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Mike Pence and The Separation of Church and State

Mike Pence vows to repeal laws he sees as “anti-Christian� Repealing anti-Christian laws is not a bad thing in itself. Laws that are anti any religion should be avoided. However, the specific laws that Mike Pence mentions are not necessarily anti-Christian, but rather stances that disagree with Christian values. This includes: Birth control Transgender rights Planned parenthood Roe v. Wade

Mike Pence and the Johnson Amendment Mike Pence stated that, as President, Donald Trump will repeal the Johnson Amendment from 1954. This amendment essentially states that churches and other non-profit organizations with certain tax exemptions are prohibited from participating in any political campaign in favor of any candidate for public office.

Phenomenology of Religion by Dr. William Herbrechtsmeier In his discussion, Dr. Herbrechtsmeier states “In the history of religious discourse, one of the single greatest obstacles to free exchange of ideas has been the attachment to dogma� (Herbrechtsmeier 1). Though our religions may be different, it is our upbringing that made it so. We cannot discriminate against those that believe differently than we do simply because their life events made them that way.

Stephen Prothero: America’s Religious Illiteracy is a Pressing Civic Problem In this video, Stephen Prothero discusses how America’s lack of religious knowledge can affect society as a whole. Stemming from this lack of knowledge, one could argue that laws made with religious beliefs in mind hold less weight, as not all Americans will completely understand the reasoning behind the creation of that specific law, and will vote accordingly. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. When one has the ability to vote on a law free of pressure from outside sources, does that make the law more “pure”?

What does this all mean?

The separation of Church and State is an idea that was intended to prevent America from becoming a country run on religion. Mike Pence feels very strongly about his own religion, and being in a place of power, it is easy for him to put these feelings forward and influence the entire nation. But at what point do we draw the line where he is pushing these laws and changes to improve Christianity in America, or is it simply because being raised Christian, he has a certain set of ideals and beliefs that he believes would benefit the nation. I think there are many Americans who likely feel similar, and whether or not this boils down to the separation of Church and State will likely be debated for years to come.

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Mike pence and the separation of church and state