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Share the CBC of Central Florida Vision, Mission & Commitment CBC of Central Florida is a non-profit, lead agency that believes all children have the inalienable right to grow up safe, healthy and fulfilled in families that love and nurture them.

Mentoring & Volunteering takes time, but gives back much more. Learn more about the needs & opportunities: 321-441-2060

Our commitment to community grows with its needs.

Since 2004, we’ve helped abused, neglected and abandoned children and their families by combining compassion and innovation with flexibility. It’s always been the mission of CBC of Central Florida to ensure that all families in Orange, Osceola and Seminole County are able to safely care for their children by engaging, protecting and inspiring every child, every day through a network of support. The assistance, resources and programs available through our network of local providers grow with the needs of our communities and the individuals who live here. We strive to provide the highest quality services for our area’s most vulnerable children.

Mentoring Services There are many services and volunteer opportunities available through the CBC of Central Florida Mentoring Program, such as the following: • The Legacy Project • Independent Living Program • Mentoring • Teaching • Donating • Employing • Gift Giving • Tutoring

Mentoring protect and inspire every child, every day. Corporate Office 4001 Pelee Street Orlando, FL 32817

Phone: 321-441-2060 or 866-90-CHILD (24453) Fax: 407-681-0560

protect and inspire every child, every day. 866-90-CHILD (24453)

Fulfill Lives— Yours and Theirs Becoming a mentor takes your commitment of caring and nurturing a step further. Mentors go where they are needed, so the children who follow will lead a better life. CBC of Central Florida strives to match our children to their mentors based on similar interests.

How can I empower a child? Discovering that you possess what a child needs can transform both of you for an eternity of tomorrows.

Tomorrow, could be someone’s SAT, could be someone’s first day of work, could be someone’s graduation, is all some people have. Why be a Mentor? Mentoring is a powerful thing. Children that are mentored are more likely to graduate from high school, more likely to stay away from drugs, more likely to stay off the streets and more likely to succeed in life. Research shows that if foster children are linked with a caring adult at an early age, many of the challenges the teenage foster children face today would be avoided. That is why it is so important to make sure that every child has a mentor. The gift of your time and love will change the lives of our kids for generations. What is the Commitment? We ask that you have some type of contact with your child one hour a week or four hours per month. However, the more time you spend with your child the more meaningful the friendship and relationship become.

How can I encourage a child? What you give a child today can become tomorrow’s legacy.

Tomorrow, playtime will become work time, toys will transition into tools, interests will become ideas & skills, encouragement can create careers. The Legacy Project is a program in Orange, Osceola and Seminole County that links foster kids with local business professionals and residents. The focus of the program is to ensure that all local foster children’s educational and social needs are being met. While the project serves children of all ages, The Legacy Project is particularly critical for our older foster children because they must be able to succeed at the young age of 18 without the help of a family. Statistics show that more than 50% of foster children leave care without a high school diploma or a job, 60% will be homeless at some point throughout their lives, and most will live in poverty. Future generations are likely to experience abuse if we do not help these innocent children now.

In order to get started, you will need to complete a packet of information. This will include background checks, fingerprints and a DMV screening. After those items are completed, you will go through a short training of what you should know and expect as a mentor.

How can I inspire a child? Inspiration comes from many people, places or things— children tend to inspire just as much as they find inspiration in others.

Tomorrow, could be a second chance, might be a last chance, will be a lost opportunity, wants to be better than today. Other Volunteer Opportunities A spirit of volunteerism helped create CBC of Central Florida. We are always in need of volunteers to help further our cause and bring our services to those who need them. It is an ongoing mission that requires a lot of community support, even in small amounts of time, money or services. • Teach a Success at Work (SAW) session that incorporates whatever interests you into a class • Donate items from your home • Teach a driving class or donate a driving course from a local business • Donate a service from your office • Offer employment to our youth • Give gift cards to provide to kids for special events or recognition • Volunteer to tutor • Assist with the Independent Living Program

The options are limitless. Just call and we can help you get involved!

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CBC of Central Florida is a non-profit, lead agency that believes all children have the inalienable right to grow up safe, healthy and fulfi...