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kay, so we don’t have a beach, but there’s not much else we can complain about. I hear over and over again about how boring Rocklin is and how there is nothing to do here, but I strongly disagree. For the past nine years, I have truly enjoyed living in Rocklin and although it’s time to graduate and explore the world around me, a part of me doesn’t want to leave. The thought of staying in Rocklin may be too much for some people to bear. Although I agree that it is important to leave our bubble of a town, in the end, Rocklin is going to be the safe haven to which I return, settle down, raise a family, and grow old. There are specific qualities that should be highlighted. Community: With a population of a little over 57,000, Rocklin is neither too big nor too small. We live in a community where we share a variety of similar interests and values and seem to be connected through someone else. It is easy to meet new people and make new friends at any age especially when the community comes together at sporting events, fundraisers and VAPA performances. Anyone can find something to take part in. Tradition: Although Rocklin is a relatively young town, it is not lacking in tradition. In fact, in the past couple of years, a few new traditions have become rooted into the community such as the annual Quarry Bowl between Rocklin and Whitney High Schools and Battle of the Shield between Rocklin and Del Oro. Another example is Fourth of July’s Celebrate America where the whole community comes and enjoys fireworks, food, and music. Without a strong community vibe, there would be no tradition and vise versa. Proximity: We are at the center of everything with only an hour drive north to Tahoe, two hours west to San Francisco, thirty minutes to Sacramento and twenty minutes to Folsom Lake. We have easy access to all of our basic needs such as hospitals, top ranking schools, shopping, restaurants, movie theatres, gym facilities, parks etc. Although we may have to travel out a ways to find famous attractions and culture, everything else can easily be found or created right in our own back yards. Our little town of Rocklin has a lot to offer, but it is up to us to make the most out of it. We have to learn to be creative and appreciate the little things because we are all very fortunate to be living here. By Natalie Pinna, Co Editor-in-Chief

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with Mr. Werner

Likes: “the closeness of the communtiy. I can go to any community function and I will know someone there. I never feel alone.” Dislikes: “the bubble. We’re not forced to confront issues. . . .the issues the rest of America has to deal with, we don’t have to deal with.”

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RHS Flash Novemeber 2011  

The feature magazine for Rocklin High School's journalism program is built around "Will It Last."

RHS Flash Novemeber 2011  

The feature magazine for Rocklin High School's journalism program is built around "Will It Last."