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CONTENTS Our Specialty Acute Care Services Include: • Pulmonary/Ventilator/ Tracheostomy Services • Complex Wound Care • Multi-System Complications


FLYING ANGELS Shares the Benefits Behind Non-Emergency Air Medical Transport


The Hospital Liaison: Not Just a “Rep” with Erik Iverson, Legacy Healthcare

• Medically Complex • Cardiac Services • IV Therapy • Renal Failure/Dialysis


Non-Medical Homecare | PSA 10 Ways a PSA Would Benefit Your Patient Upon Discharge


HC News National Nurse for Public Health Advocates for HB 1597/S.96 Stay in Touch 847.722.5654


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Ways a PSA May Assist a Patient Upon Discharge

Assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and mobility Assistance to a loved one while they are in the hospital, skilled nursing home or rehab facility Non-medical home care allows the senior to remain in their home Reassurance for the family that their loved one is safe Update the family on day to day activities as appropriate Medication reminders Light housekeeping Errands Meal preparation Companionship

Charlotte Bishop, Creative Care Management 1740 Ridge Avenue, Suite 111 Evanston, Il 60201 847/869.5118 (Office) 847/869.0410 (Fax) Charlotte Bishop, Creative Care Management E-Mail: 1740 Ridge Avenue, Suite 111 Evanston, IL 60201 847/869-5118 (office) 847/869-0410 (fax) e-mail:

A Care Plan provides direction on the type of services an individual may need to support and promote health, safety and independence. The development of a Care Plan is an integral part of caring for an older loved one or someone with special needs including mental, physical or other health care needs. A major component of a Care Plan is the detailed list of activities and responsibilities a non-medical caregiver or personal care assistant may provide. Non-medical caregivers help to relieve and reduce the stress family members may experience in the day to day care of their loved one. While they do not provide medical services they do provide a physical presence that is on hand to provide assistance and a “safety net” for an older loved one who desires to be as independent as possible.


We Offer Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care • Companionship Light Housekeeping • Medication Reminders • Personal Care Errands & Shopping • Transportation • Bathing Assistance Meal Preparation • Daily Living Assistance • Respite Care

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NON-EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORT The Transportation TransportationCost-effective Cost- Effective Alternative Alternative

The TheFlight flightIsisOnly onlyPart partOf of The the Service service

Medical transportation is one of those things that sometimes gets overlooked in planning care until the last minute. When people think of medical transportation, they almost immediately think of Air Ambulance services. These highflying jet aircraft transport critically ill patients around the world but are costly. For some patients, it is the best, if not the only option. What if a patient doesn't need that level of care but can't fly on their own?

Flying Angels realize that the commercial flight is only a part of the transport. Our RN Flight Coordinators handle all details, bedside to bedside; from medical clearances for the airlines, to ground transportation to and from the airport. As needed, we use custom reclining wheelchairs that allow our patients to get to the airport and ride through the airport in better comfort than a standard wheelchair.

Let's say you have a woman with Dementia who needs to get from Chicago to Phoenix. Or how about a young man with a traumatic brain injury in Southern California who needs to get to a rehabilitation center here in Chicago? Enter Bob and the Flying Angels team. Flying Angels has a network of specially trained doctors and nurses that do just that. Using commercial airlines, like Delta, United, Lufthansa, etc. they can take a patient anywhere across the country and around the world. All Flying Angels Flight Nurses and Flight Coordinators are critical care trained Registered Nurses. They have five years or more, of ICU/ER experience and flight physiology training, many having over 20 years of experience.

Who Can Who can Fly? fly?


If a patient can sit up in a first-class seat, they qualify for a domestic commercial flight with one of the Flying Angels. For international flights, stretcher and ICU Pod transport is also often an option. What kind of patients do we typically help? We specialize in transporting traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury patients to rehabilitation hospital around the country. Flying Angels employs the proper equipment for patients with Oxygen dependency. Patients with Dementia ! and ILCMSW.COM elderly clients find compassionate care, safety, and comfort throughout the journey.

Rest assured that when choosing Flying Angels for air medical transport, all air and ground transport logistics are expertly handled by an RN Flight Coordinator & dedicated travel agent. The Flying Angels team has extensive critical care & emergency experience and are fully qualified in-flight physiology. Flight Nurses & Flight Coordinators are registered nurses who have graduated from accredited nursing programs in the United States. We have earned an excellent reputation for the service we provide. We have received hundreds of five-star reviews on social media from satisfied clients. Every case is unique, so we know that we have to earn our wings every day, with every flight. To sum up, Flying Angels is a cost-effective alternative to air ambulance services because we use commercial airlines; clients avoid paying exorbitant fees for private flights. An experienced flight nurse will plan everything; like checking in, coordinating the boarding process, wheelchair assistance, in-flight medical care, and much, much more. Please reach out to Bob Bacheler with any questions, or to see how Flying Angels can help your patients. | 610.228.466 !




National Nurse Act of 2019 Providing Leadership and Coordination

n March 2019, Senator Merkley introduced HR 1597/S.696 - National Nurse Act of 2019 along with 10 Cosponsors that would address national health priorities to support the largest growing sector in healthcare, nursing.

The organization, National Nurse for Public Health has been in the forefront in pursuing the education behind HR 1597/S.696. “ There is overwhelming evidence supporting the critical need to boost health promotion and prevention efforts as well as answer the public demand for increased leadership in nursing. The National Nurse Act of 2019 will bring forth the significant and trusted voice of the nurse to the ongoing conversation about health and health care in America” said, Teri Mills RN, MS, CNE (Ret.) President National Nursing Network Organization. Advocating for National Nurse Act 2019 begins with understanding the bill. NNNO Board Member, Anne Llewellyn, MS, BHSA, RN-BC, CCM, CRRN synthesizes the critical role of a National Nurse for Public Health. Llewellyn underscores how a National Nurse for Public Health would guide efforts targeting social determinants of health to better address root causes of chronic illness. “The National Nurse Act of 2019 is a way for nurses to lead a sea change and address many of the issues contributing to the challenges the country is facing in healthcare,” states Llewellyn.

Llewellyn calls upon nurses and other healthcare professionals who have questions or concerns and the National Nurse Act to evaluate the simple, unifying language of the legislation ( Llewellyn cogently summarizes, “Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system, and together we can do so much. Isn’t it time that nurses used their voice to advocate for the cornerstone of our practice–health promotion and prevention- regardless of our educational background, practice setting, or specialty?” Under the bill, the Chief Nurse Officer retains their current role and responsibilities. The recognition as a National Nurse for Public Health will enhance nursing leadership while supporting the entire multidisciplinary USPHS structure. To learn more visit You are encouraged to reach out to your Representative and Senator and let them know you are for HR 1597/S.696.

Source: National Nurse for Public Health







The Hospital Liaison: Not just a “Rep” by Erik Iverson, Legacy Healthcare

’ve been working in the Skilled Nursing field for 18 years in various roles. Reception, administration, admissions, etc. The most rewarding work for me has been, and likely will always be, when I was a hospital Liaison. Why?

This is a position that takes incredible self-discipline to be effective. It’s a position that the combination of words, phrases, tone, rhythm, facial expression and empathy all come into play. It’s not a position that just anyone can walk into and excel at. This position requires a delicate balance of personality, attention to detail, strong communication skills and hustle. I’ve often been asked to explain “what does a Hospital Liaison really do?” I define their role as someone who is expected to walk into an environment where they aren’t always welcome (a patient bedside, where emotions can be running high) and get complete strangers to trust them with life-altering decisions either for themselves or their loved ones. Liaisons are responsible for a lot of case management and social work duties, even though many have no formal training in those areas. As hospital length of stay gets driven down, it’s becoming more apparent that the skilled nursing world is a place for high acuity and complicated psycho-social situations. Older adults without major co-morbidities and who have strong family support simply go home to recover, as they should. This means the SNF and the hospital Liaison need to know how to navigate complex clinical and social situations quickly; sometimes instantaneously. Now the question is, what makes a Legacy Liaison so different from other hospital liaisons? A Legacy Liaison is uniquely equipped to help assist almost any patient that requires post-acute care in Chicagoland, no matter their location or case complexity. Whether it’s Orthopedic recovery in Park Ridge or Dialysis care in Aurora, a Legacy Liaison can help. Need complex Pulmonary Care in the South Loop? Alzheimer’s Care for a Korean speaking patient in Peterson Park? How about Advance Cardiac Care near Northwestern Hospital? We’ve got you covered and are just a phone call away. With Legacy’s strategically placed clinical programming around Chicagoland, our Liaisons will take care of the placement based on the patient’s need, in the location they prefer, from beginning to end and will provide continuous updates along the way. A Legacy Liaison will call the family, visit the bedside, gather the documentation, secure financial authorization, facilitate the nurse to nurse report and encourage the physician to physician warm handoff all while remaining disciplined with the empathy for patient care. Our Liaisons “job” is to ensure the patient and their families feel comfortable, are informed throughout

the entire process and are ultimately happy with their SNF. Legacy Liaisons are unique in that their relationship with the patient does not end when they discharge from one of our SNFs. We offer a patient care hotline that recently discharged patients can use to reach a regional liaison if they have any questions or concerns once they’re home. We’ve found patients feel more comfortable with the process knowing they’re taken care of from the beginning through their discharge to home. I’m confident this Legacy team that we’ve built will continue to challenge the norm on what it means to be a hospital liaison. These new standards all came from a place that started first and foremost by thinking about our patients. We obsess over logistics, metrics, technology, communication work flow, clinical best practices, unique service lines and beautifully tailored aesthetics because we care about how the patient’s experience will go. I often tell my Liaison team that they are more than just a “Rep.” The work they do is prophetic in a way. They take the overwhelming amount of information that is thrown at them daily, digest it, and communicate to everyone across the healthcare continuum in a meaningful way, like many prophetic figures before them. They travel in unfamiliar areas to find truth and bring that truth back in order to facilitate good empathetic care. I could not be more proud of the work they’re doing and the molds they’re breaking. In the last 10 years, Legacy Healthcare has acquired nearly 30 skilled nursing facilities and enhanced their clinical practices, robust customer service, specialized care and spectacular amenities to make them each a dependable staple in their community. Today its portfolio includes 47 properties across 4 states with the recent acquisition of 16 South Dakota properties stretching from Rapid City to Sioux Falls. You’re invited to learn more at

Erik Iverson VP Business Development Legacy Healthcare




Ways Modernizing Case Management Technology Can Help Your Government Agency Government case management systems are often slow, ineffective, and out-of-date. There is a solution – upgrading your case management tools! There are a ton of benefits to today’s technology offerings for the public sector. And these benefits are so great, the government is even putting money behind them, though the MGT Act’s funds for government agencies upgrading technology. There’s no New Public Sector Case Management better time than the present to bring your government case Systems are More Secure Security of your case management system and management system. Here are the benefits of modernizing the constituent data it holds should be missioncritical. Legacy systems, especially as they age, have vulnerabilities. If you track or retain data about people, security is critical. You do not want your agency to be hacked!

• Improved Data Sharing Practices • Reduced Manual Processes for Your Team • Avoid Costly Data Errors

Your software should constantly evolve to stay ahead • Better Technology Leads to Better Processes of security threats. Newer, cloud-based government case management tools are built for this, constantly Read the rest of the ways moderizing technology can updating to stay ahead of data security best practices. benefit your practice at

Connect With What Matters

Being there makes a difference It could be a simple trip to the mall, a ride to the movies or just a visit to a friend’s home. The little things in life can make a big difference. It’s why MobilityWorks has been helping people connect with who and what matters most since 1997. As the nation’s largest provider of accessible vehicles, we offer: • Converted minivans, full-size vans and SUVs • The latest in adaptive technology • Complete maintenance and service on adaptive driving equipment, lifts and conversions • Financing options to fit your needs • Rental vans

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The Auberge

Memory Care Communities

For more information, call or visit us today! Highland Park 224-765-0094

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Over a 100 Case Managers, Social Workers and Healthcare Professionals gathered together to learn, network at the annual ACMA convention held at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

Learn more about ACMA - Chicago visit


greatest Exhibition ———— You are Invited to the ————


Come One, Come All! On the anniversary of the record-breaking Chicago Day at the World’s Fair more than 100 years ago, we’re inviting our health care partners and friends for a well-deserved evening of live entertainment, delectable refreshments and modern-day fun. Just as the fair became a symbol of emerging American Exceptionalism, you’ll see the opening of Clarendale of Addison symbolizes a new era in exceptional senior living. Step Right Up—in November, too. If you can’t make it to our grand opening, join us for an afterwork lecture series in November with CEU credit and free dinner to go! Call 630-348-9020 now to learn more.

A NEW WORLD OF SENIOR LIVING At Clarendale, we help maintain healthy lifestyles and reduce re-admissions with programs like Health & Wellness Navigation™ and HeartFelt CONNECTIONS – A Memory Care Program®. Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care all under one roof! Come, learn more. web


grand opening exhibition

Wednesday, October 9 | 4 to 7 p.m. 1651 West Lake Street | Addison, IL 60101 RSVP to 630-348-9020 by M onday , o ctobeR 7. — H U R R Y ! S PA C E I S L I M I T E D . — | 1651 West Lake Street | Addison, IL 60101 | 9-19

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The new

HE A LT H & W E L L N E SS CENTER at Oak Trace is now open! Offering a full continuum of 5-Star senior health services Our brand-new Health & Wellness Center builds upon Oak Trace’s longstanding reputation of top-quality care. Along with providing assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, this beautifully refined environment surrounds residents with state-of-the-art amenities, programming and residence options.


CALL 1.888.828.2992 OR VISIT OAKTRACEDG.COM TODAY TO LEARN MORE. 250 Village Drive | Downers Grove, IL 60516

Profile for Case Management & Social Work Magazine

Case Management & Social Work IL  

Legacy Healthcare shares the importance of their commitment to patient care.

Case Management & Social Work IL  

Legacy Healthcare shares the importance of their commitment to patient care.