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Casey Schneider

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University of Cincinnati

Palo Alto, CA Fall 2011 toy inventor in the toy lab expanded brainstorming skills while developing new concepts to a presentation level with working prototypes.

Speck Products

Palo Alto, CA Spring 2011 product designer worked on developing products for customization and soft goods line.

Big Monster Toys

Chicago, IL Fall 2010 toy inventor worked on toys and games from concept to presentation of working prototype

Wild Planet Entertainment

San Francisco, CA Spring 2010 toy designer worked mostly on developing new concepts for new and existing brands

Hasbro, Inc.

Pawtucket, RI Spring and Fall 2009 toy designer on the girl’s team helped innovate ideas for littlest pet shop and strawberry shortcake brands.

Expected Graduation: 2012 Major: Industrial Design Overall GPA: 3.6 Dean’s list Cincinnatus Scholar

Ben Franklin High School Class of 2007 Overall GPA: 3.8

New Orleans Center for Creative Arts Class of 2007 Discipline: Visual Arts

skills Photoshop Illustrator In Design Alias Solidworks Sketching

hobbies Sewing Painting Sculpture Fine cheeses

references available upon request.

Soft goods line exploration While at speck products I explored what type of soft goods line would fit best among the existing established products lines.

Two ways to wear Our team decided a sleeve would be a good starting place to expand our brand. This sleeve has a strap that can be easily hooked into a carabiner to be worn as a messenger bag or a sling pack.

Soft goods spec sheet I took the product up to the point of creating a spec sheet for samples to be made.

upcycled fabric

Can leftover upholstery samples be reused? These ties and skirts are all made of squares of upholstery fabric that was thrown away by a fabric store. The small amounts of each pattern both limited and drove the designs.


How can we get people who consider themselves sustainable to accept using an electric bike? A team of three girls and I developed a bike share system to encourage the use of electric bikes without drawing power from the electric grid.

Maybe I would use an e-bike... If it were part of a bike share?

Okay... Maybe they are good for the hills.

E-bikes are not green if they are taking energy from the grid and using coal power.

I don’t want to have to buy something to be green.

E-bikes are for people who aren’t fit like me.

Our results were not supportive of the electric bike. Our assignment was to design a bike for a green consumer. We quickly learned that our green consumer did not want to buy an electric bike. This drove us to design a system to accommodate for our demographic.

I want my bike to be powered by me.

Bike kiosks are located around town in conjunction with public transit.

When the battery is placed into the bike, the bike is unlocked from the station.

A person chooses the appropriate membership.

The bike can be kept for as long as the membership lasts. When the battery gets low it can be replaced at any kiosk.

After membership is purchased, a battery is dispensed that contains the member’s information.

After inserting the dead battery into the kiosk, a new battery is dispensed that is fully charged with the information transferred.

The average person weighs 150 lbs.

A 150 lbs person produces 200 watts per hour exercising.

A byko employee comes to the participating gyms to pick up charged batteries and drop off dead batteries

An average gym, assuming 70% efficiency, can charge a 24 volt battery in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Delivery tucks drive to Byko kiosks.

The red dots signify all the gyms in this section of northern San Francisco.

Byko employees replace batteries and make repairs on bikes.


Sharp unsafe blades

Heavy device Confusing and not fun or kid friendly. Requires mom assistance Uses electrical power

How can we create a kid-friendly, mom-approved milkshake maker? The current milkshake making process is not designed for kids to be able to do on their own. It’s unsafe and requires knowledge and fine motor skills young kids do not have yet.


Blades are plastic and spin only in the cup.

What interaction would be fun and easy? Through the use of friendly characters and simple motions, kids are enabled to make milkshakes without assistance.

Simple one step operation. Smaller and lighter than blender.

Plastic blade, only in motion when inside cup.

So what if banging on things is all they need to do to make a milkshake? This kid powered milkshake maker uses the same simple mechanism as the oxo salad spinner. By simply pushing the head down the plastic blade spins and mixes your treat.

Moo shake

Littlest pet shop

How can color and graphics make characters pop? Graphic and color work done for LPS characters. Many characters have the same sculpt but their colors and graphics make them unique.


Casey Schneider  

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