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Every player out there recognizes almost anything about the Nintendo Wii U Nintendoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest gaming console against the more gaming consoles today.

IBM made its CPU and it is said to be very fresh and its microprocessor is power-based. No specifications have been releasedyet regarding this CPU but it looks like it’s going to become really powerful.. Gamers who have the Nintendo Wii can expect that this new console will be more than their Nintendo Wii. For the Graphics Processing Unit of this fresh Nintendo video game console, it is by AMD using Radeon Technology.The GPU of the Nintendo Wii U will surely outdo the GPUs of other leading gaming consoles today like the Playstation 3 and Xbox360. It is vividly seen that Nintendo Wii U applies more on solid gameplay rather than delivering players out there the mind-blowing graphics. This new game console of Nintendo will not have an internal hard drive but instead, an 8GB internal flash capacity. Gamers are pushed to utilize USB for more storage. Players who own Nintendo Wii can use of the remote with their Nintendo Wii U.. Nintendo is devising waysto make the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U work and be compatible with each other. The best thing about the Nintendo Wii U is that you can still enjoy your Wii games. It includes with various video outputs like when it comes to its video, it provides 480i to 1080p and it allows widescreen video modes.. What is the most exciting part about this new game console of Nintendo is not all about its features and specifications but its tablet controller..It is announced that it is going to have a 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope. You can measure the amount of speed and orientation you move it in. It is also a touchscreen. You may be very eager to get the Nintendo Wii U, it really sounds and looks like a strong contender. It is every players dream, to have this game console. Wouldn’t it be fine if you get it for free?. Yes, you can get it at no cost and you can start by browsing This website doesn’t only offer you free game consoles but it will offer you more information on on your gaming console. It’s very easy, do the simple ways required on the website.

Nintendo Wii U  

Free Nintendo Wii U

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