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Foster the CBC of Central Florida Vision, Mission & Commitment CBC of Central Florida is a non-profit, lead agency that believes all children have the inalienable right to grow up safe, healthy and fulfilled in families that love and nurture them. Since 2004, we’ve helped abused, neglected and abandoned children and their families by combining compassion and innovation with flexibility. It’s always been the mission of CBC of Central Florida to ensure that all families in Orange, Osceola and Seminole County are able to safely care for their children by engaging, protecting and inspiring every child, every day through a network of support.

Foster your interest & learn more. Foster care recruitment & information resources

Children’s Home Society of Florida 321-397-3000

Our commitment to community grows with its needs.

Devereux Florida 800-338-3738

Florida Mentor Network 407-539-0553

Intervention Services 407-331-8002 x 140

The assistance, resources and programs available through our network of local providers grow with the needs of our communities and the individuals who live here. We strive to provide the highest quality services for our area’s most vulnerable children.

Foster Care protect and inspire every child, every day. Corporate Office 4001 Pelee Street Orlando, FL 32817

Phone: 321-441-2060 or 866-90-CHILD (24453) Fax: 407-681-0560

protect and inspire every child, every day. 866-90-CHILD (24453)


How does a child end up in foster care? Happy homes create healthy kids. Unfortunately, not all homes are happy.

Every day, there is a child who desperately wants to feel loved, who does not feel safe, who needs our help, who’s experiencing a deep pain and sadness. There are over 5,000 reported cases of child abuse and neglect in Central Florida each year. Some of these children are not able to live at home or sleep in their own beds. These children are all races and nationalities and range from newborns to teenagers. When there isn’t a family member to care for them, there is a likelihood they will be placed in foster care…for a little while, or forever. Often times there are not enough foster homes to make an immediate placement. It takes a very special family that is able and willing to help a child who has a painful past and an uncertain future.

Are you interested in making a difference in a child’s life? CBC of Central Florida is looking for caring individuals who can provide a safe and nurturing home environment for children who have been placed out of their home due to abuse or neglect. Learn more about becoming a Foster Parent at

Can I be a foster parent?

How do I begin the foster care program?

Open your heart and your home and what comes out is a lifelong fulfillment.

If you’re ready to take the next step, follow through on the foster care path.

Every day, you can help change a child’s life, you can provide a stable & nurturing environment, you can create a safe & loving home, you can mend a broken heart.

Every day, you’ll take steps, you’ll make strides, you’ll come closer to a new beginning, you’ll become a foster parent.

In as little as six months, you can become a foster parent and together, begin the all-important journey home.

I’m ready! Now what? Call a CBC of Central Florida Foster Care Specialist Complete 10-week training & preparation course (PRIDE: Parent Resource for Information Development and Education) Begin foster parent training Pass all eligibility requirements (including the home study) Obtain your foster parent license (around four months) Open your home and heart to a foster child Continue foster parenting education Renew foster parent license annually

Before becoming a foster parent, ask yourself: Am I ready to be a foster parent? Do I have enough room in my home to temporarily house a child? Can my home pass a safety inspection? Am I physically and emotionally capable of caring for children? Do I have a history or record of abuse or neglect? Do I have an adequate income to meet my own family’s current needs? Have I been in my current relationship for more than 12 months? Has an adult in my home ever been convicted of a crime? Am I ready to begin the home study process? How else can I help? Everyone in the community can help strengthen the foster care system by providing: Free haircuts, dental care or tailoring Home furnishings or repairs Free music, dance, art or sports lessons Tutoring services Donated clothing, household items or school supplies Monetary gifts Word of mouth and recruitment efforts Volunteer services

What can I expect? A life-changing experience Fulfillment and purpose Bestow love and guidance upon a child State reimbursement for portion of childcare Healthcare covered by Medicaid Foster care counselor assistance Monthly visits Help with questions and concerns Support from CBC of Central Florida

CBC Foster Care Brochure  
CBC Foster Care Brochure  

CBC of Central Florida is a non-profit, lead agency that believes all children have the inalienable right to grow up safe, healthy and fulfi...