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get you the girl of your dreams Take the quiz and follow our guide to land the girl you’ve always wanted. Research says that a girl looks at your hair before anything else. Most men are afraid to change their look but making the jump can really help. Make sure your hair looks exactly how you want it to.

Jimi Hendrix

the bieb celebrity look-alike

THE BEIBER LOOK How-To: Also practice your head whip to create full effect of hairstyle. 1) Cut your hair shorter in the back and longer in the front. 2) If you have thicker hair use a gel, if your hair is thinner use styling cream. 3) Brush hair completely forward from crown of head, over the forehead and ears. 4) Get a bit of product in hand and run your hands through your hair from back to front to give it a piecey look.

afro celebrity look-alike

AFRO LOOK How-To: You can get this look even if you have straight hair. 1) Wash and rinse, remove excess water. 2) Apply volumizing mousse 3)Curl hair with curling iron in 12-inch sections. 4) Comb out curls using a pick comb. Running comb from root to tip. 5) Run a fine tooth comb through hair. 6) Pat hair into shape using hands and spray with a strong-hold hairspray.

Justin Bieber

celebrity look-alike

comb back

Michael Douglas

celebrity look-alike

comb over

Donald Trump

SLICK BACK LOOK How-To: This style goes well with suspenders, collard shirt, and printed tie ala Gordan. 1) Some length is needed for this style to get proper volume and look. 2) Comb wet hair into general style you want to achive. 3) Apply a small amount of gel to hair, run hands from forehead to crown of head. 4) Blow-dry into the style you want. 5) Use a dime to quarter amount of wax or clay pomade to finish the look. Again, comb hair back from forehead to crown with your hands.

TRUMP LOOK How-To: His secret is a double comb-over! 1) Thinner hair is best for this look. 2) Using a fine-toothed comb, take hair from the left side of your head and comb it over the crown to the right. 3) Spray just this section with stronghold hairspray. 4) Take a second section of hair, using hair from the back of your head (just below crown) and comb it forward over the sprayed part. 5) Spray entire head with the hairspray.

4) Put a rubberband at the tip and one at the root when you finish each section. 5) Add about a dime size of wax to your hand and roll the dread with your palms.

Mickey Mantle

dreadlocks celebrity look-alike

DREADED LOOK How-To: Your hair needs to be at least 3 in long. 1) Wash hair and air dry. 2) Section your hair into 1 inch sections using rubberbands to keep it seperated. 3) Start in the back and tease hair toward the scalp. Only backcomb 1/2 inch at a time.

crew cut celebrity look-alike

CREW CUT LOOK How-To: You will need adjustable clippers and guards sizes 1-5 1) Wrap a belt around your head where you want the cut to be. 2) Adjust clippers. If you don’t want the sides bald pull the lever back all the way. For thicker sides, use size 1 guard. 3) Cut from bottom to top, stop at the edge of the belt. Repeat this step twice. 4) Remove the belt and cut the top. The length of your hair will determine what guard you need. Start big, then go small. 5) Cut evenly across the top with chosen guard. Repeat 3-4 times.

Bob Marley

celebrity look-alike

faux hawk

FAUX HAWK LOOK How-To: Works well with shorter hair that is slightly dirty. 1) Comb out your dry hair. Do not wash. 2) Use a squirt of styling gel and rub your hands together to warm it up. 3) Pull hair from sides and center of crown together and upwards with palms. 4) You can use a blow dryer for added lift and stiffness. 5) Spray with a strong-hold hairspray.

David Beckham

celebrity look-alike

flip back

James Dean

JAMES DEAN FLIP LOOK How-To: This super sexy look is worth the work. 1) Your hair should be layered, tapered on the sides and the back of your head, and you will need bangs 2-4 inches long. 2) Towel dry your hair, push it back from your forehead so it stands straight up. 3) Blow-dry to create more volume. 4) Rub a quarter size amout of pomade between palms and run your hands through your hair from forehead to crown. 5) Spray entire head with the hairspray. Work slowly to achive this messy but manicured look.

King Louis XIV

middle part celebrity look-alike

DREADED LOOK How-To: This style can work even if your hair is not naturally straight. 1) Wash hair, use straightening shampoo if your hair is curly. 2) Take a fine toothed comb and use it to draw a straight line back from your forehead to the back of the crown. Part your hair along this line. 3) Use a flat headed brush in one hand and pull from underneath the hair, roots to tips while blowdrying. 4) If hair is dry but still not straight, use a flat iron to finish.

long waves celebrity look-alike

CREW CUT LOOK How-To: A wig is the easiest and most authentic way to achive this look. 1) If you already have long enough locks, wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. 2) Towel dry. 3) Get a quarter size amount of morrocan oil or other similar hair oil and rub it from the tips to about an inch before the roots. 4) If your hair is naturally wavy, let it air dry. If not, blow dry and then curl with a big-barrel curling iron.

Kurt Cobain

MOHAWK LOOK How-To: This look can have many variations, being as wide or narrow as you want. 1) Section out the hair you want to keep.

celebrity look-alike


Travis Barker

celebrity look-alike

the mop

The Beatles

2) Shave your head close to the scalp, you may want to employ a friend for this. 3) Trim the hair that is left over and take a shower. 4) Use a very firm gel to style your hawk. There are many ways to do this so have fun! Pull the hair up with gel and let it set. 5) Spray with a strong-hold hairspray when you are finished styling.

THE BEATLES LOOK How-To: A classic for all ages. 1) Have your stylist cut your hair in long layers, one length, or choose your Beatle and let bring in a photo. Hair is about ear to shoulder length. 2) Use a moisturizing shampoo to soften hair and don’t forget to condition. 3) Blow-dry to create more volume. Or let air-dry depending on your natural wave or if you want it straighter. 4) Some oil, pomade, or mousse might work really well for this wavy, natural style.

mullet celebrity look-alike

MULLET LOOK How-To: Party in the back, buisness in the front. 1) You will need longer hair for this look. 2) Trim your hair short around the ears, top and sides. Create long layers going down the back. 3) Style it with spikes, curles, or feathering. Having a natural wave in your hair works best.

Billy Ray Cyrus

pulled back celebrity look-alike

PRESIDENTIAL LOOK How-To: Just in time for the upcoming election. 1) Wash hair and let it air dry. 2) Use a fine toothed comb to brush hair back. 3) Put baby powder on your hands and pull hair into a low ponytail or bun at the nape of your neck.

George Washington

celebrity look-alike

slick side part

Rudolph Valentino

SLICK LOOK How-To: Very dapper. You will need hair pomade for the shine. 1) Wash hair. 2) Take a fine toothed comb and use it to draw a straight line along one side of your head, usually above the middle of an eyebrow. Part your hair along this line. 3) Blow dry hair. 4) Take pomade in palms and rub together. Run hands over hair to smooth down the hair flat against your head.

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Barbershop Hair Guide  

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