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Drivers Trucking Tips-Life As A Trucker

Keep Distance •

Do not follow too closely behind any vehicle. Some seem to think they’ll reach their destination faster if they tailgate, but in the end the time they save is minimal and the risk created for themselves is significant.

Stay Focused •

The number of distractions for drivers continues to grow every year. Phone calls, text messages – sometimes even the radio and other passengers – are distractions that take a driver’s focus off the road. Keep your attention on the road and not on whatever’s happening in your vehicle.

Be flexible and patient. •

Being a successful trucker is about more than just driving. You must be professional and responsible whether you are behind the wheel or not. When you aren’t driving, you must be respectful of the equipment and the company.

Be Simple: • Run your truck(s) in dedicated freight lanes, and know alternative ‘side roads, 'so you always complete a profitable round as your truck pulls into the home terminal once more.

Customers are God: • Treat every customer like a king or queen.

Keep an Eye on Weather:

• Watch the weather and call your delivery points if there are potential problems: blizzards, flooding, hurricane, a tornado. Allow extra time for delivery if there’s road construction too

Be Polite :

• Be polite to each trooper or DOT officer. Life’s too short to have grudges or resentments on the road. If they’re wrong, resolve it in court.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

• "The best way to avoid health problems brought on by long periods of sitting is to wear loose, comfortable clothing and footwear," advises Franc Gomez.

Know When You're Tired • Stay cognizant of your fatigue level after many hours of nonstop driving. Accidents can be best avoided by this.

Who we are: • we are Texas trucking factoring, Created by truckers to serve truckers, the people at ABC know trucking. We’re proud that our president and CEO, Steven Hausman, is from a thirdgeneration trucking family and that many others in the company are trucking veterans


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Drivers trucking tips life as a trucker  

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