever before and when they do, they shop the broader frozen category more often. “The good news for Quorn stockists is that in addition to targeting our current consumer base, we’re reaching out to new consumers with a high profile marketing programme. We’re particularly focusing on families who we believe are particularly receptive to our messages as we promote the many benefits of tasty, healthier choices. “Sustainability, which is at the heart of our business, is also rising up the consumer agenda with an increased recognition that Quorn

Interested in stocking Quorn? Call us on 01642 717 254. *1 *2

Quorn home economist Liz Straw, explaining how easy it is to make great-tasting meals and snacks with Quorn.

Nielsen 52 w/e February 2018 IRI & Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 17 June 2018

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TODAY 23/08/2018 15:48

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[ SPOTLIGHT ] Neil Turton, managing director of Sugro

sponsored by

What most frustrates you in business (and in life generally)? Lots of things, but I think rude or arrogant people are right up there, and electronic call centres definitely irk me. But I try to be calm.

A jet-setter and a business high-flyer What has been the major milestone or turning point of your career? I was lucky to join Nisa-Today’s as a trainee buyer in 1991 when it was tiny – around 20 staff – and just on the cusp of major growth. I did just about every job in the company as it grew. Then in 2015, after fighting off a takeover bid from a major supermarket, I decided to leave and seek newness. Call it a midlife crisis but I’ve loved every minute since. It was a turning point as it involved risk but I feel better for having made the choice. Who has been the biggest inspiration to you? In business I try to pick and choose the best bits of people I deal with. There’s no one person who has been my biggest inspiration but in our industry Charles Wilson [of Booker] stands out. I’ve never worked with him but he’s always made time for me and encouraged me. In life, my dad was an inspiration as I grew up in a mining village near Barnsley. He taught me not to moan about going to work in a suit and that a wholesale career was better than being down the pit! 14

September 2018

How do you maintain a work-life balance? I find it less stressful to be able to be in touch with work. There’s some peace of mind in knowing things are fine and I can be found if needed. I am probably on my phone more than I should be but relax by keeping busy. Outside work, I’m a season ticket holder at Oakwell (Barnsley) and my children, who are now 21 and 18, are great at distracting me: next month I’m cycling round the coast of Sardinia with my daughter Emma.

If you were able to retire tomorrow, how would you spend your time? I’d not totally retire as many of my friends are in the wholesale industry, and when that’s the case, work is not a chore. But I’d like more time to travel. I’ve been to 63 countries so far and want to see a lot more. I’ve been to unusual places like North Korea and Chernobyl and this year holidayed in Belarus, so people think I’m a bit weird, but I enjoy adventure. What advice would you give someone starting his/her first job? Be humble and build a network. Some of the most effective people I’ve seen are not the cleverest or the most qualified but those who are great with people. Also, be honest and build a career based on your personal values – those things are assets you can’t buy. What type of business would you go into if it wasn’t wholesale? I love photography so would probably be a photographer – if Barnsley FC don’t need a new manager that is... If you had a million pounds to invest in business, how would you spend it? I’d put it into seed investments in 10-15 small companies and work with them as CCM a mentor to build start-ups.

Career move influenced by lure of adventure Neil Turton joined M&S in 1985 as a trainee manager. He moved to Nisa in 1991 and spent 23 years there. He worked his way up to the top – seven of those years were as CEO. He left in 2015 seeking adventure and took on various roles, such as trading director of My Local and latterly retail associate of Co-ops UK. He joined Sugro


earlier this month as MD. Turton is also a trustee of MAG, a humanitarian charity, and for the last five years he has organised bike rides in landmineaffected areas (see page 8). He also helped set up – and now chairs – the Bihal family’s (Time Wholesale) charity Every Well, which provides water and wells in Africa and Asia.

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Reducing wholesalers’ costs James Ward (right) set up Food Utilities last year to help wholesalers and their customers switch to cheaper energy, waste & recycling and merchant services, and already dozens of businesses are benefiting to the tune of thousands of pounds.

ood Utilities, which offers wholesalers assistance with buying their energy, waste & recycling, and merchant services, was established in November 2017 by James Ward, the former managing director of AC Ward, Forward Wholesale and Elm Valley Foods. Since its launch, the company has helped wholesalers, retailers, hotels and restaurants across the UK reduce their operating costs by thousands of pounds and has also ensured they are on the most appropriate service package – for example, Ward has placed over £800,000 worth of electricity contracts for his clients that are better suited to their requirements. Wholesalers that have benefited from the service include Dee Bee, based in Grimsby; MJ Baker Foodservice, of Newton Abbot; Small Beer, of Lincoln;


Williams Foodservice, of Bridlington; Bradford-based Lubna Foods; and Jones Wholesale Business Store (Northampton). Ward tells Cash & Carry Management how his business evolved: “To test that there was demand for my services I started working for four regional restaurant and hotel chains who between them have 25 sites and a combined card turnover of £23 million per annum. By enabling them to switch card acquirer I was able to save them a total of £89,000. “I then did the same exercise for a retailer with a card turnover of £1.2 million and was able to make savings of £4,500.” Ward points out that, in switching to a different card acquirer, the cost of taking card payments can be reduced but many businesses are put off the exercise by the “door-to-door sales techniques” used by some card acquirers.

Food Utilities is now the supplier of energy and card acquiring to Today’s wholesale membership and their customers through the group’s drop shipment scheme.

“I realised that there were opportunities to develop my offering and reach more customers so I approached Nick Ramsden, managing director of Dee Bee, to discuss how we could work together to make my services available to his customer base,” says Ward. “We also reviewed his own merchant service cost and were able to reduce this by £15,000 per annum.” The first customer lead that Ramsden gave Ward was a business with two hotels. “We were able to save them £6,800 a year,” Ward reports, “and they were very pleased that Dee Bee was doing something to help them mitigate the rising costs they were facing elsewhere in their business.” Ramsden reinforces this point: “We were really happy to be able to offer our customers a way to save money on taking card payments. They are all under pressure from increasing costs so they welcome anything we can do to help them.” The success of Ward’s partnership with Dee Bee led to a new arrangement with Today’s Group: Food Utilities is now the supplier of energy and card acquiring to the wholesale membership and their customers through the Today’s drop shipment scheme. This service has been well received – at Today’s trade show in Liverpool, Ward signed £12 million per annum of new business, in turn generating substantial savings for the members concerned. Steve Hodson, trading controller at Today’s Group, comments: “It’s great to be able to offer a new support service to our members and their customers. We are increasing our members’ profitability and enhancing the loyalty in their customer base. Having so many services provided by one supplier makes the administration straightforward too.” Ward concludes: “I now have clients across the UK, from Devon to Orkney, and I look forward to working with more wholesalers and their customers. I also have plans to develop the range of services to include insurance and car CCM leasing.” a Food Utilities (01223) 926437


September 2018


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DCS Group sets its sights on the grocery category

DCS, the leading name in household, health and beauty in the UK, distributes for leading power brands

such as Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, PZ Cussons, Colgate Palmolive, SC Johnson and Reckitt Benckiser. After the move to its new premises in Banbury, DCS has recently shared its plans to diversify into ambient grocery as a key part of its strategy for growth. The 26-acre site in Banbury is increasing its operational capacity by 33%, and in the coming weeks DCS is completing the build of a brand new 50,000 sq ft warehouse

DCS Group’s key clients

Household: Procter & Gamble, Unilever, SC Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser, Duracell

Health & Beauty: Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, PZ Cussons, Reckitt Benckiser

• • •

Paper: Kimberly-Clark

Ambient Food: Sacla


Foodservice/Professional: Procter & Gamble, SC Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser, James Briggs

specifically for the next stage of growth.

Already a proven sales, marketing

“The core of the service we provide is utilising our channel

and distribution service provider across

expertise within convenience, wholesale, discount, high street



and online to build strong commercial plans for these channels,

beauty, DCS has shared that its next

ensuring the best return on trade investment, maximising

step is to work with the UK’s largest

distribution of range and achieving best-in-class execution.



brands in grocery. “On top of this we have invested heavily in both our Rob




Category Team and Repacking Services to ensure that we


are bringing our

established business with some of the

customers the best


said: “We



world’s largest brands within household, health and beauty.



market insights as well as creating channel-specific pack solutions to make products fit for purpose and unlock mutual growth.

“It’s an exciting time as we enter a new phase of our business growth and we are already being approached by leading brands that want to use DCS’s expertise to maximise growth opportunities as well as take advantage of the efficiency gains from utilising shared resources and RTM solutions.” DCS Group (UK) Ltd DCS Chairman Denys Shortt OBE.

Tel: 01789 208000


p.22 Brokerage Sept 18_Ivan Durkin feature 1 real 11/09/2018 09:52 Page 1


Expertise and experience

Understanding the needs of both brand owners and customers, and delivering results in line with these needs, is the service offered by specialist sales, marketing and logistics agencies. he growth of convenience means that supplying the cash & carry/delivered wholesale sector is crucial to any brand’s success, maintains Michael Robinson, managing director of Robinson Young, a specialist non-food FMCG distributor with a track record extending over 46 years. Robinson Young is a multi-award-winning specialist provider of an outsourced sales, marketing & distribution service for brands from around the world, including the UK. It represents and has partnerships with many major manufacturers in health & beauty, household and foodservice/ catering categories and supplies all of the UK’s main consumer channels, including cash & carry, delivered wholesale, multiple retail, convenience and pharmacy. “Robinson Young has the salesforce that delivers results for both its customers and its brand-owning partners,” says Robinson (pictured). “Progressive brand owners are increasingly recognising the benefits of outsourcing their sales, marketing and logistics in the knowledge that a dedicated team will often deliver better results than they can achieve in-house, leaving their own team free to focus elsewhere. And in a climate where every penny counts and resources are scarce, getting the most out of what you have is critical.” He continues: “Being one of the few companies left with a dedicated salesforce serving the wholesale/cash & carry sector means that we are uniquely placed to help brand owners develop strategies to make the most of the growth in convenience cost-effectively, whilst simultaneously helping wholesalers to have access to both the brands and the dedicated specialist service they need.” Robinson Young has won awards three years in a row from Landmark Wholesale in recognition of its service to the wholesale sector. “Winning such recognition and appreciation from our customers whilst simultaneously delivering


Robinson Young’s key clients a

Household: Zoflora, ACE, Scotchguard, Bizzybee.


Health & beauty: Covonia, Wilkinson Sword, Bodyform, Tena, Soft & Gentle, Vosene, Simple, Harmony, Mancave, Nads, Sleek, Collection, Culturelle.


Catering/foodservice: Caterpack, Finesse, Scotchbrite, Dart.


Stationery: Velcro, Masterlock.

impressive sales growth for our clients clearly demonstrates our credentials,” adds Robinson. For non-food FMCG manufacturers, using a sales and distribution partner that specialises in non-food categories and owns no major brands can be a real benefit – Robinson Young is not distracted by the different dynamics of food products and also has no own-brand offering to dilute its focus. “We can provide the focus, insight and passion for nonfood brands that many companies with other bigger priorities can’t match,” he points out. “Our shared services model, covering sales, marketing and logistics through our own managed and run warehouses is adaptable and flexible and can be tailored to suit different brand owners’ needs. “Our experienced sales team, with established relationships, coupled with our expertise at developing both consumer and trade marketing programmes, gives brand owners a simple and proven winning combination. Meanwhile, cash & carries and wholesalers benefit from great service and a company that uniquely understands their needs. “Having a partner who understands both the wholesaler’s and the brand owner’s needs and can adapt strategies to exploit the opportunities is rare but also key to a brand’s ongoing success in this rapidly changing environment,” CCM Robinson concludes. Robinson Young (01284) 766261

Some of the brands represented by Robinson Young, a specialist non-food FMCG distributor for more than 46 years. 22

September 2018


Successfully growing Non-Food brands for over 40 years.

We provide an award winning UK sales, marketing & logistics service for non-food FMCG manufacturers; helping brands and wholesalers grow together. To find out how we can grow your business contact Managing Director Michael Robinson on 01284 766261 or email m.robinson@ry.tm


Robinson Young Limited Ibson House, Eastern Way Bury St Edmunds Suffolk. IP32 7AB Tel: 01284 766261



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Valid use of suspension

Meet the HR expert Cate Ritchie, 121 HR Solutions Cate Ritchie is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

uspension is where an employee continues to be employed but does not have to attend work or do any work. Suspension should not be used as a disciplinary sanction and should not be automatic when dealing with a potential disciplinary matter as usually an employee will be able to continue in their normal role while the matter is investigated. Suspension should be considered if there is a serious allegation of misconduct and: a the working relationships have severely broken down. a there is a risk that the employee might tamper with evidence, influence witnesses and/or sway the investigation into the allegation. a there is a risk to other employees, property or customers. a the employee is the subject of criminal proceedings that may affect whether they can do their job. In certain circumstances, there may


be medical grounds to suspend – a health professional may recommend that an individual worker is unfit to work with a particular hazard. If the hazard cannot be immediately removed, the employer should consider: a temporarily adjusting working conditions. a offering suitable alternative work (at the same rate of pay and on terms no less favourable than the original role). If it is not feasible to make such adjustments, the employer may have to suspend until it is safe to return to work. Following notification of an employee’s pregnancy, the employer must conduct a risk assessment, taking into account any advice the employee has received from their doctor or

midwife. If the risk cannot be removed, the employer must: a temporarily adjust working conditions and/or working hours. a If that is not possible, offer suitable alternative work (at the same rate of pay and on terms no less favourable than the original role). a If that is not feasible, suspend the employee from work on paid leave until their maternity leave begins or it is safe for them to return to work. If suspension is necessary, an employee should be provided with a letter that includes the reasons for the suspension, how long it is expected to last and their rights and obligations during the suspension – for example, that they should be contactable during normal working hours. The letter should also provide a point of contact (such as a manager or HR) and their contact details, and state that the purpose of suspension is to investigate and is not an assumption of guilt (if applicable). Employees should usually receive their full pay and benefits during a period of suspension.

If you would like guidance about suspension or any other HR matter, contact Cate at cate@121hrsolutions.co.uk or phone (0792) 121 3890.

When banter becomes bullying: steps to protect employees Workplace ‘banter’ can have a positive effect, promoting a relaxed environment, increasing morale and leading to improved productivity. However, a new study has shown that banter needs to be addressed by employers. The report surveyed more than 1,000 people and found evidence that employees have left a job because of what they perceive as negative banter. The report also found that women are twice as likely as men to have been negatively affected by workplace banter, with one in 10 women citing it


September 2018

as a cause of mental health issues. And despite the recent heightened media awareness over inappropriate behaviour at work, women are still less likely than men to challenge inappropriate behaviour, with only 55% of women – compared to 73% of men – saying they would directly challenge banter. It is important that employers put in place measures to set boundaries: a Examine policies – appreciate that negative banter leads to a loss of confidence and potentially resignations and make sure that the policies set out the definitions and sanctions for bullying


and harassment and that they promote equality, diversity and inclusion. a Be mindful that any unwelcome comments at work aren’t ‘just a bit of banter’ – they can sometimes form the basis of a legal claim. If an employee has not thought of something as a joke, then the environment can soon feel hostile for that person. a Create a culture where people feel they can raise concerns. a Publicise policies and training – almost three-quarters of people said they didn’t know if policies to protect staff from negative banter existed!

FINAL Sanderson newsletter 7 Sept 2018_STL news/Jan 06 11/09/2018 10:02 Page 1

Specialist wholesale software and digital apps

Future-proof your wholesale business

Issue 23

More Landmark members sign up for Sanderson wholesale solution

Sanderson has gained more new customers for its specialist wholesale software and digital solutions. The latest customers include three members of Landmark Wholesale, which is one of the largest wholesale buying groups in the UK, with a turnover of nearly ÂŁ3bn. The Sanderson wholesale solutions have been chosen to automate and streamline operations, increase information accuracy and support these growing businesses. The new customers vary in size and are from food & drink and catering sectors.

Delivering immediate benefits

The new food & drink wholesale customer is already reaping the benefits of its Sanderson solution which has increased control of warehouse operations and improved access to information across the business. The wholesaler carries a range of alcoholic and tobacco products which are managed by the Sanderson Bonded Warehousing system in accordance with HMRC regulations. The software automates the management of duties and inventory, giving complete traceability of bonded stock, and delivering a huge time saving.

stock information across the entire business. The company is looking forward to increasing efficiencies and supporting its ambitious growth plans with the scalable Sanderson solution. These new customer contracts highlight that companies are investing in software solutions to strengthen operations, drive their businesses forward and help deliver outstanding service to their customers. The Sanderson solution is ideal for companies looking for a single system to provide complete visibility of financial and operational performance, with key performance indicators to assist with decision-making.

The new catering customer has invested in Radio Frequency (RF) technology and digital solutions to increase control of its growing business and to provide excellent customer service. RF technology has been selected to increase accuracy in its warehouse operations. The latest digital solutions, web ordering software and mobile CRM will be implemented to increase sales and improve customer service when staff are out on the road. The new cash & carry customer has selected the Sanderson solution Swords, to increase control and visibility of operations and to take its business to the next level. The Radio Frequency system will accurately monitor stock and provide real-time


Tel: 0333 123 1400


FINAL Sanderson newsletter 7 Sept 2018_STL news/Jan 06 11/09/2018 10:02 Page 2

Specialist wholesale software and digital apps

Caterite increases productivity with Sanderson Voice Directed WMS Caterite Food & Wineservice has extended its Sanderson solution to include the latest Voice Directed Warehouse Management System (WMS) and is benefitting from a faster, more accurate warehouse operation. Caterite’s investment in the Sanderson voice directed WMS reinforces its commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, with streamlined processes and increased productivity leading to a faster fulfilment operation. The advantages of voice directed WMS extend beyond efficient picking. Caterite is delighted by its ease of use and greater control over the picking operation. Using hands-free picking and intelligent routing, the solution has speeded up the picking process. Additionally the system delivers real-time stock information providing telesales with accurate stock data, so it can offer customers alternatives to out-of-stock items, capturing potential lost sales.

Lorcan Byrne, Managing Director, Caterite Food & Wineservice, comments: “The voice directed WMS system has accelerated productivity and improved workflows across the business. For example, it has eliminated duplication of effort and streamlined the handover process between the pick team and the delivery team. We now have faster on-time deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.”

East-n-West set to deliver new operational efficiencies with digital apps and wholesale software

Leading food and catering wholesaler East-n-West has invested in the latest digital apps and specialist wholesale software from Sanderson to support its rapid growth. The company supplies grocery items to over 5,000 customers a week, through its cash & carry, wholesale and retail channels. East-n-West has signed up for new digital solutions to expand its business and provide the best possible customer service for its customers. The digital solutions CRM and ePOD are available on mobile and tablet devices. The latest CRM will enable field staff to answer queries on the spot with direct access to customer and stock information whilst the electronic proof of delivery system (ePOD) enables staff to extend delivery services when out on the road. The company has also chosen the new customer app to futureproof its business and provide ultra-quick and convenient ordering for its customers. Additionally, it has selected the web solution to enhance customer experience and generate more sales with improved visibility of offers. The specialist software, Swords from Sanderson, will also drive more efficiencies in stock control and warehouse operations. By using the Radio Frequency warehouse management system, significant cost savings will be generated from improved picking


Tel: 0333 123 1400

accuracy and as a result of instant access to realtime stock data, better customer service will also be delivered. Kavit Lakhani, Director, East-nWest, comments: “We had outgrown our existing system and needed a new solution to support our business expansion plans. We were impressed with the Sanderson solution and its capability to support all areas of our business from sales to warehouse management. The digital solutions, CRM and ePOD, will enable field staff to look after our customers’ needs whilst on their premises and the web solution and new app will allow us to differentiate in a competitive marketplace.”


FINAL Sanderson newsletter 7 Sept 2018_STL news/Jan 06 11/09/2018 10:03 Page 3

Specialist wholesale software and digital apps

15 wholesalers leap into the future with latest digital apps

Sanderson continues to innovate and supply leading-edge software, for use by wholesalers who are focusing on business growth and strengthening their customer service. The success of our continual investment is demonstrated by the 15 wholesalers who have recently launched Sanderson digital apps. These wholesalers see technology as key to driving growth, increasing competitiveness and customer loyalty and future-proofing their businesses. To succeed in the next era of wholesaling, wholesalers are recognising that their retail and foodservice customers want more convenient ways to place orders. So wholesalers need to provide sales and delivery teams with the tools to deliver the highest quality service whilst on customers’ premises. Our latest apps are cloud-based and work with any back-office system offering optimum flexibility for all types of wholesale businesses. The apps selected by Sanderson customers include van sales, ePOD and the customer ordering app. The van sales app provides a complete end-to-end on-the-road sales operation. The system empowers van sales staff with 24/7 access to customer, stock and pricing information to answer queries and increase sales. The solution also improves your cash flow as it facilitates fast secure mobile payments, processing payments on the spot.

Increased accuracy and enhanced customer service are just some of the benefits of using the electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) system. The automated system speeds up deliveries and captures digital signatures, instantly updating the back office system with real-time information. Using the multi-functional ePOD system, staff productivity increases as it enables them to carry out surveys, manage stock uplifts and provide documents on the spot for customers. Designed to deliver the ultimate convenience to customers, the ordering app is indispensable for on-the-go retail and foodservice customers. Available for both iOS and android, customers are connected to your business at all times, providing visibility of product ranges, order history, personalised promotions and the ability to manage payments and track deliveries. The Sanderson range of dynamic digital apps are designed to enable cash & carry operations and wholesalers to drive their businesses forward in this increasingly digital age.






Tel: 0333 123 1400

Van sales


FINAL Sanderson newsletter 7 Sept 2018_STL news/Jan 06 11/09/2018 10:04 Page 4

Specialist wholesale software and digital apps

Savage & Whitten achieves faster deliveries using ePOD system

Northern Ireland’s largest wholesaler Savage & Whitten is reaping the benefits of a more efficient delivery operation and increasing customer satisfaction following its investment in the latest electronic proof of delivery system (ePOD) from Sanderson. The multi-faceted ePOD system automates the delivery process. Providing quick access to real-time data, delivery staff have all the information they need when at a customer site, so service is faster and more productive. Once customers have digitally signed for their deliveries via a mobile device, system data is updated immediately enabling faster query response times, access to service metrics and quicker invoice processing. The ePOD system is also facilitating a better customer experience, with increased delivery accuracy and the flexibility to amend orders at the customer site. As a result, Savage & Whitten has reduced overall delivery costs, with fewer re-delivery and collections of incorrect items. Paul Whitten, Logistics Manager, Savage & Whitten, comments: “We now have full transparency of information across the business with the Sanderson ePOD system which helps each department to provide a high-quality service to our customers. With digital signatures, locating customer documents is easier and faster, avoiding checking through lots of paperwork. Our productivity has increased significantly as the delivery process is faster and more accurate.”

Increase speed, accuracy and productivity with ePOD

The Sanderson Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) system speeds up deliveries and improves delivery accuracy by removing time-consuming, paper-based processes. The automated delivery system enables your staff to capture digital signatures and carry out order amendments at the customer site, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing pickup and re-delivery costs. As well as increasing productivity, the ePOD system optimises journey plans, provides vehicle tracking, supports vehicle management and provides access to CRM functions to collect valuable service feedback. Using our ePOD system your business benefits from: Improved delivery accuracy as the automated process minimises lost or incorrect documents

• Cost savings, as deliveries are checked and amended onsite, 4

Tel: 0333 123 1400

and costs associated with processing delivery errors, re-delivery and collections are reduced Optimised delivery scheduling with an easy to view journey plan and use of Google maps

Increased staff productivity by removing paper-based processes

Enhanced customer satisfaction as staff can carry out customer surveys and manage uplift requests

Strengthened vehicle management, with vehicle tracking and use of checklists to monitor driver and vehicle activity


PRESS pp.30-40 Seasonal Sept 22.qxp_Ivan Durkin feature 1 real 10/09/2018 20:41 Page 1


Start the seasonal countdown Bucking the trend for healthy options and careful spending, occasions like Halloween and Christmas give wholesalers and retailers a chance to make the most of the forthcoming burst of extravagance by attracting shoppers with eye-catching theatre and NPD.


easonal opportunities are ripe for growth, with shoppers embracing the holidays and manufacturers finding new areas to create opportunities. While previously strongly performing categories in convenience may have been facing challenging times of late, there is plenty of NPD and encouraging statistics when it comes to seasonal products. Halloween, an occasion that previously barely registered past token trick or treating opportunities, is now an exciting prospect for retailers as consumers follow the way of the US. Around £320 million was spent on the occasion last year (Mintel) and growth of 7% was reflected in confectionery during the period in 2017, while soft drinks saw an uplift of 3.7% (Nielsen). Coca-Cola European Partners has again selected its Fanta brand to lead its Halloween activity, a decision that last year saw a boost of 26% for the brand over the period – fuelled by growth in Fanta Zero. “Like CocaCola is to Christmas, Fanta is to Halloween,” says Amy Burgess, trade communications manager. “As more consumers take part in the spooky celebrations each year, the sales opportunity for the No.1 flavoured carbonates brand and our retail partners continues to grow.” 30

September 2018


The supplier has identified the purchasing power of teens and young adults for Halloween, and has shaped its activity accordingly. “Consumer interests and behaviours are changing and we know that teens and young adults in particular are active social media users and value experiences with their friends,” continues Burgess. “These two groups are Fanta’s core target audience and our continued investment in experiential brand activities and social media platforms is one of the main ways we connect with them.” This year sees the return of limited-edition designs featuring themed on-pack graphics by renowned artist Noma Bar, along with the reappearance of the Snapchat partnership with an on-pack promotion to unlock Fanta Halloween-themed filters and lenses. The campaign was awarded Snapchat’s Best Brand Activation of the Year last year, and offers new, exclusive filters and lenses this time around. “Fanta is back this year with another thrilling Halloween activation, supported by a multi-million pound marketing campaign that includes digital and outdoor advertising, social media and Twisted Carnival experiential activities,” summarises Burgess.

PRESS pp.30-40 Seasonal Sept 22.qxp_Ivan Durkin feature 1 real 10/09/2018 20:41 Page 2

[ SEASONAL ] Monin highlights the rising out-ofhome drinks opportunities created by the occasion: Halloween-based cocktails were at an all-time high in 2017, and the supplier’s advice to bartenders is to focus on stand-out. “Halloween is big business nowadays, so outlets should be looking at ways in which they can capitalise on this hugely popular seasonal opportunity. It’s no longer a one-night celebration and, with Halloween falling on a Wednesday, it presents operators with the chance to create promotional drinks menus and spooky scenes from the weekend before to the weekend after,” says Lee Hyde, beverage innovation manager. The supplier’s range of flavoured syrups can help to inspire operators with their creative offerings, in particular the Pumpkin Spice syrup, along with Blood Orange, Maple Spice and Black Forest variants. “Halloween is a huge opportunity for outlets to really go to town with decorations and themed drinks menus, which will go a long way to attracting sales and increasing profits – adding a topical garnish or serving a drink in an unusual vessel creates theatre around the occasion,” continues Hyde. “The ultimate goal is for establishments to create an exclusive beverage, hot or cold, that generates a social buzz on Instagram or Twitter to drive awareness and traffic to their outlets.” Confectionery is still the mainstay of Halloween, and manufacturers have been busy with activity related to the occasion. Once again, Stateside trends have travelled over and expanded the event from children trick or treating to a far more wide-ranging opportunity for social sharing.

‘In 2017, confectionery drove Halloween growth by 7%, with more than a third of UK consumers buying sweets and/or chocolate’ Lauren George, Mars Wrigley’s trade and brand PR manager Mars Wrigley Confectionery has identified the big night in occasion as a sales driver, as people choose to have a ‘scary movie night’ during the run-up to Halloween. Last year, 31% of consumers adopted the ritual, providing a valuable merchandising opportunity in the sharing sector, while 41% of consumers took part in trick or treating (Nielsen). The Mars Wrigley range of sharing confectionery is expected to perform strongly over the Halloween period, with ‘More to Share’ bags from the Minstrels, M&M’s, Starburst and Skittles brands. Relevant NPD comes from the recent launch of limited-edition M&M’s Crunchy Caramel – predicted to deliver sales of over £6 million – while the return of 32

September 2018


Skittles Darkside in a funsize format adds to another growth area. “In 2017, confectionery drove Halloween growth by 7%, with more than a third of UK consumers buying sweets and/or chocolate for the seasonal event (Nielsen). This growth was largely driven by a shift in demand towards sharing bags and twistwrap confectionery as consumers look for trick or treat and big night in confectionery options,” says Lauren George, trade & brand PR manager. “In the seasonal period, funsize and sharing grew at 6.5% and 5.7% respectively (Nielsen), highlighting the demand for a range of both fruit confectionery and chocolate options across the Halloween season.” Perfetti Van Melle has also responded to the multiple growth areas reflected in Halloween shopper habits. “Our consumer data shows there is a wide demographic looking to make purchases in the lead up to Halloween. 71% of households without children bought seasonal products in 2017 (Kantar), which suggests that there is a clear market for grandparents buying sweet treats for grandchildren, and single couples preparing for the growing number of trick or treaters we’re seeing in cities and suburban areas across the UK,” says Mark Roberts, trade marketing manager. The manufacturer has applied simple Halloween-themed artwork to its core range, focusing on Fruittella and Chupa Chups brands. “At this time of year, clever in-store theatre holds the key to capturing shoppers’ attention and our Halloween packaging complements a fun, seasonal display,” Roberts explains. “However, we’re aware that themed confectionery can have a short life span and presents risk, potentially costing retailers more in the long run.” Last year’s Juicy Chews and Duo Stick Halloween packs saw Fruittella’s Halloween bags grow by 79% (IRI), while the individually-wrapped Chupa Chups £1 Mini Mix is a strong performer for the Chupa Chups brand. “Offering a wide range of products to be able to meet the needs of different shoppers in the market is vital to ensuring that retailers are able to see an increase in their confectionery sales,” Roberts advises. Swizzels also highlights the £1 price point as an important retail tool. “Consumers are on the look out for value-formoney sweet treats, so the £1 flash is an important sales driver,” says Mark Walker, sales director. “When it comes to Halloween, parties and trick or treating are key confectionery purchase drivers. Swizzels typically sees its share of sugar confectionery double at Halloween in comparison to the rest of the year.” The manufacturer saw its best-ever performance over the Halloween period last year, with total sugar sales in 5% growth and Swizzels outperforming the market as the No.2 manufacturer at Halloween with 6% growth (IRI). Recommendations for retailer must-stocks are the Swizzels Loadsa bags and the Swizzels Trick or Sweet bag.

5476211_X18 IC A4 Ad_V3.indd 1

27/07/2018 09:58

PRESS pp.30-40 Seasonal Sept 22.qxp_Ivan Durkin feature 1 real 10/09/2018 20:42 Page 3

[ SEASONAL ] New for 2018 is the 420g Swizzels Treat Time Tub, which is available exclusively to the convenience channel. Swizzels’ Halloween activity will be supported by a ‘Halloween Sorted’ campaign across its website and social platforms. Tangerine Confectionery has similarly expanded its Halloween opportunities with a new 450g branded Barratt Halloween Bucket. The product contains Refresher Rolls, Dip Dabs, Mini Wham Bars, Mini Fruit Salad Bars, individual 30g bags of Dolly Mix, Cola Bottles, and Shrimps and Bananas. Alongside this is the relaunched 180g Barratt Halloween Bag, featuring Dip Dab lollies, Fruit Salad lollies, mini Refresher rolls and mini Wham chew bars. The Halloween Bag saw 8.2% sales growth last year (IRI) and this year has been redesigned and contains a streamlined sweet selection. The brands tap into the trend for nostalgia, a driver identified by Tangerine Confectionery around the period. “Parents and grandparents are keen to recreate their childhood memories of trick or treating with the next generation, and share with them the sweets they enjoyed when they were their age,” says Russell Tanner, marketing and category director. “The Halloween confectionery market has grown by 34% over the past two years (IRI), and we don’t expect this growth to slow down.” The Mondelez International trick or treat range was worth over £5 million last year (IRI), and the individually-wrapped Maynards Bassetts Creepy Chews are now back for a second year. “During Halloween, customers are looking for fun and excitement; retailers should create theatre with eye-catching and impactful PoS,” advises Susan Nash, trade communications manager. “Mondelez International is the second largest confectionery player in the Halloween market, with a range that meets each Halloween occasion (self-treat, trick or treat, Halloween parties and big night in).” NPD from the manufacturer responds to self-treat and sharing occasions, with Cadbury Goo Heads and Cadbury Goo Head Minis. Fondant-filled chocolate Goo Heads are available as individual or five-pack self treats, while the Goo Head Minis are individually-wrapped and so are suitable for trick or treaters. “The Halloween sharing occasion offers the biggest opportunity to retailers at Halloween, catering to those throwing a party, having a night in or stocking up for trick or treaters. Retailers should take advantage of this by placing sharing bags in hotspots across their store,” says Nash. 34

September 2018


Make an early festive start It’s all about timing when it comes to making the most of festive sales, according to Mondelez International. “Seasonal ranges in convenience depend on local needs and, crucially, the size of the convenience store in question. Festive ranges require adaptation throughout the season to make the most of the opportunity,” says trade communications manager Susan Nash. Christmas retail sales were in excess of £44 billion in 2017 (Mintel) and it remains an occasion where consumers are happily extravagant and indulgent. Confectionery is still a mainstay of the holiday and last year Mondelez reflected a 23% share of the Christmas chocolate category (IRI), driving £174 million in value sales (IRI/Kantar). Retailers should start out with a focus on self-treat products when they consider their Christmas calendar, maximising these sales in October. “Continue the countdown into November, with advent calendars and novelty sharing lines,” she continues. “In December, make it clear that the ‘magic of Christmas’ has arrived in your store, by stocking selection boxes, Christmas-themed gifts, family sharing lines and topup gifts – these can replace advent products on 1st December.” The supplier’s activity around the occasion for 2018 shows investment in multiple areas, with advertising spend, redesigned packaging, new PoS materials and extensive NPD all aiming to boost category growth. “From advent calendars to selection boxes, the Christmas category is versatile, highly incremental and brings friends and family together across the nation,” says Nash. “Mondelez has a range that caters to a wide variety of needs and occasions, offering a portfolio that is split into subcategories to help maximise sales with ranges ‘for me’, ‘for us’, ‘for them’ and ‘giving & sharing’. Having invested heavily in NPD, Mondelez has a seasonal range to cover multiple shopper demands. For the growing interest in advent calendars, premium brand Green & Blacks is set to add excitement to the adult advent category with its advent calendar containing dark, milk and praline chocolates. Capitalising on the partnership between Cadbury and the Premier League, more advent NPD comes from the Cadbury Premier League Advent Calendar, which targets young adults and features on-pack Premier League activation to immerse consumers in engaging experiences. In the sharing category, this brand power partnership is also behind NPD, with the Cadbury Heroes Premier League Tin. The packaging features a ‘Game On’ QR code that, when scanned, takes consumers to a digital platform with games and prizes for the family. Also set to create on-shelf appeal are the Cadbury Plush Stocking and the Cadbury Christmas Selection Box Plush Toy, containing Cadbury Curly Wurly, Cadbury Freddo,

PRESS pp.30-40 Seasonal Sept 22.qxp_Ivan Durkin feature 1 real 10/09/2018 20:43 Page 4

[ SEASONAL ] Cadbury Fudge and Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons. The shopper desire for nostalgia has also inspired a Bourneville retro selection box and a Fry’s selection box, as well as the new Sweet Shop Pouch that brings together the Cadbury and Maynards Bassetts brands with a mix of Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk Caramel, Fudge, Eclairs and Lemon Sherbet, and targets the adult sharing occasion. Maynards Bassetts has also seen seasonal activity with the addition of festive Frosted Wine Gums, a Christmasthemed Juicy Chews Jar and a festive carton of Mixups. Mars Wrigley Confectionery UK is expecting its Maltesers NPD to add strong Christmas growth over the upcoming season. Launched earlier in the year, Maltesers Truffles are a more indulgent product from the brand, suited to the festive shopper demands.

“We are convinced it will grow the category, being perfect for those special gifting occasions – of which Christmas is the most important one. Retailers don’t want to miss the first festive opportunity to drive sales with what is set to be a consumer favourite for years to come,” says Laura Edwards, Maltesers brand manager. The manufacturer’s boxed value sales accounted for £8.9 million of its £15.2 million category growth last Christmas (Nielsen), with Maltesers and Galaxy in the top three large selection boxes. Additionally, the Celebrations brand was the No.1 tub and pouch brand, as well being the best-selling carton. “Chocolate for sharing has continued to deliver incremental sales, quickly becoming the No.1 food and drink category shoppers are willing to spend money on at Christmas,” points out Lauren George, trade and brand PR manager. “We know that three chocolate treats are bought every second during Christmas in the UK, but as an impulsive and expandable category, there is always headroom for treating chocolate to grow.” Advent calendars have also been identified as a sales driver by Mars 36

September 2018


Wrigley – worth £35 million (Nielsen) – and the manufacturer also recognises the continuing opportunities provided by the premiumisation trend. “The key to success in 2017 was the success of trade-up advents such as larger packs and premium-quality advents, which drive basket spend,” says George. “Mars Wrigley Confectionery UK will continue to fuel this growth with its new Celebrations advent calendar, which taps into the trade-up trend.” Ferrero has chosen three focal areas to drive seasonal growth and provide support to the wholesale and retail sectors. Through a focus on investment, theatre and in-store campaigns, and communication with retailers, the supplier is predicting strong seasonal growth for the convenience channel with its targeted brand activity. Investment of £6.74 million across its confectionery and spreads brands aims to build on Ferrero’s performance of five years of consecutive festive growth. Again, the supplier advises retailers to shift attention throughout the run-up to Christmas in order to maximise profits, promoting twist-wraps early to take advantage of the opportunities for repeat purchase. Gifting peaks in the last four weeks up to Christmas while the festive spirit that surrounds the holiday means that self-treat is evident in shoppers during both the early and late parts of the Christmas period. “It’s important as a leading confectionery manufacturer to offer retailers products and ranges that help them to cater for the different types of festive shopping needs,” says Levi Boorer, customer development director. Best-selling children’s confectionery brand Kinder (Nielsen) is bringing further innovation to the novelties

Spanish festive ideas David Menendez, founder/sales director at importer and wholesaler Mevalco, highlights some of the company’s Spanish seasonal fare: “We have a selection of products that lend themselves perfectly to festive treats. Our chocolate covered figs (pictured) – juicy figs coated with a dark chocolate soft ganache – make an ideal seasonal gift. Our home-made almond cake ‘Tarta de Santiago’ – an iconic Spanish torte – is ideal for a Christmas hamper. “Also, some of our more traditional favourites with a Spanish twist include fried almonds with rosemary, fried almonds with olive oil, fried almonds with paprika and roasted hazelnuts. Olives are always a wonderful seasonal gift – we have a fabulous selection of green, black and mixed olives.”

PRESS pp.30-40 Seasonal Sept 22.qxp_Ivan Durkin feature 1 real 10/09/2018 20:43 Page 5


segment with new Kinder Surprise Hollow Figures, including the Surprise Santa figure featuring a new Surprise toy for seasonal relevancy. Also new for this year are collectable winter eggs from Kinder Joy – which last year was the No.1 growth driver in self-treat (Nielsen) – available in three colours and four designs. Meanwhile, Kinder’s Fluffy Toy range sees the addition of the Kinder Unicorn this year. “With 61% of parents finding the toy relevant for Christmas (Toluna), the Unicorn will join the Polar Bear and Reindeer to create a three-strong range,” says Boorer. Also offering a new seasonal novelty is the manufacturer’s Thorntons brand. The 2018 Cheeky Elf 200g figure features an on-pack promotion offering shoppers the chance to win a trip to Lapland. The brand is also showcasing redesigned packaging in its seasonal boxed range, with both the Thorntons Christmas selection boxes and the Thorntons seasonal collection boxes returning with a new look after delivering £4.2 million to the category in the first year. “Thorntons has a strong affiliation with shoppers over the seasonal period, which can be greatly attributed to a strong performance from figures and advent calendars, both +21% in value (Nielsen). Continuing to drive growth, the brand is also innovating its seasonal portfolio to drive relevancy for shoppers,” Boorer adds. Additional NPD from the brand is also hitting the shelves prior to the seasonal activity, with the launch of Thorntons Pearls. Targeting a younger, female consumer, the 167g sharing cartons are available in Salted Caramel and Nutty Crunch variants and are supported by PR, social and sampling activity. “We are really proud of our brands’ scale, and we’re committed to developing an all-year-round range that also caters for the explosion of special occasions during the festive season,” Boorer concludes. Family-owned toffee manufacturer Walker’s Nonsuch has also brought out new ontrend flavours for 2018 with its Salted Caramel Toffees and Double Dipped Milk Chocolate Toffees. In addition, the new Fruit and Nut Toffee has been added to the Walker’s Nonsuch Traditional Slab range, which performs particularly well over the Christmas period. The luxuriously packaged toffee is presented with a real 38

September 2018


hammer and responds to both the sharing opportunities and the nostalgia trend, while maintaining premium credentials with natural ingredients and a traditional manufacturing process. Nestlé Confectionery has also chosen salted caramel NPD for its year-round range extension to its KitKat brand. Joining the KitKat Chunky range is the KitKat Chunky Salted Caramel Fudge bar, which was launched last month. The single bar is the latest in the brand’s annual rotation of a new flavour, with New York Cheesecake and Cookie Dough variants introduced in 2017 and 2016 respectively, and is targeted at millennial shoppers. Meanwhile, its seasonal activity includes self-eat, sharing, gifting and advent NPD from its brands. For early season impulse buys, new this year are Snowman, Seal and Snowy Owl white chocolate characters in the Milkybar Winter Friends Collection, which join the Polar Bear.

Meanwhile, the Smarties Winter Friends 2018 range features Rudolph, Robin and Santa, as well as the Smarties Penguin. Each outer contains all four designs in the range, and has been reduced in width by 12% as an on-shelf spacesaving measure. Quality Street is regarded as a Christmas powerbrand, and sales of the Quality Street 720g tub increased by 11% last year. After an assortment revision, it returns this year with more chocolatey sweets and fewer toffees and cremes. The brand has also entering the fast-growing premium advent calendar segment with a new Quality Street Advent Calendar. With advent sales up by 45% and premium advent sales almost trebling over the past five years (IRI), this area is one that Nestlé Confectionery has concentrated on with several of its brands. Also new this year are the After Eight Advent Calendar and the innovative Smarties 3D Advent Calendar pack. The Smarties brand also features the Orange Smarties Giant Tube for 2018, as well as a dress-up Smarties Penguin for the novelties segment, which is joined by a Milkybar dress-up Polar Bear. Token gifting comes from Dairy Box – a brand that showed growth of 17% last Christmas – and Black Magic, both of which offer twist-wrapped sweets in the new £1 rsp Temptations range.





Maltesers® is a registered trademark. © Mars 2018.


Seasonal snacking opportunities It’s not just confectionery that brings seasonal profits: over the Christmas period, sharing snacks also benefit from the festive social occasions. Kellogg’s Pringles brand, worth more than £190 million and the biggest large sharing crisps brand in the UK (IRI), was the most-bought branded FMCG food product in supermarkets during Christmas week last year. This year, shoppers will benefit from Kellogg’s ‘Free Present with Every Can’ promotion featured on the 200g cans. “The instant-win mechanic on the can is a tried and tested way to generate excitement with shoppers while driving sales and we’re confident it will make snacking moments even more fun,” says Chris Bates, Kellogg’s impulse sales director. The promotion runs from October and every can includes a free digital gift, as well as the chance to win prizes such as movie coupons, GoPros and holidays. “Christmas 2017 was the biggest trading week ever (£3.5 billion, Kantar), and this year will be no different,” says Matt Collins, sales director for convenience, wholesale, discounters and foodservice at KP Snacks. “Research tells us that there are currently 1.7 billion sharing occasions to tap into. What’s more, sharing is the largest segment in the lead-up to Christmas, growing at 4.7% over the 2017 festive period (Kantar). Crisps, snacks and nuts were among the topperforming categories last year, with an £8 million boost, up 3.7%, over the festive period (Retail Advantage).”


September 2018


KP Snacks sees a 50% uplift in shoppers buying KP Nuts at Christmas, with the brand now worth £58.5 million in retail sales value (Nielsen) and including a convenience-friendly £1 PMP range. The Tyrrells premium brand should benefit from the £4 million media spend invested this year, while Hula Hoops has added the Flavarings range to the sharing sector. “As with other seasonal moments, timing is of the essence. With over half of ‘stockpile’ category sales – including crisps, snacks & nuts, confectionery, health & beauty, and dry grocery – occurring in the first two weeks of December, retailers should be prepared in order to capitalise on these early Christmas shopping missions,” says Collins. ”Understanding the importance of Christmas sales and activating strongly in store is imperative for driving incremental spend,” he continues. “Placing crisps, nuts and snacks on promotion has become a great driver of this, with 24% of shoppers purchasing items on deal, as opposed to just 18% when they’re not on offer. This effect is similar when products are shown as PMPs – 33% believe that they’re cheaper than the standard price. Retailers see the benefit as well, with 83% CCM saying price-marked packs sell much faster (HIM).”

For further information: Coca-Cola European Partners (01733) 828000 Ferrero 020-8869 4000 Kellogg’s 0161-869 2000 KP Snacks (0845) 601 7583 Mars Wrigley Confectionery (01753) 550055 Mondelez International (01214) 582000 Monin (01795) 413754 Nestlé Confectionery 020-8686 3333 Perfetti Van Melle (01753) 442100 Swizzels (01633) 744144 Tangerine Confectionery (01977) 692500 Walker’s Nonsuch (01782) 321525

PRESS pp.42-48 Buying Groups Sept 18.qxp_Ivan Durkin feature 1 real 10/09/2018 19:34 Page 1

[ BUYING GROUPS UPDATE ] As Cash & Carry Management went to press, members of Landmark Wholesale and Today’s Group had voted to merge the two groups (see page 8). Dedicated to supporting independent wholesalers, the new organisation will be called Unitas Wholesale and the merger will be completed on 1 November, by which time both groups will have been through a period of consultation. No announcement has been made yet about who will head up Unitas or where it will be based.

Profile: Landmark What services and benefits do you offer your members? We offer a wide range of services and benefits: group buying terms, national promotions, award-winning retail and catering/foodservice own-brand ranges, category and core ranging advice, retail club support through our Lifestyle Express symbol fascia format and invaluable insight data. Landmark’s longstanding and focused commercial relationships with key suppliers allow its independently owned members to receive buying terms and marketing initiatives that enable them to compete effectively in the marketplace, focus on their customers and grow their businesses. What differentiates Landmark from other buying groups? We know that the industry is facing many challenges and every independent wholesale business will recognise the need for support. At Landmark, we prize relationship building above everything else. We invest heavily in time spent face to face in order to create strong, lasting relationships that benefit all. Alongside greater buying power, better deals, increased margins and improved access to suppliers, members also benefit from our central distribution,

IT support, credit terms, award-winning own-brand ranges and invaluable insight system. For retail members we offer our Lifestyle Express retail fascia and for our foodservice members we have a dedicated foodservice programme, Caterer Connections Club. What developments have you made this year, and how have they helped your members? Because we’re run by members, for members, our members know that their interests are at the heart of everything we do. We ‘re continuing to develop our award-winning Lifestyle Express retail fascia, which gives wholesalers a strong

John Mills, managing director.

offer for their customers. The Lifestyle Express Retail Development Programme has been a huge success, achieving significant sales uplifts in all converted stores. For foodservice members, in the past year we have launched more than 100 foodservice SKUs in response to growing trends and customer demand. Our own brands have been described as the best in the sector, combining great quality with greater margins for the wholesaler. They play a crucial role in our business – not just providing a high-quality, value offering but also driving customer loyalty between our members and their retail and foodservice customers. We pride ourselves on offering all our members a superb range of services. Most Landmark members have experienced sales and volume growth in excess of market averages, which shows that the overall Landmark group strategy is working, particularly when teamed with local action plans. How is Landmark presently performing? Excluding tobacco, Landmark continues to show single-digit growth at a time when many of our competitors are standing still, and we are attracting new CCM members.

Head office: Milton Keynes Website: landmarkwholesale.co.uk Tel: (01908) 255300

Landmark fast facts Landmark members: 39 Combined member turnover: £3.5 billion Head office staff: 37 Newest Landmark members: Plassey Foods, Fairway Foodservice. Accolades in 2018: Landmark’s ownbrand products won several awards at Cash & Carry Management’s inaugural CCM Chefs’ Own-Brand Awards held earlier this year.


September 2018

Landmark’s collective power assists the growth of founder member East End Foods, of Birmingham “The collective power of Landmark has directly benefited our growth during the decades we’ve been part of it. We benefit from the longstanding relationships Landmark has built up with all the top suppliers. The conference is a big part of that, providing a platform for members and suppliers to do business. “Thanks to Landmark, suppliers


understand that all members are independent with very distinct needs, reflecting our different locations in the UK. Whether members are retail or foodservice focused, delivered or cash & carry, Landmark ensures that suppliers recognise our independent strengths.” Jason Wouhra, director

With a landscape more

challenging than ever before, you need

a safe pair of hands

To find your nearest depot, visit www.landmarkwholesale.co.uk or call 01908 255300

PRESS pp.42-48 Buying Groups Sept 18.qxp_Ivan Durkin feature 1 real 10/09/2018 19:35 Page 2


Profile: Today’s Group What services and benefits does the Today’s Group offer its members? Which of these services are most valued by your members? The Today’s Group is diverse and covers all sectors of the industry. We are experts in the sector and can provide a huge range of industry knowledge and experience from the centre. We provide a strong national promotional programme that is negotiated by the central team on behalf of our wholesale members for implementation in their depots, and this is backed by brochure and in-depot PoS activity, which is also supported digitally via the Plan for Profit website and app platforms. The group continues to invest in technologies and is constantly evolving its capabilities to communicate better with its key stakeholders – members, suppliers, independent retailers and end users, and consumers. New for 2018 was the relaunch of the Plan for Profit app, which provides users with a more efficient, improved experience. Key new features include a drop shipment section within the app which allows the user to generate a supplier call-back and includes a shopping list feature and new product launches. How is your group currently responding to the consolidation and other changes in the wholesale market place? There are clearly a number of issues facing the industry in terms of consolidation and mergers. However, these can equally be viewed as opportunities.

We work with our members and their customers to keep them up to date with industry legislation and provide advice and guidance when necessary via various communication tools – a member-exclusive digital bulletin, a member-exclusive intranet (TMhub), Today’s Retailer online magazine and e-marketing campaigns. We also create opportunities for our members to network and build relationships while gaining industry insight via our conference, trade show and ‘speed dating’ events. Moving from a buying to selling organisation has been a significant move in our strategy during 2018, facilitating effective selling through a number of channels in order to buy better for our key stakeholder members and their customers and end users.

Darren Goldney, managing director.

The Today’s Group trade show enables wholesalers to network as well as trade.

How is the group presently performing? The Today’s Group has performed strongly during 2018 with half-year performance to the end of June being +10.1% in value and +5.7% in volume. Our symbol group has just under 500 retailers, with 2,500 independent retailers taking advantage of the Today’s Retail Club. Today’s was ranked No.1 Buying Group in the recent annual Advantage Group survey (which asks a series of questions about the performance of the group to supplier partners from a variety of national and global organisations). We were also ranked No.2 overall in the wholesaler classification of six participants and No.2 within the foodservice wholesaler classification of CCM seven participants.

Head office: Doncaster, South Yorkshire Website: todays.co.uk Tel: (01302) 249909

Today’s Group fast facts Today’s Group members: 141 Combined member turnover: £5.7 billion Head office staff: 34 Newest Today’s Group members: Gilson’s Cash & Carry, Kitwave Wholesale Group, Amish Wholesalers. Sectors serviced: grocery, foodservice, licensed, impulse, specialist, on-trade. Growth in 2018 (first six months): 10.1% in value, 5.7% in volume.


September 2018

Today’s Group supports category expansion for family business HT Drinks, of Park Royal, London HT Drinks is a well-established drinks company based in Park Royal, London, with depots in Birmingham, Brighton and Blackpool. The business has recently extended its product range into impulse and grocery, to meet customer demand. An extension to the Park Royal depot now stocks a broad range of distress grocery


and non-grocery items, alongside a wide range of crisps, snacks and other key impulse lines. The Today’s Group has been actively involved with the evolution of HT Drinks, with both the wholesale and retail division of the group having been an integral part of decisions regarding category lines and depot and brochure layout.

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For further enquiries please contact Steve Hodson, Trading Controller on T: 01302260525 E: steve.hodson@todays.co.uk




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Profile: Confex What services and benefits does Confex offer its members? Confex head office is about helping our member businesses in the background by negotiating terms, rebates, pricing and promotions based on our collective turnover. This enables members to focus on servicing their customers. From head office, we also offer a free bespoke brochure service, an extensive image library for members to download for their marketing needs at the click of a button and a 24/7 website where members can access all their personal targets/buying information whenever they want. We hold an annual trade show where members and suppliers can deal face to face and an annual member incentive in Europe for members that have shown continued growth. We are also in the process of developing and launching an end-user app, available free to our members to enable them to keep up with the likes of Tesco and Ocado in the marketplace. What differentiates Confex from other buying groups? We do not have any joining or membership fees. We don’t have a minimum requirement in terms of turnover, asking only that a wholesaler is willing to deal directly with six of our official suppliers. Confex is made up of regional delivered wholesalers who stock a wide range of products and deliver within a 30-mile radius of their warehouses. We have about 20 cash & carries within our membership, but the focus is on small bespoke deliveries to local businesses

The annual Confex Trade Show gives members the opportunity to find out the latest developments from their buying group and talk to the team.

with excellent services. We also have our own central distribution facility, which enables members to order smaller quantities of stock across a wide range of suppliers from a central warehouse. In 2017, we launched an online ordering portal which has proved very effective for our members being able to order 24/7. Have you altered your approach or strategy in light of the changes taking place in the wholesale industry? We remain committed to the future of wholesale and the need to adapt to an evolving landscape. We have focused on technology with the relaunch of our website and our central distribution online ordering system. Confex head office is now investing

more in technology than ever before so that our members can all share in this ‘tech pool’ to keep them ahead of the competition. What are your plans and targets for the next 12 months? Our main focus is going to be on technology and making sure the new app is implemented with success across our membership. How is the group presently performing? We have had a record 37 new members and associate members join our group in 2017/2018. We have over 200 suppliers, with 16 of those taken on this year. Our group turnover has increased by 12% and we are still on track to hit £3 billion group turnover by 2020. CCM

Head office: Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire Website: confex.ltd.uk Tel: (01608) 652333

Confex fast facts Confex members: 240 Combined member turnover: £2.76 billion Head office staff: 20 Newest Confex members in 2018: All Shires, Tasty Tubs, Class One Fresh Produce, KBC Food Service, Extra Cash & Carry. No. of new suppliers in 2018: 16 Member incentive 2018: Lake Maggiore, Italy.


September 2018

Confex testimonial: Adamsons Drinks, Dunfermline

Jess Douglas, marketing manager.


“Confex are constantly moving with the ever-changing market challenges and conditions, introducing creative new ideas and technology to support their members. They act on our behalf with many suppliers, getting the best deals to allow us to be competitive.” Margaret McLeod, buyer


the wholesale channel

Guy Burts Crisps

Being part of Confex for the past 20 years has given us a voice and a point of contact with suppliers and manufacturers and without this we would become lost within the sea of customers manufacturers have. We also believe the introduction of the e-supersaver brochure that Confex developed has helped us grow 12% year on year for the past 3 years. We would recommend joining Confex to help your business grow. Stuart Lansdell

Confex have a diverse membership base and a dedicated head office team, which makes business relations seamless and efficient, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better platform for your company and brands. Burts are enjoying a 30% YOY increase with them….and we are still growing!

Join the Group and get real purchasing power

Call 01608


Membership enquiries welcome enquiries@confex.ltd.uk www.confex.ltd.uk

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Profile: Caterforce What services and benefits do you offer your members? We work as a strategic link between our wholesalers and suppliers to deliver real value to our members, as well as supporting our suppliers’ growth plans. Our central buying team has significant wholesale and retail experience, and we offer centrally negotiated terms for both branded and own-brand suppliers, in addition to a centrally negotiated promotional plan. We have an in-house marketing team that works closely to support member marketing teams, and we also have an in-house photography studio. What differentiates Caterforce from other buying groups? We pride ourselves on a collaborative culture that thrives on openness and transparency. Our fully integrated buying process involves members from product specification definition to final approval. We have weekly conference calls and quarterly meetings to ensure engagement and communication across the group. Having marketing as a centrally shared resource is not only cost efficient, but also helps execute clear and coherent messages across the group; 50% of our central resource is dedicated to marketing. In-house studio Flavour Photography gives members access to bespoke photography. What developments has Caterforce made in the past year? We relaunched our buying policy to ensure it continues to meet industry

Managing director Nick Redford is looking for the right fit with new members.

standards and we’re currently making further developments to update our environmental and sustainability policies. The new group marketing manager (Claire Williams, appointed in April) is looking to grow our offering for our members, especially in the digital space. We are organising educational visits to suppliers with the members. This strengthens the relationship between Caterforce and our suppliers and helps us become a source of information for our members to ensure we’re up to date with food trends and what’s happening in the market. Have you altered your approach in light of consolidation and other changes taking place in the wholesale channel? We’ve reviewed our position in the market to ensure we’re structured for the

future. We’ve also identified potential wholesalers in the market place but our business model remains the same; we wouldn’t compromise synergy for increased collective turnover. What are your plans and targets for the next 12 months? The end of this year will see the full launch of our sales data tool, which will help us further understand our customer and supplier base to continue growing the business. We’re also looking to strengthen our membership, but it needs to be the right fit; it’s not just about how big we can grow. We’re constantly developing our ownbrand range, Chefs’ Selections, to ensure our members have a competitive edge. Also, we’re planning our supplier conCCM ference for next November.

Head office: Macclesfield, Cheshire Website: caterforce.co.uk Tel: (01625) 440188

Caterforce fast facts Caterforce members: Seven, trading across 23 depots Combined member turnover: £542 million at the end of 2017 Performance: Current figures are showing 14% growth year on year. Head office staff: 13 Own-brand label: Chefs’ Selections has more than 350 products. The awardwinning range is worth over £52 million in 2018 and growing 15% year on year.


September 2018

Caterforce testimonial: Lynas Foodservice, Coleraine

The in-house photography studio available benefits Caterforce members.


“Caterforce gives us the buying power to compete with anyone, but it is about more than just competitive pricing; it’s about the benefits of sharing information. Caterforce helps us improve our business and keep up to date with trends, and it has the best own-label.” Andrew Lynas, managing director

A few choice ingredients, beautifully blended Caterforce Group is made up of seven of the UK’s biggest regional foodservice wholesalers. Quality not quantity. As with all great dishes, our success is about the excellence of the ingredients and the synergy between them. Central support includes expert buying and marketing teams, in-house photography, our fast-growing Chefs’ Selections range and a uniquely open and collaborative culture. No wonder our members are thriving.

Get in touch to find out how we can work together


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Equality for all

Hot and crispy

Lunchtime treat

Taylors of Harrogate is increasing the tea bag weight of its One Cup products to match its retail offering. “We’re delighted to announce this change, a first for the industry,” says Greg Harvey, channel controller. “It brings our catering standard in line with our retail offering to guarantee the strength and quality we’re famed for.” From October, the tea bag weight will increase from 2.5g to 3.125g and Yorkshire Tea packs will no longer have the ‘One Cup’ wording on the packaging. Free supporting PoS materials are available through the supplier’s website. Taylors of Harrogate (01423) 814000

Lamb Weston, one of the biggest suppliers of high-quality potato products, has unveiled Hot2Home, which is designed to revolutionise fries for the home delivery market. The concept is a combination of product and packaging innovation, and offers fries that retain heat and crispiness for 20 minutes. The fries feature a coating that, in conjunction with the specially designed cartons, enable home delivery services of restaurant-quality fries. The company is showcasing its patented product at the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation on 25-26 September. Lamb Weston (01945) 468800

Pladis has launched an extension to its McVitie’s Cake range. McVitie’s Club Orange Cake Crunchies are available in a five-pack (rsp £1.65), and have a projected retail sales value of £2 million. The NPD, which combines Club Orange flavour sponge with chocolate flavoured cream and biscuit pieces, encased in milk chocolate, is targeting consumers looking for a lunchtime treat. “We know consumers are continually searching for new snacking experiences, and this innovation lets us combine cake, biscuits and chocolate in one treat,” says Claire Hooper, head of marketing. Pladis 020-8234 5000

On-trend flavour

Fizz goes big

Value RYO club

Nestlé Confectionery has launched a new on-trend variant in its KitKat Chunky range. KitKat Chunky Salted Caramel Fudge bar is designed to attract more millennials to the category. It follows the success of KitKat Chunky New York Cheesecake, launched last year, which had a 70% purchase intent among the consumer group. The single countline, which has an rsp of 65p, is being backed by a marketing campaign that includes social media activity, sampling and PR support. Nestlé Confectionery 020-8686 3333

Radnor Hills is responding to the growing demand for healthier hydration with a Radnor Fizz pack of four bottles. The brand, which is popular with teenagers, is school compliant and contains one of the recommended fivea-day portions. Radnor Fizz bottles are made out of 51% recycled PET. The packs come in three variants – Tropical, Forest Fruits and Apple – with an rsp of £1.89. “These four-packs will be the ideal solution for parents wanting to send their kids to school with a healthy alternative,” says Chris Sanders, sales director. Radnor Hills (01547) 530220

JTI has introduced a new rolling tobacco from Kensitas Club, Scotland’s fastest-growing cigarette brand. This follows the repositioning and relaunch of the brand earlier this year and is designed to benefit from the increasingly popularity of value RYO products. Kensitas Club Rolling Tobacco is available in 30g and 50g pouches with rsps of £10.90 and £17.80. It enters the market as JTI’s lowestpriced rolling tobacco and has distribution focused significantly on Scotland, although there is limited nationwide availability. JTI (01932) 372000


September 2018



Tell your customers to look out for promotional tins of Kenco Coffee.


They will find a sticker on these tins with their unique code inside!







Then they simply enter this code at win1923.co.uk to instantly see if they’ve won an amazing Cofficionado prize for their workplace.

Open to businesses based in Great Britain only. Nominated Employees of the business must be over 18+. To enter, visit www.win1923.co.uk to submit your details and the unique code found on promotional stickered packs of Kenco Millicano 500g, Kenco Smooth 750g, Kenco Rich 750g and Kenco Decaff 500g. 3,001 prizes available including: 1 x £1,923 Amazon Voucher, 20 x Tassimo Vivy Machines with 10 Packs of Kenco T-DISCS, 50 x Hario V60 Electric Kettles, 1,000 x Kenco Millicano Instant Coffee 85g Refill Bags, 1,930 x Kenco The Cofficionado Branded White Ceramic Mugs. Retain your promotional pack and receipt as proof of purchase. Entries open 09:00 GMT on 01/05/2018 and close 23:50 GMT on 30/11/2018. Full Terms and Conditions apply, see www.win1923.co.uk

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Profile for Cash & Carry Management

Cash & Carry Management Sept 18  

Cash & Carry Management Sept 18