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Introducing Hogar Controls Inc - an American company founded in Virginia, 2017, is Fully Funded and Privately Held - produces, markets, and distributes high end Smart Home Devices, with its signature HOGAR logo, for small, medium and large residential projects. An intensive campaign to grow the business on a global scale transformed the small startup enterprise into a major player on the international stage. One of the secrets of the Hogar's success is our quality and the design that has always marked our products. HOGAR products are revered for their ability to combine functionality and a sophisticated design aesthetic—Rather than telegraphing the technology and complexity, products are made to be simple and timeless; blend in with multiple decors, from upscale modernist homes to raised ranch dwellings; and use a single touch or multifunction buttons or tactile screens to remove clutter. Beyond appearance, our solutions are easy to use, can be controlled from a single device—a smart phone. In addition, we have emphasized on our user interface to pass the “grandmother test”: the typical older consumer is able to figure it out intuitively without having to rely on our customer service or tech support. In addition, HOGAR has ensured that our products address pain points for consumers.  So rather than focusing solely on pushing the technology envelope, we checked consumer needs and developed products to address them rather than assuming a market exists for the next breakthrough.

Essentially, HOGAR is the link that connects the world around our consumers. Â We specialize in smart solutions that facilitate process improvement, implementing fresh solutions, and streamlining day to day operations. We market and sell our products and solutions through distributors and installers worldwide and primarily in the Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, and ASEAN regions. Our customers include Incumbent Telecom Operators, Real Estate Developers, Architects and Distribution companies Our team has over 50+ Years of combined automation experience and speaks 8 Languages Our team is locally present on 2 continents

About Hogar Controls Inc Legal form: Hogar Controls Inc (Privately held company) Location: Virginia, USA Year established: November 2017 Business range: Development & manufacturing in IoT environment Brand: HOGAR Our global reach: aprox 40 countries


Legacy Since our inception we have had a history of moving with industry - and our clients. Today we are a global Smart Home and IoT solutions provider, our operations and maintenance stronghold and a vision to become a fully international integrated Smart Life solutions provider.


Providing continuing Operations and Maintenance support to Smart Home System Integrators worldwide Hogar Controls India Ltd established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hogar Controls Inc, specializing in assembly, warehousing and distribution services to Indian market Virginia, USA presence established, following a number of successful trade show participations Managing full field operations of Hogar Controls - a full suite of smart home devices in production Leveraging our leading distributor status, we broke into manufacturing services in the early 2014, by partnering with Hoagr Controls Inc, UK., later adding a facility in Hyderabad to meet the demands of the clients Our long term, successful association with the 21 major smart home brands Involvement in the early development of the major smart home and IoT distribution market in India


Z-Wave India Pvt Ltd founded in 2012 in New Delhi, India, originally trading as Z-Wave India

What does Hogar stand for... Quality






Elegance Smart lifestyle Millennial Youthful

Logo Mark

BRAND ATTRIBUTES Positive Modern Dynamic Natural Décontracté Smart Bright Friendly Innovative

Innovation in style, usefulness, new forms, and geometries without the shackles of formality, the careful choice of the designs, provide the four corners of a corporate vision in which a new form of elegance, filled with practical elements demanded by the modern consumer, is achieved through creative verve. Commonalities in HOGAR products are the exploration of absolute freedom, unconventionality with clear and balanced style, and a connection to the emotional sphere. Our products fuse the intensities of everyday lives, the nuances of the modern-day home and the unmistakable ease and functionalities of the modern technology.


Vision Since our foundation, the Hogar Controls business ethos has been underpinned by a perfect balance of passion and innovation, woven together by creativity, coherence, enthusiasm, and determination. We inspire progress through unleashing the potential in people and technologies to advance the quality of life. By making homes and workplaces comfortable, sustainable and efficient, we enable our customers to achieve real progress and create a positive impact in their world. Our moto is simple - to deliver a holistic experience, provide seamless control, and deliver a better quality of life

Mission Our brand’s unique character, built around a very clear decision in terms of innovation, is the product of the time and passion we put into studying how best to use technology, and combine it with natural design, and quality. We have made it our corporate mission to redraw the tenets of smart living and make them fit the different lifestyles in the modern homes.  This approach shapes the strategic decisions we take and the products we create - making our solutions the perfect seal of an exclusive combination of style and technology, while still offering practical comfort to be enjoyed at home and at play.


" We really rethought about everything "

Products Designs- the essence and intrinsic feature of the brand - is the true star and a perfect interpretation of the Hogar Smart life filled with joy and a constantly-evolving soul. Â Our product designs appeal to all tastes, suggesting undiscovered aspirations and desires in the most positive, practical way. By making elegant design a priority, we have avoided the temptation to pack a multitude of sensors and devices into a package without any rhyme or reason. Our product portfolio includes touch switch panels, dimmers, motion sensors, home controllers, smoke sensor, roller shutter, flood sensor, RGBW controller, universal sensors, door/window sensors, double relay switches, and relay switches for building automation systems.


Distribution HOGAR has created something indispensable for the connected appliance world, earning its place as a trusted companion in the journey through everyday life and one’s pursuit of freedom. We are changing the Smart Home world, opening new markets, signing new distributors, dealers, and partners, and increasing competition. Our global reach has increased and local presence in more than 5 countries means we can deliver innovative, customized commercial and residential solutions everywhere we do business.


Marketing For our partners, HOGAR prepared presentations, covering more specific information connected with marketing of our products: Marketing guide Branding guidelines Presentation on how to merchandise HOGAR System

Social Media HOGAR appreciates the opportunity to keep in touch with its customers and associates. You can follow us on following social media for updates



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