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Tips On How To Pick A Residential Or Commercial Painter

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It is important that you choose a painting services provider properly because hiring one requires a good deal of money and if the paint job is poor, you'll have to live with that for many years or pay much more to have it rectified. Although most of painting companies are reliable, there are also fly-by-night companies. To keep yourself from becoming a victim, be wary of the following warning signs. A few of these signs, even though not essentially fraudulent in nature, still point to potential issues so you have to exercise caution when you encounter them.

No legitimate place of business

Some painting specialists have no formal training, and operate out of their trucks or residences. While some of them can deliver good quality work, there's no assurance that they will still be in business long after you used their services. If you want the assurance of quality and longevity, choose a contractor that has a place of business and one that has been in operation for a number of years. A reliable company would have their business number in the local phone directory. Remember though that some bogus contractors get local cellular phone plans to seem as if they were a local business. Some research will show that they have no permanent, physical business address.

Solicit door-to-door

Be suspicious of itinerant painting contractors which offer to paint your house or room for a cheaper price saying they just happened to be in the community for a prior job. Reputable contractors rarely, if ever sell their professional services door-to-door. Watch out for itinerant painting contractors that drive unmarked vans or have out of state license plates.

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Does not show proof of compliance to local requirements

Licensing, bonding and insurance specifications differ from one location to another, so determine what are mandated in your area. If they are expected but the contractor does not have such credentials, go with a different company. But even in places where they aren't legally mandated, it is advisable to use a contractor that is properly bonded and has liability and workers compensation insurance coverage.

Force you to decide immediately

Reliable painting contractors give a comprehensive and written estimate after looking at your property. This estimate must be valid for a specific length of time, which can be a couple of days to a week or so. If the painter is pressuring you to make a quick decision, choose another contractor.

Deals that seem too good to be true

If the quoted price seems so cheap, it's likely that the quality of the work will be compromised. There is also that probability of you spending for hidden fees once the project has ended.

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Tips on how to pick a residential or commercial painter  

It is crucial that you choose a painting services provider wisely since hiring one requires a good deal of money and if the paint job is sub...

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