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Greetings from the Casemate Team! Welcome one and all to the second Warriorr of 2018! As usual, this edition is filled to the brim with new releases and handpicked backlist titles sure to catch your eye. Independence Day is just around the corner and we’ve selected a range of Early American History titles to mark the occasion. Skip to page 6 to find books ranging from the start of the colonies with The Armies of Early Colonial North America (p.6) from Pen & Sword to the birth of the nation with The Guns of Independence (p.6) from Savas Beatie. And finally read all about the Civil War in essays, anecdotes, and facts with The Blue & Gray Almanac (p.7) from Casemate. For those of you interested in more recent history, We Few w (p.3) from Casemate is a riveting memoir by Nick Brokhausen of his second tour in Vietnam with the U.S. Special Forces. New York Journal of Books says “We Few w pulls no punches… Brokhausen is as hard-boiled as they come… an excellent and exceptionally raw look at the Vietnam War.” We’re also happy to announce the bargain section, along with its fantastic discounts, is back again on pages 61 & 62. No matter your budget, this Warrior has something for everyone! Best Wishes, Carlie, Jane, Kaitlyn, Lauren, Michaela, Sam, and Will The Casemate Sales & Marketing Team

New from Casemate The 101st Airborne in Normandy JJune 1944 Yves Buffetaut 101st Airborne Division was activated in August 1942 in Louisiana, and its first combat mission was Operation Overlord. On D-Day—June 6, 1944—101st and 82nd Airborne dropped onto w tthe Cotentin peninsula hours before the landings, tasked with capturing bridges and positions, ttaking out German strongpoints and batteries, and securing the exits from Utah and Omaha Beaches. Things did not initially go smoothly for 101st Airborne, with cloud and antiaircraft fire disrupting the drops, resulting in some units landing scattered over a large area outside their designated drop zones and having to waste time assembling—stymied by lost or damaged radio equipment—or trying to achieve their objectives with severely reduced numbers. This fully illustrated book details the planning of the airborne element of D-Day, and the execution of the plans until the troops were withdrawn to prepare for the next big airborne operation, Market Garden. 9781612005232, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 128p.

The 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich Yves Buffetaut The 2nd SS Division, “Das Reich,” was a battlefront mainstay for Nazi Germany throughout WWII—from the invasion of Poland in 1939 to the final surrender in May 1945. In between W it was switched back-and-forth between east and west depending on the crisis, and it fought in nearly every major campaign, from Barbarossa to Normandy, and from Kharkov to the A Ardennes. Das Reich was the first Waffen SS division created. Originally named the Verfügungs Division, its regiments fought through the campaigns in Poland, the Low Countries, and France, earning the respect of Wehrmacht leaders who originally doubted the efficacy of SS units. Renamed “Das Reich” after the French surrender, its elements served as a spearhead in the Balkans campaign, achieving a daring capture of Belgrade. This lavishly illustrated book by renowned French historian Yves Buffetaut lays out the full history of Das Reich in World War II, with rare photos, informative text, and true insights into a unique combat division in modern warfare. 9781612005256, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 128p. The front cover image is from Allied Armor in Normandy by Yves Buffetaut, Casemate Publishers, 2018 Typeset by Versatile PreMedia Services, Pune, India.


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• NEW FROM CASEMATE • We Few U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam Nick Brokhausen This riveting memoir details the actions and experiences of a small group of Americans and their allies who were the backbone of ground reconnaissance in the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam War. On his second tour to Vietnam, Nick Brokhausen served in Recon Team Habu, V CCN. This unit was part of MACV-SOG. The small recon companies that were the center of its activities conducted some of the most dangerous missions of the war, infiltrating areas controlled by the North Vietnamese in Laos,Vietnam, and Cambodia. The companies never exceeded more than 30 Americans, yet they were the best source for the enemy’s disposition and were key to the US military being able to take the war to the enemy, by utilizing new and innovative technology and tactics dating back to the French and Indian Wars. Brokhausen’s group racked up one of the most impressive records of awards for valor of any unit in the history of the United States Army. It came at a terrible price, however; the number of wounded and killed in action was incredibly high. Those missions today seem suicidal. In 1970 equally so, yet these men went out day after day with their indigenous allies - Montagnard tribesmen,Vietnamese, and Chinese Nungs - and faced the challenges with courage and resolve. 9781612005805, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 360p.

We Dared to Win The SAS in Rhodesia Hannes Wessels and Andre Scheepers Andre Scheepers grew up on a farm in Rhodesia, learning about the bush from his African A childhood friends, before joining the army. A quiet, introspective thinker, Andre started out as a ttrooper in the SAS before being commissioned into the Rhodesian Light Infantry Commandos, where he was engaged in fireforce combat operations. He then rejoined the SAS. Wounded 13 w ttimes, his operational record is exceptional even by the tough standards that existed at the time. He emerged as the SAS officer par excellence; beloved by his men, displaying extraordinary calmness, courage, and audacious cunning during a host of extremely dangerous operations. Andre writes vividly about his experiences, his emotions, and his state of mind during the war, A and reflects candidly on what he learned and how war has shaped his life since. In addition to Andre’s personal story, this book reveals more about some of the other men who were distinguished operators in SAS operations during the Rhodesian War. 9781612005874, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 320p.

Zeebrugge The Greatest Raid of All Christopher Sandford The combined forces invasion of the Belgian port of Zeebrugge on 23 April 1918 remains one of Britain’s most glorious military undertakings; not quite as epic a failure as the charge of the Light Brigade, or as well publicized as the Dam Busters raid, but with many of the same basic ingredients. A force drawn from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines set out on ships and submarines to try to block the key strategic port, in a bold attempt to stem the catastrophic losses being inflicted on British shipping by German submarines. It meant attacking a heavily fortified German naval base. The tide, calm weather and the right wind direction for a smoke screen were crucial to the plan. JJudged purely on results, it can only be considered a partial strategic success. Casualties were high and the base only partially blocked. Nonetheless, it came to represent the embodiment of the bulldog spirit, the peculiarly British fighting élan, the belief that anything was possible with enough dash and daring. The essential story of the Zeebrugge mission has been told before, but never through the direct, first-hand accounts of its survivors – including that of Lieutenant Richard Sandford,VC, the acknowledged hero of the day, and the author’s great uncle. The fire and bloodshed of the occasion is the book’s centerpiece, but there is also room for the family and private lives of the men who volunteered in the hundreds for what they knew effectively to be a suicide mission. Zeebrugge gives a very real sense of the existence of the ordinary British men and women of 100 years ago – made extraordinary by their role in what Winston Churchill called the ‘most intrepid and heroic single armed adventure of the Great War.’ 9781612005041, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 272p.

Prisoner of the Samurai Surviving the Sinking of the USS Houston and the Death Railway James Gee, Rosalie H. Smith and Allyson Smith JJames Gee was fresh out of college at the University of Texas and making plans for his future when World War II interrupted these happy pursuits. He and his friends joined the U.S. Marine w Corps in 1940 and after training he was posted to the U.S.S. Houston. At first, assignments in Hawaii, Guam and the Philippines were free of encounters with the A enemy. But then in 1942 the Houston was first attacked during the battle of the Flores Sea and subsequently sunk by the Japanese fleet during the battle of the Java Sea. After his liberation, he was sent to Guantanamo Bay Naval Hospital, Cuba. There, he encountered Rosalie Hamric Smith w R.N., who was serving as Charge Nurse in the Psychiatric Ward, and who helped him to record his experiences as part of his treatment. Rosalie worked his accounts into a manuscript which, following her sudden death, languished in an attic for over thirty years. Now rediscovered, James Gee’s incredible story can be told to a new generation. 9781612005973, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 224p.

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• NEW FROM CASEMATE • The Filthy Thirteen From the Dustbowl to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest - The True Story of “The Dirty Dozen” Richard Killblane and Jake McNiece Since World War II, the American public has become fully aware of the exploits of the 101st Airborne Division, the paratroopers who led the Allied invasions into Nazi-held Europe. But A within the ranks of the 101st, a sub-unit attained legendary status at the time, its reputation w persisting among veterans over the decades. Primarily products of the Dustbowl and the Depression, the Filthy13 grew notorious, even within the ranks of the elite 101st. Just prior to tthe invasion of Normandy, a “Stars and Stripes” photographer caught U.S. paratroopers with heads shaved into Mohawks, applying war paint to their faces. Unknown to the American public at the time, these men were the Filthy 13. Throughout the war, however, the heart and soul of tthe Filthy 13 remained a survivor named Jake McNiece, a half-breed Indian from Oklahoma - the toughest man in the squad and the one who formed its character. McNiece made four combat jumps, was in the forefront of every fight in northern Europe, yet somehow never made the rank of PFC. The survivors of the Filthy 13 stayed intact as a unit until the Allies finally conquered Nazi Germany. The book does not draw a new portrait of earnest citizen soldiers. Instead it describes a group of hardscrabble guys whom any respectable person would be loath to meet in a bar or dark alley. But they were an integral part of the U.S. war against Nazi Germany. 9781612005942, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 256p.

Nazi Millionaires The Allied Search for Hidden SS Gold Kenneth Alford and Theodore P. Savas During the final days of World War II, German SS officers crammed trains, cars, and trucks full of ggold, currency, and jewels, and headed for the mountains of Austria. Fearful of arrest and determined tto keep the stolen loot out of Allied hands, they concealed their treasures and fled. Most of these men were eventually apprehended, but many managed to evade capture.The intensive postwar Allied investigation that followed recovered only a sliver of this mountain of gold.What happened A tto the rest of it, and what fate befell these men? Authors Alford and Savas answer these questions and many more in this fast-paced and well-written new book.Their groundbreaking study is based upon thousands of pages of previously unpublished and recently declassified documents.The result is a fresh and absolutely original reading experience that offers insights into the minds and methods of these SS thieves, the Reich Security Main Office within which they labored, how they achieved their positions of near-absolute power, the complex Allied investigation into their activities, and what happened to the vast sums of wealth they looted from Europe’s Jews. Nazi Millionaires deftly captures the high drama surrounding these men and women and the secrets they carried with them during the closing days of World War II, and in some cases, to the grave. 9781612005959, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 320p.

Merc American Soldiers of Fortune Jay Mallin and Robert K. Brown Merc is a classic; first published in 1979, its characters and stories are as vivid and worthy of retelling today. American soldiers of fortune have seen action on nearly every battlefield in history – from the Revolutionary War to modern times, men like John Early, a member of the famed Selous Scouts who hunted terrorists in Rhodesia. They fight because they enjoy combat, for causes in which they passionately believe, for money, or simply for adventure. The mercs profiled in this book range from West Point graduates and Harvard poets to former CIA agents and ex-cons. They are men like William Morgan, a guerrilla leader in the Cuban uprising against Fulgencio Batista, later imprisoned and executed by Fidel Castro; David Marcus, raised in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, who went on to a brilliant career in law and reform politics and died in 1947 fighting for the survival of a tiny new nation called Israel; William Brooks,Vietnam Special Forces veteran who, down and out in a cheap Paris hotel, joined the French Foreign Legion and ended up in a remote African outpost where he lived on Coke, salt tablets and paregoric while fighting Somali insurgents; and George Bacon, an ex-CIA operative in Laos with mysterious connections, who died fighting Cubans in Angola. Because their private histories parallel the larger history of unconventional warfare and political upheaval, Merc: American Soldiers of Fortune provides insight into global conflicts, but most of all it is a fast-paced, eye-opening account of a little-known but fascinating way of life. 9781612005911, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 224p.

The World War I Aviator’s Pocket Manual Dr. Chris McNab Aviation was still in its infancy when World War I broke out. The first men to take to the skies A above the battlefield undertook reconnaissance.Pulling together information from British manuals such as A Few Hints for the Flying Officer and Practical Flying, as well as American, German and French training guides, this pocket manual shows what type of information the pilots were given. From the basics of how to care for, start, and fly an aircraft, through tactics and strategy in the air, identifying whether vehicles below were friend or foe, interacting with mechanics, and coordinating with army or naval forces. This fascinating time capsule opens up tthe world of the Great War aviator. With introductions to the manuals by Chris McNab, setting tthem in context and providing background. 9781612005843, $14.95, $9.99, hardback, 160p.


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• NEW FROM CASEMATE • Crusader General Donn Starry and the Army of His Times Mike Guardia and General Martin Dempsey (USA, Ret.) Although he missed combat in World War II and Korea, Donn Starry became one of the most A influential commanders of the Vietnam War, and after Vietnam was one of the “intellectual ggiants” who reshaped the US Army and its doctrines. Throughout his career he worked to improve training, leadership and conditions for the men who served under him. Starry was a leading advocate for tank warfare in Vietnam and his recommendations helped shape the contours for American armor in Southeast Asia—and paved the way for his success as commander of 11th Armored Cavalry during the invasion of Cambodia. When commander of Fort Knox and the Armor Center and School in the 1970s, Starry W redeveloped armor tactics and doctrine and improved training. In his 16 months as commander of V Corps, he thoroughly tested the doctrine of “Active Defense,” then used his observations to create a new doctrine “AirLand Battle,” which paved the way for overwhelming victory in the Gulf War. Like most battlefield commanders from the Vietnam era, Starry’s legacy is often overshadowed by the controversy of the war itself and the turmoil of the immediate postwar Army. However, with the invasion of Cambodia and the development of AirLand Battle, it is hard to imagine anyone who has had a greater impact on modern maneuver warfare. In this new biography of General Donn Starry, armor officer Mike Guardia examines the life and work of this pioneering, crusading officer using extracts from interviews with veterans and family, and from Starry’s personal papers. 9781612005447, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 224p.

A Military History of Modern South Africa Ian van der Waag Twentieth-century South Africa saw continuous, often rapid and fundamental socioeconomic and political change. The century started with a brief but total war. Less than ten years later Britain brought the conquered Boer republics and the Cape and Natal colonies together into the Union of South Africa. The Union Defence Force was deployed during most of the major wars of the century as well as a number of internal and regional struggles: the two world wars, Korea, uprising and rebellion on the part of Afrikaner and black nationalists, and industrial unrest.The century ended as it started, with another war.This was a flash point of the Cold War, which embraced more tthan just the subcontinent and lasted a long, thirty years.The outcome included the final withdrawal of foreign troops from southern Africa, the withdrawal of South African forces from Angola and Namibia, and the transfer of political power away from a white elite to a broad-based democracy. This book is the first study of the South African armed forces as an institution and of the complex roles that these forces played in the wars, rebellions, uprisings and protests of the period. It deals in the first instance with the evolution of South African defense policy, the development of the armed forces and the people who served in and commanded them. It also places the narrative within the broader national past, to produce a fascinating study of a century packed full of episode and personality in which South Africa was uniquely embroiled in three total wars. 9781612005829, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 420p.

On Her Majesty’s Nuclear Service Eric Thompson During the Cold War, nuclear submarines performed the greatest public service of all: prevention of a third world war. History shows that they succeeded; the Cold War ended peacefully, but for security reasons, only now can this story be told. Eric Thompson is a career nuclear submarine officer who served from the first days of the Polaris missile boats until after the end of the Cold War. In this vivid personal account of his submarine operations, he reveals what it was like to literally have your finger on the nuclear button. In his journey, the author leads the reader through top-secret submarine patrols, hush-hush scientific trials, underwater weapon developments, public relations battles with nuclear protesters, arm-wrestling with politicians and the changing roles of females and homosexuals in the Navy. It is essentially a human story, rich in both drama and comedy, like the Russian spy ttrawler that played dance music at passing submarines. There was never a dull moment. Behind the lighter moments was a deadly serious game. This, the inside story of Britain’s nuclear deterrent, reveals the secretive life of submarines and the men who served on them; they kept their watch, and by maintaining the threat of ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ helped keep Britain and the world safe. 9781612005713, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 336p.

The Drive on Moscow, 1941 Operation Taifun and Germany’s First Great Crisis of World War II Anders Frankson and Niklas Zetterling At the end of September 1941, German soldiers lined up along the frontline west of Moscow. A They were well trained and had reasons to hope that the war in the East would be over with one last offensive. Facing them was a large Soviet force, whose soldiers were neither as well ttrained nor as confident. The Drive on Moscow recreates the battle from the perspective of the soldiers as well as the generals. The battle, not fought in isolation, had a crucial role in the overall German strategy in the East, and its outcome reveals why the failure of the German assault on Moscow may well have been the true turning point of World War II. 9781612005966, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 336p.

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• EARLY AMERICA • Armies of Early Colonial North America 1607–1713 History, Organization and Uniforms Gabriele Esposito Gabriele Esposito presents a detailed overview of the military history of Colonial North America during its earliest period, from the first colonial settlement in JJamestown to the end of the first continental war fought in the Americas. Every colonial unit formed by the Europeans in the New World, as well as the regular troops sent to America by Britain and France, is covered in detail. Great military events are analyzed and the evolution of tactics employed in this theater are discussed. Dozens of illustrations, including color art works, show the first military uniforms ever worn in North America, as well as interesting details of weaponry and equipment used. 9781526725219, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 192p.

Victory or Death The Battles of Trenton and Princeton, December 25, 1776 January 3, 1777 Mark Maloy In December 1776, George Washington and the new W American Army sit on the verge A of utter destruction by the banks of the Delaware River. In Victory or Death, historian Mark Maloy not only recounts these epic events, he takes you along to the places where they occurred. He shows where Washington stood on the banks of the Delaware and contemplated defeat, the city streets that his exhausted men charged through, and the open fields where Washington himself rode into the thick of battle.Victory or Death is a must for anyone interested in learning how George Washington and his brave soldiers grasped victory from the jaws of defeat. 9781611213812, $14.95, $9.99, paperback, 192p.

The Guns of Independence The Siege of Yorktown, 1781 Jerome A. Greene The siege of Yorktown in the fall of 1781 was the most decisive engagement of the American Revolution.The campaign has all the drama any historian or student could want: the war’s ttop generals and admirals pitted against one another; decisive naval engagements; cavalry fighting; siege warfare; night bayonet attacks; and more. Penned by historian Jerome A. Greene, this book offers a complete and balanced examination of the siege and the participants involved. Greene’s study is based upon extensive archival research and firsthand archaeological investigation of the battlefield.This fresh and invigorating study will satisfy everyone interested in American Revolutionary history, artillery, siege tactics, and brilliant leadership. 9781932714685, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 528p.


A Single Blow The Battles of Lexington and Concord and the Beginning of the American Revolution. April 19, 1775 Phillip S. Greenwalt and Robert Orrison “I have now nothing to trouble yyour Lordship with, but an affair tthat happened on the 19th instant . . .” General Thomas Gage penned the above line to his superiors in London, casually summing up the shots fired at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. Historians Phillip S. Greenwalt and Robert Orrison unfold the facts of April 19, 1775, uncovering the amazing history that this pivotal spring day ushered in for the fate of Massachusetts and thirteen of Great Britain’s North American colonies with A Single Blow. 9781611213799, $14.95, $9.99, paperback, 192p.

Brandywine A Military History of the Battle that Lost Philadelphia but Saved America, September 11, 1777 Michael C. Harris On September 11, 1777, General Sir William Howe pushed against the American center at Chadds Ford and marched on Philadelphia. Michael C. Harris’s Brandywine is the first complete study to merge the strategic, political, and tactical history of this important set-piece battle into a single compelling account. Brandywine will take its place as one of the most important military studies of the American Revolution ever written. 9781611213225, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 528p.

7 Leadership Lessons of the American Revolution The Founding Fathers, Liberty, and the Struggle for Independence Colonel John Antal This book is about leadership. It tells the dramatic story of seven defining leadership moments from the American Revolution. R l IIn this h bbook, k you learn about real people facing historic challenges and overcoming what reasonable observers believed were insurmountable odds. These leadership stories tell the story of the birth of the United States as well as providing case studies that can improve your leadership. A good step on the road to improving your leadership is to read this book and inculcate the lessons learned from the Founding Fathers. 9781612002026, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 240p.

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• EARLY AMERICA • Special Operations in the American Revolution Robert L.Tonsetic When the American W Revolution began, the colonial ttroops had little hope of matching His Majesty’s highly ttrained, experienced British and German legions in confrontational battle. In this book, renowned author, and former U.S. Army Colonel, Robert Tonsetic describes and analyzes numerous examples of special operations conducted during the Revolutionary War. As this book establishes, the improvisation inherent in the American spirit proved itself well during the Revolution, continuing to stand as an example for our future martial endeavors. 9781612001654, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 288p.

A Few Lawless Vagabonds Ethan Allen, the Republic of Vermont, and the American Revolution David Bennett This is an account of the threeway relationship between Ethan w Allen, the Republic of Vermont A (1777–1791) and the British in Canada during the American Revolution. Ethan Allen was a prime mover in the establishment of the Republic, then led the fight to maintain its independence from the “predatory states” of New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts; from the American Continental Congress; and from British attacks on the new state. This book is the first systematic attempt, using archival sources, to show that the Allens were utterly serious in their aim to turn Vermont into a Crown colony. 9781612002408, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 336p.

1781 The Decisive Year of the Revolutionary War Robert L.Tonsetic In this book, Robert Tonsetic provides a detailed analysis of tthe key battles and campaigns of 1781, supported by numerous eyewitness accounts from privates to generals in the American, French, and British A armies. He also describes the diplomatic efforts underway in Europe during 1781, as well as the Continental Congress’s actions to resolve the immense financial, supply, and personnel problems involved in maintaining an effective fighting army in the field. With its focus on the climactic year of the war, 1781 is a valuable addition to the literature on the American Revolution, providing readers with a clearer understanding of how America, just barely, with fortitude and courage, retrieved its independence in the face of great odds. 9781612000633, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 288p.

The War Outside My Window The Civil War Diary of LeRoy Wiley Gresham, 1860-1865 Janet Elizabeth Croon LeRoy Wiley Gresham was born in 1847 to an affluent slave-holding family in Macon, Georgia. His unique manuscript of the demise of the Old South—lauded by the Library of Congress as one of its premier holdings—is published here for the first time in this book. The War Outside My Window, edited and annotated by Janet Croon with helpful footnotes and a detailed family biographical chart, captures the spirit and the character of a young privileged white teenager witnessing the demise of his world even as his own body slowly failed him. Just as Anne Frank has come down to us as the adolescent voice of World War II, LeRoy Gresham will now be remembered as the young voice of the Civil War South. 9781611213881, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 480p.

The Blue & Gray Almanac The Civil War in Facts & Figures, Recipes & Slang Albert Nofi A fascinating and entertaining anthology about the American Civil War, throwing new light on all aspects of the war, and how it affected America and Americans, then and down to A tthe present. Albert Nofi tells the story of the American War through a range of insightful essays, anecdotes, and facts. 9781612005522, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 304p.

Gunboats on the Great Lakes 1866-68 The British Navy’s Show of Force at the Time of Confederation Cheryl MacDonald This book tells the story of the tthree British gunboats which patrolled the Great Lakes as tthe politicians finalized the Confederation deal, and Irish nationalists recruited Civil War veterans and staged armed raids on Canada. The Fenians decided to attack Canada with the aim of seizing power in the remaining colonies and using them as bargaining chips with Britain. Historian Cheryl MacDonald explores the impact of the Fenian attacks on average citizens, and examines how gunboat diplomacy; in this case, the presence of three British vessels; helped reassure thousands of Canadians and guarantee Canada’s territorial sovereignty between 1866 and 1868. Drawing on hundreds of newspaper articles, government reports, and the logbooks of the Britomart, Cherub and Heron, as well as archive photos from the period, this book focuses on events that will intrigue any history buff. 9781459411227, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 192p.

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• EARLY AMERICA • The Fights on the Little Horn Unveiling the Mysteries of Custer’s Last Stand Gordon Harper This remarkable book synthesizes a lifetime of in-depth research into one of America’s most storied disasters, the defeat of Custer’s 7th Cavalry at the hands of the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians, as well as the complete annihilation of that part of the cavalry led by Custer himself. The author, Gordon Harper, spent countless hours on the battlefield itself as well as researching every iota of evidence of the fight from both sides, white and Indian. He was thus able to recreate every step of the battle as authoritatively as anyone could, dispelling myths and falsehoods along the way. Harper himself passed away in 2009, leaving behind nearly two million words of original research and writing. 9781612005638, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 408p.

Gettysburg’s Coster Avenue The Brickyard Fight and the Mural Mark H. Dunkelman Coster Avenue, the smallest portion of the Gettysburg National Military Park, marks tthe site of some of the last fighting on July 1, 1863, the First Day of the great battle. The action resulted in almost 800 casualties, most of them Union soldiers. In this book, Dunkelman tells the little-known story of the battle that inspired the mural and the saga of how the painting came to be and its several permutations. Published on the mural’s thirtieth anniversary, this book includes more than fifty photographs, many in color and previously unpublished, a map, and source notes to the text. 9780999304914, $18.95, $12.50, paperback, 50p.

Jennie Wade of Gettysburg The Complete Story of the Only Civilian Killed During the Battle of Gettysburg Cindy Small In the 21st-century wars, civilian deaths are very common, but during the Civil War, citizens were usually unscathed if they w were able to stay out of harm’s w way. However, on July 3 Jennie was kneading dough for biscuits at her sister’s home on Baltimore Street when she was killed instantly as a bullet passed through two wooden doors and struck her heart. That, unfortunately, is usually all visitors hear about this “Gettysburg Maid”—a mere sentence or two. Now, with this book, a visitor seeking more of her story may now be satisfied. The author has investigated as many sources as possible to write the full saga of Jennie’s life, death and all three burials. 9780983863199, $13.95, $9.50, paperback, 104p.


A Strange and Blighted Land Gettysburg: The Aftermath of a Battle Gregory A. Coco Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863) was tthe largest battle fought on the American continent. A The Vietnam veteran who wrote well and often about the w battle waxes eloquently about tthe carnage of war, its terrors and pain, its irreplaceable cost in human life and treasure, and the toll it took on the families who lost sons and husbands there. The author also discusses at length how prisoners were handled and the fate of the thousands of stragglers and deserters left behind once the armies left before concluding with the preservation efforts that culminated in the establishment of the Gettysburg National Military Park in 1895. Coco’s prose is gripping, personal, and brutally honest. 9781611214055, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 432p.

Challenges of Command in the Civil War Generalship, Leadership, and Strategy at Gettysburg, Petersburg, and Beyond, Volume I: Generals and Generalship Richard J. Sommers This book distills six decades of studying the Civil War into two succinct, thought-provoking volumes.Each chapter is a free-standing essay that can be appreciated in its own right without reading the entire book. From original research in Chapter 10 to new ways of looking at familiar facts in Chapters 6-9 to distilled judgments from a lifetime of study in Chapters 1-5, Challenges of Command invites readers to think—and rethink—about the generalship of Grant, Lee, and senior commanders of the Civil War. 9781611214321, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 252p.

General Grant and the Rewriting of History How the Destruction of General William S. Rosecrans Influenced Our Understanding of the Civil War Frank P.Varney HONORABLE MENTION, 2014, ALBERT CASTEL A AWARD In 1885, a former president off the h U United i d SStates published bli h one of the most influential books ever written about the Civil War. Juxtaposing primary source documents against Grant’s own pen and other sources, Professor Varney sheds new light on what really happened on some of the Civil War’s most important battlefields. This book demonstrates that blindly accepting historical “truths” without vigorous challenge is a perilous path to understanding real history. 9781611214192, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 312p.

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• EARLY AMERICA • General Lee’s Immortals The Battles and Campaigns of the Branch-Lane Brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia, 1861-1865 Michael C. Hardy In this deeply researched work we witness the experiences w of North Carolina’s BranchLane Brigade in nearly every major j bbattle l ffought h iin the h east, including that infamous day at Chancellorsville when its members mistakenly shot Stonewall Jackson.This book fully meets Captain Gatlin’s challenge by setting forth the complete story of these “more than immortal men.” His study is based on many years of study and grounded on a vast foundation of sources that relate every aspect of the career of this remarkable fighting command. Once finished, every reader will come to think he has met, marched with, fought beside, and bled with these North Carolinians. 9781611213621, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 480p.

The Battle of Monroe’s Crossroads and the Civil War’s Final Campaign Mark Bradley and Eric J. Wittenberg The Battle of Monroe’s Crossroads, March 10, 1865, was one of most important but w least known engagements of William T. Sherman’s Carolinas W Campaign. Now in paperback, here is the only book-length account of this combat. Noted Civil War author Eric J. Wittenberg has written the first detailed tactical narrative of this important but long-forgotten battle, and places it in its proper context within the entire Carolinas Campaign. His study features 28 original maps and dozens of illustrations. Finally, an author of wide experience and renown has brought to vivid life this overlooked portion of the Carolinas Campaign. 9781611212495, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 360p.

The Generals of Shiloh Character in Leadership, April 6-7, 1862 Larry Tagg This is a unique and invaluable study of the high-ranking combat officers whose conduct in April 1862 helped determine tthe success or failure of their respective armies, the fate of the war in the Western Theater and, in turn, the fate of the American union. Tagg’s new book presents detailed background information on each of his subjects. Many men, whose names crossed the stage of furious combat only to disappear in the smoke on the far side, also populate these pages. This marriage of character with his war record offers new insights into how and why a particular soldier acted a certain way, in a certain situation, at a certain time. 9781611213690, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 312p.

Valley Thunder The Battle of New Market Charles R. Knight This book is the first full-length account in more than three decades to examine the combat at New Market on May 15, 1864—the battle that opened tthe pivotal 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign. V ‘Valley Thunder: The Battle of New Market’ is based upon years of primary research and a firsthand appreciation of the battlefield terrain. Knight’s balanced and objective approach includes a detailed examination of the complex prelude leading up to the day of battle. His entertaining prose introduces a new generation of readers to a wide array of soldiers, civilians, and politicians who found themselves swept up in one of the war’s most gripping engagements. 9781611214222, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 336p.

Saratoga A Military History of the Decisive Campaign of the American Revolution John Luzader The months-long 1777 Saratoga campaign was one of the most decisive of the entire Revolutionary War. The crushing British defeat prompted France tto recognize the American colonies as an independent nation, declare war on England, and commit money, ships, arms, and men to the rebellion. This book is the first allencompassing objective account of these pivotal months in American history. Saratoga combines strategic, political, and tactical history into a compelling portrait of this decisive campaign. The prose relies upon archival research and the author’s expertise with the terrain. Complete with original maps and photos, Saratoga will take its place as one of the important and illuminating campaign studies ever written. 9781932714852, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 512p.

That Field of Blood The Battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862 Daniel J.Vermilya September 17, 1862—one of tthe most consequential days in the history of the United States—was a moment in time when the future of the country w could have veered in two starkly different directions. The fighting near Sharpsburg, Maryland, that day would change the course of American history, but in the process, it became the costliest day this nation has ever known, with more than 23,000 men falling as casualties. Join historian Daniel J.Vermilya to learn more about America’s bloodiest day, and how it changed the United States forever in That Field of Blood. 9781611213751, $14.95, $9.99, paperback, 192p.

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• 17TH CENTURY • 20TH & 21ST CENTURY • Rocroi 1643 Stéphane Thion Fought on 19 May 1643 between the French army of tthe Duc d’Enghien and the Spanish army under Francisco de Melo, Rocroi is probably one of the most controversial battles in the long period of conflict between the kingdoms of France and Spain. The numerous sources, be they official accounts, memoirs, or correspondence, most often contradict each other. Thus, there exist today two battles of Rocroi: the one found in Spanish works and the one found in numerous French works. Reconstructing a global vision of the battle remains a delicate undertaking. For this reason and to avoid any dubious interpretation, it seemed necessary to Stephane Thion to include numerous quotations to illustrate the unfolding of this battle. 9782352502555, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 48p.

Battle of Killiecrankie 1689 The Last Act of the Killing Times Stuart Reid The fifty-odd years of Scottish history dominated by the JJacobite Risings are amongst its most evocative and whilst the last battle, Culloden in 1746, is deservedly remembered as a national tragedy, the first battle on the braes of Killiecrankie was unquestionably the most dramatic. Killiecrankie pitted Scot against Scot in the last bloody act of the bitter religious struggle known as ‘The Killing Times.’ Killiecrankie saw the first, and most successful, Highland Charge, as the clansmen broke the line of the Government’s redcoats ‘in the twinkling of an eye.’ and though outnumbered the Jacobites achieved a stunning victory. 9781526709943, $42.95, $27.99, hardback, 264p.

The Bavarian Army During the Thirty Years War, 1618-1648 The Backbone of the Catholic League Laurence Spring The Bavarian Army has been overshadowed by those of Gustavus Adolphus’ and Wallenstein’s Armies, but it W was one of only a few armies w tto have fought throughout the Thirty Years War, first as part of the Catholic League and then an independent army after the Peace of Prague. This book covers not only the Bavarian Army’s organization, but also has chapters on recruitment, officers, clothing, weaponry, pay and rations of a soldier during the Thirty Years War. As well as life and death in the army, this book also looks at the women who accompanied it. This book is essential reading to anyone interested in the wars of the early seventeenth century, not just the Thirty Years War. 9781911512394, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 200p.


20TH & 21ST CENTURY America’s First Clash with Iran The Tanker War, 1987–88 Lee Allen Zatarain In May 1987 the US frigate Stark, calmly sailing the waters of the Persian Gulf, w was suddenly blown apart by w an Exocet missile fired from an Iraqi jet fighter. A fifth of tthe ship’s crew was killed and many others horribly burned or wounded. This event jumpstarted one of the most mysterious conflicts in American history: “The Tanker War,” waged against Iran for control of the Persian Gulf. Author Lee Allen Zatarain, employing recently released Pentagon documents, firsthand interviews, and a determination to get to the truth, has revealed a conflict that few recognized at the time, but which may have presaged further battles to come. 9781935149361, $28.95, $18.99, paperback, 432p.

Guardian Angel Life and Death Adventures with Pararescue, the World’s Most Powerful Commando Rescue Force William F. Sine, Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.) U.S. Air Force Pararescue is tthe most skillful and capable rescue force in the world. PJs are members of an elite unit whose commando skills are so wide-reaching that they often seem like something out of science fiction.They routinely tackle perilous operations that are beyond the capabilities of other rescue organizations, and sometimes dare the seemingly impossible. This book presents true stories of uncommon courage told from the perspective of the actual men in the arena.They do these things for their country, to protect their brothers in arms, and to honor their motto: “That Others May Live.” 9781612001227, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 256p.

Hal Moore A Soldier Once…and Always Mike Guardia Finalist 2013 Army Historical Society Distinguished Writing A Award. Hal Moore, one of the most admired American combat leaders of the last 50 years, has until now been best known to tthe public for being portrayed by Mel Gibson in the movie “We Were Soldiers.” In this first-ever, fully illustrated biography, we finally learn the full story of one of America’s true military heroes. At this writing, Hal Moore is 90 years old and living quietly in Auburn, Alabama. He graciously allowed the author interviews and granted full access to his files and collection of letters, documents, and never-before-published photographs. 9781612002071, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 232p.

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• 20TH & 21ST CENTURY • Falklands Gunner A Day-by-Day Personal Account of the Royal Artillery in the Falklands War Tom Martin The Royal Artillery played an absolutely vital, though often forgotten, part in the British armed forces’ successful operation to recapture the Falkland Islands in 1982. The actions of the artillery were recorded by one young officer in a journal which he kept before, during and after the conflict. Whilst in the South Atlantic, Martin sought to detail and record the action on the Battery’s gun position. Supported by the recollections of some of those he served alongside, Martin’s notes and diary entries form the basis of this book; a vivid, blow-by-blow account which provides a comprehensive picture of the Royal Artillery and its pivotal role in the Falklands War. 9781473881211, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 288p.

Bush War Operator Memoirs of the Rhodesian Light Infantry, Selous Scouts and beyond Andrew Balaam From the searing heat of the Zambezi Valley to the freezing cold of the Chimanimani Mountains in Rhodesia, from tthe bars in Port St Johns in the Transkei to the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa, this is the story of one man’s fight against terror, and his conscience. Andrew Balaam was a member of the Rhodesian Light Infantry and later the Selous Scouts, for twelve years. This is his honest and insightful account of his time as a pseudo operator. His story is brutally truthful, frightening, sometimes humorous and often sad. This is the true, untold story of the failed attempts at governmental overthrows. 9781909982772, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 288p.

SAS Zero Hour The Secret Origins of the Special Air Service Tim Jones Britain’s elite Special Air Service Regiment, the SAS, is one of the most revered – and feared – special-ops units in the world. It is commonly held that the regiment was the brainchild of jjust one man, David Stirling. While not dismissing Stirling’s W considerable contribution to the regiment’s genesis, Jones’s insightful investigation identifies all of the major factors that played a part in shaping the SAS. Drawing extensively on primary sources, as well as reassessing the more recent regimental histories and memoirs, SAS Zero Hour is an illuminating and provocative account of how this renowned regiment came into being. 9781526713513, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 224p.

Ratels on the Lomba The Story of Charlie Squadron Leopold Scholtz Charlie Squadron – the iron fist of the South African Defense Force’s 61 Mechanised Battalion Group – led the way on 3 October 1987 during the climactic battle on the Lomba River in Southern Angola. Not only were they up against a vastly superior force in terms of numbers and weaponry, but they also had to deal with a terrain so dense that both their movement and sight were severely impaired. Despite this, the squadron nearly wiped out the Angolan forces’ 47 Brigade. In Ratels on the Lomba, the reader is taken to the heart of the action in a dramatic recreation based on interviews, diary entries and Facebook contributions by members of Charlie Squadron. It is an intensely human story of how individuals react in the face of death. 9781911512875, $39.95, $25.99, paperback, 272p.

Teenage Safari A South African Conscript in the Border War in Angola and Namibia Evan Davies A wide-eyed South African conscript relates his small share of the war in Angola and Namibia in the 1980s. This is not the usual military history, written by a commander armed w with facts, nor a researched w story of a war or campaign. Being brutally honest it will resonate not only with readers of all things military but also with a wider literary audience, for its poetic prose and subtle sentiments, and for its entertaining narrative. It is a book by a non-warrior dumped into a war, which nevertheless provides vivid alternative firsthand accounts whose validity cannot simply be brushed aside by professional historians. 9781911512936, $35.00, $22.99, paperback, 208p.

British Military Medals A Guide for the Collector and Family Historian Peter Duckers This second edition of Peter Duckers’ best-selling British Military Medals traces the history of medals and gallantry awards from Elizabethan times tto the modern day, and it features an expert account of ttheir design and production. In a series of succinct and well-organized chapters, he explains how medals originated, to whom they were awarded and how the practice of giving medals has developed over the centuries. His work is a guide for collectors and for local and family historians who want to learn how to use medals to discover the history of military units and the experiences of individuals who served in them. 9781783030163, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 224p.

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• 20TH & 21ST CENTURY • ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL • Section D for Destruction Forerunner of SOE Malcolm Atkin When Neville Chamberlain W made his famous Peace in Our Time statement in 1938, after the Munich Agreement with Hitler, he may, or may w not, have been aware that the new Section D of the Secret Intelligence Service was already making plans to mount an all-out political and sabotage war against Nazi Germany. Malcolm Atkin reveals how Section D’s struggle to build a European wide anti-Nazi resistance movement was met with widespread suspicion from government, to the extent of a systematic destruction of its reputation. It was, however, a key pioneer of irregular warfare that led to the formation of the famous SOE. His study is the first in-depth account of it to be published since the release of previously secret documents to the National Archives. 9781473892606, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 272p.

The Operators On the Streets with Britain’s Most Secret Service James Rennie Few outside the security services have heard of 14 Company. As deadly as the SAS yyet more secret, the Operators of 14 Company are Britain’s most effective weapon against international terrorism. For every bomb that goes off 14 Company prevent twelve. The selection process is the most physically, intellectually and emotionally demanding anywhere in the world. Trained to operate under cover, Operators have at their disposal an arsenal of techniques and weapons unmatched by any other UK government or military agency. This is the true story of one Operator and of some of the most hair-raising military operations ever conducted on the streets of Britain. 9781781592625, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 272p.

Great Spies of the 20th Century Patrick Pesnot Heroes to some, traitors to others, spies and intelligence officers continue to fascinate and enthrall us with their abilities to operate secretly in the shadows. With these mini-biographies W of twenty agents of various nationalities (including members of the DGSE, KGB, CIA, MI6 and Mossad), Patrick Pesnot and ‘Mr X’ bring the reader as close as possible into the world of espionage, though a panorama of intelligence history. Among the best known of these agents, the reader will find Aldrich Ames, an American accused of spying for the KGB; Eli Cohen, the Israeli spy best known for his espionage work in Syria and Klaus Fuchs, the German-born British agent who helped the USSR to manufacture its atomic bomb in 1949. 9781473862197, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 208p.


ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL Decorated Roman Armour From the Age of the Kings to the Death of JJustinian the Great Raffaele D’Amato and Andrey Evgenevich Negin From the time of the Bronze Age, the warriors of all tribes A and nations sought to emblazon ttheir arms and armor with items and images to impress upon the h enemy the h wealth l h and d power of the wearer. Such items were therefore of great significance to the wearers, and the authors of this astounding detailed and extensively researched book, have brought together years of research and the latest archaeological discoveries, to produce a work of undeniable importance. Decorated Roman Armour is richly decorated throughout, and as well as battlefield armor, details the tournament and parade armor from Rome’s earliest days. 9781473892873, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 392p.

Greece and Rome at War Peter Connolly This is a detailed account of tthe arms and armies of Greece and Rome. Making use of fresh archaeological evidence and new material on the manufacture and use of the weapons of the period, the author presents an attractive and impressive volume that is both scholarly and beautifully presented wi with illustrations that are, quite rightly, recognized as being the best and most accurate representation of how the soldiers from these formidable military empires appeared. Covering the wars between the Greeks and the Persians and the epic contest between the Romans and their most capable opponent, Hannibal, as well as organization, tactics, armor and weapons, and much more, this excellent work brings the armies of Greece, Macedon, and Rome vividly to life. 9781848329416, $29.95, $19.50, paperback

Core of the Legion: The Roman Imperial Centuria 2010 Ancient Warfare 2 Special Edition J Jasper Oorthuys Ancient Warfare Special 2: ‘Core A of the Legion’ examines the history, structure, and tactics of the centuria, a fundamental building block of the ancient Roman army.This special contains: ‘Core of the legion - Historical introduction,’’Hadrian and his soldiers - The Lambaesis Inscription’, ‘Backbone of the legions - Some centurions and their careers,’ ‘The centurio from Colchester - Reconstructing Marcus Favonius Facilis,’ ‘Learning on the job and in camp - Training the centuria,’ ‘The centuria in battle - Tactical organisation and combat,’ ‘Records on bark, sherds and papyrus - Small unit administration in the Roman army’ and many more. 9789490258023, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 82p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL • Gladiators Fighting to the Death in Ancient Rome M. C. Bishop This book gives an entertaining overview of the history of tthe gladiator, one of the most enduring figures of Ancient Rome, debunking some myths along the way. We learn about tthe different forms of combat, and the pairings which were designed to carefully balance the strengths and weaknesses of one against the other. Although their lives were brutal and short, gladiators often were admired for their bravery, endurance, and willingness to die. This book reveals what we know and how we know it: ancient remains, contemporary literature, graffiti, modern attempts to reconstruct ancient fighting techniques and the astonishing discovery at Pompeii where a complete gladiator barracks was found alongside multiple skeletons, telling their story. 9781612005133, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 160p.

Greek Warriors Hoplites and Heroes Carolyn Willekes Thermopylae, Marathon: though fought 2,500 years ago in Ancient Greece, the names of A tthese battles are more familiar tto many than battles fought in the last half-century; but our concept of the men who fought in these battles may be more a product of Hollywood tthan Greece. Shaped by the landscape in which they fought, the warriors of Ancient Greece were mainly heavy infantry. While Bronze Age Greeks fought as individuals, for personal glory, the soldiers of the Classical city states fought as hoplites, armed with long spears and large shields, in an organized formation called the phalanx. This book sketches the change from heroic to hoplite warfare, and discusses the equipment and training of both the citizen soldiers of most Greek cities, and the professional soldiers of Sparta. 9781612005157, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 160p.

Knights Chivalry and Violence John Sadler and Rosie Serdiville Originally warriors mounted on horseback, knights became associated with the concept of chivalry as it was popularized in medieval European literature. Knights were expected to fight bravely and honorably and be loyal to their lord until death if necessary. Knights figured large in medieval warfare and literature. In the 15th century knights became obsolete due to advances in warfare, but the title of ‘knight’ has survived as an honorary title granted for services to a monarch or country, and knights remain a strong concept in popular culture.This short history will cover the rise and decline of the medieval knights, including the extensive training, specific arms and armor, tournaments and the important concept of chivalry. 9781612005171, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 160p.

Vikings Raiders from the Sea Kim Hjardar From the 9th to the 11th century,Viking ships landed on almost every shore in the Western world.Viking ravages W united the Spanish kingdoms and stopped Charlemagne and tthe Franks’ advance in Europe. Wherever Viking ships roamed, W enormous suffering followed in ttheir wake, but the encounter between cultures changed both European and Nordic societies. This short history of the Vikings discusses how they raided across Europe even reaching America, discussing their ships, weapons and armor, and unique way of life. 9781612005195, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 160p.

Rome, Blood and Politics Reform, Murder and Popular Politics in the Late Republic 133-70 BC Gareth Sampson The last century of the Roman Republic saw the consensus of tthe ruling elite shattered by a series of high-profile politicians who proposed political or w social reform programs, many of which culminated in acts of bloodshed on the streets of Rome itself. This began in 133 BC with the military recruitment reforms of Tiberius Gracchus, which saw him and his supporters lynched by a mob of angry Senators. Covering the period 133 - 70 BC, this volume analyzes each of the key reformers, what they were trying to achieve and how they met their end, narrating the long decline of the Roman Republic into anarchy and civil war. 9781473887329, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 304p.

Military History of Late Rome 284-361 Dr. Ilkka Syvänne This ambitious series gives tthe reader a comprehensive narrative of late Roman military history from 284-641. Each volume gives a detailed account of the changes in organization, equipment, strategy and tactics among both the Roman forces and her enemies in the relevant period, while also giving a detailed but accessible account of the campaigns and battles.Volume I covers the period 284-361, starting with recovery from the ‘third-century crisis’ and the formation of the Tetrarchy. Constantine’s civil wars and stabilization are also major themes, with the pattern repeated under his sons. Anyone with an interest in the military history of this period will find it both informative and thought-provoking. 9781848848559, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 320p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL • Napoleon’s Commentaries on the Wars of Julius Caesar A New English Translation R A Maguire While in exile on St Helena, W Napoleon dictated a commentary on the wars of JJulius Caesar, later published in 1836. In each chapter he summarized the events of one campaign, then added comments from the standpoint of his own military knowledge. Napoleon’s commentary thus provides a fascinating and highly authoritative insight into Caesar’s wars, as well as providing a window into Napoleon’s own thinking and attitudes. Napoleon in places detects mistakes on the part of Caesar and his enemies, and says what they should have done differently. Remarkably, this is thought to be the first full English translation of Napoleon’s work. 9781526716279, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 144p.

Germanicus The Magnificent Life and Mysterious Death of Rome’s Most Popular General Lindsay Powell Germanicus was considered by Romans as one of their ggreatest military heroes. His untimely death, in suspicious circumstances, ended the possibility of a return to a more open republic and ambitions for the outright conquest of Germania Magna (Germany). This, the first modern biography of Germanicus, is in parts a growing-up story, a history of war, a tale of political intrigue and a murder mystery. Born in 15 BC, Germanicus grew up to be a skilled diplomat and bold soldier. Married to the granddaughter of Augustus and responsible for avenging Rome’s humiliating defeat at the Teutoburg Forest through victory at Idistaviso (AD16) and the recovery of one of the lost standards, his reputation and popularity were immense. 9781473881983, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 376p.

Byzantium Triumphant The Military History of the Byzantines 959-1025 Julian Romane This book describes in detail tthe wars of the Byzantine emperors Nicephorus II Phocas, his nephew and assassin John I Tzimiskes, and Basil II. The operations, battles and drama of their various bitter struggles unfold, depicting the new energy and improved methods of warfare developed in the late tenth century. These emperors were at war on all fronts, fighting for survival and dominance against enemies including the Arab caliphates, Bulgars (Basil II was dubbed by later authors ‘the Bulgar Slayer’) and the Holy Roman Empire, not to mention dealing with civil wars and rebellions. While essentially a military history, there is, inevitably with the Byzantine emperors, a healthy dose of court intrigue, assassination, and political skullduggery too. 9781473845701, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 208p.


Aetius Attila’s Nemesis Ian Hughes In AD 453 Attila, with a huge force composed of Huns, allies and vassals drawn from his already-vast empire, was rampaging westward across Gaul (essentially modern France), then still nominally part of the Western Roman Empire. Laying siege to Orleans, he was only a few days march from extending his empire from the Eurasian steppe to the Atlantic. He was brought to battle on the Cataluanian Plain and defeated by a coalition hastily assembled and led by Aetius. Who was this man that saved Western Europe from the Hunnic yoke? While Attila is a household name, his nemesis remains relatively obscure. 9781848842793, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 304p.

The Varian Disaster: The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest 2009 Ancient Warfare Special Edition Jasper Oorthuys Ancient Warfare Special 1: ‘The A Varian Disaster’ Takes a look at V tthe infamous Roman military debacle that resulted in the loss of an entire legion in the forests of Germany. This special edition includes the following articles: - Jona Lendering, ‘The sources’ - Jasper Oorthuys & Tony Clunn, ‘The search for the battlefield’ - Lindsay Powell, ‘Augustus’ campaigns in Germania’ - Sidney Dean, ‘Varus and Arminius’ - Adrian Murdoch, ‘The campaign of 9 AD’ - Paul McDonnell-Staff, ‘Rome’s response’ - Duncan Campbell, ‘Roman fortifications of the Augustan era’ - Ross Cowan and Christian Koepfer, ‘Augustan legionaries’ - Michael Taylor and Christian Koepfer,‘The Germanic warriors’ - The battlefield nowadays 9789490258016, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 74p.

1066: The Battle of Hastings 2017 Medieval Warfare Special Edition Kelly DeVries and Peter Konieczy The 2017 special issue of Medieval Warfare takes a look at one of the most famous battles in the history of the British Isles. Our detailed analysis of tthe Battle of Hastings by expert writers and medievalists not w only looks at the engagement itself, but examines the leaders, their armies, the immediate aftermath, and the broader effect on history and popular imagination.This book also include various articles on important subjects written by prominent historians. 9789490258177, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 80p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL • The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Illustrated and Annotated Bob Carruthers and James Ingram The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is one of the most important sets of historical documents concerning the history of the British Isles. Without these vital accounts, we would have virtually no knowledge of some of the key events in the history of these islands during the dark ages and it would be impossible to write the history of the English from the Romans to the Norman Conquest. The history it tells is not only that witnessed by its compilers, but also that recorded by earlier analysts, whose work is in many cases preserved nowhere else. At present, there are nine known versions or fragments of the original ‘AngloSaxon Chronicle’ in existence. This edition also includes the complete Parker Manuscript. The book is illustrated throughout with paintings and engravings. 9781781591482, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 384p.

Towton The Battle of Palm Sunday Field John Sadler ‘An astonishingly complete account of this most significant battle in the Wars of the Roses. Impeccable research, clear, concise and fascinating maps, and a narrative that persuades yyou you’re an onlooker at the very time these astounding events took place, this is as complete a history of an English medieval battle as I have ever read. Staggering.’ Books Monthly ‘Towton is a masterful account of a subject which had been much written about over the years….John Sadler sets his book apart from the rest by bringing his own background research and imagination into play...[He brings] a battle which took place over 500 years ago vividly back to life.’ 9781783461929, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 224p.

Warfare In The Medieval World Joshua B. Allfree, John Cairns and Brian Todd Carey Warfare in the Medieval World W explores how civilizations and cultures made war on tthe battlefields of the Near East and Europe in the period between the fall of Rome and tthe introduction of reliable ggunpowder weapons during tthe Thirty Years’ War. Through an exploration of thirty-three selected battles, military historian Brian Todd Carey surveys the changing tactical relationships between the four weapon systems. Through the use of dozens of multiphase tactical maps, this fascinating introduction to the art of war during western civilization’s ancient and classical periods pulls together the primary and secondary sources and creates a powerful historical narrative. The result is a synthetic work that will be essential reading for students and armchair military historians alike. 9781848847415, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 272p.

The Art of Renaissance Warfare From The Fall of Constantinople to the Thirty Years War Stephen Turnbull The Art of Renaissance Warfare tells the story of the W knight during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries – from the ggreat victories of Edward III and tthe Black Prince to the fall of Richard III on Bosworth Field. Men such as Bertrand du Guesclin and Sir John Chandos loom large in the pages of this book – bold leaders and brave warriors, imbued with these traditions of chivalry and knighthood. How their heroic endeavors and the knightly code of conduct could be reconciled with the indiscriminate carnage of the ‘chevauchée’ and the depredations of the ‘free companies’ is one of the principal themes of this informative and entertaining book. 9781526713759, $26.95, $17.99, paperback, 272p.

The Art of Sword Combat A 1568 German Treatise on Swordmanship Joachim Meyer and Jeffrey L. Forgeng The author was alerted to an earlier recension of the work which was discovered in Lund w University Library in Sweden. The manuscript, produced around 1568, is illustrated with tthirty watercolor images and seven ink diagrams. The text covers combat with the long sword, dusack, and rapier. The manuscript’s theoretical discussion of guards is one of the most critical passages to understanding this key feature of the historical practice. The manuscript offers an extensive repertoire of training drills for both the dusack and the rapier, a feature largely lacking in treatises of the period as a whole but critical to modern reconstructions of the practice. 9781473876750, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 144p.

The Life and Legend of a Rebel Leader: Wat Tyler Stephen Basdeo In 1381, England was on the brink - the poor suffered the effects of war, the Black Death, and Poll Tax. At this time the brave Wat Tyler arose to lead tthe commoners, forming an army who set off to London tto meet with King Richard II and present him with a list of grievances and demands for redress. Tyler was treacherously struck down by the Lord Mayor. His head hacked from his shoulders, pierced on a spike, and made a spectacle on London Bridge. This book examines the eponymous hero’s literary afterlives. Unlike other medieval heroes such as King Arthur or King Alfred if Wat Tyler’s name was invoked by the people, the authorities had something to fear. 9781526709790, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 216p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL • AVIATION • Rise of the Tang Dynasty The Reunification of China and the Military Response to the Steppe Nomads (AD 581-626) Julian Romane JJulian Romane examines the military events behind the emergence of the Sui and Tang dynasties in the period 581-626 AD. Narrating the campaigns A and battles, he analyzes in detail the strategy and tactics employed, a central theme being the collision of the steppe cavalry with Chinese infantry armies. By the fourth century AD, horse nomads had seized northern China. Conflict with these Turkic interlopers continued throughout the 5th and most of the 6th century. The emergence of the Sui dynasty (581-618) brought some progress but internal weakness led to their rapid collapse. 9781473887770, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 240p.

Ninja Unmasking the Myth Stephen Turnbull This book is a revealing, fascinating and authoritative study of Japan’s famous secret warriors. The author examines w tthe entire phenomenon in a critical manner, ranging from accounts of undercover operations during the age of JJapan’s civil wars to the modern emergence of the superman ninja as a comic book character. The popular ninja image is shown to be the result of several influences that were combined to create the world’s greatest secret warrior. One important feature of the book is the use of original Japanese sources, many of which have never been translated before. The book concludes with a detailed investigation of the ninja in popular culture up to the present day including movies, cartoons and theme parks. 9781473850422, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 240p.

In the Name of Lykourgos The Rise and fall of the Spartan Revolutionary Movement (243-146BC) M M Miltiadis Michalopoulos In the middle of the 3rd century B.C., city-states were compromising with w tthe new political forces of ttheir time. Sparta resisted stubbornly, though, and in her fight even defied one of the most formidable powers of the time: Macedonia. Even after the painful Spartan defeat at the Battle of Sellasia in 222 BC, Sparta still refused to compromise. She managed to recover, not hesitating this time to challenge the most powerful state of the ancient world: Rome. Translated into English for the first time, this last Spartan twilight and the revolutionary movement that sparked it are analyzed with exhaustive bibliography and special emphasis on the military aspects of this epic fight. 9781783030231, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 272p.


AVIATION Great War Fighter Aces Norman Franks Here, Norman Franks tells the story, in words and images, of the emergence of some of tthe greatest fighter aces to see action during the first half of the First World War. He explores the manner in which tthe situation developed from late 1914 to the late summer of 1916, the point at which Oswald Boelcke helped form the German Jasta system that would prove so devastating to the RFC and RNAS. Utilizing images drawn from his large personal archive of photographs, Franks profiles some of the greatest and most notorious aces, as well as the aircraft in which they flew. The first years of the war saw some of the bravest acts of pilot gallantry and ingenuity play out. Franks celebrates the legacy of just a handful of these individuals, participants on both sides. 9781783831821, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 168p.

Wings of War An Airman’s Diary of A the Last Year of the War Rudolf Stark and Claud W. Sykes This is a rare day-to-day account by a young German squadron leader in Jagdstaffel 35 during tthe grim last year of the war. Originally published in 1933, it provides minute descriptions of kills, losses, and the Germans’ step-by-step retreat in the face off iincreasingly i l overwhelming h l i Allied forces in the air. Brutally honest and vividly written, Stark’s account of the end-game of the Imperial German Army Air Service provides an intimate, front-row glimpse of the death-throes of a once feared corps. This book also contains reproductions of some of the author’s paintings depicting life on the Western Front. 9781612001876, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 228p.

Combat Over the Trenches Oswald Watt, Aviation Pioneer Chris Clark ‘Father of the Flying Corps’ and ‘Father of Australian Aviation’ were two of the unofficial titles w conferred on Oswald (“Toby”) Watt when he died in tragic W circumstances shortly after the end of the First World War. These were elements Th l iin a colorful and at times a romantic career long existing interest and attention - not just during Watt’s lifetime but in the interval since his death nearly a century ago. His name had been rarely out of Australian newspapers for more than a decade before the war, reflecting his wealthy lifestyle and extensive and influential social and political connections. For the first time, this book attempts to establish the true story of Watt’s life and achievements, and provide a proper basis for evaluating his place in Australian history. 9781526715012, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 312p.

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• AVIATION • The French Air Force in the First World War Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives Ian Sumner The French air force of the First World War developed as fast as the British and German air forces, yet its history, and tthe enormous contribution it made to the eventual French victory, is often forgotten. So Ian Sumner’s photographic history, which features almost 200 images, most of which have not been published before, is a fascinating and timely introduction to the subject. Ian Sumner tells their story too, as well as describing in a sequence of memorable photographs the less well-known branches of the service the bomber and reconnaissance pilots and the variety of primitive warplanes they flew. 9781526701794, $26.95, $17.99, paperback, 160p.

Billy Bishop Top Canadian Flying Ace Dan McCaffery Billy Bishop was the top Canadian flying ace in the First World War, credited officially W with a record-breaking 75 w victories. Bishop went from being the most decorated war hero in Canadian history to a crusader for peace, writing tthe book Winged Peace, which supported international control of global air power. Author Dan McCaffery presents the life and accomplishments of Bishop through information he gathered from interviews and archival sources. This new illustrated edition of Dan McCaffery’s book contains more than 50 photos of Bishop and other First World War fliers including German and British air aces, plus artifacts from the collection now on display at Billy Bishop airport, Toronto. 9781459504912, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 128p.

Hitler versus Stalin The Eastern Front 1944–1945 - Warsaw to Berlin Nik Cornish Nik Cornish’s photographic history of the Second World War on the Eastern Front W shows the defeat of the German army, the destruction and occupation of the cities in eastern Germany and the humiliation of the German people in over 150 mostly unpublished wartime photographs. The extent of the fighting is recorded in a selection of graphic images, as is the tenacity and desperation of the German resistance and the unstoppable force of the Red Army as offensive after offensive crushed the Third Reich. Most of the photographs show the Red Army, its troops, equipment and the conditions in which it fought and the shattered cities of Germany and eastern Europe and the suffering and destitution of the civilians. 9781473862593, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 144p.

German Bombers Over England 1940–1944 Manfred Griehl German Bombers over England is a unique and valuable pictorial gguide to Germany’s bomber force. The author has drawn on his own archive to present rare pictures of the German bombers and their crew, while detailed captions examine ttheir role in preparations for Operation Sea Lion in 1940 through to the very last V1 and V2 rocket bomb missions in the closing stages of the war. 9781848327955, $19.99, $12.99, paperback, 72p.

German Bombers Over Russia Manfred Griehl Operation Barbarossa opened with an unprecedented level w of ferocity, and the Luftwaffe’s bombers were at the forefront of the action. German bombers launched raid after raid against numerous targets and played an essential role in the speedy conquest of vast tracts of land. German bombers were called upon to fly in conditions that varied from the heat of the Crimea to the frozen wastes of the Arctic. As the tide turned, the Luftwaffe took heavy punishment and, by the end of the war, Hitler’s bombers were flying increasingly desperate missions intended to stem the advance of the Red Army. Manfred Griehl has drawn on his own archive to present rare photographs of the German bombers and their crews in action and on the ground. 9781848327962, $19.99, $12.99, paperback, 72p.

From Jacks to Joysticks An Aviation Life: Engineer to Commercial Pilot Michael John Patrick Mick Patrick started his aviation career as an RAF Apprentice and finished it as an Air Ambulance pilot. A Along the way he experienced A risky moments that shaped him as an aviator; he crashed a float plane in a Texas lake, flew casualties to Coventry and elephants to the East, nose-dived in Nassau and skirted death at Stansted. The tales in this book are used to illustrate how they affected Mick’s approach to aviation and what he took away from those events. Immensely readable and delivered by a true story teller, From Jacks to Joysticks is for anyone who loves tales of aircraft and life in aviation, whether in the cockpit or on the ground. Above all else this book is about how a lifetime of exposure to aviation has shaped one man’s thinking and approach to life and how in aviation you need to keep an open mind. 9781526712851, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 200p.

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• AVIATION • Fighting with the Filthy Thirteen The World War II Story of Jack Womer, Ranger and Paratrooper Stephen C. DeVito and Jack Womer In 2004 the world was first introduced to The Filthy Thirteen, a book describing tthe most notorious squad of fighting men in the 101st Airborne Division (and the A inspiration for the movie “The Dirty Dozen”). In this long awaited work one of the squad’s integral members—and probably its best soldier—reveals his own inside account of fighting as a spearhead of the Screaming Eagles in Normandy, Market Garden, and the Battle of the Bulge. In this work, with the help of Stephen DeVito, Jack provides an amazingly frank look at close-quarters combat in Europe. 9781612005645, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 304p.

First Kills The Illustrated Biography of Fighter Pilot Władysław Gnyś Stefan W.C. Gnyś On 1 September 1939, as Gnys’ squadron took off near Kraków tto intercept the German invaders, German Stuka pilot Frank Neubert attacked, killing tthe captain. Władek evaded the pursuing Stukas and went on to make the first Allied kills, while Neubert was credited with the first aerial kill of the war. Fifty years after the invasion of Poland, Gnyś and Neubert met and shook hands, making news around the world. Drawing on his logbooks and his own words, this highly illustrated book tells Wladek’s story from his childhood in rural Poland, through his time flying in three Allied air forces during World War II, to his reconciliation with Neubert and his commemoration as a national war hero in Poland. 9781612005560, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 304p.

Memoirs of a Stuka Pilot Helmut Mahlke and John Weal After recounting his early days A as a naval cadet, the author describes his flying training as a Stuka pilot. What follows is a fascinating W Stuka pilot’s eye view of some of the most famous and historic battles and campaigns of the early war years: the Blitzkrieg in France, Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, the bombing of Malta, North Africa, Tobruk, Crete and, finally, the invasion of the Soviet Union. The author also takes the reader behind the scenes into the day-to-day life of his unit and brings the members of his Gruppe to vivid life; describing their off-duty antics and mourning their loss in action. The story ends when he himself is shot down in flames by a Soviet fighter and severely burned. 9781848326644, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 320p.


The Last Year of the Luftwaffe May 1944 to May 1945 Alfred Price This is the classic story of a once all-conquering force struggling to stave off an inevitable and total defeat. This superbly written book gives a complete account of Luftwaffe operations during the last ttwelve months of the fighting. In tthis comprehensive examination of Hitler’s air force, Dr Alfred Price examines its state from May 1944 to May 1945, analyzing not only the forces available to it, but also the likely potential, and impact, of new aircraft and weapons systems. In doing so he rejects a number of long-standing myths, clarifies the impact of the jet and rocket fighters, and demonstrates that the Luftwaffe performed as well as could be expected under the harsh circumstances of fighting a losing war. 9781848328662, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 256p.

The RAF Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot’s Kitbag Uniforms & Equipment from the Summer of 1940 and the Human Stories Behind Them Mark Hillier What did the RAF fighter W pilots of the Battle of Britain really wear, and what vital items would their kitbags have held? w All the objects that an RAF A fighter pilot was issued during the Battle of Britain are explored in this book in high-definition color photographs, showing everything from the differing uniforms, to headgear, personal weapons, gloves, goggles, parachute packs and the essential Mae West life jacket. Each item is fully described and its purpose and use explained. Relive Britain’s finest hour as never before – through the actually clothing and accouterments of ‘The Few’. 9781473849990, $26.95, $17.99, paperback, 128p.

Normandie Niemen Des pilotes de la France libre sur le front russe Jean-Charles Stasi French Text On June 20, 1945, the Normandie-Niemen ttriumphantly landed at le Bourget before hundreds of tthousands of people. But at what price! Of the 96 pilots w involved between the spring of 1943 and the spring of 1945, 42 had not returned. For the 70th anniversary of the triumphant arrival of the Normandie-Niemen, Editions Heimdal published, in partnership with the NormandieNiemen Memorial installed at the Museum of Air and Space in Le Bourget, a book about this epic with a rich illustration of about two hundred vintage photos and pictures of objects and clothing that belonged to the pilot, as well as maps, plans and aircraft profiles. 9782840484134, $35.00, $22.99, hardback, 112p.

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• AVIATION • Phoenix. Volume 2: The Genesis of Air Power 1935-1937 A Complete History of the Luftwaffe 1918-1945 Richard Meredith Based on forty years of detailed research, Phoenix – A Complete History of the Luftwaffe 1918– 1945 is a unique history of the wartime German Luftwaffe. w Going far beyond a simple description of famous air battles and operations, the overall work draws extensively on original documents, secondary sources and contemporary accounts to place the Luftwaffe within its proper historical context, gather together its many disparate components and provide a hitherto unpublished balance to its diverse activities.Volume 2: The Genesis of Air Power 1935-1937 covers a still neglected area, namely the early years of post-Reichswehr development from March 1935. 9781910777275, $89.95, $58.50, hardback, 924p.

Airwar Normandy Richard Townshend Bickers In this absorbing book on tthe amphibious invasion of Normandy on 6 June, 1944, Richard Bickers describes in some detail how the vital necessity of air/land cooperation was brought home tto the senior officers in North Africa and emphasizes how A valuable this lesson was to prove later in the war. He tells of several of the French and Belgian units and recounts the experiences of German pilots who were by then seeing things in a very different light. He also describes the war of the men on the ground, the crews who serviced the planes and the Airfield Construction Squadrons who built and ran the runways as the Allies advanced into Occupied France. Richard Bickers has produced a worthy tribute to a supremely gallant band of men who played a vital part in restoring liberty and democracy to the continent of Europe. 9781473837959, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 176p.

Night of the Intruders The Slaughter of Homeward Bound USAAF Mission 311 Ian McLachlan This is the full account of USAAF Mission 311 on 22 April 1944 when B-17 Liberator and B47 Flying Fortress bombers suffered their highest ever loss tto German intruders. The book covers many famous USAAF, RAF and Luftwaffe units and describes the ferocious action over Europe when the Americans attacked Germany’s largest railway marshaling yards at Hamm. Packed with powerful human interest stories, history and technical details, it chronicles the mission fully from the initial planning stage to its bloody finale, untangling the facts behind what went so horribly wrong and over sixty bomber crews lost their lives. 9781848842946, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 240p.

Eagles over Husky The Allied Air Forces in the Sicilian Campaign, 14 May to 17 August 1943 Alexander Fitzgerald-Black In the summer of 1943, tthe United Nations began Operation HUSKY, the invasion of Sicily. The Eagles over HUSKY – the airmen of the Allied air forces – played a A crucial role in the assault. Eagles over Husky challenges the notion that the Allied militaries bungled total victory in Sicily. It assesses one of the greatest air battles of the Second World War. Eagles over Husky tells the integrated story of the air war waged during the Battle of Sicily. The author draws upon experiences, perspectives, and sources from both Allied and Axis camps to inform the analysis and enhance the narrative. 9781912174942, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 192p.

The Filthy Thirteen From the Dustbowl to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest The 101st Airborne’s Most Legendary Squad of Combat Paratroopers Richard Killblane and Jake McNiece Since World War II, the American public has become A fully aware of the exploits of tthe 101st Airborne Division, the paratroopers who led the Allied invasions into Naziheld Europe. But within the ranks of the 101st, a subunit attained legendary status at the time, its reputation persisting among veterans over the decades. The book does not draw a new portrait of earnest citizen soldiers. Instead it describes a group of hardscrabble guys whom any respectable person would be loath to meet in a bar or dark alley. But they were an integral part of the U.S. war against Nazi Germany. 9781932033465, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 256p.

Focke Wulf Jet Fighters Justo Miranda The biggest success of the Focke Wulf company during tthe Second World War was the choice of a radial engine for tthe Fw 190 fighter, in this way avoiding to compete against Messerschmitt for the in line engines. The decision of the Oberkommando der Luftwaffe tto assign the few turbojets available to the Messerschmitt and Arado firms and the discovery of the terrible aerodynamic effect known as compressibility buffeting by mid-1942, made the life of fighter designers of the time very interesting. Several designs followed that were able to use all turbojets, turboprops, ramjets and rocket engines, either projected or at their disposal. They constitute the documental foundation of this book. 9781781556641, $45.00, $29.50, hardback, 256p.

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• AVIATION • German Fighters. Volume 1 The Messerschmitt Bf 109 Dominique Breffort Gathered in two volumes, presented here are the legendary Luftwaffe aircraft: tthe Messerschmitt 109 and 110, the Focke Wulf 190 and tthe jets that appeared near the end of the conflict. More than 600 color profiles detail a wide variety of insignia and camouflage paints. Together, these two books represent a highly detailed compilation (new photographs, new profiles) improving upon the previous editions published in the Planes and Pilots series. 9782352503323, $54.95, $35.99, paperback, 160p.

German Fighters. Volume 2 Bf110 - Me210 - Me410 Fw190 - Me262 - Me183 - He162 Dominique Breffort Gathered in two volumes, presented here are the legendary Luftwaffe aircraft: tthe Messerschmitt 109 and 110, the Focke Wulf 190 and tthe jets that appeared near tthe end of the conflict. More than 600 color profiles detail a wide variety of insignia and camouflage paints. Together, these two books represent a highly detailed compilation (new photographs, new profiles) improving upon the previous editions published in the Planes and Pilots series. 9782352503347, $54.95, $35.99, paperback, 160p.

Lend-Lease and Soviet Aviation in the Second World War Vladimir Kotelnikov The author of this book for the first time has assembled a huge volume of information related tto the delivery of aviation equipment from UK and USA. Based on documents from Russian and foreign archives, museums, and veterans’ recollections, the author has made a qualitative and quantitative appraisal of the influence of these deliveries upon the Soviet war effort and airpower during the conflict. The book details the routes of the aircraft deliveries to Russia, the modifications which were done in order to suit the demands of the Russian climate and specifics of their front-line use, as well as the process of the new aircraft being mastered by the units of the Red Army Air Force. The author includes the results of the combat assessments of the aircraft, which were done at the Scientific Testing Institute of the Air Force, as well as reports from front-line regiments, and multiple combat episodes, detailing the views of the Soviet designers and pilots on the British and American aircraft. 9781911512264, $89.95, $58.50, hardback, 576p.


Northern ‘Q’ The History of Royal Air Force, Leuchars Ian Smith Watson Northern ‘Q’: The History of Royal Air Force, Leuchars ttakes its title from the long standing primary role as one of the oldest airfields in the UK. Leuchars began its links with military aviation as far w back as 1911 with the arrival of the Royal Engineers who established a balloon squadron for reconnaissance training. Following the outbreak of war in 1939, the station was identified as an ideal location to launch maritime operations under Coastal Command. By the end of the war, Leuchars, like so many other airfields, was under the threat of redundancy as many airfields were rendered surplus to requirements. The developing international situation placed a shift in defense with the Cold War and Leuchars was once more deemed to be in an ideal and vital position. 9781781556092, $28.95, $18.99, hardback, 208p.

Schneider Trophy Seaplanes and Flying Boats Victors, Vanquished and Visions Ralph Pegram The Coupe d’Aviation Maritime JJacques Schneider was the catalyst behind the rapid progression of the maritime aviation industry. Ralph Pegram has extensively researched each of the 100+ aircraft that participated in the contest for the Schneider Trophy from its inception in 1912 to the last race in 1934.The construction, testing and performance of each aircraft and engine is described in detail, with the help of over 120 1:72-scale 3-view drawings from the author’s personal collection, most of which are unpublished.This book is the most comprehensive work to have been published on the subject since the early 1980s; it is essential reading for any aviation enthusiast. 9781781551790, $55.00, $35.99, hardback, 352p.

Phoenix. Volume 1: The Phoenix is Reborn 1918-1934 A Complete History of the Luftwaffe 1918-1945 Richard Meredith Based on forty years of detailed research, the Phoenix Project is a unique history of the wartime German Luftwaffe. w Going far beyond a simple description of famous air battles and operations the overall work draws extensively on original documents, secondary sources and contemporary accounts to place the Luftwaffe within its proper historical context, gather together its many disparate components, and provide a hitherto unpublished balance to its diverse activities. This book covers a particularly neglected area, specifically the postwar Reichswehr and the years of secrecy leading up to the unveiling of the Luftwaffe in 1935. 9781910294505, $79.95, $51.99, hardback, 712p.

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• AVIATION • The Men Who Breached the Dams 617 Squadron ‘The Dambusters’ Alan W. Cooper As we approach the 70th A Anniversary of the Dam Buster A Raids, this re-print will make a ttimely addition to the library of any enthusiast wishing to mark tthe occasion, and any curious readers who wish to expand ttheir knowledge of this key operation in World War II history. This forms an evocative history of one of the most successful operations of the Second World War carried out by the famous 617 Squadron and led by Guy Gibson. This account includes the whole lead up to the final mission; the development of the bouncing bomb, the forming of 617 Squadron and the intense course of training carried out to make the operation a success. 9781781590744, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 232p.

Ethiopian-Eritrean Wars. Volume 1 Eritrean War of Independence, 1961-1988 Tom Cooper and Adrien Fontanellaz Ethiopia, a country of ancient origins in eastern Africa, has remained a military powerhouse of that continent until the present day. Currently involved in the war in neighboring Somalia, Reaching back to extensive studies of Ethiopian and Eritrean military history, this volume provides a detailed account of the first 25 years of this conflict: from the outbreak of armed insurgency in 1961 until the crucial battle of Afabet, in 1988. It is illustrated by over 100 contemporary photographs, maps and color profiles. 9781912390298, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 72p.

Fighter Aircraft Since 1945 Frank Schwede The world’s first jet engines were already available shortly w before the end of the Second World War, but they had not W been developed to a high enough standard to take part. This changed after 1945 when, on both sides of the Iron Curtain, one technological development surpassed the others and records tumbled almost every week. The era of the piston engine was finally over and jet fighters now dominated the skies. By the mid-1950s their speed had already reached double that of the speed of sound; an achievement which a few years earlier, would have sounded to many like science fiction. 9781473891296, $17.95, $11.99, paperback, 128p.

Adventures of a Cold War Fast-Jet Navigator The Buccaneer Years David Herriot David Herriot served almost 40 yyears in the Royal Air Force as a navigator. This volume recounts his early career operating the Buccaneer on three operational flying tours plus a tour as an instructor on the Operational Conversion Unit. This is an epic adventure for the aviation enthusiast, particularly those with affection for the Blackburn Buccaneer, and is one that provides a great deal more than the usual introduction to a specific aircraft type and the people who flew it. Here the reader will find an absolute insight into life on a fast jet squadron, at work and mischievous play during the Cold War and they will be introduced to some of the modern Royal Air Force’s greatest characters. 9781526706591, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 320p.

RAF In Camera: 1970s Keith Wilson The 1970s were an event-filled and action packed decade for tthe Royal Air Force. Many events are worthy of note and all are recorded here, in words and images. Keith Wilson takes up from where he left off with RAF In Camera 1960s in order tto take us on a journey through a particularly significant decade. All of the decade’s landmark A events are referenced in this thorough, well-researched and image-packed publication. Each chapter focuses on a specific year, relaying all of the highlights that characterized it. As with the two previous releases, this new addition to the In Camera series is sure to be regarded as something of a collector’s edition and a real enthusiast’s favorite. 9781473897960, $70.00, $45.50, hardback, 392p.

Soviet Spyplanes of the Cold War Yefim Gordon Spy in the Sky’ matters have long been a source of interest and fascination for aircraft enthusiasts, historians, and modelers, and none more so tthan the elusive and secretive Soviet types of the Cold War era. This book presents a range of such types, including a collection of photographs, profiles, and line drawings, together with supplementary text detailing the history of each craft, encompassing the various developmental milestones, successes, and pitfalls experienced along the way. With an unparalleled level of visual information - paint schemes, models, line drawings, and photographs - it is simply the best reference for any model-maker setting out to build a variant of these iconic planes. 9781781592854, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 96p.

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• AVIATION • The Men Who Flew the F-4 Phantom Martin W Bowman The Phantom was developed for the US Navy as a long-range all-weather fighter and first flew in May 1958, before becoming operational in 1961. This is the perfect book for tthe general reader, enthusiast or modeler wishing to find a succinct yet detailed introduction to the design of the aircraft that has made history. It features a multitude of stories as relayed by USAF and Israeli airmen who actually flew this remarkable aircraft in wars in SE Asia and the Middle East, detailing just what it was like to fly the F-4 in combat. The book also features a wealth of technical data along with stirring images that supplement the text perfectly, enhancing its visual appeal. 9781526705846, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 272p.

Secret SAS Missions in Africa C Squadron’s CounterTerrorist Operations 1968–1980 Michael Graham This fascinating book is the first to cover the little known C Squadron of the Special Air Service. Operating in East A Africa, the Squadron was A involved in almost continuous counter communist terrorist operations over the period 1968 to 1980. Written by a seasoned former senior member of C Squadron, Secret SAS Missions in East Africa paints a graphic and thrilling account of their covert operations and the colorful characters that undertook them. 9781526712462, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 208p.

Mobile Warfare for Africa On the Successful Conduct of Wars in Africa and Beyond Lessons Learned from the South African Border War Willem Steenkamp, Roland DeVries and Camille Burger Presenting a remarkable amount of experience drawing primarily l from f SSouth h Af Africa’s ’ Border War in the form of case studies, supported fully by an extensive number of photographs and specially commissioned maps, this study has applications for historians, researchers, and contemporary military practice. This is an easy-to-read book with many real-life casestudies and examples which presents a yardstick for the enhancement of contemporary combat practices. 9781912174089, $69.95, $45.50, paperback, 488p.


Air War Over North Vietnam Operation Rolling Thunder, 1965–1968 Stephen Emerson This book is about the Operation Rolling Thunder. Through an ever escalating onslaught of destruction, Operation Rolling Thunder intended to signal America’s unwavering commitment to its South Vietnamese ally in the face of continued North Vietnamese aggression, break Hanoi’s political will to prosecute the war, and bring about a negotiated settlement to the conflict. Against the backdrop of the Cold War and fears of widening the conflict into a global confrontation, Washington policy makers micromanaged and mismanaged the air campaign and increasingly muddled strategic objectives and operational methods that ultimately sowed the seeds of failure, despite the heroic sacrifices by U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots and crews Despite flying some 306,000 combat sorties and dropping 864,000 tons of ordnance on North Vietnam Operation Rolling Thunder failed to drive Hanoi decisively to the negotiating table and end the war. But by building on the hard earned political and military lessons of the past, the Nixon Administration and American military commanders would get another chance to prove themselves when they implemented operations Linebacker I and II in May and December 1972. 9781526708229, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 128p.

Grumman F-14 Tomcat in Combat 1972-2006 Frédéric Lert This new collection is devoted tto the planes used during the five last decades by the USN and USAF.With this first volume, Frédéric Lert presents the career of the one of the US Navy’s most legendary planes, the F-14 Tomcat,Tom Cruise’s mount in tthe very famous film,Top Gun. 9782352500735, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 84p.

C160 Transall Frédéric Lert French Text Although its retirement was A announced for a while for 2005, tthe C-160 Transall is still the principal lynchpin of French military air transport. More than forty years after it went into service, this twin-engined tactical ttransport has been present in all the theaters of operation where the French army has w been deployed, not to mention the numerous humanitarian operations which have taken it all over the globe. Handled with dexterity by its crews, the Transall is always impressive when it’s a question of getting down to the nitty-gritty and showing some muscle in the most unlikely situations, but for how much longer now? It is not wise to ignore the potential difficulties and dangers of using wornout and aging aircraft in combat in spite of all its qualities. 9782352500926, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 64p.

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• AVIATION • COLD WAR • Boeing 707, KC-135 In Civilian and Military Versions Dominique Breffort This book is about Boeing 707 and KC – 135. Although the Boeing 707 is known worldwide as the machine which took civil aviation from the piston engine era into that of the jet engine, what is very often not known is that its existence was only made possible by the w success of its immediate predecessor, the KC – 135, also made by Boeing. Although these two models came from the same prototype, the “Dash 80”, they were in fact two radically different machines sharing only a limited number of common features. More than 800 KC – 135s were produced spawning an impressive number of variants and specialized versions. More than 1000 Boeing 707s were built up to the end of the 20th century.. 9782352500759, $49.95, $32.50, hardback, 212p.

Sustaining Air Power Royal Air Force Logistics since 1918 Trevor Stone The Royal Air Force is the world’s oldest independent w air arm, yet little has been written about its logistics. This w ggroundbreaking book opens tthe hangar door on this highly important discipline, which has been at the forefront of supporting British air power since 1918. Written by a former senior RAF Logistics Officer and supplemented by material from veterans and currently serving military personnel, Sustaining Air Power explores the fascinating development of RAF logistics. This journey, just short of a century, explores the inter-war years, the Second World War, the Cold War, and all major campaigns that the Service has been involved in, from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the RAF’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. 9781781556351, $55.00, $35.99, hardback, 528p.

EMB-312 Tucano Brazil’s turboprop success story João Paulo Zeitoun Moralez This book recounts the story of Embraer’s EMB-312 turboprop ttrainer, the first aircraft in its class to offer a cockpit and controls equivalent to its fighter contemporaries, as well enough power to match the high-speed maneuvers of comparable jet ttrainers. Drawing upon a cadre of authors who are experts in their field, Carrier Aviation in the 21st Century continues Harpia’s reputation for providing unprecedented detail and extensive technical specifications, as well as detailing the structure of all the air arms and the individual units that currently embark on board carriers. Illustrations include specially commissioned artworks and diagrams to help illustrate how carrier air power remains an essential element of modern warfare. 9780997309232, $64.95, $42.50, paperback, 256p.

COLD WAR Bay of Pigs CIA’s Cuban Disaster, April 1961 Phil Carradice This book is about the CIA’s Cuban disaster, which took place in April 1961. Perhaps not in casualties but as far as prestige and standing in the world were concerned, the Bay w of Pigs invasion of 1961 was the worst disaster to befall the USA w since the War of 1812 when British forces burned the White House. Badly planned, badly organized, the affair was littered with mistakes from start to finish – not least with an inept performance by John F Kennedy and his new administration. Supposedly an attempt by Cuban exiles to regain their homeland, the whole operation was funded and equipped by the USA. 9781526728296, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 136p.

Hungarian Uprising Budapest’s Cataclysmic Twelve Days, 1956 Louis Archard It is more than 25 years since tthe end of the Cold War. In an era of mass-produced AK-47s and ICBMs, one such flashpoint was Hungary. w This book describes the Hungarian revolution of 1956, which was leaderless when it w began. Soviet troops had occupied Hungary in 1945 as they pushed towards Germany and by 1949 the country was ruled by a communist government that towed the Soviet line. Resentment at the system eventually boiled over at the end of October 1956. Protests erupted on the streets of Budapest and, as the violence spread, the government fell and was replaced by a new, more moderate regime. 9781526708021, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 128p.

North Korea Invades the South Across the 38th Parallel, June 1950 Gerry van Tonder It is more than 25 years since tthe end of the Cold War. The battle lines are no longer drawn, but they linger on in conflict zones. In an era of mass-produced AK-47s and ICBMs, one such flashpoint was Korea. Without warning, at 4.00 a.m. on 25 June 1950, North Korean artillery laid down a heavy bombardment on the Ongjin Peninsula. The first in a six-volume series on the Korean War, this publication considers those first few fateful days in June 1950 that would cement north–south antagonism to this day, the pariah state that is communist North Korea a seemingly increasing threat to an already tenuous global peace. 9781526708182, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 128p.

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• COLD WAR • Challenger 2 The British Main Battle Tank Robert Griffin and M P Robinson For much of the Cold War, the British Army’s main battle tanks were first the Centurion and w tthen the Chieftain. While the Royal Ordnance Challenger was acquired as a stop gap its design and capability limitations quickly became apparent. This superbly researched and illustrated book tells the story of the evolution and subsequent successful career of Challenger 2 which has seen distinguished service in war and peace since 1990 and has proved itself one of the worlds most formidable fighting vehicles. The authors do not shy away from technical detail and make comparisons with competitors. The result is an objective and authoritative work which will delight military equipment buffs, modelers and wargamers. 9781473896659, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 176p.

Chiang Kai-shek versus Mao Tse-tung: The Battle for China 1946–1949 Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives Philip Jowett This volume in the Images of War series is the first photographic history of the Chinese Civil War, which decided tthe future of modern China. A selection l i off over 200 archive h photographs depict the battle for power that took place across the breadth of the country. The armies, air forces and navies of the opposing sides are shown in a sequence of graphic images, as is the ordeal of the long-suffering Chinese civilians who were caught up in a conflict that cost millions of lives. It will be fascinating and informative reading for anyone who is keen to understand China’s recent past and the military history of the twentieth century. 9781473874848, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 192p.

Joseph Stalin Images of War David A S Semeraro and Nigel Blundell This concise book presents a cautionary study, in words and historic photographs, of Joseph Stalin, the peasant’s son from Georgia who as a choirboy seemed destined for the priesthood but who grew up to be a street-fighting revolutionary using torture and terror as tools to attain power. It asks how the coarse, brutish drunkard that he became could nevertheless have been lauded abroad as a cultural giant and spellbind so many millions at home as an object of worship. It provides clues as to how Stalin the military incompetent came to be seen as a statesman of equal standing to war leaders like Churchill and Hitler. And it points to the danger of rewriting history to allow the resurrection of Stalin as a ‘father’ of his people in the twentyfirst century rather than a bloodstained idol with feet of clay. 9781526702036, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 112p.


Chile 1973. The Other 9/11 The Downfall of Salvador Allende David Francois Starting with an in-depth study of the Chilean military, paramilitary forces and different leftist movements in particular, tthis volume traces the history of the build-up and the ultimate clash during the coup of 11 September 1973. Providing minute details about the motivation, organization and equipment of all involved parties, it also explains why the Chilean military not only launched the coup but also imposed itself in power, and how the leftist movements reacted. Illustrated with over 100 photographs, color profiles, and maps describing the equipment, colors, markings and tactics of the Chilean military and its opponents, it is a unique study into a well-known yet much under-studied aspect of Latin America’s military history. 9781912174959, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 88p.

Fire in the Streets The Battle for Hue, Tet 1968 Eric Hammel The Tet Offensive of January 1968 was the most important military campaign of the Vietnam War. V In Fire in the Streets, the dramatic narrative of the battle unfolds on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis.The focus is on the U.S. and South Vietnamese soldiers and Marines–from the top commanders down to the frontline infantrymen–and on the men and women who supported them.With access to rare documents from both North and South Vietnam and hundreds of hours of interviews, Eric Hammel, a renowned military historian, expertly draws on first-hand accounts from the battle participants in this engrossing mixture of action and commentary. 9781612005898, $18.95, $12.50, paperback, 276p.

Khe Sanh Siege in the Clouds Eric Hammel In late 1967 as part of the Tet offensive, U.S. commanders hoped to lure the North Vietnamese Army into exposing V large numbers of soldiers to ttheir overwhelming air power. But in January 1968, a U.S. Marine Corps force found tthemselves surrounded by the enemy in their hilltop base at Khe Sanh. Eric Hammel’s classic account is a vivid oral history, using the words of American fighting men caught up in the gruelling, deadly seventy-seven-day ordeal creates a harrowing tapestry of tragedy and triumph. The gripping – and moving – narrative flows from the masterfully woven threads provided by nearly a hundred men who gallantly endured the wrenching all-out struggle to hold the combat base and its vulnerable outlying positions. 9781612005904, $18.95, $12.50, paperback, 376p.

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• COLD WAR • The Last Hot Battle of the Cold War South Africa vs. Cuba in the Angolan Civil War Peter Polack As the Soviet Union teetered A on the edge of collapse during tthe late 1980s, and America prepared to claim its victory, a bloody war still raged in Southern Africa, where proxy forces from both sides vied for control of Angola. The result was the largest battle on the dark continent since Al Alamein, with forces from both sides paying in blood what U.S.-Soviet diplomats were otherwise spending in diplomacy. As a case study of ferocious fighting between East and West, this book unveils a remarkable episode of the endgame of the Cold War largely unknown to the public. 9781612001951, $40.00, $26.50, hardback, 232p.

Thud Pilot A Pilot’s Account of Early F-105 Combat in Vietnam Victor Vizcarra Thud Pilot is the personal account of a combat fighter pilot who flew the Air Force’s premier fighter-bomber in the most dangerous skies over North Vietnam. Thud Pilot tells tthe story of the courageous men who flew the F-105 from its earliest combat deployment in 1964, and on through 1966. The author’s more significant missions are described in detail and are accompanied by map drawings depicting the mission routes from take-off to refueling orbits, the target, and return. The book is full of several ‘firsts’ in the expanding air war over North Vietnam, including ‘Operation Spring High,’ the first counter SAM strike in the history of aerial warfare. Thud Pilot goes beyond the battle air space and shares the emotional impact on the families left behind. 9781781556450, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 160p.

Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art John Brennan This book brings to light over 250 recently recovered Vietnam War photographs V from Army aviation veterans. The vast majority of these photographs have never before been published, with them all capturing that quintessential and unmistakable American war custom of embellishing w one’s assigned aircraft with personalized markings. Each is accompanied by a caption containing data particular for each featured image. Against a backdrop of censorship, political correctness, and military directives to the contrary, in-country Army helicopter nose art flourished in Vietnam, and the failure to acknowledge this archetypal convention in any study of Army aviation history demonstrates a lack of respect for the personal cost of conflict. 9781625450357, $34.95, $22.99, paperback, 192p.

Biafra’s War 1967-1970 A Tribal Conflict in Nigeria That Left a Million Dead Al J.Venter Almost half a century has A passed since the Nigerian Civil War ended. But memories W die hard, because a million or more people perished in that internecine. Biafra’s war was was based largely w on ethnic, by inference, tribal grounds. It involved, on the one side, a largely Christian or animist southeastern quadrant of Nigeria which called itself Biafra, pitted militarily against the country’s more populous and preponderant Islamic north. This book is an important contribution towards understanding Nigeria’s ethnic divisions, which are no better today than they were then. Biafra was the first of a series of religious wars that threaten to engulf much of Africa. 9781912174720, $39.95, $25.99, paperback, 314p.

Logistics in the Falklands War Kenneth L. Privratsky While many books have been W written on the Falklands War, w tthis is the first to focus on the vital aspect of logistics. After a brief discussion of A events leading to Argentina’s invasion the book describes in detail the rush to reorganize and deploy forces, dispatch a large task force, the innovative solutions needed to sustain the Task Force, the vital staging base at Ascension Island, the in-theater resupply, the setbacks and finally the restoring of order after victory. The lessons learnt have never been more important with increasing numbers of out-of-area operations required in remote trouble spots at short notice. The Falklands experience is crucial for the education of new generations of military planners and fascinating for military buffs and this book fills an important gap. 9781473823129, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 304p.

The End of Empire. Cyprus: A Soldier’s Story Martin Bell Martin Bell, the former BBC war reporter and Independent w MP, served as a soldier in the Suffolk Regiment during the Cyprus emergency between 1957 and 1959. His narrative is a powerful and personal account of the violent process of decolonization, of the character of the British Army at the time, and the impact of National Service on young men who were not much more than ‘kids in uniform’. By drawing on recently declassified documents, he provides much more than a personal reminiscence. It is an absorbing account of the experience of army life from the perspective of a private soldier, and it is the inside story of how Britain tried to crush a violent rebellion sixty years ago. 9781473848184, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 224p.

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• COLD WAR • COMICS • The Falklands War Martin Middlebrook With the sudden Argentine W invasion of the remote Falkland Islands on 2 April 1982 the United Kingdom found itself at war. Remarkably just over ttwo months later, the Islands were liberated and the invaders w defeated. By any standards tthis was a remarkable feat of all arms cooperation made possible by political resolve, sound planning, strong leadership and the courage and determination of the combatants. Martin Middlebrook, one of the most skillful historians of the 20th Century, has weaved the many strands of this extraordinary military achievement into a fascinating, thorough and highly readable account of the Campaign. For a full understanding of what it took to win this war there will be no better account to read than this. 9781848846364, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 432p.

With 3 Para to the Falklands Graham Colbeck On April 9, 1982, a British task force set sail for the Falkland Islands. Three months later, after a short but brutal campaign, it had successfully completed its mission of ejecting the Argentinean occupying forces A from the islands. With 3 Para to tthe Falklands is the full story of tthat dramatic struggle from the point of view of a sergeant in the Third Battalion, Parachute Regiment (3 Para). Graham Colbeck was there every step of the way and his vivid account reveals the stark realities of fighting in this stubbornly contested conflict. His narrative brings to the fore the chilling nature of the combat, the challenge of the harsh conditions met on the Falklands, the training and techniques of an elite force, and the comradeship of troops in battle. 9781526713636, $26.95, $17.99, paperback, 192p.

Soviet Cold War Weaponry: Tanks and Armoured Vehicles A Anthony Tucker-Jones In this companion volume to his photographic history of Soviet ttanks and armored vehicles, this book provides a visual guide tto the vast array of aircraft, warships and missiles the w Soviet armed forces deployed at the height of the Cold War. Numerous ‘hot’ proxy wars were fought in Africa and the Middle East. All these conflicts employed Soviet weaponry which has been captured in action in the photographs selected for this book. The MiG fighters, the Badger and Backfire bombers, the nuclear submarines have achieved almost iconic status, but, as this book shows, there was much more to the Soviet armory than these famous weapons. Much of it, despite its age, remains in service with armies, guerrilla forces and terrorist organizations around the world today. 9781783032969, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 160p.


COMICS World War I The Illustrated Story of the First World War John M. Burns Read the thrilling story of “The Great War”, known now as tthe First World War. Classics Illustrated traces the history of this devastating conflict from the catalytic political assassination that started it to its end - with victory for some, shame for others and whole nations left in ruin! 9781906814786, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 100p.

World War II The Illustrated Story of the Second World War John M. Burns This book tells the astonishing and horrifying story of the Second World War in comicstrip format. Classics Illustrated ttraces the chronology of the most costly war in human history from its outbreak to its conclusion, with over 60 million dead, trials for crimes against humanity and a new, terrifying threat over the world: the atomic bomb! The book contains fascinating facts, pictures, discussion questions and more. All major events in the war are covered, including the coming to power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, the Dunkirk evacuation, the Battle of Britain, the Siege of Stalingrad and many more. The book also has biographies of several major war leaders. 9781906814793, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 100p.

All Quiet on the Western Front Erich Maria Remarque, Maurice del Bourgo and Kenneth W. Fitch Narrated by Paul Bäumer, Erich Maria Remarque’s “All Quiet on tthe Western Front” describes tthe extreme circumstances of tthe German soldiers of the First World War. Paul and his friends volunteered tto join the army after being swept up by the patriotic speeches of their teacher. But after undergoing several weeks of harsh training and experiencing the unimaginable horrors of life on the front, they have realized that the truth of warfare is not honorable, but terrible. Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes a biography of Erich Maria Remarque, theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story. This new CCS Books edition is specifically tailored to engage and educate young readers with some of the greatest works ever written, while still thrilling older readers who have loving memories of this series of old. 9781911238300, $9.95, $6.50, paperback, 48p.

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• COMICS • Julius Caesar William Shakespeare, Leonard B Cole, Reed Crandall and George Evans Shakespeare’s famous historical play tells of the events leading up tto the assassination of Roman leader and dictator, Julius Caesar, and its immediate aftermath, with Rome plunged into civil w war. Classics Illustrated tells this w wonderful tale in colorful comic w strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story. This edition is specifically tailored to engage and educate young readers with some of the greatest works ever written, while still thrilling older readers who have loving memories of this series of old. 9781906814564, $9.95, $6.50, paperback, 48p.

Joan of Arc Henry C. Kiefer and Samuel Willinsky The story of the great heroine of France, Joan of Arc, also known as “The Maid of Orléans”. Born a peasant girl in Domrémy, France in 1412, during the Hundred Years’ War, JJoan began to hear celestial voices as a teenager. It was tthese voices which she claimed gguided her in battle against the English, until her capture and fateful trial for heresy. Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story. This new CCS Books edition is specifically tailored to engage and educate young readers, while still thrilling older readers who have loving memories of this series of old. 9781911238331, $9.95, $6.50, paperback, 48p.

Knights of the Round Table Howard Pyle and Alex A. Blum Adventures of the knights of A tthe round table and their quest tto find the Holy Grail. Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic w strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom or at home to further engage the reader in the story. This new edition is specifically tailored to engage and educate young readers with some of the greatest works ever written, while still thrilling older readers who have loving memories of this series of old. Each book contains dedicated theme discussions and study questions to further develop the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the work at hand. 9781906814250, $9.95, $6.50, paperback, 48p.

Abraham Lincoln Gerald McCann and Norman Nodel This is an illustrated biography of the life of Abraham Lincoln, tthe sixteenth President of the United States of America. Classics Illustrated tells the extraordinary life tale of Abraham Lincoln in colorful A comic strip form. This edition also includes a timeline of events surrounding Lincoln’s life and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom or at home to further engage the reader in the story. The Classics Illustrated comic book series began life in 1941 with its first issue, Alexandre Dumas’ “The Three Musketeers”, and has since included over 200 classic tales released around the world. This new edition is specifically tailored to engage and educate young readers with some of the greatest works ever written, while still thrilling older readers who have loving memories of this series of old. 9781910619957, $9.95, $6.50, paperback, 48p.

Benjamin Franklin Alex A. Blum, Gustav Schrotter and Benjamin Franklin This is an illustrated biography of the life of Benjamin Franklin. Classics Illustrated tells the extraordinary life tale of Benjamin Franklin in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for yyounger readers. This edition also includes a timeline of events surrounding Franklin’s life and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom or at home to further engage the reader in the story. The Classics Illustrated comic book series began life in 1941 with its first issue, Alexandre Dumas’ “The Three Musketeers”, and has since included over 200 classic tales released around the world. This new edition is specifically tailored to engage and educate young readers with some of the greatest works ever written, while still thrilling older readers who have loving memories of this series of old. 9781910619964, $9.95, $6.50, paperback, 48p.

Davy Crockett Unknown and Lou Cameron This book describes the life of Davy Crockett, the American frontiersman. Classics Illustrated tells the extraordinary life tale of Davy Crockett in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes a timeline of events surrounding Crockett’s life and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom or at home to further engage the reader in the story. This new edition is specifically tailored to engage and educate young readers with some of the greatest works ever written, while still thrilling older readers who have loving memories of this series of old. Each book contains dedicated theme discussions and study questions to further develop the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the work at hand. 9781910619971, $9.95, $6.50, paperback, 48p.

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• COMICS • MODELING & WARGAMING • Pearl Harbor and the Day of Infamy Jay Wertz, Ed Jiménez and Wes Locher Starting with the background of Japan’s rise to military prominence and the Asian country’s aggressive behavior against its neighbors, this ggraphic history covers all the significant events leading up tto that fateful aerial attack on December 7, 1941. Japan’s simultaneous surprise attacks in the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia and the Pacific are included, as is America’s reaction to the bombing of Hawaii. Also includes the introduction to a serialized adventure graphic novel set during the War in the Pacific entitled Separated by War. 9780998889399, $4.95, $3.50, paperback, 24p.

They Called Themselves the Battling Bastards of Bataan J Wertz, Ed Jiménez and Wes Jay Locher This fully illustrated account details all the major battles, decisions, and outcomes as tthe Japanese military sought tto collapse the United States’ principal military enclave in East Asia and seize a country rich A in natural and human resources for their Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere. The planned 50-day campaign took 133 days because they underestimated the grit of their foes. Despite horrendous conditions, lack of air support, food, and medicine, sheer grit compelled the Americans and Filipinos not to give up, even if the rest of the world had given up on them. 9780998889382, $4.95, $3.50, paperback, 24p.

Midway The Battle that Changed the Pacific War Jay Wertz, Ed Jiménez and Wes Locher After the attack on Pearl A Harbor the U. S. Pacific Fleet was bent but not broken. The w fact that the fleet’s aircraft carriers were away from base at the time of the attack helped the navy under new commander Admiral Chester Nimitz react to further Japanese expansion in the Pacific. American task forces staged a series of raids. Then came the Battle of Coral Sea. Through experience gained in this battle and advances in code breaking by U. S. Navy cryptologists, the Pacific Fleet was ready for Japan’s attack on the American base. And while America lost some ships as well, the two-day battle so damaged the Combined Fleet that the Japanese were never able to mount another strategic offensive in the Pacific. All the preparations, actions, personalities and results of the Battle of Midway are chronicled in graphic story form in Midway – The Battle That Changed the Pacific War. 9780998889375, $4.95, $3.50, paperback, 24p.


MODELING & WARGAMING Panther on the Battlefield, Volume 1 Peter Barnaky This publication from PeKo Publishing gives an overview of three subversions of the Panther medium tank with the help of 103 original, large and high quality photographs, many of which were unpublished so far. 9789638962355, $41.95, $27.50, hardback, 112p.

Panther on the Battlefield, Volume 2 Peter Barnaky This publication from PeKo Publishing gives an overview of three subversions of the Panther medium tank with the help of 103 original, large and high quality photographs, many of which were unpublished so far. 9786158007290, $41.95, $27.50, hardback, 112p.

Panzer IV on the battlefield, Volume 2 Craig Ellis Using archive and original photographs to lay down a visual time line for this Panzer’s development, the book takes an historical overview of this strategically important tank. It applies recent findings to the analysis and commentary of the photographs. Information that should be invaluable to both historians and modelers. 9786155583087, $41.95, $27.50, hardback, 112p.

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• MODELING & WARGAMING • Sturmgeschutz III on the Battlefield, Volume 1 M Mátyás Pánczél The second in an exciting new book series from PeKo publishing. 102 black and white photos and over 112 pages of tthe German Sturmgeschutz III assault gun on all fronts during World War II. Captions in W dual language; Hungarian and English. Photos are from private collections and are previously unpublished. 9789638962317, $41.95, $27.50, hardback, 112p.

Sturmgeschutz III on the Battlefield, Volume 2 Mátyás Pánczél The fourth volume of PeKo Publishing’s photo-monograph series. The hardcover, landscape formatted book’s brief introduction is followed by more than a hundred mainly unpublished photographs, published in the highest possible quality. Both the introduction and the captions are bilingual. Excellent photographic coverage of theGerman Sturmgeschütz III assault gun throughout World War 2. 33 pages are devoted to short gunned version and 67 pages devoted to short gunned version. Photos shows the Sturmgeschütz III in action and wrecked on all fronts. 9789638962331, $41.95, $27.50, hardback, 112p.

Tank Wrecks of the Eastern Front 1941 – 1945 Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives Anthony Tucker-Jones Four years of armored battle on the Eastern Front in the Second World War littered the battlefields with the wrecks of destroyed and disabled tanks, and Anthony Tucker-Jones’s photographic history is a fascinating guide to them. It provides a graphic record of the various types of tank deployed by the Red Army and the Wehrmacht during the largest and most destructive confrontation between mechanized armies in military history. During the opening stages of the war the German victors regularly photographed and posed with destroyed Soviet armor. Operation Barbarossa left 17,000 smashed Soviet tanks in its wake, and the heavy and medium tanks proved to be a source of endless interest. As well as tracing the entire course of the war on the Eastern Front through the trail of broken armor, the photographs provide a wide-ranging visual archive of the tank types of the period that will appeal to everyone who is interested in tank warfare and to modelers and wargamers in particular. 9781473895003, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 152p.

German Railway Gun 28 cm K5(E) Leopold Jan Wijnstok Technical/historical background by the Dutch expert, illustrated with 31 b/w period photos and w a selection of 224 detailed walkaround photographs highlighting in color all exterior and interior details of the World’s only two preserved K5(E) railway guns: Ausf. C from the US Ordnance A Museum, Aberdeen, USA and Ausf. D from the Musee du Mur de l’Atlantique, Audinghen, France. Includes the bonus giant fold out sheet of superdetailed 1/72nd and 1/35th scale drawings of K5(E) Ausf. C & D in both firing and transport mode, and 1/10th scale drawings of K5’s charges and projectiles. Twelfth volume in the Series of all-picture books showing AFVs preserved at museums and collections throughout the World, designed for the enthusiast and military modeler. 9788360672242, $42.95, $27.99, paperback, 56p.

Junkers Ju 87 Stuka: Big Yellow Robert Michulec and Matthew Willis This is the story of the famous German dive-bomber Ju 87 Stuka. Development history of tthe all versions and variants. Superb color illustrations of camouflage and markings, walk-around color photographs w and b+w archive photographs. Essential reading for aviation enthusiasts & scale aeromodellers. 9788365281128, $35.00, $22.99, hardback, 148p.

German Horse Power of the Wehrmacht in WW2 Alan Ranger This new photo album, one of tthe first in the MMP/Stratus “Camera On” series, contains 180+ photos of the horsedrawn elements of the German gground forces. Despite the several hundred tthousand motor vehicles used by German forces in World War Two, the German armed forces were still extremely reliant upon the horse. Horse-drawn transportation was especially important for Germany, as it was lacking in its own natural oil resources. Both the German infantry and artillery relied heavily upon horse drawn elements, especially in their supply chain and logistics. Each German unit employed thousands of horses and thousands of men taking care of them. During the war, many custom-built horse drawn wagons as well as captured units were included in the general transportation of the Wehrmacht. 9788365281739, $25.00, $16.50, paperback, 80p.

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• MODELING & WARGAMING • Sd.Kfz. 6 Mittlerer Zugkfraftwagen 5t Alan Ranger During WW2, the German armed forces were the greatest user of half-track vehicles. One of them was the Sd.Kfz. 6 Mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 5 t. It was designed to be used as the w main towing vehicle for the 10.5 cm le.FH 18 howitzer. The book presents a collection of photographs of different versions of the tractor from the private archives of German soldiers. The photographs depict vehicles serving on all fronts and in a wide variety of roles. This profusely illustrated photo album includes a large number of previously unseen pictures, many from private sources in Germany. Whatever the rules might have said, German soldiers took many photos, and these are the basis for this book. 9788365281708, $25.00, $16.50, paperback, 80p.

Sd.Kfz. 7 Mittlerer Zugkfraftwagen 8t Alan Ranger During WW2, the German armed forces were the greatest user of half-track vehicles. Sd. Kfz. 7, Mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 8t was designed in 1932 by Krauss Maffei and by 1937, the ultimate Km m 11 model was introduced. The book presents a collection of photographs of different versions of the tractor from the private archives of German soldiers. The photographs depict vehicles serving on different fronts and being utilized in several roles. Photos of most production versions are shown, including self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and artillery tractors. This profusely illustrated photo albums includes mainly previously unseen pictures, many from private sources in Germany. 9788365281715, $25.00, $16.50, paperback, 80p.

Fokker D.VII Kaiser’s Best Fighter Tomasz J. Kowalski, Damiam Majsak and Szymon Grzwocz When a strong man, fully W armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe. But when someone stronger attacks w and overpowers him, he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up the spoils. (Luke 11: 21-22) The above words perfectly reflect the conditions in which a defeated Germany was put by the victorious Allied powers. Item 4 of the Armistice of November 11, 1918 demanded immediate demobilization of Germany’s air force and the surrender of 2,000 military aircraft, particularly Fokker D.VIIs. The Fokker D.VIl was the only type listed by name – for what reason? The answer is simple and obvious: the Fokker D.VII clearly outclassed the machines operated by the victorious coalition’s air forces. This book tells the story of Fokker D.VII and its operational history. 9788365437679, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 88p.


Frequently Asked Questions for Constructing and Painting Dioramas M Mario Milla and Rafael Milla Possibly the most complete gguide on how to make dioramas ever published, carefully elaborated to help you bring yyour dreamed dioramas to life alongside of two great artists and gentlemen. 9788496658530, $68.00, $44.50, paperback, 312p.

Sukhoi Su-15 The ‘Boeing Killer’ Yefim Gordon In the late 1950s, the Sukhoi Design Bureau, already an established fighter maker, started work on a successor tto its Su-9 and Su-11 singleengined interceptors for the national Air defense Force. First flown in May 1962, the Su-15 officially entered service in 1965 and was built in several versions, the late ones having cranked-delta wings and a more capable radar. Unfortunately the aircraft gained notoriety in two separate incidents involving shoot-downs of Boeing airliners, both of which were South Korean and had intruded into Soviet airspace on what was very probably clandestine spy missions. This book describes the developmental and service history of the Sukhoi-Su-15, containing a comprehensive survey of all model-making kits currently available on the market. 9781473823907, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 96p.

The Junkers Ju87 Stuka Martin Derry and Neil Robinson The Junkers Ju 87 ‘Stuka’ was arguably the Luftwaffe’s most recognizable airplane, with its inverted gull wings and fixed spatted undercarriage. This latest addition to the ggrowing Flight Craft range, follows the previous well established format, in that it is split in to three main sections. The first section, offers concise design and development history with coverage of the various subtypes. This is followed by a 16-page full color illustration section featuring detailed profiles and 2-views of the color schemes and markings carried by the type in Luftwaffe and Axis service. The final section lists as many of the injection-moulded plastic model kits produced of the Junkers Ju 87 in all the major scales that the authors could find details of, including the brand new Airfix 1/72 and 1/48 scale kits which were released while this book was being written, with photos of many finished models made by some of the world’s best modelers. As with all the other books in the Flight Craft range, whilst published primarily with the scale aircraft modeler in mind, it is hoped that those readers who might perhaps describe themselves as ‘occasional’ modelers, or even simply aviation enthusiasts, may also find that this colorful and informative work offers something to provoke their interests too. 9781526702623, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 96p.

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• MODELING & WARGAMING • Twin Mustang: The North American F-82 at War A C. Carey Alan One of the most unusual and remarkable American fighter aircraft, the F-82 Twin Mustang was the last mass production propeller-driven fighter acquired by the U.S. Air Force. Originally intended A as a very long-range fighter escort ffor the h B Boeing i B B-29 29 SSuperfortress during World War II, it arrived too late to see combat and evolved into a night and all-weather fighter during the post-war years. Combat operations in the Korean War followed, along with a host of other dynamic episodes of deployment. This work traces the developmental, operational, and combat history of this unique American fighter and features 120 photographs and illustrations, many of which have never been published before. Seven chapters, all extensively illustrated, cover the aircraft’s development, descriptions of the variants and subtypes, details of initial entry into service, three chapters covering the F-82’s service in the Korean War, and a final chapter detailing the type’s removal from the Korean War Theater in February 1952, to see out its operational days in the Alaskan Air Defense Command. An appendix section follows, featuring tables of the different variants, an illustrated list of known nose art applied to F-82s, and an entry of losses suffered in the Korean War. All these additional details bring new points of interest to the popular Images of War format, making for a richer, more informative reading experience. 9781783462216, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 128p.

Heinkel He 219 Uhu Volume 1 M Marek J. Murawski The Heinkel He 219 Uhu was a night fighter that served with tthe German Luftwaffe in the later stages of World War II. A relatively sophisticated design, tthe He 219 possessed a variety of innovations, including an advanced VHF-band intercept radar. It was also the first operational military aircraft in the world to be equipped with ejection seats, and the first operational German World War II-era aircraft with tricycle landing gear. Had the Uhu been available in quantity, it might have had a significant effect upon the strategic night bombing offensive of the Royal Air Force; but only 294 of all models were built by the end of the war and these saw only limited service. 9788362878413, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 96p.

303 Squadron North American Mustang Wojtek Matusiak, Piotr Sikora and Steve Brooking No. 303 Squadron was the only Polish unit equipped with the Mustang IV, as the bubble-top P-51D and P-51K were known collectively to the RAF. Between April 1945 and December A 1946, the squadron used a total of 29 of these aircraft, plus six Mustang I’s as hacks. The book includes over 120 photos and nearly 30 color plates to profusely illustrate these aircraft. Their technical details, military markings and maintenance stencils are shown in the detail. 9788365281807, $26.00, $16.99, paperback, 64p.

Messerschmitt Bf 110 A-D Maciej Noszczak Scale plans in 1/72, 1/48 scale plans of Messerschmitt Bf 110 A A-D 10 A3 size pages in A4 pb. Early versions of the Bf 110 are shown. 9788365281920, $11.99, $7.99, paperback, 20p.

Naval Archives. Volume 8

Messerschmitt Bf 110 F-G

Kagero’s Naval Archives series provides detailed images of international naval vessels. Profusely illustrated, volume 8 is a valuable addition to their beautiful and informative series. It’s a must have for all naval enthusiasts and modelers. 9788365437693, $18.95, $12.50, paperback, 80p.

Maciej Noszczak Scale plans in 1/72, 1/48 scale plans of Messerschmitt Bf 110 F-G 10 A3 size pages in A4 pb. Late versions of the Bf 110, including night fighter are shown. 9788365281937, $11.99, $7.99, paperback, 20p.

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• MODELING & WARGAMING • P-51D Mustang Dariusz Karnas Scale plans of P-51D Mustang. All subversions in 1/72, 1/48 A and 1/32 scale. 9788363678654, $11.99, $7.99, paperback, 12p.

Bismarck and Tirpitz Steve Backer The ShipCraft series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Each book includes a brief history of the subject class, paint schemes and camouflage, hints on modifying and improving the basic kit, an extensive photographic survey of models in a variety of scales, and a section on research references. This volume covers the famous German sister-ships whose fates were so very different - Bismarck had a short but glorious career, first sinking HMS Hood and then in turn being sunk by the Home Fleet, whereas the Tirpitz spent most of the war skulking in Norwegian fjords, fending off attacks by midget submarines and carrier aircraft before being finally sunk by enormous specially designed bombs dropped by RAF Lancasters. 9781848320055, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 64p.

Flower Class Corvettes Les Brown and John Lambert The ShipCraft series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book ttakes the modeler through a brief history of the subject class, highlighting differences between sister-ships and changes in their appearance over their careers. The book also includes an extensive photographic gallery of selected high-quality models in a variety of scales, and a section on research references. This volume includes all the features of the regular series but the extent has been doubled to include far more detailed drawings of a class of ship that was built in huge numbers and in many variations. Mainstay of the Atlantic battle against the U-boats, Flower class corvettes were used by the British, Canadian, French and US Navies. 9781848320642, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 128p.


German S-Boats Steve Wiper The subject of this volume is tthe Second World War German Navy’s motor torpedo boats called Schnellboote, known to tthe Allies as E-Boats. One of the most effective coastal attack craft of the time, the type was built in large numbers and constantly improved as the war progressed, giving many variants tto interest modelers. With its unparalleled level of visual information – paint schemes, models, line drawings and photographs – it is simply the best reference for any modelmaker setting out to build one of these famous boats. 9781848321229, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 64p.

Scharnhorst and Gneisenau Steve Backer The ‘ShipCraft’ series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book ttakes the modeler through a brief history of the subject class, highlighting differences between sister-ships and changes in their appearance over their careers. The two German ships which form the subject of this volume were among the first products of rearmament under Hitler. For political reasons they were neither as large nor as well armed as foreign equivalents, but they were very fast, which led them to be described as ‘battlecruisers’ in some quarters. They enjoyed an adventurous war, both surviving heavy damage, before Scharnhorst was sunk in an epic gun battle off the North Cape, while Gneisenau succumbed to heavy air attack. 9781848321526, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 64p.

The Battleship Richelieu Andrzej Sobucki The Richelieu was a French battleship, and the lead ship of her class. She was tthe first French 35,000-ton battleship, designed to counter tthe Italian Littorio class battleships, the first modern battleships built since the 1922 Treaty of Washington. Ordered in 1935, she was a scaled-up version of the Dunkerque class battleships, featuring a main armament of eight 380 mm guns in two quadruple turrets in forward super firing positions. Her armor and underwater protection were equal to her contemporaries, except the Japanese Yamato class battleships. Her speed was surpassed only by the fastest U.S. Navy battleships. Here, with groundbreaking 3D imagery, each corner, angle, and dimension of the ship is viewable. With various close-up views, and each 3D image based on actual technical scale drawings and photographs, this is an exceptional reference tool. 9788362878420, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 80p.

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• MODELING & WARGAMING • The German Destroyer Z37 Carlo Cestra Z37 was a German destroyer built for the Kriegsmarine in Kiel during World War II. She was laid down on 2 January w 1941, launched on 24 February 1941, commissioned on 16 July 1942 and became operational in December 1942. At the outbreak of A tthe Second World War, Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine had 21 destroyers in service. These 22 vessels, including three classes (Type 34, 34A and 36) had all been built in the 1930s, making them modern vessels. Including that final pre-war vessel, a further 19 were brought into service during the war, included the Italian Navy (Regia Marina) after the Italian Armistice with the Allies in 1943. 9788365437662, $36.95, $24.50, paperback, 80p.

The Japanese Aircraft Carrier Taiho Waldemar Góralski This publication’s aim is to bring ttogether current knowledge on Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H and Ausf. J ttanks. In order to provide the reader with selected episodes from the frontline service of these vehicles, the author also referred to memoirs and other archive sources. Dozens of photographs complete the book, including many taken during active service of both variants of the tank or shortly after its completion, come from Kagero Publishing House Archive based in Lublin, Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv in Freiburg and private collections. There are also many unpublished photographs of Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. J tanks used by troops of the 10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg, found in April 2011 in Kluczewo near Stargard. 9788364596759, $34.95, $22.99, paperback, 92p.

The Japanese Battleship Ise Carlo Cestra Ise was the lead ship of the ttwo-vessel Ise-class battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Ise was laid down as battleship 5 at the Kawasaki Heavy Industries shipyard in Kobe on 10 May 1915, launched on 12 November 1916, completed on 15 December 1917, and assigned to the Kure Naval District. In 1911 the Japanese government passed the Emergency Naval Expansion bill which authorized the building of four battlecruisers and one battleship. The battleship was to be designed and built in Japan; this ship became the Fuso. 9788365437624, $36.95, $24.50, paperback, 80p.

Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer German Army and Waffen-SS, Western Europe 1944–1945 Dennis Oliver Combining the destructive firepower of the 88mm gun with the outstanding mobility w of the Panther series, the JJagdpanther is quite probably tthe best-known tank destroyer of the Second World War. In his fifth book in the TankCraft series, Dennis Oliver uses contemporary photographs and meticulously researched illustrations. As with all the books in the TankCraft series, a large part of this work showcases available model kits and after market products, complemented by a gallery of expertly constructed and painted models. Technical details as well as modifications introduced during production and in the field are also explained giving the modeler all the information and knowledge required. 9781526710895, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 64p.

Panzer I & II Blueprint for Blitzkrieg 1933–1941 Robert Jackson The Panzer I and II played a significant part in the blitzkrieg campaigns that brought Germany such extraordinary success in the early years of the Second World War As well as tracing the history A of the Panzer I and II, Robert JJackson’s book is an excellent source of reference for the modeler, providing details of available kits, together with artworks showing the color schemes applied to these tanks. Each section of the book is supported by a wealth of wartime photographs as well as diagrams showing the technical changes that were made to these tanks in the course of their careers. 9781526711243, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 64p.

Panzer IV 1939-1945 Paul Thomas With detailed captions, text W and illustrations the book ttells the story of the technical development of the Panzer IV and the numerous variants that went into production, and it w describes how it evolved from an infantry support vehicle to become the backbone of the Panzer units. A large part of the book showcases available model kits and after market products, complemented by a gallery of beautifully constructed and painted models in various scales. Technical details as well as modifications introduced during production and in the field are also examined in order to provide everything the modeler needs to recreate an accurate representation of the only Panzer that stayed in production throughout the war. 9781526711281, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 64p.

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• MODELING & WARGAMING • T-34 Russia’s Armoured Spearhead Robert Jackson Von Kleist, one of Hitler’s best V panzer leaders, described the T-34 as ‘The finest tank in the world’. The T-34 was one of the w best tanks of all time. This book is an excellent reference work for the modeler, providing details of available kits, together with artworks showing the color schemes applied to the T-34 by its operators throughout the world. Photographs, many in color, illustrate the T-34 in action and there is a section dealing with the range of armored vehicles that were built using the T-34 chassis. Robert Jackson’s introduction to the T-34 is necessary reading for tank enthusiasts and tank modelers alike. 9781526711328, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 64p.

The Home Front: Seeing it Through Passchendaele & Third Ypres David Bilton The text provides an overview of the year and sets out to show the effects of war on tthe civilian population, how it impacted on their daily lives and how they coped with it. Each book is international in scope and draws parallels between the warring nations in their experiences. With the text are over 200 photographs and illustrations that are divided into discrete sections of the civilian experience of the war. Readers will be familiar with but a few of the illustrations as most have not been used since they were taken in 1917. 9781473833692, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 152p.

Bomb Disposal in World War Two Chris Ransted For this book, Chris Ransted has researched some of the lesser known events and personalities relating to tthe early years of Explosive Ordnance Disposal in the UK. Daring acts of cold blooded bravery, and ingenuity in the face of life threatening technical challenges, are recounted throughout the book. Included are numerous previously unpublished accounts and photographs that describe the disarming of German bombs, parachute mines, and even allied bombs found at aircraft crash sites. In addition, the book contains the most comprehensive account ever published of the Home Guard’s role with the Auxiliary Bomb Disposal Units, and details of conscientious objector’s involvement with unexploded bombs. 9781526715654, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 296p.


Battleship HMS Royal Oak Witold Koszela British battleship HMS Royal Oak secured place in the history books as unlikely hero – sunk as a result of one of the most famous naval operations of the World War II. German submarine U-47, commanded by G. Prien, after undetected penetration into the Royal Navy Scapa Flow base, sent her down the bottom of the ocean together with the majority of her crew. Royal Oak was one of five class “Revenge” vessels, better known as simple “R”, battleships built throughout the World War I. “Between the wars HMS Royal Oak was incorporated into the Atlantic Fleet and Home Fleet. She operated on the Mediterranean Sea during the Spanish Civil War. 9788365437686, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 20p.

Brewster F2A Buffalo F2A-1, F2A-2, F2A-3 Maciej Noszczak The first batch of the F2A-1 Buffalos picked by US Navy from the Brewster factory between May and December 1939 were powered by Wright 1820-34 Cyclone engine. The Model 339B ordered by Belgium had the catapult mountings removed, as well as arresting hook, radio and antennas. It was powered by Wright R-1820-G105 engine. The removal of the hook caused the necessity of modifying the tail cone. Its new shape lengthened the plane slightly. The F2A-3 – last serial version of Buffalo. It had the same engine as its predecessor and propeller without the nose-cap. Nose of the fighter was lengthened by 25 cm. It also received a new fuel tank which enlarged their overall capacity up to 1100 liters 9788365437730, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 20p.

Grumman F4F Wildcat Oleksandr Boiko The Grumman’s fighters represent the strength of the US Navy Air Force during World War 2. W The Grumman Company continued the tradition of designing excellent carrierbased aircrafts after the war. The new aircraft was tested in air on the 2nd of September 1937. The first serial planes, marked as F4F-2, were manufactured from August 1939. 9788365437631, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 24p.

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• MODELING & WARGAMING • Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate Maciej Noszczak Emergence of the Ki-84 was spurred by the availability of a new 18-cylinder Ha-45 twin radial engine manufactured by Nakajima. The first prototype of the new fighter was ready on March 20, 1943, with the first flight taking place in April. In June 1943, as the flight test program continued, two more prototypes were completed. The second series of 42 “additional prototypes” was built between March and June 1944. The full-scale production of the Ki-84’s first and basic version Ki-84 Ko was launched in Ota in April 1944 when the production and flight testing of prototype machines was still ongoing. 9788365437747, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 20p.

Renault FT & M1917 Samir Karmieh Renault produced two variants of the FT, the machine-gun model, which was more common, and a short-barreled 37 mm Puteaux SA 18 gun. In 1919 a new redesigned version was proposed by Renault, including a more powerful engine, a long-barreled Puteaux gun and additional cases fitted in their tracks. It was successfully exported throughout the world. Some of them were immediately put into action, like the Finnish and Polish versions against the Soviets 9788365437648, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 20p.

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt D-25, D-27, D-30, D-40 models Maciej Noszczak The P-47D was the most produced version of the Thunderbolt fighter. Of 15,683 P-47s built, 12,609 were version D. The first trial P-47D left the factory in September 1942. The first serial version was the D-1RE variant. Through multiple drawings and color profiles, this book details the changes and advancements seen in the D-25, D-27, D-30, and D-40 models. 9788365437723, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 20p.

Finnish Bomber Colours 1939-1945 Kari Stenman and Karolina Holda The next book in the Rainbow Series covers Finnish Bombers used during WWII. Camouflage and markings of tthe fighters obtained from USA, Netherland, Germany, UK and the USSR are described in unparalleled detail by the well-known Finnish author Kari w Stenman. Many unpublished photos, and exclusive color profiles. Described aircraft: DB-3M/DB-3F LysanderAviation SB Blenheim Do 17Z Ju 88A Pe 2 Fokker C.X DC 2 9788365281036, $62.00, $40.50, hardback, 250p.

Swedish Jet Fighter Colours Mikael Forslund and Thierry Vallet Book covers Swedish Jets used by the Swedish Air Force. Camouflage and markings of tthe fighters are described in unparalleled detail by the wellknown Swedish author Mikael Forslund. Many unpublished photos, and exclusive color profiles. SAAB J 21R J 28 Vampire SAAB J 29A Tunan SAAB J 32B Lansen De Havilland Venom Hawker Hunter Draken Viggen Grippen 9788365281012, $68.00, $44.50, hardback, 200p.

F.A.Q.: AFVs Frequently Asked Questions on AFV Painting Techniques Miguel Jiménez At over 250 pages, Frequently A Asked Questions on AFV A Painting Techniques features over 1500 color photographs. Many reveal step–by–step processes on how to paint and convert military vehicles, including MIG’s secret modeling and painting techniques. Includes the step by step process of the gold-medal winning Diorama ‘Stalingrad’ presented at the Euromilitaire show. 9788496527621, $97.95, $63.99, paperback, 250p.

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• MODELING & WARGAMING • Tank Fight, 1916 How to Paint Armor, Ground and Figures Julio Cabos Master painter Julio Cabos shows how to paint a full diorama comprising armor, figures and ground with acrylic paints, airbrush and brush tthrough clear step-by-step sequences. Detailed color charts included. How to paint figures with airbrush. Airbrush cleaning. 9788496658486, $21.93, $14.50, paperback, 40p.

Axis Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the Second World War Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives Michael Green During the Second World War the Axis powers, most W prolifically the Germans, deployed a vast array of armored fighting vehicles to support their tanks and infantry. These included tank destroyers, reconnaissance vehicles, flame-thrower vehicles, and selfpropelled artillery pieces. Armored tank destroyers, such as the Marder series, the Nashorn, Jagdpanther, Jagdtiger and the turretless German Stu III series (based on the Panzer III medium tank), helped the Nazis overcome their shortage of tanks. Copying the Stu III series the Italians created the turretless Semovente da 75/18 assault gun and the Hungarians the turretless Zrinyi. In the role of self-propelled artillery the German fielded the Hummel, the Wespe and the Grille while the Brummbar and the Sturmtiger performed in the dedicated assault gun role. For armored reconnaissance German industry came up with a series of capable armored cars; examples were the eight-wheel Puma and the full-tracked Luchs reconnaissance tank. The Italians developed the impressive four-wheel Autoblinda armored cars. Specialized antiaircraft tanks such the Mobelwagen, Wirbelwind and the Ostwind gave some protection against the ever more powerful Allied air forces. This fine book covers all these variants and many more besides in words and rare images and will delight readers, collectors, model-makers and war-gamers. 9781473887046, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 208p.

The Battle of Trafalgar 1805 Profile Models of Every Ship in Both Fleets Florian Richter and Peter Dennis In the first of a potential new series Florian Richter presents color profile models of every ship on both sides in this epic battle. In a change to previous paper soldier titles, these ships can be cut straight out of the book to create the British, French and Spanish fleets. 9781912174812, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 48p.


Junkers JU 87 From 1937 to 1945 André Jouineau and Herbert Léonard The same detail will be found in this book as with the two Me-109 books. Stunning color images and detailed graphic representations of the markings of these German aircraft are shown in over 200 images. Also many variants are depicted A in detail for the first time. 9782913903531, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 84p.

Mikoyan-Gurevitch MIG 21 Fishbed 1955-2010 Gérard Paloque The MiG-21 originated with an official request from the Soviet authorities in 1954 for a light, high-performance (Mach 2 at 20 000 m) frontline fighter to protect military and production installations from potential raids by American bombers. Built for almost half a century in twenty or so different versions, in four successive generations, the “Fishbed” (its NATO codename) was not only the jet which was built in the largest numbers in the whole of aviation history, but also the aircraft which was built in greatest numbers since the end of the Second World War, all types and all countries included. Used by fifty or so air forces on four of the five continents, the MiG-21 took part in most of the major conflicts during the four last decades, from the Six-Day War in 1967 to the Balkans in 1999. At the present time more than a thousand examples of this fighter, of which a large number were built in China (Shenyang F-7 and J-7) are still in service, with their career continuing thanks to modernization programs for the surviving aircraft which have enabled them to pass cheerfully into the 21st Century. 9782352501473, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 96p.

Battlefields in Miniature Making Realistic and Effective Terrain for Wargames Paul Davies Like a good general, a good war gamer should have an w eye for the ground. Just as the nature of the battlefield plays a central role in real warfare, so miniature war-games are ggreatly enhanced by realistic tterrain. Besides, when you've spent hundreds of hours collecting and painting your miniature armies, they surely deserve ground worth fighting for. Master terrain modeler Paul Darnell takes the reader through the process of creating a practical and visuallystunning terrain system. First the techniques of making the basic landscape are explained, then a series of projects show how this can be adapted to suit different periods or geographic locations. The clear, step-by-step instructions are illustrated by numerous specially-taken photographs of the work in progress and Paul's inspirational finished pieces. 9781781592748, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 256p.

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• MODELING & WARGAMING • NAPOLEONIC • Wargame: Castle Assault Sieges and Battles Edward I to Bannockburn Peter Dennis and Andy Callan The Scottish and Welsh wars of Edward the first and second up tto the Battle of Bannockburn, with barded knights, Scots w schiltrons and wild Welsh archers fighting again for freedom. Featuring an extensive castle model with a siege assault force and a siege game included in the rules. 9781912174850, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 48p.

Battle for Britain Wargame: The English Civil Wars 1642-1651 Peter Dennis In this series renowned historical illustrator Peter Dennis breathes life into the 19th Century paper soldier and invites the reader to re-fight the wars that surged across the nation of Britain. All the artwork needed to A make historically- accurate armies is presented in a source-book format, copyright free for personal use. In this first title, the Horse, Foot, and Dragoons of King and Parliament, along with period buildings can be made, using traditional skills with scissors and glue. Simple ‘one sheet’ rules by veteran wargamer Andy Callan enable the maker to stage battles limited only by the size of the player’s available table-space. 9781910777909, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 48p.

Collecting Toy Soldiers in the 21st Century James Opie JJames Opie’s highly popular Collecting Toy Soldiers (1987) was an inspirational book for w anyone involved in the hobby. Nearly a quarter of a century on, this is a completely new companion updating the experience for the twenty-first century collector. James now ggives the reader the benefit of over thirty years’ participation as one of the world’s leading authorities on toy soldiers, figures and models, and a lifetime as a collector himself. Collecting Toy Soldiers in the 21st Century contains comprehensive advice on all aspects of collecting, fully illustrated with new pictures. The main menu is an exposition of the thousands of different possibilities for pursuing individual fulfillment. Guidance for every budget includes price trends and pitfalls to avoid when buying or selling at auction, shows, on-line or privately. The informative and often-amusing anecdotes are provided from James’ own involvement, and illustrate just how satisfying it can be to explore this blend of history, tradition, nostalgia and play, whether on the most grandiose scale or with the most limited of funds. 9781848843738, $49.95, $32.50, hardback, 256p.

NAPOLEONIC Waterloo: The Campaign of 1815. Volume I From Elba to Ligny and Quatre Bras J John Hussey The first of two groundbreaking volumes on the Waterloo campaign, this book is based upon a detailed analysis of sources old and new in four languages. It highlights the political stresses between the Allies, and their resolution; it studies the problems of feeding and paying for 250,000 Allied forces assembling in Belgium during the ‘undeclared war’, and how a strategy was thrashed out. It studies the neglected topic of how the slow and discordant Allies beyond the Rhine hampered the plans of Blücher and Wellington, thus allowing Napoleon to snatch the initiative from them. Accounts from both sides help provide a vivid impression of the fighting on the first day, 15 June, and the volume ends with the joint battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras the next day. 9781784381967, $59.95, $38.99, hardback, 736p.

Waterloo: The Campaign of 1815. Volume II From Waterloo to the Restoration of Peace in Europe J John Hussey and Mungo Melvin The concluding volume of tthis work provides a fresh description of the climatic battle of Waterloo placed in the context of the whole campaign. Close attention is paid to the negotiations that led to the capitulation of Paris, and subsequent French claims. The allegations of Las Cases and later historians that Napoleon’s surrender to Captain Maitland of the Bellerophon amounted to entrapment are also examined. After a survey of the peace settlement of 1815, the book concludes with a masterly chapter reviewing the whole story of the 1815 campaign. 9781784382001, $52.95, $34.50, hardback, 616p.

Wellington’s Eastern Front The Campaign on the East Coast of Spain 1810-1814 Nick Lipscombe At last, in this absorbing and A authoritative study, the story of the epic struggle on Spain’s eastern front during the Peninsular War has been told. Nick Lipscombe, a leading historian of the Napoleonic Wars and an expert on the fighting in the Iberian peninsula, describes in graphic detail the battles fought by the French army of General Suchet against the Spanish regulars and guerrillas and subsequently the Anglo-Sicilian force sent by the British government to stabilize the region. Despite Suchet’s initial successes and repeated setbacks for the allied armies, by late 1813 the east coast of Spain held a key to Wellington’s invasion of France. 9781473850712, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 256p.

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• NAPOLEONIC • Napoleon, France and Waterloo The Eagle Rejected Charles Esdaile So great is the weight of reading on the subject of the Waterloo campaign that it might be tthought there is nothing left tto say about it, and from the military viewpoint, this is very much the case. Drawing on the vivid, revealing material that is available in the French archives, in the writings of soldiers who fought in France in 1814 and 1815 and in the memoirs of civilians who witnessed the fall of Napoleon or the Hundred Days, he gives us a fascinating new insight into the military and domestic context of the Waterloo campaign, the Napoleonic legend and the wider situation across Europe. 9781473870826, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 288p.

Fighting Napoleon The Recollections of Lieutenant John Hildebrand 35th Foot in the Mediterranean and Waterloo Campaigns Gareth Glover It is often forgotten that Britain’s struggle against Napoleon ranged across the continents, and the extensive operations of the Royal Navy and the British Army in the Mediterranean was a key battleground in this prolonged war of attrition. Lieutenant John Hildebrand arrived in the Mediterranean as part of the garrison of Malta in 1810.These lively and entertaining memoirs, edited and annotated by renowned historian Gareth Glover, are certain to find a wide readership amongst Napoleonic enthusiasts, providing an intriguing counterpoint to Wellington’s operations in the Iberian Peninsula. 9781473886841, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 256p.

With Guns to the Peninsula The Peninsular War JJournal of Captain William Webber, Royal A Artillery William Lloyd Webber In his journal Captain Webber records the events as they unfold on the actual day they happened, without being colored by hindsight. His journal describes his experiences during the advance along the Tagus to Aranjuez, the reversal of fortunes during the autumn of 1812, the retreat into winter quarters in Portugal and his brigade’s part in the campaign of 1813 which saw the French pushed back across the Ebro. The late Lieutenant Colonel Laws has set the journal within the context of the Peninsular War, and outlined Webber’s military career, which culminated at Waterloo where he was wounded. 9781473882577, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 192p.


1809 Thunder on the Danube. Volume 1 Napoleon’s Defeat of the Habsburg John H. Gill Gill tackles the political background to the war, especially the motivations that prompted Austria to launch an offensive against France while Napoleon and many of w his veterans were distracted in Spain. Though surprised by the timing of the Austrian attack on April 10th, the French Emperor completely reversed a dire strategic situation with stunning blows that he called his ‘most brilliant and most skillful maneuvers’. In this respect 1809 represents a high point of the First Empire as well as a watershed, for Napoleon’s armies were declining in quality and he was beginning to display the corrosive flaws that contributed to his downfall five years later. 9781848327573, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 512p.

1809 Thunder on the Danube. Volume 2 Napoleon’s Defeat of the Habsburgs: The Fall of Vienna and the Battle of Aspern John H. Gill In the second volume of this epic work, John H. Gill traces Napoleon’s progress as he sought to complete his victory over the Habsburgs. Gill describes in vivid detail the hopeful Habsburg invasion of Italy, led by the 27-year-old Archduke Johann, and the fierce French counter-offensive under Napoleon’s stepson, Eugene de Beauharnais (also aged 27). In the wake of Aspern, while the Austrians vacillated, Napoleon gathered every man, horse and gun around Vienna, setting the stage for the gigantic spectacle of the Battle of Wagram, the final chapter in the story of the 1809 war. 9781848327580, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 464p.

1809 Thunder on the Danube. Volume 3 Napoleon’s Defeat of the Habsburgs: Wagram and Znaim John H. Gill With this third volume John Gill W brings to a close his magisterial study of the war between Napoleonic France and Habsburg Austria. The account begins with both armies recuperating on the banks of the Danube. SGill uses an impressive array of sources in an engaging narrative covering both the politics of emperors and the privations and hardship common soldiers suffered in battle. Enriched with unique illustrations, forty maps, and extraordinary order-of-battle detail, this work concludes an unrivalled English-language study of Napoleon’s last victory. 9781848327597, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 576p.

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• NAPOLEONIC • Waterloo: The Truth At Last Why Napoleon Lost the Great Battle Paul L Dawson During October 2016 Paul Dawson visited French archives in Paris to continue his research surrounding the events of the Napoleonic Wars. Forget what you have read about the battle on the Mont St Jean on 18 June 1815; it did not happen that way. The start of the battle was delayed because of the state of the ground – not so. Marshal Ney destroyed the French cavalry in his reckless charges against the Allied infantry squares – wrong. Waterloo, The Truth at Last demonstrates, through details never made available to the general public before. This book has been described as ‘a game changer’, and is certain to generate enormous interest, and will alter our previouslyheld perceptions – forever. 9781526702456, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 568p.

A Scots Grey at Waterloo The Remarkable Story of Sergeant William Clarke Gareth Glover William Clarke of Prestonpans, W Scotland, joined the 2nd Royal North British Dragoons, the Scots Greys, in 1803.Clarke naturally portrays the charge of tthe Union Brigade in dramatic and heroic terms, but he claims that the man who led the charge, Major General William Ponsonby, was killed by a musket ball and not cut down by French cavalry for recklessly charging too far. A Scots Grey at Waterloo provides the reader with an exceptionally in-depth account of the actions of the cavalry at Waterloo that will mark this memoir out as one of the most significant to have been published in the last 200 years. 9781473894013, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 352p.

The End Napoleon at Saint Helena Lee Preston The fascination exerted by ggreat historical figures led Mr. Preston to delve deep into tthe life and personality of Napoleon Bonaparte in his early childhood. Mr. Preston’s intention, in his own words, “is not to judge or even explain Napoleon’s life or personality, but simply to accompany his gradual demise at Saint Helena as closely as possible and to ‘meet the man’. Conclusions are entirely left to the reader’s discretion once he has “accompanied” the Emperor during his long years of seclusion at Saint Helena... 9788496658608, $49.00, $31.99, hardback, 319p.

Crossing the Berezina A Victory During the Retreat François-Guy Hourtoulle Napoleon had failed to tame tthe Russian Bear and winter made that dream impossible. The Grande Armee was retreating under constant attack from the Cossacks. The Berezina was the last obstacle tthat had to be crossed. Discover how this terrible episode was a true victory for French military genius. 9782352500445, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 100p.

Murat’s Army The Army of the Kingdom of Naples 1806-1815 Digby Smith Although its crown was initially A ggiven to Joseph Bonaparte, the brief history of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Naples will be forever best associated with tthe reign of King Joachim Murat, Napoleon`s famous and flamboyant cavalry commander, from 1808 to 1815. Known more for the splendor of its uniforms than the achievements of its troops, Naples under Murat nevertheless became a major, if short-lived, player on the Italian Peninsula. This book is based around a series of 99 plates from the work of the military illustrator Henri Boisselier covering the army and navy of the Kingdom of Naples, reproduced with the kind permission of the Anne S.K. Brown Collection. Each plate is accompanied by a commentary on the figure, comparing Boisselier’s depiction with the actual state of the army at the date of their portrayal. The accompanying text details the strength of each corps of the army (royal guard, infantry, cavalry, artillery, engineers, command and staff officers, and civilian para-military organizations) including uniform details, badges of rank, inter-company distinctions, flags and standards. 9781912390090, $39.95, $25.99, paperback, 120p.

The Battle of Borodino Napoleon Against Kutuzov Alexander Mikaberidze On 7 September 1812 at Borodino the armies of the Russian and French empires clashed in one of the climactic battles of the Napoleonic Wars. The survival of the Russian army after Borodino was a key factor in Napoleon’s eventual defeat and the utter destruction of the French army of 1812. Napoleonic historian Alexander Mikaberidze reconsiders the 1812 campaign and retells the terrible story of the Borodino battle as it was seen from the Russian point of view. His original and painstakingly researched investigation of this critical episode in Napoleon’s invasion of Russia provides the reader with a fresh perspective on the battle and a broader understanding of the underlying reasons for the eventual Russian triumph. 9781848844049, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 304p.

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• NAPOLEONIC • Fighting the British French Eyewitness Accounts from the Napoleonic Wars Bernard Wilkin and René Wilkin This book, based on hundreds of letters, memoirs, and reports of French officers and soldiers of the Napoleonic armies, adds tto the existing literature by exploring the British army from tthe French side of the battle line. Each chapter looks at a specific campaign involving the French and the British. Extensive quotes from the French soldiers who were there are complemented by detailed notes describing the context of the war and the career of the eyewitness. This original and revealing material gives a fascinating insight into the attitudes and concerns of the French soldiers of the period and their views about their British enemy. 9781473880818, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 200p.

Wellington and the Siege of San Sebastian, 1813 Bruce Collins Bruce Collins’s in-depth reassessment of the Duke of Wellington’s siege of San Sebastian during the Peninsular War is a fascinating reconstruction of one of tthe most challenging siege operations Wellington’s army undertook. He sets the siege in the context of the practice of siege warfare during the period and Wellington’s campaign strategies following his victory at the Battle of Vitoria. He focuses on how the army assigned to the siege was managed and draws on the records of the main military departments for the first time to give an integrated picture of its operations in the field. This broad approach, based in fresh archive research, offers an original perspective on both San Sebastian’s significance and the nature of siege warfare in this period. 9781783831142, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 288p.

With Napoleon’s Guard in Russia The Memoirs of Major Vionnet, 1812 Louis Joseph Vionnet and Jonathan North Major Louis Joseph Vionnet’s memoirs of Napoleon’s disastrous 1812 campaign in Russia are readable, detailed, and full of personal anecdote and vivid glimpses into the life of the nineteenth-century soldier. His account concentrates in particular on the retreat from Moscow. Jonathan North has translated Vionnet’s memoirs for the first time for this English edition. In addition to providing detailed explanatory notes, he quotes from the accounts left by five other soldiers from the same regiment, and these extracts allow the reader to follow the ups and downs of the unit as a whole. 9781848846357, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 224p.


With Wellington’s Hussars in the Peninsula and Waterloo The Journal of Lieutenant George Woodberry, 18th Hussars Gareth Glover George Woodberry was commissioned into the 18th Light Dragoons (Hussars) as a cornet on 16 Jan 1812, and joined Wellington’s army as a lieutenant. What is most remarkable is that Woodberry found time to record events at length in his journal almost every single day. This enables the reader to trace accurately the movements of the 18th Hussars and Wellington’s army in general with precision. It also provides an insight into life on campaign in Spain, France and Belgium with the British Army of the early nineteenth century. His lively, detailed and entertaining account of his time in Wellington’s army is matched by the unusual story of the history of his journal. It was published once before, in 1898, but in French by a Paris-based publisher. The original journal, in two leather-bound volumes, has since been lost, but the French edition has now been translated back into English by renowned Napoleonic historian Gareth Glover and is published in the UK for the first time. 9781473893979, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 400p.

Zulu Victory The Epic of Isandlwana and the Cover-up Ron Lock and Peter Quantrill The battle of Isandlwana – a ggreat Zulu victory – was one of the worst defeats ever to befall a British Army. Using source material ranging from tthe Royal Windsor Archives to tthe oral history passed down to tthe present Zulu inhabitants of Isandlwana, this gripping history exposes the full extent of the blunders of this famous battle and the scandal that followed. This is an illuminating account of one of the most embarrassing episodes in British military history and of a spectacular Zulu victory. The authors superbly weave the excitement of the battle, the British mistakes, the brilliant Zulu tactics and the shameful cover up into an exhilarating and tragic tale. 9781848328488, $29.99, $19.50, paperback, 304p.

The French Imperial Guard. Volume 4 Cavalry and Horse Artillery, 1804-1815 André Jouineau This volume covers the last horse troops of the French Imperial Guard: gendarmes, honor guards and horse artillery, not forgetting the Lithuanian ttartars, last proof of Napoleon’s will to make out of his Guard a w model of a Greater Europe. 9782352500025, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 80p.

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• NAVAL • White Water Red Hot Lead On Board U.S. Navy Swift Boats in Vietnam Dan Daly During the Vietnam war 3500 officers and men served in the Swift Boat program in a fleet of 130 boats with no armor plating. The boats patrolled tthe coast and rivers of South Vietnam, with the average age V of the crew being twenty-four. Their days consisted of deadly combat, intense lightning firefights, storms and many hidden dangers. The six man crew of PCF 76 were volunteers from all over the United States, eager to serve their country in a unique type of duty not seen since the PT boats of WWII. This inexperienced and disparate group of men would meld into a combat team - a team that formed an unbreakable, lifelong bond. 9781612004785, $32.95, $25.99, hardback, 360p.

Deutsche Kriegsmarine Uniforms, Insignias and Equipment of the German Navy 19331945 Eduardo Delgado This book offers an outstanding visual record of the history, uniforms and gear used by tthe Kriegsmarine. Over 500 pages, 2600 photographs (most unpublished before) accompany tthe clear, explanatory text. 9788496658592, $150.00, $97.50, hardback, 504p.

German U-Boat Losses During World War II Details of Destruction Axel Niestlé No other publication on this subject comes even close to including the amount of detail provided in this book. The main part of the book lists by hull number each U-boat’s date of commissioning, its commanding officer, and the date and port of departure for its last patrol. It also gives the date, position, and cause of loss of each submarine, with complete details on Allied units involved in the sinking, the names and ranks of their commanding officers and pilots, and the number of crew killed or rescued. An appendix neatly summarizes data on the disposition of surviving U-boats at the end of the war and provides valuable statistical data on German U-boat losses. 9781848322103, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 320p.

The Official U-Boat Commanders Handbook Bob Carruthers This is the complete wartime ttranslation by the U.S. Navy of tthe 1943 edition of the official handbook given to all U-boat commanders. Simply written and highly accessible for a wider audience, tthe U-boat handbook attempted tto anticipate every possible situation and to advise on suitable tactics.This superb wartime primary source is enhanced by a rare series of photographs taken on an actual combat patrol and published during the time of the Third Reich in the book “U-Boot Auf Feindfahrt”. Together the handbook and these rare photographs provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of the U-boats from a firsthand perspective, and is essential reading for anyone interested in World War II from primary sources. 9781781591581, $14.95, $9.99, paperback, 176p.

Skagerrak The Battle of Jutland Through German Eyes Gary Staff The Battle of Jutland, known tto the Germans as der Skagerrakschlacht, was the most significant naval action of the First World War. Many works have dealt with this w clash of titans, but the German perspective has been sorely neglected. By cross-referencing both German and British official records and accounts, this bok has established the most coherent narrative of the battle possible. Including eyewitness accounts from the crews of the German ships, the result is a gripping read that gives a real sense of the terror of being in battle inside one of the steel behemoths. The thoroughly researched, accessible text is supported by maps and a large number of archive photos, many unpublished, showing the German vessels before, during and after the action. 9781783831234, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 288p.

“The Most Dangerous Moment of the War” Japan’s Attack on the Indian Ocean, 1942 John Clancy In early April 1942, a littleknown episode of World War II ttook place, said by Sir Winston Churchill to be “the most dangerous moment of the war,” when the Japanese made their w only major offensive westwards into the Indian Ocean. In the ferocious battles that followed, the British lost a carrier, two heavy cruisers and many other ships; however, the Japanese eventually turned back, never to sail against India again. John Clancy, whose father survived the sinking of HMS Cornwall during the battle, tells the story of this dramatic but little known campaign in which a major Allied catastrophe was only narrowly averted. 9781612005331, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 208p.

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• NAVAL • Bismarck The Final Days of Germany’s Greatest Battleship Michael Tamelander and Niklas Zetterling The book starts with a tthorough account of maritime developments from 1871 up to tthe era of the giant battleship, and ends with a vivid account, hour by hour, of the dramatic and fateful hunt for the mighty Bismarck, Nazi-Germany’s last hope to pose a powerful surface threat to Allied convoys. 9781935149040, $45.00, $29.50, hardback, 320p.

Churchill’s Thin Grey Line British Merchant Ships at War 1939–1945 Bernard Edwards The first British casualties of tthe Second World War were not members of either the Royal Navy, the Army or the Royal Air Force but British merchant seamen on the liner A Athenia For the duration of the War, Britain’s merchant fleet performed a vital role, carrying the essential supplies that kept the country running during the darkest days and then made victory possible. Their achievements came at a terrible cost with 2,535 British oceangoing merchant ships being sunk. Using casebook examples, this well researched book tells the inspiring story of those brave civilian volunteers who fought so gallantly to defend their ships and the cargoes. 9781526711663, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 248p.

Tirpitz The Life and Death of Germany’s Last Great Battleship Daniel Knowles Referred to by Winston Churchill as ‘the Beast’, ‘Tirpitz’ was Germany’s last ggreat battleship and was one of the largest and heaviest battleships ever constructed by a European navy. Sister ship to tthe infamous ‘Bismarck’, ‘Tirpitz’ may be referred to as ‘the Lonely Queen of the North’. It was in November 1944 that the ‘Tirpitz’ was finally sunk, not by the Royal Navy, but by the aircraft of RAF Bomber Command. Using a variety of sources this book begins by looking at the military and political situation in Germany that led to the decision to build the ‘Tirpitz’ before going on to analyse the life and death of Germany’s last great battleship. 9781781556696, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 336p.


Carrier Aviation in the 21st Century Aircraft carriers and their units in detail Thomas Newdick The modern aircraft carrier is without doubt one of the most exciting and hazardous operating environments in the field of warfare. The ‘flattop’ is a symbol of global military power without parallel, and it remains a capability beyond reach of all but the most well equipped navies. With the detail, precision and accuracy expected of Harpia Publishing, this latest volume provides a force report of the various air components and associated vessels fielded by those select nations that field fixed-wing-capable aircraft carriers. 9780997309225, $64.95, $42.50, paperback, 256p.

British Warships in the Age of Sail 1817-1863 Design, Construction, Careers & Fates Rif Winfield This book provides outline service histories for an era that is largely neglected. Like its companion volumes, the book is organized by Rate, classification and class, with significant ttechnical and building data, followed by a concise summary of the careers of each ship in every class. With its unique depth of information, this is a work of the utmost importance to every naval historian and general reader interested in the navy of the sailing era and the formative years of the steam navy that supplanted it. 9781848321694, $100.00, $65.50, hardback, 352p.

The Other Side of the Night The Carpathia, the Californian and the Night the Titanic was Lost Daniel Allen Butler After years of research, Daniel A Allen Butler now tells this A incredible story, moving from ship to ship on the icy waters of the North Atlantic—in real-time—to recount how hundreds of people could have been rescued, but in the end only a few outside of the meager lifeboats were saved. Daniel Allen Butler, a maritime and military historian, is the bestselling author of “Unsinkable”: The Full Story of RMS Titanic, Distant Victory: The Battle of Jutland and the Allied Triumph in the First World War, and The First Jihad: The Battle for Khartoum and the Dawn of Militant Islam. 9781935149859, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 264p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • Mysteries, Legends and Myths of the First World War Canadian soldiers in the trenches and in the air Cynthia J. Faryon This book offers a close-up look at the First World War as it was experienced by ordinary Canadian soldiers. It portrays the war experience off tens off thousands h d off young Canadians. Reading their accounts offers a no-holds-barred picture of fighting, life in the trenches, the human cost in lives lost, and the physical and emotional aftermath for survivors. This new edition is extensively illustrated with more than 50 photos and artists’ drawings and paintings. 9781459504882, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 128p.

Valour At Vimy Ridge The Great Canadian Victory of World War I Tom Douglas The battle of Vimy Ridge in April 1917 saw Canadian troops A storm a 14-kilometer long escarpment that was believed tto be impregnable. This was the first time in Canada’s history tthat a corps-sized formation fought together as a unit under its own leadership. Canadian troops persevered under heavy fire to take the ridge. The battle has since been much celebrated in Canada, as historians and descendants seek to explain the huge losses that military and political leaders accepted in a war that produced few gains for any nation. Tom Douglas recounts the events of this battle, and his narrative is accompanied by over 50 photos, drawings, and paintings by Canadian war artists. 9781459504851, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 128p.

American Expeditionary Forces in the Great War The Meuse Argonne 1918: Breaking the Line Maarten Otte Maarten Otte gives a background narrative to events before the opening of the Offensive and its development. This opening book on the Meuse-Argonne takes the reader, more or less, to the date when General Pershing handed over command of the US First Army to Major General Liggard in mid October, a change in command that marked a significant improvement in the American performance as they pushed the Germans ever backwards. The Great War battlefield of the Argonne is marked by numerous physical remains of the war, some fine (some might argue over grandiose) monuments and by the stunning American cemetery at Romagne, the second largest in the world administered by the American Battle Monuments Commission. 9781526714459, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 272p.

Western Front First Year Neuve Chapelle, First Ypres, Loos Joshua Bilton Germany in the Great War Illustrated Western Front First Year is the latest title in a serial Y publication by historian Joshua Bilton. Arranged in six chapters, tthis book covers events in the west: Neuve Chapelle, First w Ypres and Loos. The looting of Y stores, street demonstrations, riots and strikes on the Home Front, the war to the east and the war at sea and finally, one of the great ‘what ifs’ of the First World War. This informative text is complemented by over 500, fully captioned, mainly unpublished photographs, authors introduction and a ‘German’ chronology. A valuable tool for those seeking greater insight into the wider context and conduct of affairs beyond the Western Front and the British standpoint. 9781473827417, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 136p.

French Army at Verdun Ian Sumner In four and a half years of fighting on the Western Front during the First World War a few battles stand out from tthe rest. For the French, the Battle of Verdun was one of tthe greatest of these. The of contemporary photographs in tthis volume show the strained, sometimes shocked faces of the soldiers, record the shattered landscape in which they fought, and give us an insight into the sheer intensity of the fighting. The battle has been portrayed as a triumph of French tenacity and heroism that is encapsulated in the famous phrase ‘They shall not pass’. These photographs remind us what that slogan meant in terms of the devastating personal experience of the men on the Verdun battlefield. 9781473856158, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 160p.

First World War Uniforms Lives, Logistics, and Legacy in British Army Uniform Production 1914–1918 Catherine Price-Rowe Using the authors greatggrandfather’s war service as a backdrop, this book will uncover the textile industries and home front call to arms, the supply chain, salvage and repair workshops in France, and how soldiers maintained their uniform on the front line. Items of a soldiers uniform can become a way to remember and are often cherished by families, creating a tangible physical link with the past, but the durability of cloth to withstand time can create an important legacy. At the very least the color of cloth or type of hob nail can give the individual his nationality allowing them to be given a final resting place. 9781473833890, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 232p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • First to Fight The U.S. Marines in World War I Oscar E. Gilbert and Romain Cansiere Marine units were accepted into the American Expeditionary Force in 1917 only grudgingly, and on arrival in France they were used primarily as labor troops. Eventually, untested Marine divisions were launched into battle against advancing German divisions on the pleading of the French. Their dogged determination to hold Belleau Wood ensured them a place in the history books. This book gives a full narrative of all US Marine combat operations in World War I, both on land and in the air. 9781612005089, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 360p.

George Butterworth Soldier and Composer Laurence Green This book outlines Butterworth’s brief life and achievements and concentrates on his months in the army culminating with his rendezvous with death at the disputed w barricade of Munster Trench jjust outside of the ruined village of Pozieres near the highest point of the Somme battlefield. Among the illustrations are a number of previously unpublished documents and pre-war photographs from Butterworth’s own album. The author has made use of war diaries and letters as well as conversations with Butterworth’s close relatives. He has walked over the ground that Butterworth and his men fought so hard to hold. George Butterworth turned out to be an outstanding army officer. Conscientious and quick thinking he invariably put his men and his friends before himself. He was awarded the Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry and had a trench named after him by his men. In his own words: ‘The war gave me something to do.’ 9781999812805, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 208p.

Led by Lions MPs and Sons Who Fell in the First World War Neil Thornton Led By Lions—MPs and Sons Who Fell in the First World W War tells the story of over W 100 men who went to war and did not return. Whether it be Charles Pollock, who was killed whilst carrying a severely wounded man through a hail of w machine-gun fire, Wilfred Nield who, despite having his hand blown off, continued to lead his men forward, or Harold Cawley who when given a job behind the lines protested that he should be fighting and dying with his men. He got his wish. Each individual story is a unique embodiment of sacrifice. This lavishly illustrated book is a tribute to those MP’s and their sons who went to war—never to return. 9781781556665, $36.95, $24.50, hardback, 320p.


Death of a Division Eight Days in March 1918 and the Untold Story of the 66th (2/1st East Lancashire) Division David Martin In Germany the economic blockade that had been imposed upon it was slowly strangling the country.It was Germany’s last major effort to win the war, and it very nearly succeeded. Though overwhelmed and compelled to retreat, the British fought a tenacious rearguard action which hampered the German attack, allowing other BEF and Allied units to take up new defensive positions. Illuminated with the dramatic recollections of those Lancashire lads who survived the disaster, Death of a Division is one of the most stirring stories of the First World War. 9781473844728, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 256p.

Sturmtruppen WWI German Stormtroopers (19141918) Ricardo Recio Cardona The first assault units (Sturmtruppen) were formed during the spring and summer of 1916, when tthe Sturmbataillon Rohr was organized and after General Falkenhayn, head of the OHL, ggave orders for the creation of special detachments. This book is a narration of the history of the shock and assault troops and covers their combat methods. Finally, it offers a comprehensive description of their uniforms, equipment, and weapons, along with a large number of illustrations and period photographs rarely seen. 9788496658516, $49.95, $32.50, hardback, 216p.

Five Days From Defeat How Britain Nearly Lost the First World War Walter Reid On 21 March 1918 Germany initiated one of the most ferocious and offensives of the First World War. During the socalled Kaiserschlacht, German ttroops advanced on allied positions in a series of ferocious attacks which caused massive casualties, separated British and French forces and drove the British back towards the Channel ports. For the first time an allied supreme commander – the French General Foch – was appointed to command all the allied armies, while the statesmen realized that unity of purpose rather than national interest was ultimately the key to success. 9781780274904, $23.99, $15.99, hardback, 256p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • The Flag The Story of Revd David Railton MC and the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior A Andrew Richards Reverend David Railton MC served as a chaplain on the Western Front during World W War I. Railton supported the W soldiers in their worst moments. It was Railton’s idea to bring home the body of an unidentified fallen comrade. Although suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he returned to work as a parish priest in Margate. While the story of the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior has been told before, this is the first book to explore David Railton’s life and war, and of ‘the padre’s flag’ he used as an altar cloth and shroud throughout the war. The flag was consecrated a year after the burial of the Unknown Warrior and hangs in Westminster Abbey to this day. 9781612004471, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 304p.

A Seeker After Truths The Life and Times of G. A. Studdert Kennedy (‘Woodbine Willie’) 1883-1929 Linda Parker Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy became one of the most famous army chaplains of the First World War. He believed that W tthe place of the army chaplain in battle was near the action, with his troops, and earned a w Military Cross for bravery at the Battle of Messines. This book accesses previously unused material to examine Studdert Kennedy’s life in all its aspects, looking at his significance as an army chaplain, priest, theologian, author and public figure and assessing his impact on church life, industry and society before his early death in 1929. His life and achievement are examined in the context of Britain in the first half of the 20th century, assessing his legacy to the church and to society. 9781912174041, $49.95, $32.50, hardback, 256p.

Faces from the Front Harold Gillies, The Queen’s Hospital, Sidcup and the origins of modern plastic surgery Andrew Bamji Harold Gillies, an ambitious yyoung surgeon, developed a new branch of surgery: plastic surgery of the face. In 1915, Gillies set up a dedicated ward for patients with facial injuries at the Cambridge Military Hospital in Aldershot, Hampshire. The book uncovers the history of Queen’s Hospital by analyzing a wide range of sources – including numerous photographs and paintings – which detail the experiences of patients and staff. Drawing on a unique collection of personal and family accounts of the post-war lives of patients treated at Sidcup, the author explores surgical and aesthetic outcomes and the emotional impact of facial reconstruction. 9781911512660, $69.95, $45.50, hardback, 240p.

Old Enough to Fight Canada’s Boy Soldiers in the First World War Dan Black and John Boileau Between 15,000 and 20,000 underage youths, some as yyoung as ten, signed up to fight in Canada’s armed forces in the First World War. They served in the trenches alongside their elders, and fought in all the major battles. Many were injured or suffered psychological wounds. Many died. This is the first book to tell their story. The authors combed archives and collections to bring these stories to life. Passages from letters the boy soldiers wrote home reveal the range of emotions and experiences they underwent, from the humorous to the unspeakably horrible. Meticulously researched and abundantly illustrated with photographs, paintings, and a collection of specially commissioned maps, this is military and social history at its most fascinating. 9781459409552, $27.95, $18.50, paperback, 448p.

Wartime The First World War in a Canadian Town Edward Butts With these stories, Edward W Butts offers a compelling portrait of people trying to make sense of a war with little evident logic. His account helps explain why the cause of the League of Nations and efforts tto ensure peace in the 1920s and 1930s were so powerful amongst Canadians who had learned about the real impact of wartime on ordinary people. Through the use of primary resources including articles from the local press, letters from overseas, and newsreels in the cinema, Butts captures the reality of the First World War for Canadians at home. 9781459410992, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 280p.

They Shall Not Pass The French Army on the Western Front 1914 - 1918 Ian Sumner This graphic collection of firsthand accounts sheds new light on the experiences of the French army during the Great War. It reveals in authentic W detail the perceptions and emotions of soldiers and civilians who were caught up in the most destructive conflict the world had ever seen. Their testimony gives a striking insight into the mentality of the troops and their experience of combat, their emotional ties to their relatives at home, their opinions about their commanders and their fellow soldiers, the appalling conditions and dangers they endured, and their attitude to their German enemy. In their own words they offer a fascinating inside view of the massive life-and-death struggle that took place on the Western Front. 9781526721822, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 256p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • The Nurses of Passchendaele Caring for the Wounded of the Ypres Campaigns 1914 - 1918 Christine E Hallett The Ypres Salient saw some of tthe bitterest fighting of the First World War. The once-fertile W fields of Flanders were turned into a quagmire through which men fought for four years. Drawing on letters, diaries and personal accounts from archives all over the world, The Nurses of Passchendaele tells their stories - faithfully recounting their experiences behind the Ypres Salient in one of the most intense and prolonged casualty evacuation processes in the history of modern warfare. Alongside an analysis of the intricacies of their practice, the book traces the personal stories of some of these extraordinary women, revealing the courage, resilience and compassion with which they did their work. 9781526702883, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 216p.

Against All Odds Walter Tull the Black Lieutenant Stephen Wynn Walter Tull would have been a W remarkable individual no matter when he had been born. w Walter’s sporting prowess saw W him play for top local amateur side, Clapton Football club, signing for them in 1908. In October 1911 Walter was ttransferred to Northampton Town Football Club. He was put forward for a commission and passed out as a 2nd Lieutenant on 29 May 1917. He went on to become the first black officer in the British Army, to lead white troops in to battle. Walter was killed in action whilst leading his men in a counter attack against German defensive positions on Monday 25 March 1918\. He died a hero. He was well liked and respected by all who knew him. 9781526704047, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 144p.

Bloody Bullecourt David Coombes In April-May 1917 the sleepy hamlet of Bullecourt in Northern France became the focus of two battles involving British and Australian troops. Given the unique place in Australia’s military history that A both battles occupy, surprisingly little has been written on tthe AIF’s achievements at Bullecourt. Bloody Bullecourt seeks to remedy this gasping omission. The First Battle of Bullecourt marked the Australians’ introduction to the latest battlefield weapon - the tank. In the second battle, launched with a preliminary artillery barrage, more Australian divisions were forced into the Bullecourt ‘meat-grinder’ and casualties scored over 7,000\. Bullecourt became a charnel-house for the AIF. Many who had endured the nightmare of Pozières considered Bullecourt far worse. 9781526713438, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 440p.


Eyewitnesses at the Somme A Muddy and Bloody Campaign 1916–1918 Tim Cook In 1915, news of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landing and the slaughter at Gallipoli stirred tens of tthousands of young men to go tto war. They answered the call and formed battalions of the Australian Imperial Force. By the time the new recruits were combat ready, the campaign at Gallipoli had ended. Their battlefields became the muddy paddocks of France and Belgium. With chapters devoted to the significant battles at Fromelles, Doignies, Polygon Wood, Péronne and Bellicourt, this book tells the story of one battalion, but in doing so it encapsulates the experiences of many Australians on the Western Front. 9781526714619, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 416p.

Happy Odyssey Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart Adrian Carton de Wiart’s A autobiography is one of the most remarkable of military memoirs. Carton de Wiart’s extraordinary military career embraced service with the Somaliland Camel Corps w (1914-15), liaison officer with Polish forces (1939), membership of the British Military Mission tto Yugoslavia (1941), a period as a prisoner of war (1941-43), and three years as Churchill’s representative to Chiang Kai-shek (1943-46). (Churchill was a great admirer.) During the Great War, besides commanding the 8th Glosters, Carton de Wiart was GOC 12 Brigade (1917) and GOC 105 Brigade (April 1918). Both these commands were terminated by wounds. He won the VC during the Battle of the Somme, was mentioned in dispatches six times, and was the model for Brigadier Ben Ritchie Hook in the Sword of Honour trilogy of Evelyn Waugh. 9781844155392, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 288p.

Last Man Standing The Memoirs, Letters & Photographs of a Teenage Officer Norman Collins and Richard Van Emden Using Norman’s own words, tthis book follows him from his childhood in Hartlepool tto his subsequent service in France. The book also covers such shattering events as tthe German naval assault on Hartlepool in December 1914 when Norman was subjected to as big a bombardment as any occurring on the Western Front at that time. Norman’s enlistment and training are covered in detail in his letters.Norman’s love for, and devotion to, the men under his command shine out in this book and his stories are gripping and deeply moving. They are illustrated by a rare collection of private photographs taken at or near the front by Norman himself. 9781848848658, $24.99, $16.50, paperback, 208p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • Pioneers of Armour in the Great War David A Finlayson and Michael K Cecil The 1st Armoured Car Section was raised in Melbourne in w 1916, the brainchild of a group of enthusiasts who financed, designed and then built two armored cars. Much of the story of the armored cars is told in the voices of the original members of the section and in newspaper articles of the time which highlight the novelty of these vehicles. Painstaking research has produced a remarkable collection of images to accompany the narrative. Biographies of the members of these extraordinary units are also a feature of this book, their stories told from the cradle to the grave. Appendixes provide a wealth of supporting biographical and technical information that enriches the text and adds factual detail. 9781526715050, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 392p.

Rendezvous With Death Artists & Writers in the Thick of It 1914–1918 Tony Geraghty This book sheds new light on the colorful personalities including Wilfred Owen, Rupert Brooke, Alan Seeger, Ivor Gurney, Edward Thomas, Isaac Rosenberg, Ralph Vaughan Williams and George V Butterworth, all major figures among England’s creative artists during the First World War. It focuses on these exceptional poets, composers and artists’ experiences in the front line and what resulted from these. A short personal Preface records that the author’s father, Sergeant Major Anthony Geraghty survived one year and 271 days on the front line with the British Expeditionary Force in France and Flanders including the Somme. 9781473896536, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 192p.

The Cambrai Campaign 1917 Andrew Rawson Cambrai Campaign 1917 is an account of the British Expeditionary Force’s battles in November and December of 1917. Each stage of the battle is given equal treatment, with detailed insights into the w most talked about side of the campaign, the British side. It explains how far the Tank Corps had come in changing the face of trench warfare. Over forty new maps chart the day by day progress of each corps on each day. Together the narrative and the maps provide an insight into the British Army’s experience during this important campaign. 9781526714374, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 200p.

The Great War Illustrated - The Home Front Final Blows and the Year of Victory David Bilton Many books have looked at the effect of the war on the Home Front, but this is the first book tto take a look at civilian life at home photographically from an international perspective: covering both Allied and enemy countries, juxtaposing the same situations in different countries to show a similar response. The book provide the reader with a brief overview of the events of the year on the Home Front at home and abroad, a detailed timeline and a wealth of photographs This unique series of international photographic books fits in with the author’s more textual books on the Home Front: Hull in the Great War, Reading in the Great War volumes 1 and 2, and The Home Front in the Great War. 9781473833685, $26.95, $17.99, paperback, 176p.

The Kaiser’s First POWs Philip Chinnery In 1915, the German ggovernment published a book entitled 1915 in an attempt tto portray the Germans as a civilized people who were destined to win the war, who would treat their prisoners w with care and compassion. The w Kaiser’s First POWs is the first book to compare the ‘official’ German view to the grim reality of captivity, as experienced by the prisoners. Dozens of original photos from 1915 tell the story as seen by German eyes. By the end of the war, the Germans had taken approximately 2.8 million prisoners of war. This books describes the life and times of these prisoners and the manner in which the Germans dealt with the problems involved in accommodating them. 9781473892286, $39.95, $25.99, paperback, 200p.

The Somme 1916 Touring the French Sector David O’Mara David O’Mara’s book provides an outline narrative describing tthe arrival of the war on the Somme and some of the notable and quite fierce actions that ttook place that autumn and, indeed, into December of 1914. The book covers the Somme front from Gommecourt, north of the Somme, to Chaulnes, at the southern end of the battle zone of 1916.The reader is taken around key points in various tours. For many British visitors the battlefields south of the Somme will be a revelation. It has always been something of a disgrace that there is so little available, even in French, to educate the public in an accessible written form about the substantial effort made by France’s army on the Somme. 9781473897700, $26.95, $17.99, paperback, 256p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Frankforce and the Defence of Arras 1940 Jerry Murland This book serves both as gguide to the Second World War battlefields that surround W tthe city and its environs as well as detailing the actions w of the British armored attack of 21 May 1940. The book looks at the strategic situation that led up to the famous Arras counterstroke and, using material that has not been published before, examines the British and German actions between 20 and 23 May.The book is supported by three car tours, one of which takes the visitor along the tragic path taken by the Tyneside Scottish on 20 May and two walking routes, which concentrate on Arras. 137 black and white photographs and a number of maps derived from regimental histories. 9781473852693, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 192p.

Vitebsk The Fight and Destruction of Third Panzer Army Otto Heidkämper and Linden Lyons The city of Vitebsk in Belarus was of strategic importance w during the fighting on the Eastern Front, as it controlled tthe route to Minsk. Otto Heidkämper was chief of staff of Georg-Hans Reinhardt’s 3rd Panzer Army, Army Group Center, which was stationed around Vitebsk and Smolensk from early 1942 until June 1944. His detailed account of the defense of Vitebsk through the winter of 1943 into 1944, right up to the Soviet summer offensive, is a valuable firsthand account of how the operations around Vitebsk played out. Twenty maps accompany the narrative. 9781612005485, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 256p.

Red Army Sniper A Memoir on the Eastern Front in World War II Yevgeni Nikolaev, Albrecht Wacker and Martin Pegler Nikolaev is credited with a remarkable 324 kills and his wartime service included time w in the siege of Leningrad in 1941/1942. On several occasions, he discusses his Nazi counterparts as bandits and scum, and implores the reader to “take a look, fellows, at the beast of a bastard I’ve laid low”. In addition to describing details of his kills, Nikolaev explains how his life was saved when an explosive rifle bullet struck a watch that he kept in his jacket pocket. His life was saved by a surgeon who extracted all the watch parts. 9781784382360, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 224p.


SS Einsatzgruppen Nazi Death Squads, 1939–1945 Gerry van Tonder In June 1941, Adolf Hitler, whose loathing of Slavs and w JJewish Bolsheviks knew no bounds, launched Operation Barbarossa, throwing 4 million ttroops, supported by tanks, artillery and aircraft into the Soviet Union. Operational ggroups of the German Security Service, SD, followed into the Baltic and the Black Sea areas. Einsatzgruppe A, under Adolf Eichmann, executed 29,000 people – listed as ‘Jews’ or ‘mostly Jews’. In five months in 1941, Einsatzkommando III commander, Karl Jäger, reported killing 138,272. It is estimated that the Einsatzgruppen executed more than 2 million people between 1941 and 1945, including 1.3 million Jews. 9781526729095, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 128p.

Panzer IV at War 1939–1945 Paul Thomas With comprehensive captions W and text this superb book tells tthe story of the production of tthe Panzer IV to the key battles in Poland, France, North Africa, Italy, Russia and North West Europe. The book shows how the Panzer IV evolved and describes how the Germans carefully utilized all available reserves and resources into building numerous variants that went into production and saw action on the battlefield. It depicts how these formidable tanks were adapted and up-gunned to face the ever increasing enemy threat. Between 1936 and 1945, over 8,000 Panzer IV’s were built. The Panzer IV was the only German tank to remain in production during the war. The book will show a multiple of converted anti-tank propelled vehicles. 9781848846814, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 160p.

Partisan Warfare on the Eastern Front 19411944 Nik Cornish Between 1941 and 1944, Soviet partisans fought a ruthless underground campaign behind tthe German lines. They spied on tthe Germans, disrupted their communications, sabotaged road and rail routes, and carried out assassinations and raids, and tthousands of these irregular soldiers lost their lives.Yet their exploits are frequently overlooked in general histories of the conflict, and their contribution to the Soviet victory are rarely recognized. This collection of photographs of the Soviet partisans is a landmark in the field. In a sequence of over 150 images, most of them previously unpublished, it gives a fascinating portrait of the lives of the partisans and their struggle to resist and survive in a war that was waged with almost unparalleled cruelty on both sides. 9781848843769, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 144p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Salerno to the Gustav Line 1943–1944 Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives Jon Diamond In September 1943, shortly after the conquest of Sicily, the Allied armies made amphibious A assaults on the Italian Mainland at Calabria, Taranto and along tthe Gulf of Salerno beaches. Although the British XIII Corps A and 1st Airborne’s attacks were largely uncontested in Calabria and Taranto, the Allied Fifth Army’s beachheads at Salerno underwent savage Nazi counterattacks. In January 1944, the Fifth Army’s X, II and French Expeditionary Corps attacked across the Garigliano and Rapido Rivers with the aim of breaking through the Gustav Line fortifications. The Nazi defense at the town of Cassino just succeeded in halting the two-week Allied attack. 9781526707345, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 208p.

SS Polizei at War 1940–1945 A History of the Division Ian Baxter The book describes how the SS-Polizei Division fought across tthe Low Countries, the Eastern Front, before deploying to the Balkans and Greece where it committed numerous atrocities. During the last days of the War it was assigned to Army W Detachment Steiner defending Berlin where many soldiers fought to the death. This book is a unique glimpse into one of the most infamous fighting machines in World War Two and a great addition to any reader interested Waffen-SS history. 9781473890978, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 144p.

The Battle for the Caucasus 1942–1943 Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives Anthony Tucker-Jones Using over 150 wartime photographs Anthony TuckerJJones gives the reader a graphic, concise introduction to this remarkable but neglected campaign on the Eastern Front. Operation Edelweiss was designed to seize the oil fields of Maikop, Baku and Grozny. As this memorable selection of photographs shows, the Werhmacht came close to success. Their forces advanced almost as far as Grozny, famously raising the Nazi flag over Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in the region, before they were compelled into a hurried withdrawal by the rapid deterioration of the German position elsewhere on the Eastern Front. 9781473894921, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 136p.

Waffen SS on the Western Front Ian Baxter This book covers the deeds of tthe Waffen-SS on the Western Front during the Second World War. With extensive text, inW depth captions, and many rare and unpublished photographs, it describes the fighting tactics, tthe uniforms, the battles and tthe different elements that went into making the Waffenw SS such an elite fighting unit. It traces how the Waffen-SS carefully built up their assault forces utilizing all available reserves and resources into a ruthlessly effective killing machine. After D-Day they played a key role in Normandy and fought at Arnhem, in the Ardennes and shifted from one disintegrating part of the front to another in a drastic attempt to stabilize the crumbling war effort. It provides an excellent insight into one of the most effective fighting formations in military history. 9781781591857, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 160p.

Brazilians at War Brazilian Aviation in the Second World War Santiago Rivas When the Second World War W erupted, Latin America - despite being initially neutral - became part of it. Brazil, with its large provision of goods to the Allied Powers, was soon a victim of tthe Axis submarines - leading tto the urgent development of an anti-submarine aviation arm. As it was developed, it also sent a fighter squadron and an observation unit to the Mediterranean Front - taking part in the operations over Northern Italy and supporting the Brazilian ground forces, as well as other Allied units, until the end of the war. This book covers the story of both the operations along the Brazilian coasts and on Italy and contains a large volume of information that is not been published in English before, including many photographs, and color profiles of the aircraft. 9781911512585, $39.95, $25.99, paperback, 96p.

D-Day, Normandy Landing Beaches: Battlefield Guide Major Tonie Holt and Valmai Holt Already the best-selling A English-language guide to the area, universally known as “The Bible”, this is the sixth, completely revised, up-to-date, much expanded edition of the definitive guide to the D-Day Normandy Landing beaches. The tthird in the Holts’ important series of Battlefield Guides (following the Somme and the Ypres Salient) it employs the same, highly acclaimed formula. Once again, the cold facts are interlaced with anecdotes of bravery, humor, sadness and humanity. 9781848845701, $29.99, $19.50, paperback, 352p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Normandy: Battlefield Guide Major Tonie Holt and Valmai Holt This guide book covers the present-day battlefield, and tthe actions that took place on and immediately behind tthe D-Day beaches, and Major and Mrs Holt’s Pocket Guide tto Normandy has been put ttogether to take you around tthe area. This book, part of a new series of guides, is designed conveniently in a small size, for those who have only limited time to visit, or who are simply interested in as an introduction to the historic battlefields, whether on the ground or from an armchair. They contain selections from the Holts’ more detailed guide of the most popular and accessible sites plus handy tourist information, capturing the essential features of the Battles. The book contains many full color maps and photographs and detailed instructions on what to see and where to visit. 9781848840799, $12.99, $8.50, paperback, 112p.

The World Turns to War Jay Wertz The World Turns to War weaves stories of combat veterans into an event-by-event history of the war. Includes the words of veterans of all forces — in all theaters of operation. Illustrated by high-quality photographs, full-color images and detailed maps, War Stories: World War II Firsthand™ is W tthe only multi-volume history of the war to include hundreds of first-person interviews and oral history recollections of the soldiers on the ground, the sailors on the high seas and the airmen in the sky. Their words, augmented by quotes from military and political leaders and modern historical thought, give a complete picture of the war from those who fought it. This volume features firsthand recollections and perspectives from those who witnessed the Rise of Fascism in Europe, the invasion of Poland, and the 1940 German Blitzkrieg across Europe. 9780998889306, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 336p.

Deutsche Luftwaffe Uniforms and Equipment of the German Pilot Gustavo Cano and Santiago Guillén When World War II began, W Germany’s Luftwaffe was the most powerful air force yet seen, achieving victory after victory in tandem with the German Army. Nevertheless, while “flying A ttill they died,” Luftwaffe pilots continued to write a record of heroism and innovation, until at the very end of the war they nearly gained the edge again with their aces flying the world’s first jet fighter, the Me-262. In this large, lavishly illustrated, full-color work we gain an intimacy with the daily life of Luftwaffe pilots as never seen before. From their uniforms to equipment to everyday sundries, drawn from incredible collections of memorabilia. 9788496658394, $75.00, $48.99, hardback, 310p.


At Leningrad’s Gates The Story of a Soldier with Army Group North William Lubbeck and David B. Hurt This is the remarkable story of a German soldier who fought tthroughout World War II, rising from conscript private tto captain of a heavy weapons company on the Eastern Front. William Lubbeck, age 19, was W drafted into the Wehrmacht in August 1939. As a member of the 58th Infantry Division, he received his baptism of fire during the 1940 invasion of France. With the assistance of David B. Hurt, he has drawn on his wartime notes and letters, Soldatbuch, regimental history and personal memories to recount his frontline experience, including rare firsthand accounts of both triumph and disaster. 9781935149378, $18.95, $12.50, paperback, 288p.

Jump Into the Valley of the Shadow The War Memories of Dwayne Burns Communications Sergeant, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Dwayne Burns and Leland Burns Dwayne Burns joined the paratroopers and was assigned tto the 508th Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division. Burns landed behind German lines during the dark, early hours of D–day, and gradually found other survivors of his division. In this work, Dwayne Burns, not only relates the chaos of combat but the intimate thinking of a young soldier thrust into the center of several of history’s greatest battles. His memories provide a fascinating insight into the reality of close-quarters combat. 9781935149835, $18.95, $12.50, paperback, 256p.

Prisoner of the Swiss A World War II Airman’s Story Daniel Culler and Rob Morris During World War II, 1,517 members of US aircrews were forced to seek asylum in w Switzerland. The worst of these camps was Wauwilermoos, where at least 161 U.S. airmen w were sent for the honorable w offense of escaping. To this hellhole came Dan Culler, the author of this incredible account of suffering and survival. Betrayal dominated his cruel fate - by the American authorities, by the Swiss, and in a last twist in a second planned escape that turned out to be a trap. Rob Morris’s introduction and notes provide historical background and context, including recent efforts to recognize the suffering of those incarcerated in Switzerland and afford them full POW status. 9781612005546, $27.95, $18.50, hardback, 144p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Tank Killers A History of America’s World War II Tank Destroyer Force Harry Yeide This is the story of the specialized U.S. armored force designed specifically to kill enemy tanks in direct combat. It follows the men who fought in the TDs from the formation of the force in 1941 through tthe victory over the Third Reich in 1945, through North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany, describing a story of American flexibility and pragmatism in military affairs. It draws heavily on the records of the tank destroyer battalions and the units with which they fought, and veterans of the force add their personal stories. “This gritty and well written account of the TD’s is a fantastic read. . . .Whether your interest is armour or history I would highly recommend this book.”—Military Modeling. “This thoroughly researched and well presented history of a relatively little known, but significant, contributor to victory is a valuable addition to US Army history”—Journal of America’s Military Past 9781932033809, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 256p.

Tanks in Hell A Marine Corps Tank Company on Tarawa Romain Cansiere and Oscar E. Gilbert In this unique study Oscar Gilbert and Romain Cansiere use official documents, memoirs, interviews with veterans, as well as personal and aerial photographs to follow Charlie Company from its formation, and trace the movement, action—and loss—of individual tanks in this horrific four-day struggle. It is a story of escapes from drowning tanks, and even more harrowing escapes from tanks knocked out behind Japanese lines. It is the story of how the two surviving tanks and their crews expanded a perilously thin beachhead, and cleared the way for critical reinforcements to come ashore. But most of all it is a story of how a few unsung Marines helped turn near disaster into epic victory. 9781612003030, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 264p.

Teenage Resistance Fighter With the Maquisards in Occupied France Hubert Verneret and Patrick Depardon Available in English for the A first time, this eloquent diary details the exploits of a French tteenager resistance fighter in occupied France during WWII

9781612005508, $27.95, $18.50, hardback, 144p.

The Swiss and the Nazis How the Alpine Republic Survived in the Shadow of the Third Reich Stephen Halbrook This book tells the long misunderstood story of Switzerland in World War II with emphasis on two voices w rarely heard. The book goes on to describe Swiss life during the war with its shortages, alarms, and rumors. A chapter investigates whether Swiss officials played a role in Germany’s adoption of the “J” stamp on Jewish passports, and how Switzerland became a lifeboat for refugees. Another chapter focuses on Davos, where the Swiss struggled against a Fifth Column. The last chapter profiles Switzerland as America’s window on the Reich— how Allen Dulles and his OSS spied on the Nazis, at times with help from Swiss Intelligence. 9781935149347, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 352p.

Bombs on Belfast The Blitz 1941 Ian Adamson An event in the history of A Belfast which had a profound effect was the blitzing of the city in the Spring of 1941. What seems inevitable now, that the Luftwaffe would target such an important manufacturing city, when at the time Belfast was w tthought to be out of range for tthe German planes. This left Belfast as one commentator put it ‘ the most unprotected major city in the UK”. A heavy toll was paid in both human life and material damage, during the 4 raids almost 1000 people perished, 2500 were injured and most of North and East Belfast as well as the City Center reduced to rubble. 9781906578916, $13.95, $9.50, paperback, 88p.

Bismarck: Pride of the German Navy John Asmussen Bismarck, pride of the German Navy, displaced more than 50,000 tons fully loaded, and when commissioned she was w tthe largest warship to date. On 24 May 1941 Bismarck and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen were engaged by the Royal Navy battleship HMS Prince of Wales and the battlecruiser HMS Hood. Bismarck had not escaped unscathed and required dry-dock facilities at St. Nazaire, and prepared to head in that direction. On 26 May British aircraft spotted the whereabouts of Bismarck and in the late evening Swordfish from HMS Ark Royal launched an attack. HMS Dorsetshire launched torpedoes and rather than risk her being captured, First Officer Hans Oels ordered the men below decks to abandon ship. Bismarck went under the waves at 10:39 that morning. 9781781550397, $70.00, $45.50, hardback, 240p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Feldpost The War Letters of Friedrich Reiner Niemann Whitney Stewart and Denis Havel Feldpost: The Wartime Letters of Friedrich Reiner Niemann documents the life and frontline experiences of a German soldier from the 6th Infantry Division from 1941-1945. He wrote his final two letters w home from Poland before he disappeared during the Soviet Vistula-Oder Offensive. In his extensive correspondence, Niemann describes the fighting at Rzhev and his survival of the destruction of his division during the Soviet summer offensive. After the Second World War, the Niemann family preserved Reiner’s letters and photographs, and shipped them to New Orleans when Reiner’s sister had emigrated. Neglected in an attic for over fifty years, the documents surfaced only after Hurricane Katrina flooded the family house. 9781625450159, $40.00, $26.50, hardback, 288p.

Fighters over the Aegean Hurricanes over Crete, Spitfires over Kos, Beaufighters over the Aegean, 1943-44 Brian Cull In this first comprehensive account of aerial operations over the Eastern Mediterranean/Aegean, the first chapter covers the disastrous Hurricane attack on Crete (Operation Thesis), an attempt to divert Axis attention from Sicily; subsequent chapters deal with British landings on the islands of Kos and Leros when Spitfires vainly attempted to hold the Luftwaffe at bay.. Also, the book includes many firsthand accounts from both British and German aircrew extracted from official reports and memoirs. 9781781556320, $28.95, $18.99, paperback, 192p.

Hermann Goering: Blumenkrieg, From Vienna to Prague 1938-39 The Personal Photograph Albums of Hermann Goering. Volume 4 Blaine Taylor Hermann Goering was the main acolyte in achieving the peaceful military occupations of Austria and the Czech–German Sudetenland in 1938. Prior to this, Goering played perhaps the key role in the Nazi overthrow of the Third Reich’s conservative military and foreign services. A major factor in making the Allies back down to Germany at the infamous Munich Pact Conference, Goering’s Luftwaffe was the key bargaining chip that gained these unprecedented territorial acquisitions for Hitler—all without a shot being fired. He also helped achieve alliances with Fascist Slovakia and Italy. 9781625450364, $40.00, $26.50, hardback, 272p.


Liberators over the Atlantic Jack Colman and Richard Colman Growing up in York, shaped by tthe threat of war—Jack Colman achieves his long held desire tto become a pilot, joining the RAF in October 1940 just after his 21st birthday. Becoming a Pilot/Navigator, he joins Costal Command on Liberators based in Iceland.The practical difficulties of flying over the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans protecting the convoys and hunting U-boats are relived as he battles with atrocious weather and navigational uncertainties. His brushes with death whether due to mechanical failure, hitting the sea, U-boat gun fire or running out of fuel, in an ever changing hostile environment are described realistically and calmly (often with humor), situations helped by a confidence in the good advice given by others, his knowledge, skills and a trust in his crew. 9781781556504, $36.95, $24.50, hardback, 304p.

SS Elite. Volume 1: A to J The Senior Leaders of Hitler’s Praetorian Guard Max Williams Any scholar of history will A have recognized the similarities between Ancient Rome and the National Socialist movement of the 20th century. Aside from the obvious expansionist policies of empire governed by a single autocratic leader, the Nazis adopted the Roman style extended arm salute, the verbal greeting of hailing the leader and the eagle adorned banners and standards. Another parallel was the introduction of the SS - a modern Praetorian Guard, easily recognizable by the unique attire and consisting of the largest, strongest and fittest men available. This remarkable book - the second of two volumes - turns the spotlight upon those characters at the pinnacle of the pyramid that formed the SS. 9781781554333, $75.00, $48.99, hardback, 448p.

SS Elite. Volume 2: K to Q The Senior Leaders of Hitler’s Praetorian Guard Max Williams Any scholar of history will A have recognized the similarities between Ancient Rome and the National Socialist movement of the 20th century. The introduction of the SS - a modern Praetorian Guard, easily recognizable by the unique attire and consisting of the largest, strongest and fittest men available. Never before has an organization engendered wide-ranging emotion as on the scale of Hitler’s SS - lead by Heinrich Himmler. This remarkable book turns the spotlight upon those characters at the pinnacle of the pyramid that formed the SS. Illustrated with well over 1000 photographs, these two volumes are the author’s life’s work, and present an unique perspective on this feared organization. 9781781554340, $65.00, $42.50, hardback, 512p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • SS Elite. Volume 3: R to W The Senior Leaders of Hitler’s Praetorian Guard Max Williams In the turbulent times of the post-World War One era, new political parties emerged frequently in Germany, many with opposing extremist w policies. The Communist movement grew out of the Socialist working classes using the Russian Bolshevik Party as a template. In direct opposition, the new National Socialist German Workers Party under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, occupied the extreme right-wing position. Hitler appointed leaders upon whom he could rely. Many names remain obscure, but this book highlights who they all were and how they appeared. 9781781556382, $65.00, $42.50, hardback, 512p.

Strafbattalion Hitler’s Penal Battalions Walter S. Zapotoczny Jr. When war broke out in 1939, W Hitler created ‘Strafbattalion’ (Penal Battalion) units to deal with incarcerated members w of the Wehrmacht as well as ‘subversives.’ His order stated tthat any first-time convicted soldier could return to his unit after he had served a portion of his sentence in ‘a special probation corps before the enemy.’ Beginning in April 1941, convicted soldiers who had shown exceptional bravery or meritorious service were allowed to rejoin their original units. However those in probation units were expected to undertake dangerous operations at the front. The soldiers who ‘win back an honorable place in the national community’ had done everything that was asked of them: risky advance teams, spyware and shock troops, laying mines under enemy fire. This book examines the penal units, their combat history and order of battle. 9781781556474, $36.95, $24.50, hardback, 224p.

The Berlin 1945 Battlefield Guide Part 1 The Battle of the Oder-Neisse David McCormack This highly detailed, absorbing battlefield guide is the ideal companion for anyone considering exploring the tterrain on which the epic battles along the Oderfront were fought between January w and April 1945. Meticulous historical research, including searing eyewitness accounts and the author’s intimate knowledge of the ground, have produced a guide that is both comprehensive and accessible. The Berlin Strategic Operation 1945 Battlefield Guide: Part One – The Battle of the Oder-Neisse is an essential guide to understanding the triumph of the Red Army and the final shattering defeat of the German land forces defending the approaches to Berlin. 9781781556078, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 160p.

The Rise and Fall of the French Air Force French Air Operations and Strategy 1900-1940 Greg Baughen On 10 May 1940, the French possessed one of the largest air forces in the world. Baughen examines the myths that surround the French defeat. He explains how at the end of the First World War, the French had possessed the most effective air force in the world. Baughen traces some of the problems back to the very earliest days of French aviation. He describes the mistakes and bad luck that dogged the French efforts to modernize their air force in the twenties and thirties. He examines how decisions made just months before the German attack further weakened the air force.Yet defeat was not inevitable. If better use had been made of the planes that were available, the result might have been different. 9781781556443, $45.00, $29.50, hardback, 320p.

Disaster at Stalingrad An Alternate History Peter Tsouras It is early September 1942 and tthe German commander of tthe Sixth Army, General Paulus, assisted by the Fourth Panzer Army, is poised to advance on A tthe Russian city of Stalingrad. A brutal war of attrition, characterized by fierce handtto-hand combat, that lasted for nearly two years, and the eventual victory by a resolute Soviet Red Army. A ravaged German Army was pushed into full retreat. This was the first defeat of Hitler’s territorial ambitions in Europe and a critical turning point of WWII. By introducing minor - and realistic - adjustments, Tsouras presents a scenario in which the course of the battle runs quite differently, which in turn throws up disturbing possibilities regarding the outcome of the whole war. 9781848326637, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 256p.

I Was Hitler’s Pilot The Memoirs of Hans Baur Hans Baur A decorated First World War pilot, Hans Baur was one of the leading commercial aviators of tthe 1920s before being pitched into the thick of it as personal pilot to a certain ‘Herr Hitler’. Baur was present during some of the most salient moments of the Third Reich; the Röhm Putsch, the advent of Eva Braun, Ribbentrop’s journey to Moscow, the Bürgerbräukeller attempt on Hitler’s life; and when war came, he flew Hitler from front to front. He remained in Hitler’s service right up to the final days in the Führerbunker. In a powerful account of Hitler’s last hours, Baur describes his final discussions with Hitler before his suicide. Remarkably, throughout it all Baur’s loyalty to the Führer never wavered. His memoirs capture these events in all their fascinating and disturbing detail. 9781848326965, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 240p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Lost Honour, Betrayed Loyalty The Memoir of a Waffen-SS Soldier Herbert Maeger The author, an 18-year old Belgian, was blackmailed into volunteering for the WaffenSS in 1941 to save his mother from a concentration camp. He saw combat at Kharkov and at tthe legendary battle of Kursk. In 1944 he was transferred out for training as an SS paramedic, but after two months was sent against his will for SS-officer training. Overheard making a defeatist remark, he was sent to the notorious SS penal division Dirlewanger, where he survived the horror of the Halbe pocket. On 1 May 1945 he was captured by the Russians. He served at the prison camp infirmary as a volunteer which won him the admiration of the Russian female doctor, and with her help he gained his early release the same year. 9781848327481, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 256p.

Panzer Leader Memoirs of an Armoured Car Commander, 1944– 1945 Otto Henning Henning describes the difficulties reconnaissance forces faced in the close terrain of the Normandy bocage and tthe threat posed by the Allies’ complete control of the air. He saw the devastation wrought by Michael Wittmann’s lone Tiger tank against the British 7th Armored Division at Villers Bocage. After the Battle of the Bulge, Henning surrendered and endured terrible conditions in a prisoner-of-war camp until he escaped in 1947. This is a fascinating and often harrowing account of the final campaigns in Western Europe, and exposes the little-known scandal of the treatment of German prisoners-of-war even after the war had ended. 9781848326910, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 224p.

Royal Observer Corps The ‘Eyes and Ears’ of the RAF in WWII Air Ministry Personnel In this official history of the ROC written shortly after tthe war, the corps’ operations tthroughout the conflict are set out in great detail. This includes a section on the last flight of Rudolf Hess, as well as one detailing the work of those who were selected for employment w as Seaborne Observers on ships during the D-Day landings This history provides an account of the ROC which is just as important in understanding the operations of the corps as the Observers were in the defense of the United Kingdom during the Second World War. 9781526724885, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 240p.


Sniper Ace Bruno Sutkus and David L. Robbins Throughout World War II, German snipers were obliged tto carry a ’Scharfshützen Buch’ which recorded every kill. w Each success had to be verified by a witness and signed by a superior officer. The journal of Sutkus is one of only a few such books to have survived the war. It records more than 200 kills, placing him as one of the war’s most successful snipers. As a Hitler Youth member his skill as a marksman was quickly noted and at 19, he was drafted into the Wehrmacht. Despite his age, he was regarded as one of Germany’s best snipers and in November 1944 he was awarded the highest award for a sniper. A large part of his journal is reproduced for the first time here. 9781848325487, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 256p.

Survivors of Stalingrad Eyewitness Accounts from the 6th Army, 1942–1943 Reinhold Busch In November 1942 – in a devastating counter-attack from outside the city – Soviet forces smashed the German siege and encircled Stalingrad, trapping some 290,000 soldiers of the 6th Army inside. This important work reconstructs the grim w fate of the 6th Army in full for the first time by examining the little-known story of the field hospitals and central dressing stations. It includes firsthand accounts of soldiers who were wounded or fell ill and were flown out of the encirclement; as well as those who fought to the bitter end and were taken prisoner by the Soviets. They reflect on the severity of the fighting, and reveal the slowly ebbing hopes for survival. Together they provide an illuminating and tragic portrait of the appalling events at Stalingrad. 9781848327665, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 256p.

Tapping Hitler’s Generals Transcripts of Secret Conversations 1942–45 Sonke Neitzel and Sonke Neitzel In this extraordinary work Professor Neitzel examines tthese transcripts in depth for tthe first time. His findings are ttruly revealing and address important questions regarding tthe officers’ attitudes towards tthe German leadership and Nazi policies: How did the German generals judge the overall war situation? From what date did they consider it lost? How did they react to the attempt on Hitler’s life in July 1944? What knowledge did they have of the atrocities? By turns insightful and horrifying, this unprecedented research is a must for any serious scholar of the period and anyone interested in exploring the truth behind the image of an ‘unblemished Wehrmact’. 9781848327153, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 424p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • The Desert VCs Extraordinary Valour in the North African Campaign in WWII Brian Best Lieutenant George Gunn, who, at Sidi Rezegh, found his troop of the Royal Horse Artillery facing the onslaught of sixty German tanks. Regardless of tthe odds, Gunn fought on until he too was killed, shot through tthe head. The fighting in North Africa was not just in the harsh extremes of the rolling desert, but also the barren mountains of Tunisia, and the coastal strips of Libya. In every battle, every maneuver, the terrain was the limiting or enabling feature – and it was over that unforgiving ground that twenty-nine men distinguished themselves and were awarded the highest of all gallantry medals, the Victoria Cross. 9781526721068, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 216p.

The Dunkirk Evacuation in 100 Objects The Story Behind Operation Dynamo in 1940 Martin Mace At 18.57 hours on Sunday, 26 A May 1940, the Admiralty issued tthe directive which instigated tthe start of Operation Dynamo. Between 26 May and 4 June 1940, when 1940 h Dynamo D officially ffi i l ended, an armada of ships, big and small, naval and civilian achieved what had been considered impossible. Through 100 objects, from the wreck of a ship through to a dug-up rifle, and individual photographs to large memorials, the author sets out to tell the story of what came to be known as The Miracle of Dunkirk. The full-color photographs of each 100 items are accompanied by detailed explanations of the object and the people and events which make them so special or relevant. 9781526709905, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 256p.

The Forgotten VCs The Victoria Crosses of the War in the Far East During WW2 Brian Best These VC actions are told in ggreat detail in The Forgotten VCs, the first book to examine V in depth the Victoria Crosses of the war in the Far East. Brian Best brings to life the daring deeds of a group of courageous men in the most inhospitable of battlefield conditions. 9781526717979, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 208p.

12th and 15th Air Forces Gérard Paloque The 12th Air Force was responsible for conducting Operation Torch on November 8, 1942. Formed in November 1943, tthe 15th Air Force was established to operate in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations, primarily from air fields located in southern Italy where they were stationed. The objectives of both units were to destroy all the oil refineries and aircraft factories. Gérard Paloque provides a well rounded overview of all those involved in the 12th and 15th Air Forces as well as the aircraft utilized by these two great units. The reader will find a chapter dedicated to the famous Tuskegee airmen—the 322nd Fighter Group of the 15th Air Force, the United States’ first all-black air unit. 9782352502104, $34.95, $22.99, paperback, 128p.

War on the Eastern Front The German Soldier in Russia 1941–1945 James Lucas Dawn on Sunday 22 June 1941 saw the opening onslaughts of Operation Barbarossa as German forces stormed forward into the Soviet Union. A posting to the Eastern Front during the Second World War was rightly regarded with dread w by the German soldiers. They were faced by the unremitting hostility of the climate, the people and even, at times, their own leadership. This classic account examines different aspects of the fighting, from war in the trenches to a bicycle-mounted antitank unit fighting against the oncoming Russian hordes. Told through the experiences of the German soldiers who endured these nightmarish years of warfare, this is a unique record of the cataclysmic campaign. 9781848327870, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 224p.

Canadian Soldier in World War II From D-Day to VE-Day Jean Bouchery In 2000, Histoire & Collections released two books by Jean Bouchery on the British Soldier in World War 2. Both books have been enormously successful. This new book, in the same format, will appeal in the same way as its predecessors. There w is an unprecedented amount of color artwork depicting uniforms, variants, insignia, badges and equipment used by Canada’s soldiers in the Second World War. 9782352500285, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 160p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • The Third Reich in 100 Objects A Material History of Nazi Germany Roger Moorhouse and Richard Overy Hitler’s Third Reich is still the focus of numerous articles, books and films. This is a compelling, frequently shocking and revelatory guide tto the Third Reich that has been collated and presented by two of the world’s leading World War II historians. The photographs gathered by Roger Moorhouse include Pervitin, Hitler’s Mercedes, Wehrmach toilet paper, Hitler’s grooming kit, the Nuremberg courtroom, the Tiger Tank, fragments of flak, the Iron Cross and, of course, the Swastika and Mein Kampf. 9781784381806, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 272p.

GI-Collector’s Guide Volume 2 Henri-Paul Enjames After the release of Volume 1, A many readers and collectors pointed out several pieces tthey possessed which were missing from the book. Although including each and every item issued to the American soldier is a near impossible goal, the author started making a list of what should included in a second edition. All chapters from volume 1 have been revised and updated and new sections have been added, including personal equipment, Stateside training, and the life of POWs in German camps. More than 1,000 new artifacts with detailed captions are featured in this completely revised new work.Volume 2 of the G.I. Collector’s Guide provides a complete and unequaled source of American ground force documentation for collectors and enthusiasts alike. 9782352500797, $49.95, $32.50, hardback, 276p.

Voices from D-Day Jonathan Bastable This new paperback edition of a classic account of D-Day ttold through firsthand accounts brings vividly to life the bravery and skill of the young men called to fight to liberate Europe. The accounts in this book ttell the whole story of D-Day from the meticulous planning of the four years following the retreat at Dunkirk, the invasion armada, the fighting on the beaches and the first foothold in France, the hard-fought progress through the ‘bocage’ countryside of Normandy before the German army was surrounded and the Allies could breakout at speed and sweep through France to the German border, not forgetting the role of the home front throughout the campaign. Even today there are many reminders of D-Day that visitors can see on the beaches of Normandy and in the towns, villages and cemeteries inland. 9781784382933, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 312p.


Tiger I in Action 1942-1945 Jean Restayn In April 1941, two months prior tto operation ‘Barbarossa,’ Adolf Hitler ordered the development of a heavy tank, armed with the famed 88 mm gun. This tank became a legend in its own ttime. Feared by its adversaries and liked by its crews, the Tiger etched its mark in history and tthe legend carries on, 60 years after the end of the war. This compilation of the two volumes dealing with Tiger units on the Eastern front, the Western front, and Africa, features almost a thousand period pictures, mostly unpublished, and more than 80 full-color plates by the author: tank profiles, details of markings and insignia, camouflage, and a short history of each Tiger unit. This edition has been revised and augmented, with more accurate captions as to dates and locale, together with new illustrations and a chapter on additional units. 9782352502944, $52.95, $34.50, paperback, 288p.

The Corridor of Death Georges Bernage This album is an essential book on the end of the Battle of Normandy. The Germans left 40,000 prisoners in the pocket but 50,000 are in extract, at Mortain at Mont-Ormel. An apocalyptic vision of the end of tthe Battle of Normandy and a jjourney through the inferno of tthe Falaise-Argentan pocket. 9782840483809, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 176p.

In Hitler’s Shadow Post-War Germany and the Girls of the BDM Tim Heath In the wake of Germany’s unconditional surrender in May 1945 and Japan’s subsequent surrender later that July, across the world the Allied press proclaimed ‘Victory War is Over’! The truth for many Germans, particularly girls of tthe former Bund Deutscher Madel, was that a new war was just beginning. In Hitler’s Shadow conveys the hopes, the horrors and the aftermath of the Second World War in the form of eye witness testimonies, diary entries and interviews. Through the eyes of the BDM girls, it recounts the struggle to rebuild lives destroyed by years of war, and how a country came to terms with terrible war crimes committed in its name. The result is powerful, sad, harrowing, humorous and shocking. In the realms of the study of female Hitler Youth organizations in Nazi Germany, In Hitler’s Shadow has no equal. 9781526720016, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 224p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Gerhard Fieseler The Man Behind the Storch Nigel Holden Holden’s biography argues tthat Fieseler may well have been a better fighter pilot tthan the renowned Richthofen and reveals some uncanny parallels between his life and tthat of Germany’s greatest wartime aircraft designer, w Willi Messerchmitt, as well W as describing his time as an indicted war criminal and his subsequent quest for postwar respectability. Fieseler emerges as an audacious fighter pilot, an heroic aerobatics pilot, an inspiring industrial leader (for a time), a Nazi opportunist, a not always reliable memoirist and an obstreperous old man who, to the end, blamed Hitler - and largely only Hitler -for provoking the Second World War. 9781911512745, $49.95, $32.50, hardback, 328p.

Voices of the Second World War A Child’s Perspective Sheila A Renshaw Voices of the Second World V War: A Child’s Perspective is a W collection of firsthand accounts from people who experienced tthe Second World War from all over Europe: stretching from Russia to the Channel Islands, and Norway to Malta. While some children appear to have been hardly aware of the war, for those who lived through bombing, occupation, deprivation, starvation and fear, the memories remain with them even today. The accounts have been relayed according to their perspective at the time and the contributors were happy to share their experiences and memories, keen in the knowledge that they were being documented as personal chroniclers of one of the twentieth century’s most catastrophic events. 9781526700599, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 176p.

Anders’ Army General Władysław Anders and the Polish Second Corps 1941-46 Evan McGilvray Along with thousands of his A compatriots, Wladyslaw Anders was imprisoned by the Soviets w when they attacked Poland with w ttheir German allies in 1939. Once equipped and trained, the corps was eventually committed tto the Italian campaign, notably at Monte Cassino. The author assesses Anders’ performance as a military commander, finding him merely adequate, but his political role was more significant and caused friction in the Allied camp. Indeed, Anders was suspected of collusion in Sikorski’s death in July 1943 and of later sending Polish death squads into Poland to eliminate opponents, charges that Evan McGilvray investigates. Furthermore, Anders voiced his deep mistrust of Stalin and urged a war against the Soviets after the defeat of Hitler. 9781473834118, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 280p.

Building for Battle: Hitler’s D-Day Defences Philip Kaplan Following nearly two years of planning and exacting preparation, Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of tthe Nazi-dominated European continent, was mounted in the early hours of 6th June, 1944. The invasion itself was centered on the largest amphibious landing operation in history. D-Day Defences revisits many of the locations within the five-beach landing area of the invasion forces, focusing on the various aspects of the German fortifications, the types of defensive systems employed against the American, British and Canadian invaders, and the results experienced by both invaders and defenders in the Allied struggle to gain and hold possession of that pathway to Berlin. 9781526705402, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 176p.

Double Agent Celery MI5’s Crooked Hero Carolinda Witt With Britain braced for a W German invasion, MI5 recruited an ex RNAS officer, come confidence trickster, called Walter Dicketts as a double W agent. Despite discovering he had been betrayed as an MI5 plant before he even left for Germany, Celery somehow got back to Lisbon. After that he persuaded an Abwehr Officer to defect, and spent nine months undercover in Brazil. A mixture of hero and crook, Dicketts was worldly and intelligent, charming and charismatic. Sometimes rich and sometimes poor, his private life was a web of complexity and deception. Using family and official records, police records, newspaper articles and memories, the author unravels the tangled yet true story of Double Agent Celery. 9781526716149, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 296p.

Hitler’s Alpine Headquarters James Wilson Introducing new images and additional text, this book is a much expanded sequel to tthe author’s acclaimed Hitler’s Alpine Retreat (P & S 2005). A This book will appeal to those with a general interest in the w Third Reich. It explains how and why Hitler chose this area to w build a home and his connection to this region. New chapters focus on buildings and individuals of Hitler’s inner circle not covered in the earlier book. Presenting the history of this region and the many associated important historical moments in contemporary postcards allows the reader to view the subject matter as it was presented to the masses at that time. 9781783030040, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 256p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Hitler’s Olympics The Story of the 1936 Nazi Games Anton Rippon For two weeks in August 1936, Nazi Germany achieved an astonishing propaganda coup when it staged the Olympic w Games in Berlin. Hiding their anti-Semitism and plans for tterritorial expansion, the Nazis exploited the Olympic ideal, dazzling visiting spectators and journalists alike with an image of a peaceful, tolerant Germany. In Hitler’s Olympics, Anton Rippon tells the story of those remarkable Games, the first to overtly use the Olympic festival for political purposes. His account, which is illustrated with almost 200 rare photographs of the event, looks at how the rise of the Nazis affected German sportsmen and women in the early 1930s. And it reveals how the rest of the world allowed the Berlin Olympics to go ahead despite the knowledge that Nazi Germany was a police state. 9781848848689, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 220p.

Horrocks The General who led from the Front Philip Warner Lieutenant General Sir Brian Horrocks was a legend in his lifetime. He leapt to fame as a Brigade, Divisional and Corps Commander during the Second World War where his dashing W style, good luck and easy manner won him huge respect and great success. He was happiest in the front-line and yet his victories in the field were hard won, be they in North Africa or NW Europe. By 1944 he was commanding 200,000 men of all Allied nations who did not agree on much else but all thought highly of him. His attributes brought him success in industry, as a TV presenter and as Black Rod in the Houses of Parliament. 9781526717160, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 208p.

M4 Sherman Pat Ware The M4 Medium Tank - the Sherman – was one of the most famous tanks of the Second World War. It was produced in W ggreater numbers than any other Allied tank, it fought on every A front – in Western Europe, on tthe Eastern Front, in North Africa, Burma, the Pacific – and A it continued to serve effectively as a front-line fighting vehicle in the Korean War, the Arab-Israeli wars, the Indo-Pakistani wars. Pat Ware’s new history of this remarkable tank covers in detail its design and development, its technical specifications and the many variants that were produced, and he reviews its operational role in conflicts across the world. 9781781590294, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 144p.


Men at Arnhem Geoffrey Powell In the fall of 1944, Allied commanders planned to land airborne divisions in an attempt to capture a series of bridges behind German lines, including the “bridge ttoo far” at Arnhem. Geoffrey Powell, himself a veteran of the Arnhem operation, drew on A conversations with many other survivors of the battle to write one of the most dramatic of all accounts of the battle When the book was first published in 1976 under a pseudonym, it was at once recognized as one of the finest evocations of an infantryman’s war ever written. 9780850529661, $23.95, $15.99, paperback, 216p.

Mortars in World War II John Norris Mortars were used throughout tthe Second World War by all armies and in all theaters. Although a very simple weapon A tthey could greatly enhance tthe firepower of infantry formations, giving them their own mobile artillery arm. This book gives a brief history of tthe origins of the weapon and its use in the Great War before moving on to look in detail at the many types developed and used in the Second World War. This book is sure to be of great value to enthusiasts who collect mortars and their ammunition, re-enactors, modelers and war gamers as well as those readers interested in the history of weapons generally or those of World War II in particular. 9781783463763, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 240p.

Red Road from Stalingrad Recollections of a Soviet Infantryman Mansur Abdulin and Artem Drabkin Mansur Abdulin fought in tthe front ranks of the Soviet infantry against the German invaders at Stalingrad, Kursk and on the banks of the Dnieper. This is his extraordinary story. His vivid inside view of a ruthless war on the Eastern Front gives a rare insight into the reality of the fighting and into the tactics and mentality of the Red Army’s soldiers. In his own words, and with a remarkable clarity of recall, he describes what combat was like on the ground, face to face with a skilled, deadly and increasingly desperate enemy. All the terrifying aspects of a Soviet soldier’s experience during the Great Patriotic War are brought dramatically to life in Mansur Abdulin’s memoirs. Of special interest is the insight he offers into ordinary operations and daily life in the lower ranks of the Soviet army. But most memorable are his honest, horrifying descriptions of combat, of being bombed and shelled, of trench warfare, of enduring tank attacks and friendly fire, and of coping with the wounded and the dead. 9781844151455, $32.99, $21.50, hardback, 224p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • So Few Got Through Martin Lindsay On D-Day, 27 officers and 565 men of 1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders landed on the coast of Normandy. By the time the 51st Highland Division reached Bremen the following April, after tten months continuous fighting, 1st Gordons had lost 75 Officers and 986 men in battle. So few got through, but amongst them was Martin Lindsay, and seldom, if ever, can a trained writer have been presented with such a splendid opportunity. The author, a former distinguished explorer, commanded the Battalion in 16 operations, who was wounded, mentioned in dispatches and awarded the DSO, here tells his epic story. With him we can live through the life of a regimental officer in the orchards of Calvados and on the mudflats of Holland, in show of the Ardennes, the Siegfried Line Breakthrough, the assault crossing of the Rhine forward to the very heart of Germany. 9781848848566, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 272p.

Stalingrad: How the Red Army Triumphed Michael K. Jones Michael K. Jones’s new history of Stalingrad offers a radical reinterpretation of the most famous battle of the WW2. Combining eyewitness ttestimony of Red Army fighters with fresh archive material, w tthe book gives a dramatic insight into the thinking of tthe Russian command and the mood of the ordinary soldiers. He focuses on the story of the Russian 62nd Army, which began the campaign in utter demoralization, yet turned the tables on the powerful German 6th Army. He explains the Red Army’s extraordinary performance using battle psychology, emphasizing the vital role of leadership, morale and motivation in a triumph that turned the course of the war. Working with the author much of Mereshko’s testimony is entirely new - and will astonish a western audience. 9781848842014, $28.95, $18.99, paperback, 304p.

The Battle of Cotentin 9 – 19 June 1944 Georges Bernage In June 1944, the Americans left the Sainte-Mère-Eglise and Utah Beach bridgehead and crossed the Merderet river to tthe Chaussée de la Fiere, taking Picauville on 10 June. Their advance was slowed following tthe failure of the 90th Infantry Division, but they were able to ttake Pont-l’Abbe on 12 June and Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte 16 June. Two days later they cut the Cotentin peninsula at Barneville, before heading north towards Cherbourg. As well as authentic eyewitness testimony, the book also acts as a field guide, including maps and both contemporary and modern photographs. 9781473857636, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 152p.

The Polish Underground 1939-1947 David G.Williamson The Polish partisan army, the largest in Europe, fought with extraordinary tenacity against tthe Wehrmacht during the Warsaw Uprising.Yet the wider W story of the Polish underground movement, which fought the Nazi and Soviet occupying powers, has rarely been told. As David Williamson demonstrates in this concise and authoritative new study, a reassessment of the actions, the impact and the legacy of Polish resistance is long overdue. He tells a fascinating, often tragic story. David Williamson’s graphic account goes beyond the formal end of the Second World War. His study offers an absorbing insight into the plight of Poland during the war and into its immediate postwar history. 9781848842816, $39.99, $25.99, hardback, 256p.

Légion Wallonie: Histoire et Archives 1941-1945 Jean-Pierre Pirard French Text Here is an unpublished work about the Wallonie Legion and its members engaged on the Eastern Front in the uniform of tthe Heer from 1941 to 1945. Here the reader will dive into tthe archives and documents still mostly unpublished to this date. It offers biographies of most of the officers. One will also find rare and previously unseen archives of newspapers and propaganda for the Wallonie Legion, shedding light on its development and international reputation, so important to the morale of the Legionaries and the families of these men. This work will provide researchers and amateur historians of the Legion many details and clarifications about the “uses and customs,” service organizations and actions both inside and outside the LW. 9782840483564, $124.00, $80.99, hardback, 400p.

Wiking. Volume 1 Décembre 1940 - Avril 1942 Charles Trang French Text The Wiking division was the only armored SS division to fight exclusively on the Eastern Front. It is true that it was partly composed of Flemish, Dutch and Scandinavian volunteers whose primary motivation—for most of them—, was to fight against Bolshevism. It would have been a political mistake to go up against the Western Allies. The division fought with an unrelenting energy despite the fact that victory was not always equal to its efforts and sacrifices, as in Cherkasy or Hungary. The history of this division, extremely detailed and illustrated by more than 2,500 exceptional photos largely from personal collections is here traced through a series of three volumes. The first covers the period from December 1940 to April 1942. 9782840483465, $131.00, $85.50, hardback, 420p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • WN62 Mémoires à Omaha Beach Normandie, 6 juin 1944 Hein Severloh French Text In his moving autobiography, Heinrich Severloh recounts tthe largest amphibious landing operation in history. Severloh describes when the Allies, on D-Day, June 6, 1944, A launched their dawn offensive on the Normandy coast against the Atlantic Wall. Until the publication of this sad confession, the Americans did not know the name of the person who transformed their landing at Normandy into the horrific disaster that it was. In collaboration with Helmut Freiherr von Keusgen , a specialist in military history, WN62 provides not only an exciting and highly detailed description of the Normandy landing and events, but also a new perspective about the events of that tragic day. 9782840484264, $39.00, $25.50, paperback, 150p.

A Most Enigmatic War R.V. Jones and the Genesis of British Scientific Intelligence 1939-45 James Goodchild The history of scientific intelligence has relied almost entirely on the memories of its pioneer, R.V. Jones. Through scrutiny of Jones’ postwar literature, this groundbreaking book constitutes a critique of the genesis of scientific and technical intelligence. Examining chronologically all of the key events Jones became famous for and comparing Jones’ account of these events with contemporary documentation, this book provides a rich understanding of the internal machinations within the British wartime air scientific intelligence organization defined as ADI (Science) and their relationships with the many other political, military and intelligence sections that pursued similar and often closely linked quests. 9781911512554, $79.95, $51.99, hardback, 658p.

The Day Rommel Was Stopped The Battle of Ruweisat Ridge, 2 July 1942 Major F. R. Jephson MC TD and Chris Jephson At dusk on Wednesday 1 July A 1942, Rommel broke through tthe center of the British defenses at Alamein. But, on Friday 3 July at 22.56 hrs., only 48 hours later, Rommel called off his attack and ordered his troops to dig in where they stood. The Delta was saved. This vivid account of the battle of Ruweisat Ridge, the beginning of the battle of Alamein, was written by an officer who was part of Robcol on the fateful day. 9781612005584, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 304p.


The Battle of the Dnepr The Red Army’s Forcing of the East Wall, September-December 1943 Richard Harrison This book details a critical period in the Red Army’s advance along the southwest strategic direction during the ggeneral offensive that followed tthe fighting in the area of the Kursk salient in July-August 1943. The Germans, who were now on the strategic defensive in the East, sought to fall back and consolidate their front along the line of the Dnepr River. The Red Army’s success in overturning these expectations along this particularly important sector is the subject of this study. This is a composite work based upon three studies carried out by the Red Army General Staff’s military-historical directorate, which was charged with collecting and analyzing the war’s experience. 9781912174171, $79.95, $51.99, hardback, 344p.

Battered Bastards of Bastogne George Koskimaki The Battered Bastards of Bastogne is the product of contributions by 530 soldiers who were on the ground or w in the air over Bastogne. They lived and made this history and much of it is told in their own words. The material contributed w by these men of the 101st Airborne Division, the Armor, A Tank Destroyer, Army Air Force , and others is tailored meticulously by the author and placed on the historical framework known to most students of the Battle of the Bulge. Pieces of a nearly 60 year old jigsaw puzzle come together in this book, when memoirs related by one soldier fit with those of another unit or group pursuing the battle from another nearby piece of terrain. 9781612000749, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 528p.

Field Marshal The Life and Death of Erwin Rommel Daniel Allen Butler Erwin Rommel was a complex man: a born leader, brilliant soldier, a devoted husband and proud father; intelligent, instinctive, brave, compassionate, vain, egotistical, and arrogant. In France in 1940, then for two years in North Africa, then finally back in France again, at Normandy in 1944, he proved himself a master of armored warfare, running rings around a succession of Allied generals who never got his measure and could only resort to overwhelming numbers to bring about his defeat. In Field Marshal historian Daniel Allen Butler not only describes the swirling, innovative campaigns in which Rommel won his military reputation, but assesses the temper of the man who finally fought only for his country, and no dark depths beyond. 9781612005669, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 600p.

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• BARGAINS • Finland’s War of Choice The Troubled GermanFinnish Coalition in World War II Henrik O. Lunde A selection of the Military Book Club. This book describes the odd coalition between Germany and Finland in World War II, and ttheir joint military operations from 1941 to 1945. This book posits that it was mind-boggling how the highly professional German General Staff allowed itself to accept the militarily unsound and shaky coalition that resulted. After describing the operations during and after Barbarossa, this book describes how the Finnish theater became a blind ally for the Germans. In this book, Henrik Lunde, the renowned author of Hitler’s Pre-emptive War: The Battle for Norway, 1940, once again fills a profound gap in our understanding of World War II. 9781612002194, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 412p.

Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts Stories of American Soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD Patricia Driscoll and Celia Straus This book is crafted around soldiers’ stories of their war experiences in Iraq and w Afghanistan that culminate in A life-altering injuries to the brain and psyche, along with the equally dramatic story of their recoveries. This book documents the ever-increasing cases of physical or mental brain trauma among our vets that has risen as a direct result of more soldiers surviving their flesh wounds on the battlefield. All royalties from this work will go directly to the front line of support for wounded warriors with PTSD and TBI, and their families. 9781935149408, $18.95, $9.50, paperback, 320p.

Shade It Black Death and After in Iraq Jessica Goodell and John Hearn How do the remains of American service men and A women get from the dusty w roads of Fallujah to the flagcovered coffins at Dover Air Force Base? And what does tthe gathering of those remains ttell us about the nature of modern warfare and about ourselves? These questions are the focus of Jess Goodell’s story. With sensitivity and insight, Jess describes her job retrieving and examining the remains of fellow soldiers lost in combat in Iraq, and the psychological intricacy of coping with their fates, as well as her own. Death assumed many forms during the war, and the challenge of maintaining one’s own humanity could be difficult. This is one of the most unique accounts of America’s current wars overseas yet seen. 9781612000015, $24.95, $12.50, hardback, 192p.

If Chaos Reigns The Near-Disaster and Ultimate Triumph of the Allied Airborne Forces on D-Day, June 6, 1944 Flint Whitlock “Gentlemen, do not be daunted if chaos reigns; it undoubtedly will.” So said Brigadier S. James w Hill, commanding officer of the British 3rd Parachute Brigade, in an address to his troops shortly before the launching of Operation Overlord—the D-Day invasion of Normandy. No more prophetic words were ever spoken, for chaos indeed reigned on that day, and many more that followed. If Chaos Reigns is a fitting tribute to the men who rode the wind into battle and managed to pull victory out of confusion, chaos, and almost certain defeat. 9781612001524, $18.95, $9.50, paperback, 400p.

Arms of Little Value The Challenge of Insurgency and Global Instability in the TwentyFirst Century G. L. Lamborn This book presents a former soldier and CIA officer's insight into the true nature of insurgency and how it will continue to affect tthe United States in the decades tto come.We are entering an extremely dangerous period in our history.The author has been a student and observer—and sometimes a participant—in various insurgencies since his “initiation” in Vietnam in 1969.This book gives the reader an understanding of the true nature of insurgency and a glimpse at the reasons why we have not always dealt with it effectively. 9781612001043, $32.95, $16.50, hardback, 312p.

Jagdpanther and SU-122-54 Rafal Bulanda, Lukasz Kapelski, Lukasz Orczyc-Musialek and Przemyslaw Szymczyk Super Model International presents the best modelers from around the world profiling their ggreat models, with hints and tips, step-by-step instructions for building, reports from model kit shows and modeling competitions. It is a fantastic new series which will prove an invaluable reference tool for all modelers. 9788362878406, $15.95, $7.99, paperback, 80p.

JG 54. Green Heart Fighters M Marek J. Murawski The second title in the Units is devoted to the famous JJagdgeschwader 54. The book with English text includes a w chronological overview of unit’s history supplemented with 49 photos; tables of top pilots, unit commanders, and planes; and color profiles of 4 aircraft. 9788362878437, $19.95, $9.99, paperback, 32p.

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• BARGAINS • P-38 Lightning at War, Part 2 Andrzej Sadlo This book contains two big decal sheets with 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32 individual markings for 8 P-38 Lightnings. The decal sheet was printed by Cartograf. Each w painting scheme is depicted on beautifully drawn 4-view color profiles and described in the 20 page guidebook with English and Polish text. 9788362878482, $16.95, $8.50, paperback, 16p.

St.G 2 “Immelmann” Marek J. Murawski This book illustrates St. G 2 Immelmann in detail. Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 (StG 2) Immelmann was a Luftwaffe Dive bomber-wing of World War II. It was named after Max W Immelmann in 1939. It includes concise text, documents, list of top scoring pilots, table of losses, equipment and commanders. Illustrated with more than 40 b/w photographs and color artworks. 9788362878512, $19.95, $9.99, paperback, 32p.

Super Model International No. 3 Tomasz Chacewicz, Michal Rosiak and Tomasz Wajnkaim Super Model International presents the best modellers from around the world profiling their great models, with hints and tips, step-byw step instructions for building, reports from model kit shows and modelling competitions. With hundreds of colour W photos, including archival shots and current museum pieces, supporting colour profile artwork. It is a fantastic series which will prove an invaluable reference tool for all modellers. 9788362878543, $15.95, $7.99, paperback, 80p.


JG 51 Jagdgeschwader “Molders” Marek J. Murawski The fourth title in the ‘Units’ series tells the story of JG 51 “Molders”. The 32 page book with English text contains a w chronological overview of the unit’s history supplemented with 40 photos; tables of unit w commanders and planes used as well as color profiles of 4 aircraft painted by Janusz Swiatlon and Arkadiusz Wrobel. 9788362878550, $19.95, $9.99, paperback, 32p.

Unsung Eagles True Stories of America’s Citizen Airmen in the Skies of World War II Jay A. Stout The nearly half-million American aircrewmen who A served during World War II have almost disappeared. And so have their stories. Award-winning writer and A former fighter pilot Jay A. Stout uses Unsung Eagles to save an exciting collection of those accounts from oblivion. These are not rehashed tales from the hoary icons of the war. Rather, they are stories from the masses of largely unrecognized men who—in the aggregate—actually won it. They are the recollections of your Uncle Frank who shared them only after having enjoyed a beer or nine, and of your old girlfriend’s grandfather who passed away about the same time she dumped you. And of the craggy guy who ran the town’s salvage yard. These are “everyman” accounts that are important but fast disappearing. The combat careers of 22 different pilots from all the services are captured in this crisply written book which captivates the reader not only as an engaging oral history, but also puts personal context into the great air battles of World War II. 9781612002095, $32.95, $16.50, hardback, 320p.

Da Nang Diary A Forward Air Controller’s Gunsight View of Flying with SOG Thomas R.Yarborough This classic work has now been revised and updated with 50,000 words of additional narrative and previously unpublished photos. It is the story of how, in Vietnam, an elite group of Air Force pilots fought a secret air war in Cessna 0-2 and OV-10 Bronco prop planes—flying as low as they could get. The eyes and ears of the fast-moving jets who rained death and destruction down on enemy positions, the Forward Air Controller made an art form out of an air strike. In this work, the reader flies in the cockpit alongside Yarborough in his adrenaline-pumping chronicle of heroism, danger and wartime brotherhood. Here is the dedication, courage and skill of the fliers who took the war into the enemy’s backyard. 9781612002200, $32.95, $16.50, hardback, 376p.

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J James Stejskal T. E. Lawrence was one of the earliest practitioners of modern unconventional warfare. His tactics and strategies were used by men like Mao and Giap in their wars of liberation. This book looks at the creation of the HEDGEHOG force, the formation of armored car sections and other units, and focuses on the Hejaz Operations Staff, the Allied officers and men who took Lawrence’s idea and prosecuted it against the Ottoman Turkish army assisting Field Marshal Allenby to achieve victory in 1918. Stejskal concludes with an examination of how HEDGEHOG has influenced special operations. 9781612005744, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 304p.




Masters of Mayhem Lawrence of Arabia and the British Military Mission to the Hejaz

Alpha One Sixteen A Combat Infantryman’s Year in Vietnam Operation Market Garden September 1944

Simon Forty and Tom Timmermans The battle of Normandy ended as the Allied armies crossed the Seine at the end of August 1944. This book provides a balanced, up-to-date view of the operation making full use of modern research, with over 500 illustrations including many maps, aerial and then-and-now photography. 9781612005867, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 192p.

Allied Armor in Normandy Yves Buffetaut This volume of the Casemate Illustrated series explores the Normandy invasion from the perspective of the Allied Armored divisions, looking at how armored vehicles played a central role in the many battles that took place. It includes over 40 profiles of tanks and armored vehicles. With detailed diagrams and many photos illustrating the composition of the Allied armored divisions and tank regiments present at Normandy, this volume explains the crucial part played by tanks in gaining a foothold in Normandy after the D-Day landings. 9781612006079, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 128p.

Peter Clark Peter Clark’s year in Vietnam began in July 1966, when he was shipped out with hundreds of other young recruits. Clark was assigned to the Alpha Company. Clark gives a visceral, vivid and immediate account of life in the platoon, as he progresses from green recruit to seasoned soldier over the course of a year in the complexities of the Vietnamese conflict. As he continues his journey, he chronicles those less fortunate; the heavy toll being taken all around him is powerfully described at the end of each chapter. 9781612005997, $29.95, $21.50, hardback, 240p.

From Moscow to Stalingrad The Eastern Front, 1941-1942 Yves Buffetaut The path from Moscow to Stalingrad was littered with successes and losses for both the Red Army and the Wehrmacht, with tensions remaining high and culminating in one of the harshest battles of the Second World War. This volume outlines how it was that, less than a year after their defeat at Moscow, the German army had found a way to make the Soviet troops waver in their defense, with their persistence eventually leading to the Battle of Stalingrad. 9781612006093, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 128p.

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